Lyft driver lease, rental and pay questions

Common New Lyft Driver Questions – Lyft Car Leases, Payments & Account Issues

Does Lyft Lease Cars To Its Drivers?

It does, through Avis, Hertz and Flexdrive. Known as the Lyft Express Drive Program, it provides Lyft drivers with rental vehicles on a week-to-week basis. Priced at around $200 a week (prices may vary by market), the Express Drive Program also covers insurance, unlimited miles, and routine vehicle maintenance.

Provided you meet all the other driver qualifications for Lyft, you can apply to Express Drive through the Lyft website.

You’ll need to provide a $250 deposit, which you’ll receive back when you return the vehicle. Additionally, while you can renew your vehicle lease weekly through your app, you’ll need to visit the rental lot at least once a month to renew the lease as an extended rental.

You are also required to complete at least 20 rides per week – and here’s where things get really interesting.

Lyft Express Drive Weekly Lease


If you complete enough fares in a week and maintain a 90% or higher acceptance rate, you become eligible for Lyft’s Rental Rewards Program. This can reduce or even eliminate the weekly rental fee for your vehicle.

Note that with Rental Rewards, you do not qualify for any of Lyft’s other earnings milestones or bonuses.

The biggest drawback of Lyft’s Express Drive Program, aside from the cost, is that due to high demand it can often be difficult to secure a rental vehicle.

Additionally, Hertz and Flexdrive each have different requirements and a different rental process – you need to be 25 or older to rent from Hertz, and must sign a paper agreement; Flexdrive allows you to rent at 21 or older and access the agreement within the app.

However, the addition of many car in the Avis rental fleet over the next few months should alleviate some of the supply issues in the Lyft Express Drive program.

Finally, it may be obvious to some, but you generally cannot use your Lyft rental to drive for Uber.

Can Lyft Help Me Buy A Car?

Unfortunately, no. At the time of writing, Lyft does not offer any means of purchasing a vehicle through its platform.

It only allows you to lease/rent cars, as described above – this means that, depending on where you live, it may be more cost-effective to simply purchase your own vehicle.

What Is Lyft Amp?

A Bluetooth-enabled, LED device that magnetically attaches to a vehicle’s dashboard, Lyft Amp serves a few purposes. First, it’s intended as a replacement for the front emblem of a Lyft driver’s vehicle – the front side of the screen displays the Lyft logo.

Second, it allows drivers to further enhance the experience of their passengers.

Let’s say a passenger is leaving the bar at one in the morning and isn’t sure which Lyft is theirs. If their driver has Lyft Amp, they can open their app and cause the driver’s amp to display one of a range of different colors – a feature known as ‘beaconing.’

Lyft Amp can also display one of several different personalized messages to riders within a vehicle, can serve as a clock, can provide ETA details to passengers, will announce who’s being picked up next in Lyft Line, and flashes when a driver receives a new ride request.

Does Lyft Accept Two Door Cars?

Unfortunately, no. To use Lyft, you must have a four-door vehicle. The platform does not make any exceptions to this rule.

Does Lyft Reimburse For Toll Roads?

Yes and no. If your Lyft route will pass through a toll bridge, tunnel, or turnpike, the cost is automatically added to the passenger’s fare.

This means that although you will still need to pay tolls at each of these locations, you’ll receive that money back from the passenger once their ride is paid for.

Currently, Lyft’s tolls are calculated based on the pricing of each individual city’s electronic toll collection system. This means that if you pay with cash, you may actually end up overpaying. As such, it’s recommended that you keep a debit or credit card on you at all times – just in case.

How Do Lyft Drivers Get Paid?

Lyft drivers can get paid in one of two ways.

Lyft Weekly Pay

The first option is through a weekly deposit into their checking account, which can be set up through the Driver Dashboard.

You’ll need to have your bank routing number, transit number, and account number available.

You will also need your tax information. For most drivers, this consists of your full name, current address, and social security number.

Some drivers, however, may have a registered corporation/LLC – in this case, you’ll need your business name, business address, and EIN or ITIN.

The Lyft work week starts on Monday morning and ends late Sunday evening. Payments are generally delivered to drivers on Wednesday.

Lyft Express Pay

The second option is known as Express Pay. In the Lyft Driver App, navigate to Payment Info under Settings. Note that you will need to have added at least one debit card to your Lyft account, and you will need to have reached at least $50 in ride earnings. Tap on the card you want to use for Express Pay, and then tap “Get Paid.” – it’s as simple as that.


Remember that some banks may delay your Express Pay transactions – call your bank and ask them if they support immediate transfers or push to debit transfers.

