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English Limes, Bird Needs Scooterpreneurs and Instacart Is Getting Social

This Week In On Demand — Nov. 30, 2018

Not even the post-Thanksgiving drowsiness can slow down the on demand app momentum.

Fortunately, we kept an eye on the latest gig economy happenings so you didn’t have to. Here’s what you missed this week in on demand.

Wind Mobility Raises $22 Million

E-scooters are dominating the on demand industry worldwide, and now, there’s another player in the mix.

Wind Mobility announced a $22 million funding round led by HV Holtzbrinck Ventures and Source Code Capital. Based in Berlin, the scooter rental company launched in 2017, and currently serves markets in Western Europe and the U.S.

Wind Mobility joins two other must-watch European competitors — VOI and Tier. All three startups are in a race to dominate the EU before American companies, like Bird and Lime, gain a stronghold on the market.

Another contender is Taxify, an Estonian-based ride-sharing company that’s expanding into scooters.

Lime Lands in the UK

While Wind Mobility sets its sights on European domination, Lime is focusing its attention further north. On Monday, the company, began its first day of operation in the UK, but they’re only launching their e-bikes in the first wave.

Milton Keynes is the only city in the operating area with expansion expected in the future.

Lime U.K. Bike


From initial reports, the launch seems to have gone off without a hitch — standing in sharp contrast to many of their e-scooter operations in the U.S.

Lime has experienced local government pushback, a lawsuit, and massive recalls over the past few months.

However, the company has taken a different approach with their UK launch by working closely with the Milton Keynes council and focusing on e-bikes, which haven’t yet undergone the backlash of their scooter counterparts.

Bird Joins Forces With Independent Operators for Bird Platform

On Tuesday, Bird announced a new franchise partnership program.

Dubbed Bird Platform, the option allows individuals or businesses to purchase their own fleet of Bird scooters. The scooter-sharing company sets up the independent entrepreneur with a customized website, a branded set of e-scooters, and access to Bird’s network of contractors for charging or repair purposes.

The operators are required to pay for any necessary operation permits in their area, but Bird is in charge of filing the paperwork.

Along with the initial buy-in, Bird also receives 20 percent of each scooter ride.

By giving the power to local operators, who offer insider knowledge into their community, Bird is able to further expand their markets without directly dealing with the struggles of a hands-on approach.

Instacart Nabs Social Media Guru From Facebook

Last week, Instacart made another addition to its growing team. Bangaly Kaba is joining the grocery-delivery company as the vice president of growth. He currently serves as Facebook’s Instagram manager — a position he’s held since 2014.

Kaba will fill the spot left by previous chief growth officer, Elliot Shmukler, who left the company in September.

Kaba’s hiring is added to a list of big-name additions to Instacart’s team just this month.

A few weeks ago, the company welcomed two former Google employees, Varouj Chitilian and Dave Sobota, along with an acquihire of the MightySignal team, which added six new team members.

While team expansions are expected of a growing company, these moves are likely being made to prepare for Amazon’s entry into the grocery delivery market.

Uber Hit With $1.17 Million Fine

A data breach and alleged coverup by ousted CEO, Travis Kalanick, is costing Uber $1.17 million. The fine was issued by the UK and the Netherlands governments as a result of the ride-sharing company breaking EU privacy laws. The hacking incident, which occurred in 2016, affected 57 million people globally.

The European fine is substantially less than the financial consequences Uber faces stateside.

While only 600,000 U.S. users were affected, the company is facing a $148 million payout for the breach. Improvements to their cybersecurity measures are also a part of the settlement made with the country’s state governments.

Turo Announces Turo Go, While Getaround Says ‘Goodbye’ to Uber Rent

Peer-to-peer vehicle rental service Turo announced Turo Go, using Continental’s Key as a Service (KaaS) software.

The partnership allows users on Turo’s platform access to a mobile-powered keyless entry and operation system. As a result, both vehicle owners and renters avoid the dreaded in-person meet up to exchange keys.


The software is similar to Getaround’s Connect system, making Turo a more powerful player in the peer-to-peer vehicle rental market.

Speaking of Getaround, the company’s latest partnership with Uber, known as Uber Rent or Uber Getaround, is being dismantled.

The venture launched in April of this year and allowed rideshare drivers to rent a peer’s vehicle directly through the Uber app.

Uber privately announced the end of the program to users last week, and it has since been made public. Uber drivers without vehicles can still take advantage of discounted rates through the company’s previous partnership with the peer-to-peer rental service, but all transactions take place separately through the Getaround app.

Check back next week to stay up-to-date on the latest acquisitions, investments, collaborations, and team announcements affecting side hustles worldwide.


Shipt Shopper Guide

Working With Shipt: All You Need to Know to Get Started

We’ve covered various delivery gigs at Rideshare Central recently, including Deliv and Amazon Flex. But you may also be curious about a grocery delivery service like Shipt.

Shipt is an app that pays you to shop and deliver fresh goods to nearby customers, similar to Instacart.

Shipt was founded in 2014 and raised $65 million before Target acquired them at the end of 2017 for $550 million. Target now uses Shipt to offer same day delivery to customers from about half of its stores.

Working as a Shipt shopper can be a great way to make some extra cash in your spare time while doing something you enjoy.

But Shipt shopping isn’t for everyone. If you want to make money with this app, you’ll need to work quickly and efficiently.

With so many side gig options at your disposal, it’s important that you understand the basics of working with Shipt before you decide whether it’s right for you.

