A Helpful Guide to Lyft Promo Codes for Existing Users

We’ve all seen the Lyft promo codes that are offered to new riders, but are there any Lyft codes for people who are already enjoying the app as their primary ridesharing service? The answer to that question falls into a gray area. Unfortunately, there are few obvious Lyft promo codes for existing users. The company […]

What Amenities Should You Offer Your Lyft Or Uber Passengers?

Starting as a new Uber or Lyft driver can be an incredibly exciting time! You get to clean your car until it sparkles, spruce it up with your official driver sticker, and prepare your backseat for the multitude of different passengers you’re sure to encounter while on the job. From water bottles to toiletries, Uber […]

The Uber & Lyft Guide For Single Moms: How to Make Driving the Easiest Part of Your Day

Bringing in extra money as a single mom can be challenging. You need to constantly tweak your schedule and attend to the needs of your little ones, while still somehow maximizing your hourly rate in any job that you do. If you can’t make decent money in short, flexible bursts, there may not be much […]

To Talk Or Not To Talk – Connecting With Your Uber And Lyft Passengers

Being an Uber or Lyft driver comes with a dizzying amount of new responsibilities. You have to keep your car pretty clean, keep a close watch on your gas gauge, familiarize yourself with local roadways and short cuts, manage the Lyft and Uber apps, and prepare yourself to interact with an ever-revolving carousel of passengers. […]

Saving Lives: The Lyft & Uber Effect on Drunk Driving

According to conventional wisdom, access to ridesharing services such as Uber and Lyft would directly affect and decrease the number of drunk driving crashes across the country. However, recent studies seem to be divided on whether or not Uber and Lyft do that. In fact, results seem to vary widely from city to city. This […]

How To Be A Five-Star Uber Or Lyft Passenger

Uber and Lyft drivers spend a lot of their time worrying about their rating and its maintenance – for good reason! Too many bad ratings can lead either Uber or Lyft to deactivate a driver. While it depends on the market, if a driver has a rating of 4.6 or below, they’re usually at risk […]

How To Drive Lyft Or Uber In Seattle

Seattle is one of the largest Uber & Lyft markets in the United States, having both launched in the area over five years ago. Seattle is an ideal town for driving Uber and Lyft. In fact, more than 1,000 people are moving to Seattle weekly, and the city’s natural geography means a lot of people […]

How To Drive For Lyft Or Uber in New Orleans

New Orleans is an interesting market when it comes to rideshare driving. We are not a large city. However, we do have large amounts of tourists, convention goers, and other visitors that not only make this a great place to live but a great place to drive in as well. Navigating the city One of […]