Do Lyft Drivers Get Paid Daily?

As noted above, Express Pay allows you to be paid immediately after completing a trip. Otherwise, you are paid on a week-to-week basis.

How Do I Get Lyft Amp?

To be eligible for Lyft Amp, you must first reach Gold or Platinum Accelerate Reward Status – a fancy way of saying ‘complete a certain number of rides.’ This varies by city, but it’s usually somewhere around 250-300.

Once you’ve done this, and provided you’re in a city where Amp is available, Lyft will send you an invite with instructions on how to receive the device.

If you’re curious as to whether or not you qualify, you can check your status under the Amp tab in your Lyft Driver App.

Once you’ve received your invitation, you’ll need to confirm your shipping address with Lyft. At that point, all you need to do is wait. Your Amp should be delivered to you within two to three weeks.

How Does Destination Mode Work In Lyft?

Destination Mode is a unique feature available to Lyft Drivers which allows you to specify a destination for yourself after completing a trip. You can also set a time by which you would like to arrive at your destination.

Until you reach that destination, you will only be matched with passengers along your route, who are traveling in the same direction as you. To enable Destination Mode, simply tap the filter icons in the top right corner of your Lyft Driver App, select “Add Destination Mode,” and configure your destination.


You can disable Destination Mode by tapping the “x” next to your destination’s address. Destination Mode will automatically turn off once you reach your destination. Note that Destination Mode rides do not count towards certain Lyft bonuses such as Average Hourly Guarantees or Power Driver.

Where Do I See My Lyft Reviews?

You can view your Lyft Driver rating by tapping on your profile picture in the Lyft Driver app. To see actual reviews and comments, you’ll need to open up the email associated with your Lyft account and check your weekly summary. Note that as with tips, reviews are anonymized.

How Do I Update My Lyft Driver Profile?

The process for updating your driver profile on Lyft is basically the same as the process for updating your passenger profile.

First thing’s first, if you signed up to Lyft with a Facebook account, good news – it’ll automatically populate your profile with your most recent photo. If you wish to change this for any reason, simply do the following:

  1. While in the Lyft Driver app, tap on your profile photo in the top left corner.
  2. Tap “View Profile” then “Edit Profile.”

It’s pretty self-explanatory from here – you can edit your “About Me” section, update your profile photo, and so on. Note that certain details, like your phone number, email address, and login data must be changed through the “Settings” tab.

How Do I Turn Off Lyft Line?

Unfortunately, there’s no way to opt out of Lyft Line requests. If you’d rather not pick up passengers using Lyft Line, the only thing you can do is ignore or reject them. However, if you’re drive a vehicle that qualifies for Lyft Lux, you can switch off requests from regular Lyft and Lyft Line.

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Doordash Driver Questions

Common Doordash Driver Questions

What Is DoorDash, Exactly? How Does It Work?

(Disclosure – We independently research our content to provide free advice for you. We may get compensation if you sign up with services, or purchase products through our affiliate links.)

If you’ve ever wanted to pick up food from your favorite restaurant but found yourself frustrated that they didn’t deliver, apps like DoorDash are a match made in heaven for you. Available on iOS and Android, DoorDash is a third-party delivery service that connects its users with restaurants in and around their area.

The app is designed to determine both delivery time and delivery distance for its fleet of drivers. Doordash developers continually work to more accurately predict how long each of the restaurants it works with will take to prepare food and how long it will take the driver to arrive at their address.

It also uses these predictive services to determine the maximum delivery radius for a particular restaurant; this varies by location, however.

DoorDash distinguishes itself from other delivery services like Caviar and Amazon Flex in a few ways.

First and foremost, it’s not solely open to people who own a car. Cyclists are also able to sign up for the delivery service. It also features Group Ordering, which allows multiple DoorDash users to collaborate with one another on a single order, splitting the check and keeping all their orders to a single delivery driver.

If you want to try ordering through Doordash, use our promo code and get a few bucks off your first delivery by clicking the button below.


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How Does DoorDash Make Money?

Like most delivery services, DoorDash adds a small premium to each delivery order. Though it varies by restaurant, city, and delivery distance, this fee is usually somewhere between $3 and $7. It also has a few sources of revenue aside from this service fee.

Participating restaurants must generally pay a commission (usually around 20%) on orders delivered by DoorDash’s drivers. Though this may seem somewhat steep, it’s worth remembering that this is business those restaurants might not otherwise enjoy.


Aside from commission, DoorDash also charges restaurants for marketing and advertising through the app. Like on yelp, a business owner can choose to pay a fee to move itself to the top of the list of restaurants.