Below, we’ve put together a quick guide containing everything you need to know about working with Shipt.


From how much you can make to what the application process looks like, we’ll guide you through the world of Shipt to help you make a more informed decision about becoming a Shipt shopper.

How Shipt Works

Shipt is an app-based grocery delivery service that allows members to save their grocery lists to the app and submit orders when they are ready.

For just $99 per month, Shipt customers can get unlimited grocery delivery services from major grocery stores in their area. Once they submit an order, a Shipt shopper claims it, completes the order, and delivers the items to the member’s home.

As a Shipt shopper, you can create your own schedule.

You set your availability by the hour and can make your shopping schedule up to five days in advance. That means if you only want to work between the hours of 8 a.m. and 5 p.m., you can just pick up orders during this time.

The flexibility of scheduling is great for individuals with full-time jobs who want to pick up a side gig after work or for students who want to earn money in between classes.

Shipt has actually put together a great video about how to schedule yourself and claim Shipt orders.


Shipt shoppers can also decide where they want to pick up orders.

They can limit their shopping to a single zone, which encompasses a radius of a few miles around a major grocery store. They can also choose to shop in multiple zones, allowing them access to even more orders.

Shipt shoppers use the shopper app to see order requests.

Within the app, the shopper can see the store, the size of the order, and the delivery destination.

Though you do not have to accept or claim every order that comes through in your zone, Shipt does measure acceptance rates. That means if you reject too many of the orders that come through in your zone, you may lose your ability to work with Shipt.

Once you accept an order on the shopping app, you drive to the designated grocery store, select the items on the shopping list, and pay at the register using the provided Shipt company card.

Thankfully, Shipt has also put together a helpful video on how to shop for Shipt orders.


Then, you take a photo of the receipt and upload it to the app before completing the order by making a final delivery to the member’s home.

Those working with Shipt can shop multiple orders at one time. In fact, many successful Shipt shoppers will fulfill multiple orders while at the same store. Every order you deliver pays you a commission, so working on multiple orders at one time allows you to earn more money over time.

How Much Do Shipt Shoppers Make?

One of the most important things to consider before becoming a Shipt shopper is how much you can make through your side gig.

Average earnings depend on a number of different factors, including your location, what types of orders you are picking up, and how efficiently you complete these orders. Below is a breakdown of how you earn money shopping for Shipt and how much you can potentially earn over time.

Earning Commission

The most important way that Shipt shoppers get paid is through the commission they earn on each delivery. The current commission rate is $5 plus 7.5% of the total order amount.

That means that for a $150 order, you will earn a commission of $16.25. An order that large should take about one hour to complete.

Smaller orders will pay less, but they take less time to complete. And the tips on those small orders can add up fast.

Earning Tips

Another way Shipt shoppers earn money is through member tips. Getting more and better customer tips is the best way to maximize your earning potential on Shipt. Many Shipt customers are either too busy or may not have the ability to shop for themselves. These customers are willing to pay more for the convenience of grocery services like Shipt and often tip well when they are satisfied with their experience.

The better customer service you provide, the more you can earn through customer tips. Paying attention to details such as the quality of produce you select for a customer and the accuracy of your order is an effective way to build relationships that lead to higher tips. Similarly, little extras like walking the groceries into the house can also help you earn more and better tips.

Average Shipt Earnings

As we mentioned above, average Shipt earnings depend on a number of different elements. According to Shipt, experienced shoppers can make anywhere between $16 to $22 an hour. Though it is possible to make some serious cash with Shipt, it can also be possible to earn below minimum wage if you aren’t smart about how you work.

The more efficient you become as a Shipt shopper and the stronger relationships you build with members, the more you stand to gain financially. One high school teacher living in Orlando, Florida, actually quit his high school teaching job to become a Shipt shopper full-time as he was earning around $100,000 per year. To earn this much, he was working around 60 hours a week with an average of 22 shopping trips per working day. The relationships he built with members allowed him to earn more tips per trip, contributing to his high earnings.


Another Shipt shopper in the Nashville area earns a steady $17.50 per hour. Working 35 hours a week with 4-day work weeks, this Shipt shopper takes home about $600 per week. For her, the flexible scheduling and ability to make more per hour than a standard 9-to-5 job makes Shipt shopping worth her time. Though earning potential does depend on tips, this shopper finds that the generous tippers make up for those who tip less.

Where Is Shipt Available?

Shipt is available in most major U.S. Cities. To see if you can apply in your area, enter your zip code on the Shipt coverage area page.

How to Become a Shipt Shopper

Becoming a Shipt shopper is rather easy. There are some basic requirements that you need to be able to meet before you apply to work for Shipt:

  • Must be at least 18 years old
  • Have a valid U.S. driver’s license and auto insurance
  • Have access to a reliable vehicle, 1997 model or newer
  • Have basic knowledge of produce selection
  • Use insulated cooler bags for groceries
  • Be able to lift at least 40 pounds
  • Own an iPhone (iOS 10 or newer) or Android smartphone (5.1 or newer)

If you meet these basic requirements, you can apply to become a Shipt shopper. The application requires you to fill out some basic information about who you are and why you want to work for Shipt. After filling out the application, you’ll complete a video interview through a third-party site, answering questions that help the Shipt team determine if you’re a good fit.

Once you are accepted and have downloaded the shopper app, you can start shopping!


Be A Shipt Shopper


Lyft Rider Questions

Answers To Some Common Lyft Rider Questions

Lyft Tipping Etiquette – Do You Tip Your Lyft Driver?

