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How To Avoid Tickets While Driving Uber or Lyft

If you’ve driven for Uber or Lyft for any length of time, you may have received a ticket of some sort. It may have been a red light ticket, or a speeding camera ticket. Or, you may have received a ticket for waiting in a bus stop zone. These tickets can be a real pain, […]

Uber vs. Lyft 2017: Lyft Rises, Uber Slumps

Lyft ended 2016 stalled. Although the company narrowed its losses in 2016, it’s market share was stagnant at under 20%. What a difference a year can make! In 2017, Lyft successfully expanded to over a hundred new markets, more than doubled its ridership, and secured a huge investment and strategic partnership with Google. On the […]

How Much Do Uber & Lyft Drivers Make In 2017

Nationally, Uber drivers earn an average of about $15.50 per hour. Lyft drivers earn an average of about $17.50 per hour. Lyft drivers also reported much higher satisfaction levels than Uber drivers. However, these earnings are before expenses like gas and depreciation. Driver expenses vary greatly based on vehicle and driving style. Although the average […]

Tesla's newest driving mode is 'chill'

Tesla’s latest driving mode is an about-turn from its previous options, which were all about squeezing the optimal performance from its cars. The new “chill” setting makes for a “gentler ride,” according to the manufacturer. That sounds like an odd u… Read more…