How Much Do DoorDash Drivers Make?

The short answer is that ‘it depends.’ When DoorDash first launched, Dashers, as delivery-people are known, were paid a flat rate per order, plus whatever they received as a tip. More recently, DoorDash has changed to a more flexible, scaling payment model.

For each delivery, a Dasher makes a certain amount, plus their tip, along with what’s known as a “pay boost.” This boost accounts for various factors, including delivery distance, order size, and traffic.

Rates are also subject to the city in which you operate – as you might expect, larger cities mean better pay. Generally speaking, this averages out to an hourly rate of between $14 and $20. Hourly rates can be higher in certain markets during busy hours. Click here to see the rates in your Doordash market.

That said, it’s also important to consider additional costs that might crop up for you as a Dasher. First, it’s important to remember that you’re a contractor, not a full-time employee – that means taxes are entirely your responsibility, and ignoring them can be quite costly.

Other costs you’ll want to consider are gas and insurance.

Does The DoorDash Delivery Fee Go To The Driver?

Generally, no. The delivery fee is part of DoorDash’s revenue stream. As already described, Dashers receive a pay boost, though Door Dash is somewhat mum on the specifics of where the money is drawn from.

How Do I Become a DoorDash Driver?

To work with DoorDash, you need to be eighteen years of age or older, own an iPhone or Android device, and be willing to volunteer your social security number and submit to a background check.

Unlike many other delivery services, DoorDash does not require its employees to own a car, and no vehicle inspection is required.

What’s Required To Become A DoorDash Driver?

Depending on where a Dasher is located, they may be able to use a motorcycle, bicycle, or scooter. In some scenarios, they may even be able to deliver on foot. DoorDash provides more information about the different vehicle types in each market on their website.

Note that you will be required to have an auto insurance policy, and DoorDash also provides its own commercial auto insurance policy covering up to $1,000,000 in bodily injury or property damage from accidents while on active delivery.

How Do I Start Delivering For DoorDash?

To sign up to become a DoorDash driver, simply click the button below to start your application.

Join Doordash


How Do I Complete A Delivery Through DoorDash?

Generally speaking, there are two ways to deliver through the DoorDash app. The first is known as scheduled delivery. Though the interface is slightly different depending on your operating system, the basic steps remain the same between both iOS and Android.

First, open up your menu, and click on “Schedule.” On this page, you can see all available dashes and can sign up for whichever happen to catch your attention.


Once you’ve signed up for a Dash, you’ll see it at the bottom of your app’s homepage.

You can also Dash without using the Schedule. Open up the DoorDash map, and press “Dash Now.” Before hitting “Dash,” be sure to look at your map; if the area you’re in is gray or yellow, DoorDash does not require more dashers. If, on the other hand, it’s pink or red, that means more dashers are required.


Note that during breakfast, lunch, and dinner, there will almost always be work available for you. You can learn more by watching this video.


How Do I Get Paid Through DoorDash?

Configuring your payment information in DoorDash is relatively simple. From your smartphone, launch the Dasher app and navigate to the Earnings tab.

In the top right corner of your screen, you’ll see a red bank symbol – click on it, and fill out the following information:

  • The name on the bank account you want to use
  • Your Social Security Number
  • Your bank’s routing number – you can generally find this by contacting your branch.
  • Your bank’s account number. This can be found on a check, or through online banking.

From here, just tap Submit Bank Details. Verify that the information you’ve entered is correct, and you should be good to go.


Once you’ve made 25 deliveries and worked with DoorDash for two weeks, you’ll have access to a service known as Fast Pay. This allows you to cash out your earnings daily for a withdrawal fee of $1.99. To configure Fast Pay, navigate to the Earnings section of your app, and click on “Use Fast Pay.”

This will immediately transfer your earnings to the debit card you’ve configured with your account.

How Does the DoorDash Rating System Work?

DoorDash rates its employees (known as Dashers) based on three categories, each averaged from your 100 most recent deliveries. Each DoorDash market has a different minimum score for each of these ratings. Check on the DoorDash website to determine what the minimum is where you work.

Customer Rating is essentially what it sounds like. When a customer receives an order through DoorDash, they rate both the driver and the restaurant separately, giving each a score between one and five stars. The rating is only applied once it has been received, so a Dasher may see their overall score change long after they’ve completed a delivery.

If your Customer Rating drops too low, you may be removed as a Dasher.

Acceptance Rate measures how often you accept delivery opportunities you receive. When a delivery is assigned to you by DoorDash, it’s because you’re the best choice for the job. Consistently declining such orders leads to a low Acceptance Rate.