If you haven’t taken a Lyft, you’ve probably got a few questions about how it works. Below we answer some of the most common Lyft rider questions that new passengers have.

Oh, and if you’re looking for a Lyft code good for free ride credits, simply click the button below for between $5 and $20 in free Lyft credits (amount determined by your city).

Free Lyft Credits


What’s the tipping etiquette for Lyft?

We’ll open with the million dollar question. Should you tip your Lyft driver? And when you do tip, how much money should you give them?

Lyft offers in-app tipping options, although it can be very easy to forget about your tip, as payments are generally handled automatically. It’s an unfortunate quirk and one that many drivers are less than thrilled about. Factor in that Lyft does not reimburse drivers for maintenance, gas, and other expenses incurred while driving, and it’s easy to see why. Fortunately, Lyft is rolling out a few features to make tipping easier for passengers.

As with servers and bartenders, many Lyft drivers rely on tips for a large portion of their income.

With that in mind, a good rule of thumb for tipping your Lyft driver is to offer them the same amount you would a taxi service. Generally, that will be around fifteen to twenty percent of your total fare.

If your driver provided exceptional service – good conversation, music, amenities, etc. – you might even consider tipping more.

Lyft Rider Questions - Tipping


Can my Lyft driver see how much I tip?

Yes. Lyft drivers receive a weekly earnings report every Tuesday summarizing the trips, fees, and tips they made the previous week.

They can also examine  their ride history in the driver app, which shows details such as pickup point, destination, trip time, and tip total for each job. This is one of the reasons tipping is a great way to be a five star passenger.

Should I sit in the front seat or backseat as a Lyft passenger?

You can sit where you feel like sitting. However, if you are by yourself, most Lyft (and Uber) drivers would prefer that you sit in the back, behind the passenger seat.

Does Lyft charge per person?

It does not.

The number of riders on a particular trip generally has no bearing on how much you pay for a trip – provided you aren’t requesting a ride for more than three or four people. For larger groups, you’ll need to order a Lyft XL.

This will connect you to a driver with a larger vehicle capable of fitting up to six people.

Lyft XL rates are slightly higher than the rates for a standard Lyft, owing to the fact that larger vehicles tend to have poorer gas mileage than small or mid-sized ones.

How much does Lyft cost?

The short answer is ‘it depends.’ As with Uber, Lyft prices are different from city to city.

There is also a large variance between the different types of Lyft you can select. We have already mentioned Lyft Plus, which offers larger vehicles – Lyft also features a number of other options that you can select:

Lyft Line costs less than a standard Lyft and works by connecting you with other passengers along the route to your destination. Essentially, it’s an option to carpool and save money doing so.

Lyft Lux provides you with a late model luxury sedan that seats up to four passengers.

Lyft Lux Black is one step down from ordering full limo service – Lyft describes it on its website as being “limited to only the most luxurious makes and models.” It’s also important to note that Lyft Lux Black exclusively features drivers with a high rating.

Lyft Lux Black XL features premium SUVs with space for up to six people. Aside from this, it’s the same as Lyft Lux Black.


Your ride type aside, there are a few things that go into your pricing when you call for a Lyft.

The distance between your pickup point and destination. The per-mile rate varies by city, but it’s usually somewhere around $1 for Lyft, and as much as $5 for Lyft Lux Black.

The amount of time it will take to reach your destination, calculated as a per-minute cost. Again, this varies wildly by city and time and may range from $0.10 per minute to $0.50 per minute.

All rides booked through Lyft also have a service fee attached to them. The fee varies by city.

The minimum fare. Generally speaking, this is around $3 for a standard Lyft. Depending on which service you use, it can be as high as $25 or $30.
There is an additional fee if you get picked up at an airport.

Get A Lyft Fare Estimate

To receive a fare estimate for your city based on your pickup location and destination, simply visit Lyft’s Fare Estimator.

Does Lyft have surge pricing like Uber?

Yes. This is known as Lyft Prime Time. During periods of especially high demand, your ride price will be higher. Prime Time price increases are usually done in 25% increments.

As this can get very expensive very quickly, it may be better to wait a few minutes and see if demand goes down before ordering.

Is it possible to use Lyft without a credit card?

Yes. In addition to accepting all major credit cards, Lyft also accepts any debit card tied to a checking account, as well as most prepaid cards.

Passengers can also pay through PayPal, Apple Pay, or Google Pay. Per Lyft’s website, all payments made through the platform are processed through third-party payment service Stripe.

Note that you can also add multiple payment methods to your account, and you can create a business and personal profile. Should you do so, you’ll be able to choose which one to use on a per-ride basis.

Unfortunately, there is no cash payment option for Lyft at this point in time, though some passengers do choose to tip their drivers with cash rather than through the app.

How do I add my debit card to Lyft?

Adding a debit card to your Lyft account follows the same process as adding a credit card. Simply open the Lyft app, tap on your photo, and tap “Payment.”

Enter your debit card number and all other relevant information, and save it. and you’re good to go!

How do I add Google Pay to Lyft?

To add Google Pay to Lyft, you’ll first want to ensure you’ve configured Google Pay on your device. Luckily, this is pretty simple to do. Just launch the Google Pay app, verify the cards associated with your account, and you’re good to go.

From there navigate to the Payment section of your Lyft app and tap to add Google Pay. That’s it.

How do I add Apple Pay to Lyft?

