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Who will take over if Travis Kalanick takes a leave of absence?

Travis Kalanick may take a leave of absence from Uber. Rachel Holt, general manager of North America for Uber, is a possible candidate. The board is also said to be considering installing a committee to run Uber instead of Mr. Kalanick. Alternatively, Uber may install a board member like Arianna Huffington or co-founder Garrett Camp as CEO.

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Making the situation more difficult is that Uber is still trying to find a replacement COO as well.

Who do you think should be Uber’s new CEO?

Source: Recode

Uber is delaying the release of its investigation into gender bias, report says

Uber engineer Susan Fowler alleged the company failed to act on sexual harassment and gender discrimination complaints

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Uber may have been aware it was underpaying NYC drivers as early as 2015

Last week, Uber announced it had underpaid NYC drivers by millions of dollars because they calculated commissions on fares before removing the sales tax. If a ride was $10, and included $1 in sales tax, they should have calculated their commission on $9. Instead, they were calculating their commission on all $10. Uber claimed they had only recently discovered the error. However, new evidence suggests Uber may have known about the issue as early as 2015.

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According to the New York Times:

Now evidence has emerged suggesting that Uber and New York State regulators were aware of the improper deductions from drivers’ earnings as early as 2015.

A plaintiffs lawyer the times spoke to had the following to say:

Richard Emery, a plaintiffs’ lawyer who litigated a 2009 case with similar issues, said the change in the contract was “very powerful circumstantial evidence that they understood that their calculation of the commission was wrong.”

If you’re a NYC Uber driver, you might want to contact an attorney.

Source: The New York Times

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Uber is fighting to make roads less safe.

Uber is fighting a Massachusetts proposal that would limit drivers to 16 hours per 24 hours. This is despite the fact that multiple studies have shown that fatigue causes accidents. What’s next? Will Uber start handing out free meth to drivers to keep them going?

Source: HuffPo

Uber only loses $708 million in the first quarter

Uber’s Upfront Pricing system, under which they charge passengers in certain areas more, is helping their bottom line. Upfront Pricing, which has been in place since last year in some markets, also means they can take more than the 20-25% of a fare that Lyft takes as their commission. On many rides, Uber now takes 30-60% of the fare a passenger pays.

In any case, it’s working. They trimmed their first quarter losses to $708 million from $991 million last year.

Source: The New York Times