As with customer rating, if this gets too low, it can potentially impact your access to the platform.

Completion Rate is exactly what it sounds like. It’s the number of deliveries you have completed, divided by the number of deliveries you’ve accepted. Canceled orders count as completed deliveries for the purposes of this statistic.

Not surprisingly, it’s somewhat difficult to lower your completion rate. The only way to really do it is by removing yourself from a delivery after accepting it. It’s generally expected that you’ll cancel a delivery every now and then, so you needn’t stress too much if you need to ditch a job because of an emergency.

Acceptance Rate and Completion Rate are fairly easy to control. Accept the majority of the deliveries that come your way, and don’t cancel jobs once you’ve picked them up. Customer Rating can be a bit trickier.

To keep your customers happy and get your rating up, the most important thing is communication. Be friendly and personable, and always serve people with a smile. You might also consider texting your customers when you’re on the way – keep them up-to-date about where you are and what you’re doing.

Avoid accepting orders that are already late, and where possible, avoid contacting customers to ask for directions or further instructions on where to deliver their food. But most importantly, understand that sometimes, you’re going to get a low rating. Some people will be unpleasant to you through no fault of your own.

Don’t stress about that – as long as you’re pleasant, quick, and capable, you’ll be just fine.

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Driving Uber On Thanksgiving

Driving For Lyft or Uber on Thanksgiving Weekend

Thanksgiving weekend is usually a great weekend for rideshare driving. With the exception of the day before Thanksgiving, traffic should be pretty light.

Also, most drivers take most of the weekend off, so the drivers that are out should be pretty busy.

Here’s what to expect, along with a few tips, if you’re planning on driving Uber or Lyft this weekend.

Drive Prepared – What To Have In Your Car

  • One or two bath towels
  • Some paper towels, plastic bags, and Clorox wipes

Besides the items above, your trunk should be pretty empty.

What To Expect Wednesday – The Day Before Thanksgiving

Driving Lyft or Uber on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving, expect a few airport runs. This is one reason why you’ll want a pretty empty trunk. You’ll also have an above average number of rides to and from grocery stores.

If you get a request going to the grocery store, on occasion, the passenger may ask you to wait while they shop. Do not wait, even if they say they’re just getting a couple of things.

Why You Don’t Wait At Grocery Stores: By the early afternoon, most grocery stores will be crowded. Even if the passenger is just getting a couple of things, you will be waiting for twenty minutes because of long checkout lines.

The day before Thanksgiving, the afternoon rush hour will start earlier than normal. Traffic will start getting heavier around 1pm. Expect more airport runs in the afternoon through the early evening.

When the evening rolls around, expect a lot of requests going to bars.

Thanksgiving is the beginning of the holiday season, which for many people means dealing with their family. In order to prepare for this, many choose to drink the night before.

While most people don’t get too drunk the day before Thanksgiving, you want the paper towels and plastic bags handy just in case.

What To Expect – Thanksgiving Day

In the morning, the airports are sometimes still busy. Flying on Thanksgiving morning is often cheaper than the day before, so you may be able to catch a rider going to or from the airport.

From the late morning until the early afternoon, you’ll mostly be taking passengers to Thanksgiving gatherings.

Often, they may be bringing containers of food to that gathering. This is why you want to have a bath towel to lay across your trunk, or the floor of your car.

People are generally pretty good about making sure the food containers are sealed or covered. However, stuff happens. If you have to stop short, and some food gets shaken out of the pan or baking dish, it’s better that it lands on a towel, as opposed to the floor of your car or trunk.

What To Expect – Friday to Sunday

The rest of the holiday weekend will be pretty busy, although there may be a few lulls. With the exception of Sunday afternoon, traffic should be very light.

On Friday, expect a lot of runs to and from malls. You want to keep your trunk empty because people really love to buy appliances and large electronics on the Friday after Thanksgiving. Make sure you have room in case someone needs to transport a television or other large item.

You’ll also have some airport runs, especially on Sunday. Throughout the weekend, expect an above average number of rides from the city to the burbs, and vice versa.

Other than that, it really won’t be much different from your average rideshare weekend, with people going to movies, restaurants, and stores.

Alright, that’s about it.

And if you know other drivers who could use these tips, share this article with them.

Have a safe, happy, and profitable Thanksgiving.

Driving Lyft On Thanksgiving



Lyft New Driver Questions

Common New Lyft Driver Questions – Lyft Driver Approval And App Policies

Lyft may not have quite the market penetration of Uber yet, but it’s getting there. And plenty of Uber drivers are choosing to try out Lyft, reasoning that it’s better to have two income sources. Maybe you’re considering joining them, or maybe you’re completely new to the platform

Either way, you’ve probably got questions – and we’ve got answers.

