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Engaging With The Gig Economy – Gig Worker & Side Hustle Survey Results

Side hustles and the gig economy are booming. Services like Lyft and Doordash have gained more popularity in recent years than anyone could have predicted, as immediate access has become the rule rather than the exception. Amidst changing customer expectations and a renaissance of mobile technologies, the need for on-demand services is disrupting industries across […]

Rideshare Central January Survey Giveaway

Side-hustlers: We want your feedback! We appreciate our readers and want you to continue to thrive in the gig-economy world. Answer a few very simple gig-related survey questions and you will be entered in a random drawing to win a $50 Amazon gift card! Take the Survey here: https://goo.gl/forms/2ztkWYJNDZ6bquZA2 Here are the rules: Please answer this […]

Choosing The Right Ride-Sharing Service For Your Car

There may only be two major ride-sharing services in most cities, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy to figure them out as a prospective driver. Both Uber and Lyft offer enough different tiers of services to make your head spin, and it sometimes isn’t entirely clear which types of rides you’re eligible to offer with […]

“What’s in Your Back Seat?” Contest

Do You Have The Best Back Seat Set Up? Dec 11th-18th Rideshare drivers are a creative bunch: disco balls, karaoke, iPads, and snacks are just a few fun frills drivers like yourself have added to their back seats. Passengers get a kick out of fun items or activities in their rideshare drivers’ vehicles. Savvy drivers […]

Lyft Expanding Express Drive, Customer And Driver Support

Lyft’s Active Summer and Fall: Express Drive, Driver Coaching, And IPO Hires It’s been a busy second half of the year for Lyft. Just last week, announced their purchase of Blue Vision, an augmented reality company. The company will fall under Lyft’s Level 5 Engineering Center headed up by Luc Vincent. Blue Vision specializes in […]