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How To Fit Your Side Hustle Into Your Daily Routine

3 Tips for Fitting Your Side Hustle Into Your Daily Routine

Whether it is the high cost of living, the stagnation of wages or a little bit of both, many people are finding that a full-time job is no longer enough to pay the bills. That is probably why so many people are turning to so-called side hustles, or flexible jobs that provide extra income without the rigid schedule of a formal part-time job. Some drive for Uber or Lyft, while those who prefer not to deal with passengers choose a delivery app like Doordash, Postmates, or Instacart.

From driving for ride-sharing services like Lyft and Uber to selling homemade goodies at the local farmer’s market, these side hustles are as varied as they are versatile. Whether you are looking for a way to supplement your full-time income, a chance to learn some new skills or just an opportunity to get out of the house for a few hours, a side hustle venture can be a very profitable endeavor.

Unfortunately, fitting that side hustle into your daily routine can sometimes be a challenge, especially in the beginning. They may not have the rigidity of part-time jobs, but side hustles still require time and commitment, especially if you want to maximize your earning potential over time. Here are some tips for fitting your new side hustle into your existing full-time routine.

Look for Gaps in Your Schedule

No matter how busy your schedule, there is probably some downtime, and you can use those breaks in routine to pursue your side hustle and make some extra income. Whether those gaps in your schedule are spent waiting for the kids to get out of school, waiting for dinner to be ready or just watching TV, you can use the time to earn the extra income you need.

Bookend Your Day

Bookending your day is another great way to fit your chosen side hustle into your busy schedule. If you normally leave for work at 8 o’clock, you can get up a couple of hours early and spend the time on your side hustle. If your day normally ends at 5 o’clock, stay out until 6 or 7 and earn some extra money in the process.

Do Away with Time Wasters

Even if you think there is no extra time in your busy day, taking a hard look at how you spend that time could be very eye opening. Do you spend the time after dinner chatting on social media, arguing politics with your online friends or watching TV? If so, you could make better use of that time by pursuing your side hustle – and the money that comes with it. Eliminating time sucks from your day could free up several hours for your side hustle, and bring in a lot of extra cash.

Whether you are pursuing a side hustle out of necessity or just for some extra spending cash, finding the time for that extra job can be tough. The harder you work at it, however, the easier it will be to fit the flexibility of your chosen side hustle into your regular schedule.

In general, the best way to make the most money from your side hustle is to treat it like a business. If possible, choose how many hours you want to devote to your side hustle at the beginning of the week. Then, use the tips above to make sure you fit all those hours in.


Estimated Taxes For Uber Drivers

Independent Contractor 101: Dealing with Estimated Tax Payments

What are quarterly tax estimates?

If you are new to the world of driving for Uber or Doordash, or one of the many other on-demand companies, you may be in for an unpleasant surprise when tax time rolls around. Next year, you’ll probably have to pay quarterly tax estimates. As an independent contractor, you’re self-employed, so you file an annual return but usually pay estimated taxes on a quarterly basis.

If you’re an independent contractor and you expect to owe more than $1,000 in taxes, the IRS will expect quarterly payments.

Basically, if you’re an independent contractor, when you file your taxes, the IRS estimates your taxes for the next year. They base the estimate on what you make this year. Then, each quarter next year, you send the IRS a check for 1/4 of that estimate. Luckily, if you drive for a living and take the mileage tax deduction, you probably won’t owe much in taxes. Even so, you probably want to have some money set aside to pay your quarterly taxes. If you don’t pay them quarterly, you’ll incur a penalty when you file your taxes.

quarterly tax estimates Uber Lyft Doordash


Most of you who are driving are probably aware that you’re an independent contractor. This means that Lyft, Instacart, Caviar, Lime Bike, and all the other on demand companies, are not required to withhold taxes from your pay. Without that regular withholding, it is up to you to settle up with the tax man, and without proper planning, that tax bill could create a financial nightmare down the road. To avoid that, it’s better to have that money set aside and ready.

Fortunately, there are things rideshare and delivery drivers can do to make tax time less taxing, from taking advantage of deductions and retirement programs, to making those estimated payments to the IRS and avoid penalties. Here are some smart things you can do to deal with estimated tax payments.

Choose the Right Parking Place For Your Estimated Taxes

It is important to put money aside for tax time, but where you put that money matters a lot. Since the money is essentially already spent, you cannot afford to take any risk with it, so the stock market is out.

You can, however, eke out some income while you are waiting to make your quarterly payments. Parking your funds in a one or three month CD, or a high-yield savings account will allow you to earn a bit of interest in the interim, so your tax money will go a little bit further

Putting the Money Aside

Finding a suitable parking place for your estimated tax money is one thing, but finding the money itself is quite another. There are two different approaches to setting aside money from your freelance earnings, and each has its own set of benefits and potential drawbacks.

The first choice is to use your good months to offset that looming tax bill. When your earnings come in above your pre-established baseline, take a chunk of that money and put it in your high-yield savings account or other designed monetary parking spot.

The other choice is to treat your quarterly tax liability as just another monthly bill. If your total estimated taxes for the next year are $1200, having $100 a month shifted into a savings account will cover your estimated taxes.

Each approach has its benefits and drawbacks, and it is important to weigh the pros and cons carefully. Using your good months makes sense, but if your earnings come in lower than expected, you could be left struggling. The same applies to the monthly bill option – if you have a lackluster month, making that regular tax bill payment could be a real hardship.