How Does Lyft Work?

Using the Lyft app, passengers put out a request for a driver to take them wherever they need to go. Any nearby driver can accept this request and travel to the passenger’s pickup point.

After a ride is done, the passenger and driver then rate one another on a scale of one to five stars. Passengers are also given the opportunity to tip and can write an anonymous comment which is sometimes shared with the driver.

How Does The Driver Approval Process Work For Lyft?

The Lyft driver approval process is relatively simple. First, you will need to consent to a full background check and driving record check. You should be fine here, as long as you meet the following qualifications:

  • Fewer than eight demerit points on your licensing record, in most markets.
  • No convictions in the past five years for failure to stop at the scene of a collision, driving with a suspended license, impaired or dangerous operation of a motor vehicle, or negligent driving.
  • No convictions for any violent crimes, drug-related offenses, sexual offenses, certain types of theft, or property damage.


It’s important to note that Lyft also conducts random background checks on current drivers. They also pay attention to rider complaints. Even if you are approved as a Lyft driver, if you suddenly start practicing unsafe driving, you could be removed from the platform. Should this happen, you’ll receive an email notification, at which point you can dispute the results. However, the decision is usually final.

Finally, in most states, you are required to submit your vehicle for an examination at a registered mechanic to ensure it’s road-safe. Said inspection mostly focuses on safety features, so provided you’ve been taking the necessary steps to keep your car in good shape, you should be fine. The cost of the examination can vary, but it should usually be around $20 and take a few days or so. Lyft is also opening a number of new driver hubs in 2019 that may include discounted or free inspections.

Beyond this, your vehicle must also meet the following requirements:

  • Four doors, with seats for four passengers not including the driver. This does not include jump doors.
  • In fair condition, free of obvious damage. This does not include minor scratches, hail damage, or scuffed paint.
  • A clean, stain-free, odor-free interior.
  • Registered and insured, as per the law. Note that the vehicle does not have to be registered to your name.
  • Meets the vehicle age requirement for your market. If you’re in the U.S., check our our post on Lyft Vehicle Requirements. In Canada, this means that your vehicle must have been manufactured in 2011 or later;

How Do I Contact Lyft Management?

At the moment, there’s no way to reach out directly to Lyft management – all you can do is submit a help request to Lyft’s support team.

How Can I Email Lyft Support?

You can contact driver support through the app. Lyft will respond to the email connected to your driver account.

Generally, contacting Lyft driver support through the app is the best way. But you can also try emailing Lyft support at

If you’re experiencing an issue with a trip or a passenger, the fastest way to get help from Lyft is through the Lyft Driver app. From the Ride History tab, select the trip you have an issue with, and tap “Get Help.”

Alternatively, you can contact Lyft through the Lyft Help Center on their website.

How Old Do You Have To Be To Drive With Lyft?

To become a Lyft driver in the United States, you need to be at least 21 years old with at least one full year of licensing history. It’s important to mention that this licensing history must be based in the United States. Even if you have held your driver’s license from another country for several years, you won’t be able to Drive With Lyft if you don’t have a US license.

Does Lyft Allow Dogs?

Lyft does not have an official stance on pets – whether or not you allow dogs in your vehicle is entirely up to you. The one caveat to this is service animals. If someone has a service dog, you are obligated to allow them into your car.

What’s A Lyft Mentor?

The Lyft Mentor program was originally intended as a way to help applicants learn the ropes of the platform. Completing a session with a Mentor was part of your approval process. Mentors showed new applicants how the app worked and took them on a test drive.

How Do I Become A Lyft Mentor?

As of July 2017, the Lyft Mentor program has been discontinued – you can no longer become a Lyft Mentor, as they no longer exist.

How Do I Return a Rider’s Lost Item?

There are several options to return lost items to riders. Lyft drivers are free to contact riders on their own and set up a meeting to return lost items. Additionally, you can contact Lyft Support and they’ll help get the item shipped free of charge if you provide them with the basic information of the ride (destination and pickup, time and date, rider’s name, item lost).

Drivers in Boston, Las Vegas, New York City, San Francisco, Seattle, and Washington, D.C. can also drop off items at Lyft Hubs where the rider can come to pick them up at their convenience.