If you have an iPhone or iPhone Plus that’s model 6 or newer, you can configure Lyft to use the new Apple Pay service. This one-touch mobile payment option works similarly to Google Pay, combining your credit cards, debit cards, tickets, reward cards, and other payment options in a single place.

Once you’ve configured it by adding your payment cards, you can then easily add it to your Lyft account through the Payment tab in the Lyft app.

How do I delete my payment info on Lyft?

To delete your payment info from the Lyft app, you basically just need to follow the same process you would to add new payment methods.

First, navigate to the Payment section of the Lyft app. Tap on the payment method you wish to remove, and tap “Delete Card.”

Note that if a payment method is the only one on your account, you cannot delete it.

How do I delete my Lyft account?

Unfortunately, deactivating your Lyft account is a bit of a process. You’ll need to contact customer support, either through the Lyft support page or by emailing support@lyft.com.

Should you choose the former, select “Delete Account or Unsubscribe” in the support page’s drop-down menu.

You are required to explain why you wish to delete your account, though what details you provide in this explanation are up to you.

Once you’ve submitted a support ticket, you may need to wait a few hours to receive a response from Lyft Customer Support.

If they take too long to get back to you, you can send additional emails to support@lyft.com. Once the process is completed, there are a few things to keep in mind.

First, even if your account is deleted, Lyft retains certain information about you as a passenger. This includes your name, email, and phone number; any photos you added to the app, your payment information, reviews and ratings you’ve submitted about Lyft drivers, location information gathered by the app, and records of your communication with customer service.

The idea is that by retaining all this data, they make it easier to return to the service if you wish to reactivate your account in the future.

The second is that you will not automatically be unsubscribed from Lyft’s promotional emails – they may occasionally try to reach out to you with special offers and deals in an effort to convince you to return.

To unsubscribe from these emails, you’ll need to submit another support request. Alternatively, you can simply use the Unsubscribe feature in your email client.

How do I contact Lyft?

You can contact Lyft through the help section of their website. This allows you to report an accident or incident, report an issue with a driver, or report a lost item. You can also contact Lyft support directly through the rider app.

Can you use Lyft without a smartphone?

You can – but you’ll still need at least a cell phone. Visit ride.lyft.com and enter your phone number to authorize a new ride request. You’ll receive a text message containing an authorization code.

Enter that into your browser, and you’ll be able to configure your pickup point and destination. You’ll also want to make sure your payment information on the site is up to date.

Free Lyft Credits


How do I check my account for promotions or credit?

To check for any promotions on your account, simply open the app, tap on your profile picture, and then tap ‘Promos.’ Any active promotions will be visible on this page.

Lyft Rider Promo Code Insturctions


Can I pay for someone else’s Lyft?

Unless you add your payment information to their account, no. However, what you can do is request a ride for a friend through your own Lyft account. Should you choose to do this, Lyft recommends that you text the driver to let them know they’re picking up a friend instead of you.

You should ensure you enter in both the pickup point and destination for your friend before you request one.

Alternatively, if you and your friend both have Lyft, you can split the payment for your ride while en-route.

Where is Lyft available?

Lyft is currently available in over 300 cities in the U.S., as well as Toronto and Ottawa. Vancouver, Montreal, and other cities in Canada will be added in 2019.

Lyft passenger questions


To see if Lyft is available where you live, you can check the directory on Lyft’s website. Note that at the time of writing, Lyft is not yet available outside North America.

What is Lyft Line, and how do I use it?

Lyft Line effectively offers you the option to carpool with other Lyft passengers along the route to your destination. It’s available a discounted rate compared to other Lyft services – anywhere from ten percent to sixty percent. To use Lyft Line, simply tap “Line” when you’re requesting a ride.

From there, simply enter your destination as-normal and you’re good to go. Note that you may find yourself in a Lyft with other passengers at the moment of pick-up, or your Lyft may stop en-route to your destination to pick up additional passengers.

It’s generally a good idea to budget extra time for your Lyft Line, just in case more passengers join the trip.

That said, if there are no other passengers along your chosen route, you’ll still be able to use Lyft Line – you’ll just instantly get from point A to point B.

Lyft Line is only available for trips which include only a single stop.

If you’re using Lyft to run errands or making multiple stops along your route, you’ll have to settle for a standard ride. The same goes if you need to bring luggage or a heavy load with you on the trip.

What’s the cheapest time of day to get a Lyft?

Generally speaking, there are a few times throughout the day where Lyft requests surge into the stratosphere. Although it does tend to vary slightly by city, the busiest times of day for Lyft are usually as follows:

  • Morning rush hour (7 to 9 AM)
  • Evening rush hour (4 to 7 PM)
  • Friday and Saturday evening
  • Holidays

It’s also important to remember that Prime Time surges can happen at any time of day. Weather conditions such as heavy snow or rainfall also tend to both increase fare and increase demand for Lyft drivers.

Does Lyft allow pets such as dogs?

Yes and no.  Both Uber & Lyft drivers are obligated to allow service animals into their vehicles, but otherwise, the decision on whether or not you can travel with your pet depends on the driver.

Some drivers are happy to allow cats and dogs into their vehicle, while others may request that you find another ride.

Generally speaking, if you want to travel with a pet, call ahead – make it clear to your driver that you’re bringing an animal on-board. If possible, keep them in a carrier. If they’re too large for that, bring a towel or blanket to put over the seat, and make sure the animal is clean before getting into the vehicle with it.