Estimated Taxes For Part-Time Freelancers

If you work for Instacart, Lyft, or another company on a part-time basis but still have a regular job, you may be able to avoid making estimated tax payments altogether. Some part-time drivers and shoppers just increase the amount of withholding from their regular jobs, letting that money accumulate and using it to offset what they owe from their side hustle endeavors.

It can be hard to get the balancing act right, especially if you are new to the world of freelancing. Freelancers often do not know how much they will make for the year, so that makes paying estimated taxes somewhat of a guessing game. Guess too high, and you will get a big refund come tax time, but you will have lost access to your money in the meantime. Guess too low, and you could owe additional taxes and an underpayment penalty on top of it. It can take some time to get things right, but if you start buy setting a little bit aside every month for the tax bill, you should be in alright shape.

For more information, check out the IRS pages on Estimated Taxes and Tips on Making Estimated Tax Payments.

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Beyond Lyft And Uber: The Top 10 Ridesharing Startups of 2018

The 10 Most Exciting Rideshare Startups of 2018

Despite their ups and downs, Uber and Lyft have captured the lion’s share of the ridesharing market in the United States. However, dozens of other rideshare (and bikeshare) firms have launched in the last year, devising new strategies to appeal to niche riders. From bicycles to automobiles to scooters, these 10 companies are challenging consumers to get mobile in a completely new and modern way.

While Lyft is still only available in the U.S. and a couple of cities in Canada, Uber has already tussled with a few of these companies overseas. The results, so far, have not been great for Uber.

1. Taxify

Estonia seems like an unlikely place for one of the world’s most successful rideshare companies, but founder Martin Villig had plenty of experience in the world of startups. An early employee of Skype, Villig had already founded three startups and startup associations before he devised Taxify. His younger brother Markus and Oliver Leisalu, a web developer, joined him in launching Taxify in 2013. Unlike Uber, Taxify originally focused on connecting commuters to licensed cab drivers. The company eventually moved into hiring individual private drivers as well. Taxify quickly spread throughout Europe and Africa, having little trouble finding investors. By 2018, they had collected over $170 million in funding and had reached unicorn status. They are now challenging Uber in Europe and Africa

2. Didi Chuxing

Before they starterd Didi in 2012, founders Bo Zhang and Cheng Wei worked at Baidu and Alibaba. Using their experience in the tech industry, they debuted the cab-hailing service in Beijing. The pair’s business model enticed China’s Tencent conglomerate to invest in the nascent company to the tune of $13 million. Despite an attempt by Uber to horn in on the Chinese ridesharing market, Didi continued to attract massive investment. The company gobbled up competitor Huaidi Dache in 2015 and acquired Uber’s China assets in 2016. Today, Didi regularly makes investments in other companies and has become China’s most valuable startup, with an estimated value of $56 billion. Now, they’re challenging Uber in Mexico. Also, they have great commercials.


3. Getaround

Some consumers prefer to take the wheel themselves, and Getaround was designed to appeal to these customers. The startup was born at Silicon Valley’s Singularity University business incubator in 2009. The company’s three co-founders wanted to help users easily find rental cars. The Getaround app connects car owners with people who need to rent a vehicle. The startup has raised more than $100 million from firms like Menlo Ventures and Toyota. In addition to Californian cities, Getaround is now available in more than 10 cities, including Boston, Washington D.C. and Chicago.

4. Ola

In 2010, it became apparent to a pair of Mumbai engineering students that the city’s notoriously congested streets were the perfect market for an online ridesharing service. However, Ola didn’t really take off until 2013 when the founders added a mobile app and expanded into Delhi and Bangalore. In 2014, Softbank and Sequoia invested a combined $250 million into the company. By 2016, Ola had expanded to over 100 cities in India. Today, Ola operates in both India and Australia and is valued at close to $4 billion.

5. Lime Bike

While other startups were busy wrapping up the ridesharing market, the founders of Lime Bike saw the potential in bicycles. After a Series A funding round of $12 million, Lime Bike introduced their distinctive dockless green bikes in North Carolina in June 2017. The company has grown like wildfire, spreading through California, Arizona, Florida, Texas and even Hawaii. With the help of Rainbow Technologies and venture capital firm Fifth Wall, Lime completed a $70 million Series B round in February 2018. In May, they added electric scooters to their fleet.

6. Grab

Tan Hooi Ling and Anthony Tan were students at Harvard Business School when Uber began its meteoric rise. They realized they could apply a similar business model in Southeast Asia. The startup began in Singapore as a taxi-hailing service, but quickly expanded into individual and group rides in private cars and shuttles. Investors like SoftBank and Tiger Global Management pumped millions of dollars into the company, helping it reach a $1 billion valuation in only two years. In 2018, Grab received a large influx of cash from Hyundai, allowing it add bicycle rentals and food delivery to its services.


7. Bird

A relatively new arrival to the ridesharing scene, Bird is the brainchild of Travis VanderZanden, the former COO of Lyft. VanderZanden left another job as a Vice President of Uber to launch his electric scooter startup in 2017. The company’s dockless electric scooters first popped up in Santa Monica in fall 2017. In just a few months, the startup had expanded into San Francisco, San Diego, Austin and Dallas. Bird has picked up plenty of investors in less than a year. The company has raised over $260 million from firms like Sequoia and Index Ventures. In May, the company’s rapid rise paid off when it was valued at $1 billion. Just a month later, they’re now valued at $2 billion.

