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Rideshare Insurance Florida: Where To Get Lyft & Uber Insurance In The Sunshine State


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Florida is one of the largest rideshare markets in the country. Major Uber and Lyft hotspots include Miami, Jacksonville, Tampa, Daytona Beach, Orlando, and St. Petersburg. While it seems like Lyft and Uber have been in Florida forever, they only actually started operating here in the summer of 2014. When they arrived, state and local regulators were pretty hostile. This hostility carried over to insurance carriers who wanted to offer rideshare insurance in the state. In fact, up until 2017, Florida rideshare insurance did not exist.

Farmers was the first insurer to enter the Florida rideshare market, offering coverage through their Foremost subsidiary. With the passage of statewide rideshare legislation that went into effect on July 1, 2017, other companies joined Farmers and began offering coverage for rideshare drivers in the state.

Which companies offer rideshare insurance in Florida?

Currently, you can get rideshare insurance in Florida from:

  • Farmers Insurance (through Foremost)
  • Geico
  • Infinity
  • Mercury
  • Prime Insurance
  • Progressive
  • State Farm
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Wait, don’t Uber insurance and Lyft insurance provide rideshare coverage in Florida?

Uber and Lyft provide decent coverage when you have a passenger in the car, or are on your way to a passenger. However, when you’re waiting for a ride request to come in, they provide no collision coverage for your vehicle. They only provide limited liability and property damage coverage. So, if you have an accident while waiting for a ride request, Uber or Lyft will not pay for any damage to your vehicle, or any medical expenses you may incur. They only cover damage to the other vehicle or the passengers in that vehicle.

Doesn’t my personal auto insurance cover me if I have an accident while waiting for a ride request?

No, it does not. Unless you have a rideshare friendly policy, your insurer will not cover you for any accidents that occur while you are driving for Lyft or Uber. Even worse, if they find out you are a rideshare driver, they may cancel your policy. This is the main reason why it’s very important to have a rideshare insurance policy, or a rider on your personal insurance that permits driving for Lyft or Uber.

So, if you want to be fully covered driving Uber or Lyft in Florida, please consider getting a rideshare policy.

With all the competition, rideshare insurance rates have come down. While they’re a little higher in Florida compared to other states, it’s mainly because the coverage you get in Florida is better than in other states. The cost for adding rideshare coverage varies, but usually adds an extra 5% – 15% to the cost of the policy.

Even great drivers have an accident sometimes. So, be sure you’re fully covered – just in case. Contact one of the insurers listed above, or call the agent below to get the best rates on Florida rideshare insurance.

Stay safe out there, and drive profitably.

Florida Rideshare Insurance Agents

Quoteasy Insurance – Florida Rideshare Specialists – (800) 568-2209

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We provide rideshare insurance that covers you during personal use as well as during PERIOD 1. We also provide Commercial Auto insurance for Uber Eats/Amazon Deliveries, Etc! We pride ourselves on offering personalized customer service. Call us for a consultation or quote!


Enacted Florida Rideshare Insurance Legislation: Senate Bill 340
Lyft Florida Rideshare Insurance Certificate.
Uber Florida Rideshare Insurance Certificate.

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