If you’re ready to sign up for Lyft, click the button below to get started. If you’re already a Lyft customer, unfortunately, there are no codes that will get you additional free Lyft rides.

However, for ways you can get Lyft credits as an existing customers, check out our Lyft promo code page.

Free Lyft Credits



Doordash Partner Apply

Restaurant Owners: How to Become a DoorDash Partner Merchant

As a restaurant owner, you’re always on the lookout for ways to reach new customers. Listing your restaurant on food delivery service apps like DoorDash can help you expand to new areas.

But it also allows you to improve the customer experience by offering convenient ways for people in the area to get your food delivered right to their door.

While just being listed on the app comes with its own benefits, there are also added perks involved with becoming an official DoorDash partner. The best part is that becoming a DoorDash partner is easy!

In just a few simple steps, you can be on your way to being listed on DoorDash.

Below, we’ve put together a guide with everything you need to know about becoming a DoorDash partner.

Benefits of Becoming a DoorDash Partner for Restaurant Owners

There are many perks that come along with being a DoorDash partner. Here are just a few ways restaurant owners can benefit from this partnership:

  • Bring in more customers. The DoorDash app and site puts your brand and menu in front of everyone in the area, allowing you to attract new customers.
  • Provide a better customer experience. Offering a delivery option makes it more convenient for your customers to order from you.
  • Work with what you have. DoorDash allows you to send orders through fax, computer, or tablet – whatever you have in place.
  • Spend more time on core tasks. DoorDash takes care of all the logistics and before, during, and after customer delivery so you are free to focus on what matters.
  • Get insights into your customers. With the DoorDash merchant portal, you gain access to vital data about your customers, which you can use to adjust your marketing strategy.

Becoming a DoorDash Partner: What Restaurant Owners Need to Know

While partnering with a food delivery service does come with a cost to restaurant owners, it can also be an important marketing tool to help you grow your business.

To decide if this partnership is right for you, consider the costs involved and decide whether or not these outweigh the benefits for your business.

There are also some ways to offset these costs and get more out of your DoorDash partnership.

By taking advantage of all the benefits and adjusting your pricing, your restaurant can achieve a positive return on investment from partnering with DoorDash for food delivery services.

How It Works

Once you sign up with DoorDash as a partner, you will be given access to the DoorDash Merchant Portal, which you can use to manage orders and track customer data. Once you are set up here, you can start taking orders through DoorDash.

Customers will place orders through the app, which you will then receive in whatever format works best for you (email, fax, or the order manager app).

Customers pay for the order through DoorDash, which will disperse payment to the restaurant on a weekly basis after deducting fees. All of the orders are prepaid through the app, which means that the Doordash delivery drivers (or Dashers) picking up the orders and delivering to the customer will not be paying in-person.

Customers have the option to choose between two types of orders – ASAP and Scheduled.

Every order will have a designated pickup time when you can expect the Dasher to arrive at your restaurant to pick up the order.

ASAP orders are usually scheduled for pickup within 20 minutes after the order is placed, while scheduled orders can be a few hours or a few days in advance.

What It Costs

There are some fees associated with becoming a DoorDash partner. Here are the expenses you may incur as a partner restaurant:

  • Commission: The commission rate is negotiable and may fluctuate between restaurants. However, DoorDash typically charges a 20 percent commission fee for its services.
  • Sales Tax: Sales tax will vary by state.
  • Tablet Fee: This is an optional fee you may incur if you sign up for the DoorDash tablet subscription. The $15 per week gives you access to the Order Manager tablet app, which helps you streamline operations for managing DoorDash orders.
  • Error Charges: These charges may vary and occur whenever there is an issue with a customer order, such as the wrong item or a missing item.


In addition to these fees, also consider that restaurants experience a gap between when the sales are made and when they receive the cash. DoorDash collects sales revenue from its customers immediately.

Then, they pay partner restaurants on a weekly basis through direct deposits after they have deducted all expenses.

How to Make the Most Out of DoorDash

With the DoorDash process and fees in mind, here are some ways you can make the most out of your DoorDash partnership:

1. Change pricing for DoorDash orders.

To offset some of the fees of being a DoorDash partner, most restaurants change their pricing for DoorDash orders.

This allows the customer to absorb some of the costs of this delivery service. Many customers are willing to pay extra for the convenience of getting quality meals delivered right to their door. By adjusting your pricing for DoorDash orders, your restaurant can offset many of the costs that come with signing up to be a Doordash partner

2. Consider using a tablet to manage orders.

Though using a tablet does come with some additional fees, it is well worth it for restaurants to consider this option from an operational perspective.

Using a tablet and the Order Manager App is a simple and effective way to receive and confirm DoorDash orders while also successfully managing inventory and updating menu items.


A tablet helps make the process more streamlined, which allows your business the opportunity to benefit from an increased return on investment. Not to mention, the more streamlined you make the process, the less likely you will be to make mistakes. This helps you minimize errors while keeping your customers happy.

3. Make sure your staff is aware of the DoorDash process.

If you want to get the most out of DoorDash, make sure that the staff handling these orders are trained on the entire process.

You can set up and modify roles for employees in the Doordash Merchant Portal. That way, employees at all levels can carry out actions that match their roles.


Whether you use the Order Manager app to manage DoorDash orders or you are receiving your orders through email, your staff needs to be kept up-to-date on the right way to manage and prepare DoorDash orders as well as how to update inventory and menu items in the app.