8. Blablacar

After a team of entrepreneurs spotted a gap in the French market, they launched Blablacar to help commuters carpool around the country. Unlike other ridesharing apps, Blablacar was intended to match riders based on their level of chattiness. Blablacar received its first substantial investment from Accel in 2012. Since then, the company has spread throughout Europe, India, Turkey, Mexico and Brazil. The company has garnered around $330 million since its launch and recently rolled out its own car insurance plan, Blablasure.

9. Turo

The carsharing startup was originally intended to be a sort of Airbnb for cars, connecting car owners with prospective renters. Shelby Thomas Clark first started Turo in 2009 when he was a student at Harvard. Over the years, the company expanded into other American and Canadian cities. Turo grew further in 2017 when they acquired Daimler’s Croove car-sharing service. In 2018, Turo added luxury cars like Porsches and Bentleys to their stable of rentals. Just this week, they launched Turo Go, which allows instant rentals through it’s app.

10. Ofo

While working on a finance degree at Peking University, Wei Dei decided to use technology to connect bicycle owners with people needing a ride. Working with a group of like-minded classmates, Wei built the campus bike-sharing service into a country-wide startup, providing bikes to millions of Chinese cyclists. Ofo soon caught the attention of some of China’s biggest venture capital firms like ZhenFund and DST Global. The company achieved a $1 billion valuation in 2017 and now operates in over 15 countries, including the U.S., Australia and Russia.


From car rental services to individual bicycle rides, these ridesharing companies are changing the face of urban transport forever. By launching in unconventional markets and eschewing outdated business practices, these startups have been able to flourish in the face of stiff competition. As the ridesharing sector continues to grow worldwide, these companies are expanding across borders and finding new patrons. Look for many of them to start showing up in the Western hemisphere in 2018 and 2019.

instacart shopper pay instacart jobs

Instacart Shopper Sign Up Page And Guide

We all could use some extra cash right? More than 44 million Americans agree and have a side hustle. Whether you are saving for something specific, just looking to supplement your income, or considering a full time job, becoming an Instacart shopper could be the solution you are looking for.

It’s a job where you don’t have to report to an office, you can set your own schedule, and you have the freedom to make as much as you want depending on how long and how quickly you work. Read on to learn more about Instacart, how to use the Instacart Shopper app, and what it’s like to shop and deliver groceries for Instacart.

What Is Instacart?

Instacart is the leading grocery delivery app. People using the app submit a shopping list that shoppers then fill and deliver.

Once the Instacart shopper gathers all the items and checks out, the shopper then delivers the items to the customer’s home. If you don’t have a car or other mode of transportation, don’t worry. You can still be an Instacart shopper. Another driver for Instacart will handle the delivery portion of the order. If you are interested in working for yourself but not comfortable driving strangers around, Instacart is for you!

Sign up to be an Instacart Shopper

To qualify to be a shopper for Instacart there are a few requirements you need to satisfy. You need to be at least 18 or 21 years old depending on the state you live in.

You need to have a relatively new smartphone, Android or IOS (Iphone). You will also need to be able to lift at least 30 pounds without assistance. As with most on demand services, Instacart does run a background check. You will also have to pass a couple of short online food handling safety tests, but that’s about it as far as the requirements go. To start your Instacart application, click HERE or on the blue button below.


Become An Instacart Shopper


Instacart jobs: Two kinds of Instacart Shoppers

There are two different types of Instacart shoppers, in store shoppers, and full service shoppers. In store shoppers collect the items on the list and pay for them at checkout using a PEX credit card provided by Instacart. They then place the items in an area designated for pickup by a delivery driver. Full service shoppers deliver the items themselves after checking out.

When it comes to Instacart jobs, most Instacart shoppers are full service. However, if you just want to be an in store shopper, you can do that too.

instacart shopper

The Instacart application process

Once you determine that you satisfy all of the Instacart requirements, you can begin your application. You’ll provide your contact information, and give the company permission to run the background check. You will be texted a link to download the shopper app. You will do all of your work through the app.

You will also need to get some insulated food bags to help control the temperature of the food during delivery. You can get them directly from Instacart, but you’re probably better off choosing from the wide variety of insulated delivery bags available on Amazon.

Answer a few questions

Instacart asks a few basic questions as part of the screening process. Don’t worry they aren’t hard, just be positive and friendly in your answers.

They will ask you why you want to work for Instacart. They will probably want to know about a time you delivered amazing customer service.

You can also expect some food safety quizzing. Something like, you are tasked with buying organic strawberries but there is only one container and they are bit moldy on the bottom. What do you do?

You will then choose from four options, buy them anyway, buy the non-organic, don’t buy any, or ask the customer what they would prefer. Great customer service would be checking with the customer.

The last question asks that you give a sample text. What would you say to your customer in the moldy strawberry situation?

Using the Instacart Shopper app

Although you’ll have to wait to pass your background check to start shopping, you can sign up for a shift while you’re waiting. Choose a shift about a week in the future so Instacart has time to complete your background check.

Instacart hours

When it comes time for your shift, you will get a notification reminding you so you are ready when your shift starts. As soon as your shift starts it is possible for you to start getting delivery orders, or batches, as Instacart calls them. You’re first few orders will likely be small (10-20 items total), so you have time to get used to the app. After a few orders, you’ll likely get a big one (50 to 100 items total).

