Lyft promo code for existing users

A Helpful Guide to Lyft Discounts for Existing Users

We’ve all seen the Lyft codes that are offered to new riders, but are there any Lyft codes or promos for people who are already enjoying the app as their primary ridesharing service? The answer to that question falls into a gray area.

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Can Existing Lyft Riders Use A Promo Code?

Unfortunately, no, current Lyft customers cannot use a Lyft promo code for free rides or ride credits.

The company still needs to make a profit, and giving away free Lyft rides on the regular would be a serious detriment to that. However, there are definitely still ways that existing users can take advantage of Lyft’s generous and often ongoing promotions.

In order to pin down extra Lyft discounts, you’ll need to be a little tricky, have a good understanding of how the Lyft app works, and have access to plenty of friends. In this case, the more the merrier! You’ll find that sharing codes and inviting one another is one of the quickest and easiest ways to rack up a hefty Lyft discount.

Here are a few of the best known ways to gather Lyft discounts, so you and your friends can earn the most free rides.

Invite Each Other to Use Lyft

As soon as you register with Lyft, you become an existing user and give up your eligibility to take advantage of new-user promo codes. This is typically tied to your phone number, which essentially locks your device into the app and makes it pretty impossible to try and trick the Lyft app into not recognizing you from that point on. Getting a new phone can work as a suitable workaround for this, but obviously no one’s running out to pick up a brand new phone every time they want to get another discount.

That being said, being an existing user isn’t the end of all possible Lyft promo codes. By being an existing user, you’re assigned a unique referral code that’s intended to be your primary source of earning free ride credits. Simply put, you’re expected to give your code to new users, and once they register using that code and take their first free ride, you’ll earn yourself a free ride credit for having recruited a new rider.

Arguably the best part about earning free ride credits through your personalized Lyft code is that the amount you’re rewarded is constantly changing. Sometimes it’s five dollars per new user, but it’s gone all the way up to fifty dollars per new user during promotions and holidays. This is by far the best way to earn ongoing ride credits.

If you’re not sure where to find your referral code, just open up your Lyft app and find “Invite Friends” on the main menu. Your referral code should pop right up onto your screen, and you can hand that code out to as many people as you like. If you’d rather send your friends a direct link to register using your code, you can instead choose “Free Rides” from the menu and send out personalized messages to anyone on your contacts list, inviting them to sign up for Lyft.

Lyft Rider Promo Code Insturctions

It’s pretty obvious how to take advantage of this Lyft code! Just make sure you and your friends are wisely sharing codes with one another (or new faces, for that matter!), and you’ll be racking up free rides in no time.

Hitch a Ride from a New User’s Device

We briefly touched on how Lyft automatically recognizes your device when you use their app, and how that makes it difficult to create multiple accounts, but there is a way that you can use this to your advantage. If you have a friend who hasn’t downloaded Lyft yet, show them how to register and make sure you use a current new-user promotion when you do so. By using the new account to hitch a ride, you’ll instantly have a free ride!

This can be a big help if you’re carpooling or traveling in a group. There’s a really good chance at least one person in your group hasn’t tried Lyft before, or maybe they’ve changed their phone number since then and are eligible to sign up for a new account. Make sure you find someone who is eligible as a new user and call for your driver from their phone.

Try One of Lyft’s Competitors

Okay, this isn’t exactly a Lyft promo code, but it’s a great way to get some free rides if you’re really in a bind!

The obvious choice here is to give Uber a try. If you’ve never ridden with Uber before, they’re almost always running some sort of new-user promotion to lure in more riders. And, with Uber being one of the premiere ridesharing services out there, this company has a lot of money to put toward free ride credits and promo codes. They’re known to be pretty generous toward their new users, so definitely run a quick search when you’re ready to sign up to see what codes they currently have available.

Uber has basically become a household name these days, and thanks to their growing popularity, you’re all but guaranteed a ride within minutes – no matter where you are. In fact, Uber has a tendency to arrive even faster than Lyft in some cities. Plus, their high standards and user-friendly rating system ensures you’re going to get a driver that’s friendly and reliable.

Downloading and setting up the Uber app is just as easy as using the Lyft app. The code TRYNOW will earn you an immediate $15 toward any ride, but there are plenty of other promo codes out there! You’ll always be doing yourself a favor if you take a minute to find the most up-to-date promo codes available while you’re registering with a new ridesharing service.

Make Sure You Claim the New-User Promotion

This one is a real no-brainer, but it’s worth mentioning! In order to stay competitive with Uber, Lyft offers as much as fifty dollars (but usually more like $5-$20) to their new users when they first sign up. Claiming this credit is as easy as downloading the app and using the Lyft code RSCLYFT during your registration. You’ll see the credit automatically reflected in the balance on your Payment tab.

If you’ve already taken advantage of this promotion, which most experienced Lyft riders have, you’re not out of luck! Remember, there are plenty of people out there who haven’t tried Lyft and may not know about the various promo codes available to them. I’ve seen plenty of people sign up without using a code and miss out on a great opportunity to earn a loaded fifty bucks in free rides.

If you know anyone at all who hasn’t already registered with Lyft or someone who’s not especially tech-savvy, reach out to them! Help them sign up for Lyft and make sure they’re taking advantage of that generous new-user offer. You’ll be doing them a big favor and earning yourself a free ride at the same time when you use their device to hail down your next driver!

The best thing you can do to earn free ride credits as an existing Lyft user is to spread the word. The more people you introduce to Lyft, be it with your code or just by giving them a helping hand downloading the app, the closer you’ll be to earning yourself a ton of free rides.