4. Optimize your menu for DoorDash.

If you want to increase your average order on DoorDash, keep your menu optimized on the app. Start by using quality photos that show each menu item accurately. You can also add menu modifiers that allow customers to increase their order when selecting an entrée. For instance, you can give customers the option of adding a dessert or side to their entrée with an upcharge.

You can also add categories to your menu to make it easier for customers to find what they’re looking for. In addition, you can include a catering menu or bundled package menu options for larger orders such as “Family Meal” or “Dinner for Two.” This makes it easier for customers to order more.

How to Become a DoorDash Partner

Now that you know why being a DoorDash partner can benefit your restaurant’s bottom line, let’s talk about how to become a DoorDash partner. Here’s a quick step-by-step guide:


1. Apply online.

To apply to be a DoorDash partner, visit the DoorDash merchant application to submit a quick form. The form will ask for your store name, address, full name, mobile phone number, and email address.

2. DoorDash will reach out.

Once the sales team receives the application, they will quickly review it and reach out to you. Your representative will then ask for additional information that they might need to list your site on the DoorDash app.

3. Start getting orders.

Once you are listed on DoorDash, you can start receiving orders from the app’s customers. This can happen within the week, so the sooner you sign up, the sooner you can get started.

And it’s as simple as that! Once you are an official DoorDash restaurant partner, you can start receiving orders and reap the full benefits of reaching new diners and offering more convenient options for your customers.


Wonolo series C

Bain Decides To Wanolo And Precurser Has A Knack

This Week In On Demand — Nov. 23, 2018

Not even the holiday season can put a hold on the gig economy’s movements. While you feast on your Thanksgiving meal, catch up on the latest on-demand industry happenings with this week’s news roundup.

Instacart Raises Another $271 Million

Over the past few months, Instacart has held a consistent spot in our news roundups. This week, the on demand grocery delivery startup has reportedly raised another $271 million.

The company is staying silent about this Series F round, but one of the prominent investors is Tiger Global Management.

Known for their investments in Uber, Flipkart, Glassdoor, and Spotify, their Instacart funding is just one of many new investments made by Tiger Global since starting a new $3.75 billion tech fund. The venture capitalist powerhouse was joined by Coatue Management and Valiant Capital — both of whom already have stakes in Instacart.

Adding to the $600 million investment from D1 Capital last month, Instacart has raised an impressive $1.87 billion overall, with the latest round valuing the company at $7.87 billion.

Knack Snags $1.5 Million From Investors

On Monday, Knack announced a highly successful seed funding round. The peer-to-peer tutoring startup scored $1.5 million from investors, which is a considerable amount considering they only launched two years ago.

The funding round was led by Precursor Ventures and Jeffry Vinik, but also included Bisk Ventures, Elysium Venture Capital, and Arizona State University.

Knack differs from other on-demand tutoring services as the company also partners directly with educational institutions.

This arrangement offers more long-term security, as the university contracts are set for specific periods of time instead of relying solely on student demand.

Knack also offers the ability to give group tutoring sessions.

Booking A Knack Group Session


Considering the amount of interest in the company, Knack has the potential to become a permanent staple in the education industry, especially if it expands its focus to include primary and secondary schools.

Wonolo Announces $32 Million Funding Round

While Knack is gaining ground in higher education, Wonolo is gaining momentum in the blue-collar sector. Monday morning, the on-demand staffing company announced it landed $32 million for the Series C funding round, bringing their total to $52.9 million overall.

The latest round was led by Bain Capital Ventures, which previously invested in DocuSign, SurveyMonkey, and LinkedIn. Their Wonolo investment comes five days after Bain announced a new $1 billion fund aimed at early stage startups. Other investors in the Series C round included Tuesday Captial, Base10 Partners, Sequoia Capital, and DAG Ventures.



Labor-based work has been largely overlooked in the Silicon Valley, but the demand is undoubtedly there. Shiftgig is currently the only other strong competitor in the industry. While the company boasts $56 million in investments, it only has 15,000 contractors signed up. Wonolo’s 300,000 user workforce and collaboration with big companies, like Coca-Cola, give them the upper hand.

Lyft Updates Rider App & Releases Charity Contribution Totals While Uber Launches Jump In Seattle

Late last week, Lyft announced some coming new updates to their app. Soon, riders will have the option to set a default tip amount as well as choose an amount mid-ride. The other rider feature involves a five-star default rating for every trip that the rider doesn’t score on their own. Along with app updates, the company also announced that they’ve raised $10 million for charities through the app’s Round Up & Donate feature — which launched in 2017.

While Lyft focuses on PR and app improvements, Uber has turned their attention to the Seattle bike-sharing market. Joining Lyft and Lime, Uber is launching around 300 of its Jump e-bikes in Emerald City this week, with hopes to reach 5,000 rentals by early 2019. Even though Uber hasn’t yet made an app-update announcement, it’s likely to occur this holiday season. Both companies announced new rider reward programs last week, and in the last month, their subscription service launches were back-to-back.

The back and forth between the two rideshare competitors is the new normal. But just because the year is almost over, don’t expect either Lyft or Uber to go silent. With their 2019 IPOs looming, the race is on and neither team is likely to rest on their laurels until they’ve reached the public market.

Don’t worry about missing a single announcement over your Thanksgiving break! We’ll keep an eye on all things side hustle related and alert you to the biggest on demand news in next week’s roundup. Until then, ponder this: what do you think the next announcement is going to be from Lyft and Uber? And who will get there first?


