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2017 – The Rideshare Year In Review

Alright, here’s the major events from the rideshare sector in 2017.


  • Taxi drivers strike at NY airports in response to Trump’s Muslim ban. Uber refuses to support the strike or stop surge pricing. The #DeleteUber Movement begins in response.
  • Uber settles a Federal Trade Commission lawsuit that charged that it misled drivers about pay. The settlement was for $20 million. Uber did not admit wrongdoing as part of the settlement.


  • Amit Singhal, Uber’s Senior VP of engineering, resigns because he didn’t tell Uber that he left Google because of a credible allegation of sexual harassment.
  • Waymo (a Google subsidiary) sues Uber for stealing self driving car technology. The lawsuit is ongoing. Google wants at least $1 billion in damages.
  • Uber CEO Travis Kalanick is caught on video being an asshole to a driver.
  • Sarah Fowler, a former Uber engineer, writes a blog post detailing the pervasive sexual harassment she had to endure while at the company.


  • Uber temporarily halts its self driving car program after one of its vehicles crashes in Tempe, Arizona.
  • Lyft settles a driver mis-classification lawsuit (employee or independent contractor) for $27 million.


  • Thousands of Uber & Lyft drivers fail new stricter Massachusetts background checks.
  • Lyft raises $500 million at $7.5 billion valuation.


  • Lyft and Waymo enter into a strategic autonomous vehicle partnership.


  • Uber & Lyft return to Austin after leaving in 2016.
  • Jaguar Land Rover invests $25 million in Lyft.
  • After months of pressure, Uber CEO Travis Kalanick resigns.
  • Uber finally adds tipping as part of its recently lauched 180 days of change.
  • Eric Holder delivers his report on sexual harassment to the Uber board. It’s scathing.


  • Uber market share falls from to 77%, from 84% at the beginning of 2017.


  • Lyft announces it has doubled the number of rides given in 2016, in just the first six months of 2017.


  • FBI admits there’s a criminal probe into Uber’s attempts to monitor Lyft drivers.
  • London strips Uber of its operating license.


  • Alphabet, Google’s parent company invests $1 billion in Lyft.


  • Lyft raises another $500 million.
  • Uber admits it covered up a massive data breach of driver and rider information, likely breaking many state and federal laws in the process.
  • Softbank offers to invest in Uber at a 30% discount, calling into question Uber’s $68 billion valuation.


  • The Justice Department forwards a letter to the judge in the Waymo v. Uber trial, letting the judge know that Uber may have withheld evidence in that case.
  • As part of the kerfuffle in the Waymo v. Uber lawsuit, it comes out that Uber is now the subject of five criminal investigations.

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