When you get your first order, accept the order and go to the store to start shopping.

instacart accept order with items

Once in the store, you will gather the items that are on the list created by the customer, using the Instacart shopper app to scan the item barcodes as you go. You will need to update your progress as you go. Be sure to make note of any changes such as unavailable items that require substitutions or a refund.

instacart shopper app - shop scan review

Once you’ve gathered everything on the list, you’ll pay for the groceries with your Instacart issued card.

Instacart shopper - checkout

Then, you’ll bag and deliver the groceries to the customer’s home.

You will have a window of time to complete the order. Keep in mind though you won’t get another order until this one is completed.

Once you’ve completed the order, you will wait for the next one. This could happen immediately or take a bit of time.

What if you can’t find an item?

Sometimes when you are at a store, you won’t be able to find an item. This could be because you just can’t find the item, it’s out of stock, or the store doesn’t carry the item anymore.

The first thing you should do is find a store employee and ask where the item might be located. This is the easiest solution, maybe you are just looking in the wrong location in the store.

If the item is out of stock or discontinued look for an item that is a comparable to the one the customer requested.

Comparable items

Let’s say that a customer requested a specific brand of organic milk at 2%. If the 2% is unavailable look for that same brand but maybe in a different fat percentage such as 1%

If that isn’t possible, look for another brand of organic milk in the same fat percentage. If that isn’t possible you have two options, reach out to the customer and let them know, or issue a refund.

The customer will then go into the app and see that you have requested a substitution. They will either approve or deny the substitution.


Sometimes you just can’t find a replacement no matter how hard you try. If the customer requests blood oranges and they are out of stock. The customer may not want regular oranges.

In this case, you would select the item on the grocery list and choose to refund that item. It will be moved from the main list and the customer will be notified of the refund.


Once you deliver the groceries your customer will be able to give you a rating. With great customer service, you will be getting 5-star ratings in no time!

instacart delivery driver pay order screen

Here’s a great video walkthrough of what it’s like to use the Instacart shopper app from Sia Knight

Instacart Shopper pay: How much do Instacart Shoppers make?

The great part about being a shopper is that you are not limited in how much you can earn. You can earn as little or as much as you want by signing up for more or less shifts. However, the minimum wage for an Instacart shopper is $10 across the country. So you know you will make at least that.

You will earn a commission based on the total of each order you fulfill. Customers can also choose to give you a tip through the app or in person via cash.

Some shoppers will consistently make over $20 an hour. If you live in a more populated area like a city, you will have more opportunity for orders. Here’s some earnings examples from current Instacart shoppers

instacart driver pay with tips
instacart shopper pay per hour
instacart shopper pay - weekly earnings


You will get paid via direct deposit to the bank account that is in your profile. Payday is Friday. Your paycheck will include your commission plus any in-app tips you are awarded.

Become An Instacart Shopper


Instacart Shopper pay: Rates vary

Pay attention to the different pay rates when you are selecting the shifts you are planning to work. You will notice that your pay rate will change depending on the time of day and day of the week.

Instacart Shopper pay: Tips

Tips can vary widely, which is to be expected. Overall, a good expectation is that your tips will be about 18% of your Instacart pay.


You have the potential to earn a bonus each week. Customers rate you, and the top 25% of shoppers by rating  in your city will get a $100 bonus.

Instacart weekly bonus

Tips for being an Instacart Shopper or Instacart delivery driver

There are few things that you will learn along the way that will make your life easier as an Instacar shopper. We are going to give you the advantage and give you some tips before you get started.

Early Access

If it’s available, take advantage of early access in your first couple of weeks. Early access allows you to select your hours for the coming week at 9 am on Sunday morning. Most new shoppers will have early access for a limited time.

Instacart Early access

Once your new shopper automatic status runs out, you will have to earn it by working the required hours. Generally, this means working a total of 90 hours in the current three week period.

If you don’t want to work for many hours, you can also work a total of 25 hours that are on the weekend. Achieve either threshold, and you will be able to select your hours before others who have not worked enough.

If you don’t want to work that many hours that’s ok too! Hours tend to become available throughout the week. Just keep checking back in with the app.

Give Yourself a Break

You may be tempted to sign up for a ten-hour block of time. This may not be so bad if it is a slow day.

However, if it is a busy day, you will be getting one order after another. There will be no time for you stop, take a break, grab something to eat.

Make sure you schedule a time to take care of yourself and your family. It is tempting to continually work nonstop to earn the most money.

Too many hours and you will burn yourself out. Try strategically scheduling yourself to work two, two-hour blocks, then take a break, and work another four hours.


As a shopper, you are considered an independent contractor. This means that if you earn more than $600 in a year you need to claim it on your taxes.

Don’t worry this is a very easy process. If you more than the $600 threshold Instacart will automatically contact you and send you a 1099 tax form.

You Can Work Before Your Shift

In the 30 minute window before your shift is set to begin it is possible to get an order if there is one available. If you are ready early you need to promptly accept the order.

If you do not promptly accept, it will move on to the next person. You won’t be punished for not accepting this order.

Pay Attention to Organic

It is very important to pay attention to whether or not someone has requested organic. When you are in the store make sure that you are selecting produce that is organic.

Stores Where a Shopper Would Be Selecting Groceries

Instacart is currently in thirty-eight states and Washington DC. They are everywhere from large metro cities to smaller communities.