Lyft driver lease, rental and pay questions

Common New Lyft Driver Questions – Lyft Car Leases, Payments & Account Issues

Does Lyft Lease Cars To Its Drivers?

It does, through Avis, Hertz and Flexdrive. Known as the Lyft Express Drive Program, it provides Lyft drivers with rental vehicles on a week-to-week basis. Priced at around $200 a week (prices may vary by market), the Express Drive Program also covers insurance, unlimited miles, and routine vehicle maintenance.

Provided you meet all the other driver qualifications for Lyft, you can apply to Express Drive through the Lyft website.

You’ll need to provide a $250 deposit, which you’ll receive back when you return the vehicle. Additionally, while you can renew your vehicle lease weekly through your app, you’ll need to visit the rental lot at least once a month to renew the lease as an extended rental.

You are also required to complete at least 20 rides per week – and here’s where things get really interesting.

Lyft Express Drive Weekly Lease


If you complete enough fares in a week and maintain a 90% or higher acceptance rate, you become eligible for Lyft’s Rental Rewards Program. This can reduce or even eliminate the weekly rental fee for your vehicle.

Note that with Rental Rewards, you do not qualify for any of Lyft’s other earnings milestones or bonuses.

The biggest drawback of Lyft’s Express Drive Program, aside from the cost, is that due to high demand it can often be difficult to secure a rental vehicle.

Additionally, Hertz and Flexdrive each have different requirements and a different rental process – you need to be 25 or older to rent from Hertz, and must sign a paper agreement; Flexdrive allows you to rent at 21 or older and access the agreement within the app.

However, the addition of many car in the Avis rental fleet over the next few months should alleviate some of the supply issues in the Lyft Express Drive program.

Finally, it may be obvious to some, but you generally cannot use your Lyft rental to drive for Uber.

Can Lyft Help Me Buy A Car?

Unfortunately, no. At the time of writing, Lyft does not offer any means of purchasing a vehicle through its platform.

It only allows you to lease/rent cars, as described above – this means that, depending on where you live, it may be more cost-effective to simply purchase your own vehicle.

What Is Lyft Amp?

A Bluetooth-enabled, LED device that magnetically attaches to a vehicle’s dashboard, Lyft Amp serves a few purposes. First, it’s intended as a replacement for the front emblem of a Lyft driver’s vehicle – the front side of the screen displays the Lyft logo.

Second, it allows drivers to further enhance the experience of their passengers.

Let’s say a passenger is leaving the bar at one in the morning and isn’t sure which Lyft is theirs. If their driver has Lyft Amp, they can open their app and cause the driver’s amp to display one of a range of different colors – a feature known as ‘beaconing.’

Lyft Amp can also display one of several different personalized messages to riders within a vehicle, can serve as a clock, can provide ETA details to passengers, will announce who’s being picked up next in Lyft Line, and flashes when a driver receives a new ride request.

Does Lyft Accept Two Door Cars?

Unfortunately, no. To use Lyft, you must have a four-door vehicle. The platform does not make any exceptions to this rule.

Does Lyft Reimburse For Toll Roads?

Yes and no. If your Lyft route will pass through a toll bridge, tunnel, or turnpike, the cost is automatically added to the passenger’s fare.

This means that although you will still need to pay tolls at each of these locations, you’ll receive that money back from the passenger once their ride is paid for.

Currently, Lyft’s tolls are calculated based on the pricing of each individual city’s electronic toll collection system. This means that if you pay with cash, you may actually end up overpaying. As such, it’s recommended that you keep a debit or credit card on you at all times – just in case.

How Do Lyft Drivers Get Paid?

Lyft drivers can get paid in one of two ways.

Lyft Weekly Pay

The first option is through a weekly deposit into their checking account, which can be set up through the Driver Dashboard.

You’ll need to have your bank routing number, transit number, and account number available.

You will also need your tax information. For most drivers, this consists of your full name, current address, and social security number.

Some drivers, however, may have a registered corporation/LLC – in this case, you’ll need your business name, business address, and EIN or ITIN.

The Lyft work week starts on Monday morning and ends late Sunday evening. Payments are generally delivered to drivers on Wednesday.

Lyft Express Pay

The second option is known as Express Pay. In the Lyft Driver App, navigate to Payment Info under Settings. Note that you will need to have added at least one debit card to your Lyft account, and you will need to have reached at least $50 in ride earnings. Tap on the card you want to use for Express Pay, and then tap “Get Paid.” – it’s as simple as that.


Remember that some banks may delay your Express Pay transactions – call your bank and ask them if they support immediate transfers or push to debit transfers.

Do Lyft Drivers Get Paid Daily?

As noted above, Express Pay allows you to be paid immediately after completing a trip. Otherwise, you are paid on a week-to-week basis.

How Do I Get Lyft Amp?

To be eligible for Lyft Amp, you must first reach Gold or Platinum Accelerate Reward Status – a fancy way of saying ‘complete a certain number of rides.’ This varies by city, but it’s usually somewhere around 250-300.

Once you’ve done this, and provided you’re in a city where Amp is available, Lyft will send you an invite with instructions on how to receive the device.

If you’re curious as to whether or not you qualify, you can check your status under the Amp tab in your Lyft Driver App.

Once you’ve received your invitation, you’ll need to confirm your shipping address with Lyft. At that point, all you need to do is wait. Your Amp should be delivered to you within two to three weeks.

How Does Destination Mode Work In Lyft?

