Airbnb interior design tips

8 Interior Design Tips to Maximize Airbnb Long-Term Rental Returns

Long-term rentals can be a fantastic source of secure revenue for an Airbnb host. Securing more or repeat long-term rentals will depend on how customers enjoy the experience at your Airbnb property during their stay. When it comes to encouraging return customers, your property design may have a lot more to do with it than you might think. Find out how these simple design choices can help you maximize returning clients. Plus, find out what host management companies are and how they can help, too.

1. Choose Functional Furniture

Choosing stylish furniture pieces can attract renters to your listing. But if you want them to keep coming back, make sure your furniture choices are functional. Especially for long-term renters, functionality could be the defining factor in whether clients return. Comfort is a top priority when it comes to seating and bedding, in particular. Opt for sectional sofas that can be easily rearranged or comfortable recliners.

Anything that is adjustable to suit an individual’s needs is a great choice for maximizing comfort and encouraging a return visit. Save your style and flair for decorative items instead. When it comes to furniture that customers will be using daily throughout their stay, comfort should always come first. Practicality is just as important, too. Long-term renters will want plenty of room to store their clothing and toiletries.

2. Provide Proper Lighting

Dim lighting can look very trendy, but your customers likely won’t find this feature too pleasant after several nights stay at your place. Again, functionality is key. You can add a dimmer for your client to use at their discretion. However, the option for functional lighting should always be available. Include pot lights and chandeliers wherever possible. Choose LED bulbs over traditional bulbs. They last longer and are much brighter. Avoid anything with a yellow tint when it comes to lighting. Another great tip is to include a bright reading lamp somewhere in the space.

3. Choose Practical Window Coverings

For the windows, remember that most people welcome light in the day but prefer total darkness at nighttime. A simple way to achieve this is to opt for sheer curtains with blackout curtain overlays. Your renters can maximize natural light during the day, without compromising privacy, and still have total darkness at night. Versatility and practicality are essential to maximize comfort and encourage customers to return – especially for extended stays.

Another option is to choose privacy blinds. These can offer both partial lighting or blackout options. They are also a sleeker window covering that is much less cumbersome than curtains. This can work perfectly for a minimalist chic design.

4. Choose Durable Floor Coverings

When it comes to the floors, choose a material that is durable. Think bamboo wood flooring or tile. The idea is to have a floor that looks warm and inviting, but can also stand up to various tenants. Damaged floors can turn renters off, and you can’t change the flooring every time a new renter visits. Durable floor options will help you maintain the aesthetic of your property. They can also maximize your spend.

You can also try vinyl flooring. It’s easy to install and very cost effective. The only flooring option you may want to avoid is the carpet. Carpet flooring can hold in dust and be allergenic for some individuals. Plus, they stain, and regular maintenance can be costly.

5. Opt for Neutral Paint on the Walls

Lighter shades of paint maximize both light and space. This will not only help your place appear larger and brighter, but it’s a timeless look that doesn’t need constant updating. The idea is to be very easy on the eyes. If a renter is staying in your place for months at a time, the last thing you want is for them to get fed up of staring at bold walls or colors. Instead, limit colorful choices to wall décor if you want to spice things up a little.

6. Make Sure Kitchen Tools are Functional

You can get creative with tabletop décor and accents. Just make sure functionality remains your top priority when selecting kitchen tools. Remember, your clients need to cook and use the kitchen as they would at home during a long-term stay. Include the basics like pots, pans, spatulas, a whisk, serving cutlery, dishes, bowls, cups and glasses, knives, and serving platters. A nice touch would be to include wine serving options like a decanter. Practical items like a blender and dishwasher can also come in very handy for your renters. Long-term renters are much more likely to use the kitchen daily since they will be setting up camp for so long. If the kitchen is as easy to use as their own, they are much more likely to return.


7. Avoid Controversial or Profane Artwork

Stay away from anything that may be offensive or vulgar. Keep your artistic choices limited to items that do not represent any cultural, religious or political ideologies. And of course, stay away from any pieces that poorly reflect other cultures or nationalities. You don’t know who will be staying at your rental property. Make sure it is welcoming to anyone and everyone.

8. Avoid Personal Items

To make customers return, make your rental space feel friendly and inviting, like your client’s very own home. Think of how realtors stage a home to make it more appealing. They want consumers to feel at home without feeling as though they are in your home. Avoid leaving behind any personal items like photographs of you and your loved ones. You want your clients to feel welcome in your space, not as though they are invading it.

What is a Host Management Company and Why Should You Hire One?

A host management company provides services to help Airbnb hosts manage their rental properties. With various individuals staying at your home, it can be overwhelming to manage. A company like this can help keep you organized and on track. Plus, they can help you earn more money from your properties.

Host management companies have loads of experience when it comes to Airbnb rentals. They can help you with everything from décor to management to listing creation. This can be particularly useful to you if you don’t live near your property or have several properties to manage at once. Remember, all it takes is one bad review for your rental income to suffer. A host management company can help you maintain a stellar reputation. They will ensure your properties are clean and prepared for the next visitors. They can take care of necessary repairs, too. This can take a tremendous weight off your shoulders and help you maximize your rental income.

Getting clients to return for long-term stays at your Airbnb properties is directly related to they feel when they are living in your space. Make design choices that maximize functionality and comfort. If you don’t know where to start, turn to a host management company for help.