Major grocery stores such as Publix, Kroger, The Food Emporium, Shaw’s, Whole Foods, Sam’s Club, and Costco, all partner with Instacart. Customers can also order from other stores such as CVS, Petco, and ABC Liquors.

Start Earning Extra Cash

If you are looking for the freedom of working for yourself but don’t want to be a taxi, Instacart is defintely for you. If you know the layout of a grocery store like your own home, being an Instacart shopper will be a good fit.

Download the app and start the onboarding process. You will be picking up shifts and delivering groceries in no time!

Become An Instacart Shopper

Have questions about shopping for Instacart, drop us a line!

Ubereats promo code

How Does Ubereats Work?: An Ubereats Customer Sign Up Page And Guide


(Disclosure – We independently research our content to provide free advice for you. We may get compensation if you sign up with services, or purchase products through our affiliate links.)

UberEats operates in over 120 cities worldwide. It is one of the fastest growing companies in the billion-dollar-a-year food delivery industry.

How does UberEats work? This article serves as a guide for using the UberEats app and how the service works overall. It also contains an UberEats promo code that you can use to get up to $10 off your first orders. The Ubereats promo is usually limited to $5 off per order. To sign up for UberEats using our code (eats-i9tz1), simply click the button below to receive up to $10 off.

Join Uber Eats


What Is UberEats?

UberEats is an app you can use to order food, pay for your order, and have Uber deliver your order to you. You can order using the same login name and password you created when you opened your regular Uber account. However, UberEats is a standalone app, which means it’s separate from the regular Uber app. To use UberEats, go to your Apple App Store or Google Play Store to download it.

App Store Badge
Google Play Badge

How Does UberEats Work?

You order food from restaurants listed in the app. Uber drivers pick up your order from the restaurant and deliver it straight to you. Most of the drivers deliver for UberEATS as well as Uber. They make deliveries as well as regular Uber passenger trips.

However, some drivers work for UberEats only. Often, they prefer delivery runs to passenger trips, or they drive older cars that didn’t qualify for UberX.

A note for Uber drivers: You can always choose to receive Ubereats delivery requests. You can do so in the Uber Driver App.

Is UberEats Available in My Area?

You can find UberEats in most major US cities as well as around the world. Some of the US cities include Atlanta, Baltimore, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Miami, Phoenix, Tampa Bay, and Washington, D.C., to name a few.

Visit Uber’s Cities webpage to see if your city offers the service. Keep in mind that UberEats is not available in all Uber markets yet.

How Much Does it Cost to Use UberEats?

You pay for your delivery orders through the UberEats app. UberEats charges a booking fee for picking up and delivering the order. The booking fee is a flat delivery fee. It usually runs about $4.99, though that varies from city to city.

The rest of your cost is for the food you ordered. Along with that comes taxes and the tip for the driver. Although tipping is optional, most drivers expect a tip for the work they did. After you receive your order, you can rate the UberEats driver, the restaurant, and even individual dishes. As with UberX, your delivery driver gets to rate you as well. A tip for the driver will help keep your UberEats customer rating high.

When Prices Are Different in the App Than in the Restaurant

How does UberEats work with restaurants on pricing? Sometimes, food prices show higher on the UberEATS app than they are at the selected restaurant. Uber doesn’t mark up food prices. Restaurants that participate in the UberEats program set the prices for their own dishes in the app.

What Can I Order and Not Order with UberEats?

UberEats is a food delivery service. They partner with restaurants that serve drinks, food, and desserts. Not every restaurant in your area has partnered with UberEats. So, don’t expect to see every restaurant in your city available for delivery inside UberEats. Uber is expanding all the time. More likely than not you will see more restaurants taking advantage of the UberEats partnering option.

What You Cannot Order using UberEats

As stated above, you can’t order from any restaurant that has not partnered with UberEats.

You also can’t use the service to order anything from grocery stores, convenience stores, or liquor stores. For that, you have to use an app like Instacart or Postmates.

How Do I Order Food on the UberEats App?

Ordering food for delivery with UberEats is simple. First, you set your delivery address. Next, find and choose a restaurant. Then, create your order. Any restaurant within the UberEats app is a partner with Uber.

Thus, a complete menu for that restaurant is available. Restaurants update the menus regularly within the app.

Join Uber Eats


Create Your UberEats Order

1. Begin Your Order

To start a new order, set your delivery address. The area is at the top of your screen. To begin your order, set your delivery address at the top of the screen.

Scroll through restaurant recommendations to choose your restaurant. Or, you can search by name or type of cuisine.


2. Select Your Items

After you have selected a restaurant, the menu appears. Scroll through the menu to see items and their prices.


3. Add, Modify, or Delete Items

To add something to your cart, tap the item. The app will prompt you to select any required options like toppings, sauces, or other extras.

For quantity, the app defaults to 1. To change that, scroll to the bottom of the item’s page. You can change the quantity there.


4. Add Items to Your Cart

If you missed one or more of the required items, the app won’t let you add the item to the card. The “Add to Cart” button will be greyed out and deactivated.

Once you have made all the necessary selections, the button will turn green. You can then tap to add the item to your cart.


Managing Your Cart

When you are ready to see your order, tap “View Cart.” This takes you to the cart page. There, you can add notes or special instructions, such as requesting extra sauce or napkins.


To modify any item in your order, go to View Cart. Tap the item you wish to modify. Make your changes, then select “Update Cart.”