Destination Mode is a unique feature available to Lyft Drivers which allows you to specify a destination for yourself after completing a trip. You can also set a time by which you would like to arrive at your destination.

Until you reach that destination, you will only be matched with passengers along your route, who are traveling in the same direction as you. To enable Destination Mode, simply tap the filter icons in the top right corner of your Lyft Driver App, select “Add Destination Mode,” and configure your destination.


You can disable Destination Mode by tapping the “x” next to your destination’s address. Destination Mode will automatically turn off once you reach your destination. Note that Destination Mode rides do not count towards certain Lyft bonuses such as Average Hourly Guarantees or Power Driver.

Where Do I See My Lyft Reviews?

You can view your Lyft Driver rating by tapping on your profile picture in the Lyft Driver app. To see actual reviews and comments, you’ll need to open up the email associated with your Lyft account and check your weekly summary. Note that as with tips, reviews are anonymized.

How Do I Update My Lyft Driver Profile?

The process for updating your driver profile on Lyft is basically the same as the process for updating your passenger profile.

First thing’s first, if you signed up to Lyft with a Facebook account, good news – it’ll automatically populate your profile with your most recent photo. If you wish to change this for any reason, simply do the following:

  1. While in the Lyft Driver app, tap on your profile photo in the top left corner.
  2. Tap “View Profile” then “Edit Profile.”

It’s pretty self-explanatory from here – you can edit your “About Me” section, update your profile photo, and so on. Note that certain details, like your phone number, email address, and login data must be changed through the “Settings” tab.

How Do I Turn Off Lyft Line?

Unfortunately, there’s no way to opt out of Lyft Line requests. If you’d rather not pick up passengers using Lyft Line, the only thing you can do is ignore or reject them. However, if you’re drive a vehicle that qualifies for Lyft Lux, you can switch off requests from regular Lyft and Lyft Line.

Looking For The Best Rideshare Company To Sign Up With?

Sign up to drive with Lyft today and get a sign up bonus.

With Lyft, you can sign up to drive even if you don’t have a car!


Uber Cash - How To Use

Uber Riders – Should You Be Using Uber Cash?

In September 2018, Uber announced the rollout of a new payment option – Uber Cash.

Uber Cash was designed to transform the way Uber customers pay for services across the Uber ecosystem – from bike sharing to food delivery and rideshare. But what is Uber Cash and how does it work? And more importantly – should you be using it?

Below, we’ll dive into how Uber Cash works and what benefits it can provide Uber users to help you better understand whether it’s right for you.

What Is Uber Cash?

Uber Cash is a new payment option Uber rolled out earlier this year. Marketed as “the smart way to pay for Uber,” this payment option allows users to add funds to their Uber account upfront to pay for Uber rides and Uber Eats deliveries.

The purchased funds don’t expire, and Uber offers discounts based on how much money users add to their balance. (But more on that later.)

Users can add funds to their account using a variety of payment methods, including debit card, credit card, PayPal, and Venmo.

Any Uber credits that a user receives, including Uber gift cards, Visa Local Offers credits, and customer support funds will also be added to the user’s Uber Cash balance to be used on future Uber purchases.

Overall, Uber Cash gives its users a seamless way to pay for Uber services. As Uber begins to expand its services in the coming years, this payment option will offer a single payment method that’s easy for users to load and use.

How To Add Uber Cash To Your Uber Account

To load up your Uber Cash balance, follow these steps:

  1. Open the app menu and tap on Payment
  2. Tap “Add funds”
  3. Choose the amount you want to load

How To Use Uber Cash

To use Uber Cash when requesting a ride:

  1. Open the Uber app and choose a destination
  2. Before requesting your ride, change your payment method to Uber Cash
  3. Complete your ride request


Should You Use Uber Cash?

Using Uber Cash as a payment option will really depend on your own unique preferences and circumstances. To help you make a smarter decision, we’ve put together a list of questions that will help you better understand if Uber Cash is right for you:

How Often Do You Use Uber?

If you only use Uber once or twice a month, then Uber Cash may not be the best fit for you. However, for those that often use this ridesharing service or order from Uber Eats on a regular basis, Uber Cash can provide attractive benefits. Uber offers a discount based on how much you add to your balance:

  • 5% discount when you add $100
  • 3% discount when you add $50
  • 2% discount when you add $25

If you find yourself using Uber services often, then utilizing Uber Cash payments gives you the opportunity to take advantage of some serious savings. Not to mention, you can plan ahead by allocating funds to your Uber budget, ensuring the money is there when you need it.

Do You Use Other Uber Services?

Another benefit of Uber Cash is that it allows you to pay for all of your Uber services from one convenient account.

That means that if you are using more than one Uber service, you don’t have to load multiple credit cards or deal with paying from multiple sources. This feature makes Uber Cash a great option for individuals who use more than one Uber service.

Is Convenience Important to You?

When it comes down to which payment option you should use for your Uber services, consider which is most useful for you.

Uber Cash was developed to be a convenient option for customers who often use rideshare and other Uber services. If convenience is important to you, then the ability to pre-load funds and pay for all of your Uber services, including tipping drivers, from one account may be appealing.

Uber Cash also offers the ability to auto-refill your account when the balance drops below $10 so that you never have to worry about whether or not you have the funds in your account to pay for Uber services.

Now that you know what Uber Cash is and who should use it, it’s time to make the choice for yourself. You can reap the benefits of using one convenient account to pay for all your Uber services or continue to pay for individual trips and deliveries with your credit card. The choice is yours!