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Uber CTO and board member may be found liable in sex harassment investigation.

Former Attorney General Eric Holder’s report on sexual harassment at Uber is due at the end of the month. It was supposed to be released at the beginning of May but was delayed.

A number of Uber executives have been under the microscope in the investigation, including Uber CTO Thuan Pham and former Head of Operations and current board member Ryan Graves.

When the report is finished, Mr. Holder will present it to the CEO and the board, along with recommendations for what the company should do to rectify an obviously sexist work environment.

The big question then is whether Uber’s board will actually implement the recommendations. Given Uber’s history, what are the odds of that happening?

Source: Recode

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Lyft named to No. 2 spot in the CNBC Disruptor 50 List

Lyft has claimed the number 2 spot (behind airbnb) on CNBC’s list of top 50 disrupters of 2017. Uber came in 19th.

The high ranking is due to the $600 million funding round Lyft just closed, along with its just announced partnership with Google

Source: CNBC

Why a lot of Uber employees may be leaving soon.

A lot of longtime Uber employees may be headed for the exits soon. Until recently, Uber only gave employees 90 days to exercise stock options after they quit. They are changing that limit to up to several years, depending on position and length of time with the company.

Currently, a number of Uber employees basically can’t quit, because they can’t afford to buy their stock options, or pay the taxes on the options.

The reason is that, unlike most Silicon Valley companies, Uber severely restricts unapproved secondary sales of their stock. They also don’t allow employees to get a loan to purchase their options using the stock as collateral.

Source: Techcrunch

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Lyft releases standalone driver app.

Lyft has released a standalone driver app. Before, they used one app for both riders and drivers.

You can download the new app now.

Judge bans former Waymo engineer from working on Uber’s self driving project.

One day after Google decided to join up with their competitor, Uber received more bad news. The judge in the Waymo (Google’s self-driving car subsidiary) v. Uber case has banned former Waymo engineer Anthony Levandowski from working on Uber’s lidar (self-driving car radar). He also ordered Uber to ensure it’s employees return the 14,000 stolen documents to Waymo by May 31.

Source: Ars Technica

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Why Lyft and Waymo got together. (It’s not because of Uber.)

Lyft and Google subsidiary Waymo have reached an agreement to collaborate on self-driving cars.

Both companies have a shared hatred of Uber. Lyft is locked in a bitter market share war with Uber while Waymo is currently suing Uber for stealing its technology. Uber is also the subject of a criminal investigation because of the alleged theft. However, Lyft and Waymo’s alliance is based on need, not hatred of a competitor.

What Lyft gets from the deal.

Lyft gets a big partner in the deal, as well as an entry into the autonomous vehicle market. While it’s true Lyft already had a similar deal in place with GM, Waymo’s autonomous driving technology is ahead of GM’s. Waymo’s technology has logged over 3 million miles and is beginning free consumer testing in Phoenix. Lyft will also get to compare GM’s self driving tech with Waymo’s.

What Waymo gets from the deal.

Waymo gets passenger data, which it sorely needs if it’s going to commercialize self-driving technology. Waymo needs information on how passengers get around in Lyft vehicles. Do drivers tend to avoid freeways on certain routes? How many vehicles are needed when a concert lets out? Which streets provide the most efficient route at different times during the day? These are questions that Waymo needs Lyft to help answer.

While Waymo’s (and Ford’s) self-driving tech are ahead of their competitors, they both lack real-world passenger data. In other words, they really have very little knowledge of how people would use self-driving vehicles to get around. By partnering with Lyft, Waymo gets a leg up on Ford.

What comes next? (utter speculation)

If you’re Ford, you might consider looking at doing a similar deal with Uber. Uber’s self-driving tech is significantly behind Ford’s while Ford, like Google, lacks real world passenger data.

The deal will also lend credence to possible acquisition rumors. Many analysts are starting to think that Uber and Lyft might end up being acquired in the next few years. Uber’s valuation (50-60 billion) is currently too high for an acquisition, but Lyft could be bought for around $10 billion.

So, will Google eventually buy Lyft?

Source: The New York Times

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Don’t browse Facebook while driving.

An Uber driver in London decided to browse Facebook for 30 minutes while driving a passenger. Wtf?! 

If you’re a driver, don’t do this. It’s stupid, dangerous, and reflects poorly on all drivers.

Uber driver texting
Source: The Sun

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