To delete an item, go to the checkout page. Swipe left. The delete button appears at that time.


Note: If you have any promo codes, enter them now.

When you are ready to submit your order, select “Place Order.” That sends your order to the restaurant. A tracking screen then appears on your app.

Tracking Your Order

Once you tap “Place Order,” the order tracking screen appears. You can see the status of your order. As your order progresses, you see different status messages.

uber eats promo code - tracking screen

They include: “Confirming order with restaurant,” “Preparing your order,” and “Food is on the way.”

From the Order Tracking page, you can do more than track your order. You can cancel your order or get help if you need it from customer service.

You can also leave the order tracking page and return to it later. Tap on the Orders icon at the bottom of your app screen. Next, tap the “Upcoming” tab at the top of your screen. There you will see the order in progress.

Canceling Your Order

If you need to cancel an order, go to the order tracking page. Select the “Cancel Order” button.

The Cancel Order button appears only during the “Confirming order with restaurant” status. If the restaurant has already confirmed your order, then they are already preparing it. If you need to cancel the order at this time, call UberEats customer service. You can’t contact the driver to cancel an order.

The UberEats cancellation policy does allow you to receive a full refund if you cancel before the restaurant prepares your order. If the restaurant has already completed your order, it is up to that restaurant to offer a refund.

UberEats doesn’t guarantee refunds in these instances.

Schedule Your UberEats Order In Advance

UberEats also lets you schedule an order in advance if you wish.

Uber eats scheduled delivery


Join Uber Eats


Contacting Your UberEats Driver

Once your order is in transit, the Order Tracking screen updates. It shows the driver’s vehicle make and model. It also includes the license plate number. There is a Contact button you can use to text or call your driver directly.

Remember: You cannot cancel your order by calling your driver. By then, your order is complete and on its way to you.

Do I Have to Wait Outside for My Delivery?

After the driver has picked up your order, the order tracking screen updates. You will receive instructions letting you know where to meet your driver.

The instructions appear at the top of the screen. They will instruct you to either meet your driver outside or wait for the driver to knock on your door.

How Do I Leave a Tip for My UberEats Driver?

You can rate your driver and leave your driver a tip once your order is complete.

Rating Your Order

To rate your order, go to the Order tab and select “Past Orders.” Find your order. Then select the “Rate Order” button. Follow the prompts to rate your driver and leave a tip.

Leaving a Tip

After your order is complete, you have the option of leaving a tip for your driver. You don’t have to tip, though it is a recommended courtesy provided you received good service.

UberEats drivers are independent contractors. They use their personal vehicles and cover all their expenses. Tips are a great help to delivery drivers.

If you choose not to leave a tip, tap “Done” without selecting a tip amount.

How Do I Contact UberEats Customer Service?

UberEats orders usually run smoothly. Once in a while, though, something goes wrong. In these cases, you will want to call UberEats customer service for help.

How and when you contact customer service depends on where your order is in the process.

If Your Driver Hasn’t Picked Up Your Order Yet

If your order is still at the restaurant, use the Help feature inside the app or call customer service.

You may need to make changes or add items to your order. Other times, there is a delay with your order. Rather than call the restaurant, call UberEATS customer service.

Only Uber customer service agents can change your order after you place it. For this reason, call customer service when you have an issue with the order itself and not the delivery process.

The EATS customer service phone number is 1-800-253-9377.

If Your Driver Has Your Order and Is En Route

If the driver already has your order, you can contact your driver directly using the Contact button on the Tracking screen. Remember, you cannot cancel an order that is with the driver.

You should contact your driver if you need to give additional details about delivery such as parking or gate access. You would also contact the driver if you need to change the delivery address.

Use the “Contact” button on the order tracking page to call or text your message to the driver.

Remember that your drive has no control over the order itself. If you are displeased with the food, or if the order isn’t correct when it arrives, contact UberEats customer service.

Once the driver delivers your order, UberEats customer service is your only option.

Other Ways to Contact UberEats Customer Service

Sometimes going through Uber’s help site is more effective than calling the customer service line.

When you have a complaint about an order, customer service will often direct you to the Help site to fill out a form. You could save some time by going online first and filling out the form. You can even upload photos if necessary.

After that, you can always call customer service if you have additional questions. When you do, they will already have the information that they need from the form.

Issues that you can resolve through are a damaged or incomplete order, food quality issues, and problems with coupons or credits. If you had an issue with your delivery driver, the website is the place to document that as well.

To find the help forms at, select “For Eaters.” You will see the “Help With an Order” option. Select the “More” button. A list of help articles appears.

From there you can find or search for your issue and follow the prompts. From there, Uber will communicate with your via email.


UberEats Promo Code

An UberEats promo code offers free UberEats credits and free deliveries to customers. There are a few different ways you can access and use an UberEats coupon.

An UberEats promo can be for new customers, though there are UberEats promo codes for existing users as well.

Applying Your Promo Code

If you have an UberEats promo code, you enter it under Account > Promotions area in the app. You can also enter the code at the time of checkout at the bottom of the order screen. Some people may have a different version of the app where you input the UberEats promo code under Payments.

Ubereats coupon

UberEats usually offers new users $5 off their first order. Sometimes the code is good for the first two orders.

Earning Free Credits for Future Orders

One of the best and easiest ways to earn UberEats credits is by sharing your own UberEats promo code. If someone signs up and uses your code for his or her first order, you receive UberEats credits.