Drive With Lyft


Cannabis delivery driver

What to Expect When Driving for a Cannabis Company

Considering a career in cannabis? Welcome to the club. Weed delivery is a concept that conjures up lots of pre-conceived notions, and most of all, opinions and judgments. Luckily, this is all about to change. Many are looking to jump on the bandwagon as the multi-billion dollar industry explodes, while others are still scared of having anything to do with cannabis. This is understandable considering it is still considered illegal on the federal front. So, before you get started on your side hustle (or full-time hustle) here are some fast facts to guide you.

What Types of Delivery Services Are There?

There are several different types of cannabis delivery companies (with new companies jumping into the business every day). Let’s start with the most important question you should look for when considering a company: Are they licensed?

If they are, you will most likely find the information listed on their website or on Weedmaps. Currently, there are hundreds of cannabis delivery services operating illegally in the Los Angeles area alone.

This is scary for several reasons. You could be arrested even though you aren’t knowingly doing anything wrong (however, the law won’t see it that way), you have no protections in place if you are robbed, as the company is not insured whatsoever, and chances are, the company doesn’t have proper safety precautions in place to prevent you from being robbed or injured.

Do you really want to work for an employer who doesn’t care enough about your safety? While this isn’t a deal breaker, if you are being paid in cash — as many cannabis companies are having trouble finding banks to work with them — your employer may not be operating legally. That said, if you are delivering for a mom and pop type operation that doesn’t have Silicon Valley investment backing, cash is often a standard form of payment.

Now a Caveat

If you are working for a cannatech delivery company (for instance, Eaze, Meadow, SpeedWeed, Nugg, Grassp, or GreenRush) they may not have a cannabis license, and this is currently acceptable. Again, this is subject to change due to evolving state regulation. So, how do companies get around this? They don’t grow or distribute the product directly themselves. They are considered a technology service that connects brick and mortar dispensaries with drivers (who are paid by a third party).  These companies are complying with strict laws, which are detailed below in Hiring Protocols.

Where They Differ

Okay, so let’s say you found a delivery company that is compliant and operating with a state-issued non-storefront license. How will this experience differ from delivery with a cannatech company?

Broadly speaking, the less stringent the vetting process, the less they’ll trust you with a bunch of their product at once. You should expect to put extra mileage on your car, as you will pick up each order separately, unless the dispensary receives several orders at one time that happen to be going to the same part of town. You’re also likely to make a low hourly wage, if you even get one. Many delivery companies only pay per delivery. So, if you’re waiting around on a slow shift, you’ll make nothing until you fulfill a delivery request.

With a cannatech company like Eaze, you’ll make an hourly wage, usually between $15 and $24 an hour, which is much more than the majority of non-tech delivery services. That said, if you are used to the “driving whenever you feel like it” practice that is standard in the Uber, Lyft, and DoorDash world, you should know that working for Eaze is different. They give you a set schedule, where you are expected to be punctual and reliable. If you cannot cover your shift, you find someone to cover you.

Where They Converge

To deliver for any type of cannabis service you must be 21 or older. Period. Depending on the thoroughness of the vetting process, you may have to submit to a criminal background check and show a clean driving record. Again, these requirements are out the window if the company is operating illegally without a license.

Hiring Protocols

With a cannatech company that is complying fully with the law, you should expect a complex questionnaire along with your application to drive. Questions will include what type of phone model you’ll be using for work (to see if it’s compatible with their operating software), proof of car registration, a clean driving record, a background check, and proof that you are legal to work in the United States. Then, you’ll have not just a phone interview, but also an in-person interview. For those of you new to the delivery game, this is largely unheard of.

On the less rigorous side of things, you could experience a watered down version of any of the above requirements. Things may be as casual as replying to a Craigslist ad or 420careers ad, submitting your driver’s license, and then showing up for your first shift. If this is the full vetting process for a company, you may want to be more cautious about working for them.

Problematic Patients

Yes, sadly you will run into problematic patients. However, it is generally the budtenders who deal with them. Some will try to give you an ID with an image that clearly doesn’t match their face. Some have expired IDs. Some will grab the product and run away without paying (this does NOT happen often… especially with a compliant company who has fully collected personal information from the patient). Some like to complain with hopes of receiving free product (like in any customer service industry).

You’ll usually receive (along with the order) a note stating if the delivery is for a returning patient or a new patient. Be wary of any new patient requesting cash change for a large amount of money. If you are working with a reputable dispensary, they should be aware of this as a red flag, and will ensure all safety precautions necessary. Now, with all of that said the majority of your patients will be…

Sweet Patients

You’ll hear a lot of griping about cranky patients who are handicapped, chronically ill, in pain, or elderly. This may be the case if someone is promised delivery within the hour, and it takes three hours to arrive.