You can apply credits to your next order. And, the person who used your code will earn $5 off their first order or two.

To find your promo code, go to the Accounts icon in the app. Select the “Free Food” section. The app will display more than one way to share your code.

You use UberEats credits like currency. Credits accumulate and can carry over to future orders. You can use your UberEats credits as your payment method on the Cart page.

Scroll to the set payment method and select “Change.” If you have credits, you will see them on this page.

Codes for Existing Users

UberEats often sends emails to customers that include promo codes and other promotions. If you haven’t opted in to receive those emails, you’ll want to update your account settings.

How Does UberEats Work? Find Out for Yourself

UberEats has been successful in just about every city in which it operates. Last year, UberEats even began delivering McDonald’s to customers.

If the service is available in your city, why not give it a try? If you are interested in driving for UberEats or have questions about using the service as a customer, please contact us.

Join Uber Eats


Uber Promo Code

Uber Promo Code and Uber Coupon – Uber Free Ride

The Uber Promo Code And Uber Coupon System

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Sign up for Uber today with an Uber promo code or Uber coupon to get your first Uber ride free or discounted. Signing up with an Uber promo code can get you up to $20 in Uber free ride credits. If you’d like to use our code, it’s i9tz1. Click the button below to get your free or discounted Uber rides.


Free Uber Rides


Lyft Free Rides

You can also get up to $20 in free ride credits on Lyft by clicking the button below or using the code HEAR.


Free Lyft Rides


Uber promo amounts are determined by your city.

The per ride discounts are usually limited to a $2 to $5 per ride. In some cities, using an Uber promo code can get you $5 off your first two Uber rides. In other cities, the Uber coupon you use will get you $2 off your first 11 rides. There is no $50 Uber coupon available in any city currently.

If you’re already an Uber customer, you’re probably wondering if there is an Uber promo code for existing drives. Unfortunately, there isn’t, but you can still get free ride credits on Uber by referring new riders. Read on to see how.


Last updated: [last-modified]

What Is Uber?

Uber is an extremely convenient and effective way to get where you’re going. The ability to leave a car parked after a night at the bar has no doubt saved thousands of lives. Ultimately, it’s just nice to have the peace of mind knowing that you’ll be able to catch a ride wherever you are.

Many people have yet to get Uber but are waiting for the right incentive to sign up. Alternatively, a lot of people have Uber but don’t want to spend the money on a ride when they could catch the bus or ask a friend to drive them.

Luckily there are a number of promotions that Uber offers, making it all the more convenient and cost effective to get started riding with Uber. If you’re want to learn more about the different type of Uber promo codes and coupons available, read on to find out how to get one. Or you can sign up for Uber by clicking the button below.

Uber Free Ride

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Uber Promo Code: Is Uber Available Near Me?

Before you sign up and start riding, you’ll want to make sure that you are in an area where you would actually use the service. Thankfully, Uber has been around a while and is available in hundreds of cities, both in the U.S., and around the world.

You can be sure that you’ll have access to the app and have drivers nearby if you are in a large or medium sized city. These days, even most smaller towns have a few Uber drivers. Take a look to see if the service is available in your town.

Uber Offers Many Different Vehicle Choices

For those of you still on the fence about downloading Uber, consider the following conveniences that it offers.

Uber has options that cater to groups of any size. Every time you call for an Uber, you have the option of choosing a large (UberXL) or regular vehicle (UberX), depending on your needs. That means that if you’re riding alone, you don’t need to pay for the extra space offered by larger vehicles. For a special night out, you can also choose an Uber Select car (premium vehicles) or Uber Black (high end executive cars) vehicle. They even have premium SUV’s available.

Alternatively, you can split the cost of rides if you do have a large group. You can choose to split the cost of a ride with anyone who you are riding with, even if it’s just one person. Uber even has a shared rides option known as UberPool. On UberPool rides, you select your destination and input your number of passengers (up to 2). On the way to your destination, your Uber driver will pick up other riders going in the same direction. UberPool rides sometimes take a little longer, so leave more time to get to your destination if you choose the pool option.

How Uber Pool Works

The cost of an Uber ride can vary depending on distance and availability, but Uber shows you the price of your rider upfront, so you always know exactly how much you’ll be paying before you even accept. This means that you don’t have to barter or argue over the price– you’ll always know exactly what you’re in for.

The entire Uber experience is cashless. You can even tip your driver now even if you don’t have any cash. While tipping is not required, most drivers appreciate tips, and more and more riders are tipping these days.

Finally, if you sign up with Uber, revel in the glory of being able to get picked up almost anywhere in the country. As long as you can get access to the internet, you have the option of being picked up and driven wherever you need to go. To get started, and get a ride within minutes, click the image below to sign up for Uber.


Uber Promo Code and Uber Coupon For Free Uber Rides


About The Uber Promo Code And Uber Coupon System

Hopefully, the perks above gave you that extra push you needed to get involved with Uber. If so, you’re in luck because new riders are eligible for a number of great perks that help them ride for less.

There are a number of free ride credits and good deals for new users. This is an effort to grow their user base and put a little cash in their wallets. There are a number of places that you can find promotions for Uber, but the best and most reliable source is the Uber website itself.

Our Uber Promo Code – i9tz1

There are current Uber promotions offering new users free Uber trips or discounted Uber rides for up to $22. To be clear, Uber limits the discount amount to between $2 and $5 per ride. Most shorter rides cost between $4-$7. So, if the Uber promo in your city is for $5 per ride, you’re first ride will likely be free.