The reality is, these patients are the sweetest, often shy and nervous, and so grateful. They will often be so happy to see you because they might not have a lot human contact and socialization. It isn’t out of the question for your dispensary to give you permission to go to their door to deliver if they are unable to walk out to your car.

Safety Protocols

Your cannatech company will likely install a camera in your car, and will constantly be tracking your location through their GPS-enabled app. They’ll also equip you with a securely hidden device to store your day’s worth of product while driving around the city. This differs from smaller operations that hand off each delivery to you individually. While there aren’t soundproof protections in place for these types of delivery, the amount of product you are transporting at a time is much smaller.

Still Interested?

So, while your new job delivering a newly legalized, controlled substance may feel illicit and strange at first, it isn’t. Be wise, and don’t hesitate to report suspicious behavior or anyone who makes you feel strange. And remember, you’ll likely be on camera for a large part of your shift, depending on the company you work for. For those looking for a thrill, delivering cannabis is no more exciting than Postmates delivery or Uber, there are just more precautions set in place and potentially better earnings.


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Uber Pro Rewards

Uber Pro Rewards Program: What You Need to Know

In an effort to improve driver relations and boost incentives, Uber is launching a new program aimed at recognizing their top quality drivers. The Uber Pro rewards program allows Uber drivers to unlock certain benefits like extra pay and free tuition based on their ratings and cancellation rates. This new program could be a gamechanger for those who want to maximize rewards as a rideshare driver.

What Is the Uber Pro Rewards Program?

Uber Pro is a new rewards program to help recognize the commitment and effort of outstanding drivers. This program is not just for full-time drivers. Uber wants to reward all drivers who emphasize quality customer service, from drivers that make a living on Uber to the part-time worker who drives as a side gig.

With this program, drivers earn points for every trip they complete. These points are measured over time, putting drivers into different tiers, each with different types of rewards. The faster drivers accumulate points, the faster they reach a higher program tier, allowing them to unlock more and better rewards over time.

How Do Uber Pro Rewards Work?

Uber Pro rewards use a point-based system. Drivers accumulate one point for each trip they complete and three points per ride when driving during designated three-point hours. Uber drivers have to keep their star rating at 4.85 and above and keep their cancellation rate at 4 percent or below to be eligible to earn rewards. The points and ratings are measured over a fixed three-month period which determines the driver’s tier level. The fixed three-month periods are:

  • November 1 – January 31.
  • February 1 – April 30.
  • May 1 – July 31.
  • August 1 – October 31.

The points you earn during the period determine your rewards for the next period. You cannot carry over points from previous periods. For example, if you reach Gold status by the end of April 30, you can then enjoy Gold tier rewards from May 1 – July 31. If you want to continue to enjoy these rewards in the next period, you’ll need to maintain a high star rating and low cancellation rate.

Uber pro rewards highlights


Uber Pro Rewards Program Benefits

Depending on the tier level, Uber drivers are eligible for a variety of rewards, from money back at the gas station to 100 percent tuition coverage for you or a family member at Arizona State University online.

Uber driver pro rewards


Here are what each tier’s rewards look like in more detail:


Partner status is available to all Uber drivers. Rewards include:

  • 1.5 percent cash back on gas at all gas stations
  • 3 percent cash back on gas at Exxon and Mobil stations
  • Up to 25 percent off car maintenance through CarAdvise
  • The ability to earn extra by completing multiple consecutive trips during busy hours


Gold status is available to drivers with 300 to 600 points. Benefits include:

  • 3 percent cash back on gas at all stations
  • 4.5 percent cash back on gas at Exxon and Mobil stations
  • Up to 25 percent off car maintenance
  • Consecutive trips promotion
  • Riders will see Uber Pro status in the rider app
  • Eligibility for Quest promotions
  • Priority support and free 24/7 roadside assistance
Uber Pro Gold Rewards



Platinum status is available to drivers with 600 to 1,200 points. Benefits include:

  • Everything included in the Gold status
  • Earn up to 3 percent extra on time and distance rides
  • 4 percent cash back on gas at all stations
  • 5.5 percent cash back on gas at Exxon and Mobil stations
  • 100 percent tuition coverage through ASU Online
Uber pro rewards platinum



Diamond status is the top tier, available to drivers with 1,200 to 1,800 points. Rewards include:

  • Everything included in the Platinum status
  • Earn up to 6 percent extra on time and distance rides
  • 5 percent cash back on gas at all stations
  • 6.5 percent cash back on gas at Exxon and Mobil stations
  • Faster pickups at airports
  • Free dent repair
Uber Pro Rewards Diamond


How to Get Started with Uber Pro Rewards

Unfortunately, the Uber Pro Rewards Program isn’t rolling out across the nation just yet. Right now, Uber is testing the program. They’ve made it available for 100 percent of drivers in Seattle, Chicago, New Orleans, and Phoenix and 50 percent of drivers in Denver, New Jersey, Orlando, and Tampa.