In order to get the promotion, you need to make sure that you haven’t yet taken your first ride. This promotion only qualifies for those taking their first ride with Uber. To be sure you get your discount, simply click here to sign up with Uber using our promo code.

You cannot use this code outside of the United States, it can only be used on your first ride, and it cannot be redeemed for cash.

Other Promotion Codes

If you’ve done any searching, you’ve probably found that there are hundreds of Uber promo codes out there. You can input any code you want, but since Uber usually determines the bonus amount based on your location, the code itself doesn’t really matter. I’d like to tell you that if you sign up using our code, you’ll get $50 or $100 in free Uber ride credits, but that’s just not the case. You can use any Uber promo code, and the resulting discount is likely to be the same.

Ride With Uber


Other Ways To Get Free Uber Rides

Besides the Uber free ride credits you get when you sign up, there are a number of other ways to get Uber ride credits.


Uber has extended a hand out to those who are hosting events and need transportation. If you’re looking to set up a party, or large event, you can partner with Uber to have effective ride services planned for your needs. The best part is, you’ll get discounts on the rides that are being given.

If everyone in the gathering is planning on taking an Uber to or from the event, it would make a lot more sense to have a communal fund to cover the cost of collaborating with Uber. This way, you have effective rides, and all riders are paying significantly less than what they would have.

All events are different so each one would need to be organized collaboratively, but it’s comforting to know that everyone will get home safe from an event where drinks are being served. As with the other promotions, there are a few things to think about before signing up.

When you collaborate with Uber for your event, they will set you up with a promotion code. The code will be worth whatever amount you settle on with Uber. So, if a person is getting a ride way out of town they may still have to cover the remainder that the promo does not.

The coupon cannot be redeemed for cash, is only available for first-time users, and is only valid during the day of your event.

Business Partnership

If your business is always using ridesharing services anyway, why not partner with Uber? Uber is partnering with businesses of various sizes and niches. Partnerships can differ depending on the size and function of your business, so it’s impossible to say exactly what deals you will be getting.

We do, however, know a few of the kinds of businesses that Uber is looking to partner with. Take a look at the following list and see if your organization fits in.

Uber partners with:

  • Charitable Organizations
  • Universities
  • Events and Event Planners
  • Style and Fashion Organizations
  • Military Programs
  • Concerts and Entertainment
  • Sports Organizations
  • More

Do You Have Your Own App?

Uber has a Developer Program that allows people who have their own apps to get paid by referring others to Uber.

Essentially this allows one to integrate their app with Uber apps to refer new users. User referrals are tracked and traced back to the code that your site provides them. For every person that your site refers to Uber, you will receive $5.

You’re eligible to get paid once you’ve accumulated 50 referrals. After that point, you’re paid once a month and can earn up to $5,000 dollars through the program. After that point, you have an option to promote your involvement.

You can become a developer partner, which gives you the option of earning more money through promoting Uber on your application.

Promos For Existing Uber Users

Everything up to this point has been for those who have yet to sign up for Uber. If you’re a regular Uber customer looking for deals, the next section will be more relevant to you.

There are a number of places that Uber has joined to give people incentives to ride. Check with your credit card carrier or bank to see if they have any options for you to gain points toward free Uber rides. You can also sign up for the Uber credit card, which offers a number of incentives, including 2% back on all Uber rides.

There are also a number of other credit card, when used, allow you to achieve free rides after a number of purchased Uber rides. These are subject to different terms and conditions, so it’s difficult to say exactly what the terms of your promotion would be.

Check with your bank, consider getting an Uber-affiliated credit card, and start reaping the benefits!

Referring Users to the App

The primary way that current riders can get free Uber rides is by referring new riders to uber. There are often a number of time-sensitive promotions to be on the lookout for, but if you’re looking for long-term benefits, consider working toward referring all of your friends to Uber.

You can do this from your phone’s Uber application or online. We’ll briefly cover how to do both of those things.

From the App

If you’re in the Uber rider app, you click on the icon in the upper left-hand side of the screen and open up the drop down screen. Push the button that says “Free Rides.” Once you get there, you’ll have a couple of options.

At the bottom of the page, there will be a button that says “Invite Friends.” Click that, and you will be directed to your phone’s contacts. Choose any number of friends who you would like to refer, and get a free ride worth up to $5 when you refer any of your friends.

Right above the Invite Friends button, there will be an invite code. You can use this code to promote free rides on social media. Post your invite code to your Facebook or Instagram, and you’ll be raking in all of the free ride tokens!

Uber Promo Code Invite Screen - Uber Rider App


From a Computer

The process is only a little different when referring someone from your computer. First, go to and sign in. You’ll want to go to the “rider sign in.” Once you’re logged in, you can select the “Free Rides” tab on the left-hand side of the page.

This will bring you to your promo code, which you can copy and paste wherever you’d like. Pretty simple!

Tell Your Friends!

There are a number of incentives to contact your friends and get them involved in ridesharing services. You have the benefit of getting discounts and free rides whenever any one of your friends joins up as a result of your efforts.

Not only that, but you won’t be the only one paying for rides! Research more about ridesharing services online and start saving on each ride you take. If you’re having trouble navigating the world of current Uber promotions, contact us and we’ll help you out.


Ride With Uber