Eligible drivers can find out more about the program and start tracking their goal progress under “Rewards” in the Uber Driver App. If rewards are not currently live in your city, don’t worry. Uber plans to make improvements to the reward program based on the beta testing and will roll out the program to even more locations in the coming months.



Deliv vs. Amazon Flex

Deliv vs. Amazon Flex: Which Side Hustle Is Single-Parent Friendly?

Scheduling extra part-time work as a single parent is incredibly hard. Not only do you have to work around your own work schedule, but you also need to cater to your child’s timetable. Rideshare and on-demand delivery services are two of the most popular options for individuals to boost their income. However, the majority of these programs don’t offer the flexibility and minimal earning potential that a parent needs.

Fortunately, there are two new styles of delivery in town—Deliv and Amazon Flex. They are both well suited for the busy schedules of parents. If you’re looking for a new side hustle, take a closer look at these two options, below. Also, if you’re going to drive delivery, check out our article on the best vehicles for delivery drivers.

What Is Deliv?

Deliv is a same-day delivery service whose retail partners include Best Buy, Google Express, Walgreens, Macy’s and many others.. The company just raised $40 million in a funding round that included General Catalyst, Clayton Ventures, and Google.

Instead of the general public ordering through the app, businesses utilize the service to ensure their clients receive prompt deliveries of their goods. Essentially, drivers end up representing Deliv and the business at the same time.

Deliv’s delivery services are broken into four main categories:

  • Small Business
  • Enterprise
  • Fresh
  • RX

As the name suggests, Deliv Small Business serves the needs of local small businesses. This category also includes individuals that sell products in the area. The Enterprise level focuses on big retailers with locations in the area, while their Fresh services work with produce and other fresh foods. Deliv RX is their newest offering, which provides deliveries for pharmacies. When you become a Deliv Driver, your deliveries may cover any of these categories.

Deliv delivery service


How It Works

Instead of multiple individual delivery requests, drivers sign up for three-hour shifts, known as blocks. During the block, the company pays for both time and mileage. Each driver signs a contract that assigns them an hourly block rate, and each delivery is given an estimated time. As long as you’re working on a delivery, you’ll earn the hourly rate as well as $0.50 per mile. However, if no deliveries end up being scheduled during a block, the company only pays out 50% of the overall block rate.

Driver Requirements

Right now, Deliv is available in 35 markets around the US, including cities like Atlanta, Chicago, Los Angeles, and Seattle. If you live in one of these areas, you can apply to become a Deliv driver at any time. The company’s requirements include:

  • Age: Minimum of 18 years old.
  • Phone: Must have a smartphone with a data and texting plan.
  • Background Check: Applicants have to pass a criminal and DMV background check.
  • Lifting Ability: All drivers need to have the ability to lift up to 50 lbs.
  • Vehicle: Must use an insured car, truck, SUV, or minivan made in or after 1998.

Once approved, drivers are required to take an online certification course. Upon passing, you’ll need to use the Deliv app to submit your availability for the upcoming week. Drivers can also begin by picking up shifts that are currently open.

What Is Amazon Flex?

Like Deliv, Amazon Flex is a local delivery service. We covered them previously in our Amazon Flex Sign Up Guide. Typically, they offer same-day or next-day delivery, depending on the business. However, the company not only provides services to local companies; they also partner with many of them for Amazon Prime and Prime Now orders. This arrangement provides a larger customer base.

How It Works

Amazon Flex follows the same block style scheduling as Deliv. However, their shift is four hours long. Drivers can sign up for shifts ahead of time or pick them up as they become available. While they don’t cover mileage, the company does offer a fixed payment amount for each timeslot. Even if you don’t make any deliveries, they still pay for the full block.

The layout, schedule, and route of a Flex driver’s shift are laid out in the app. However, the company only gives access to the platform after their initial three- or four-question screening prior to the application. At that time, they’ll provide applicants a URL to paste into their mobile web browser. Currently, this step is the only way to access the Amazon Flex app.


Driver Requirements

To drive for Amazon Flex, you need to meet the following requirements:

  • Age: Must be at least 21 years of age.
  • Driving Experience: A current driver’s license that was issued more than 12 months ago.
  • Vehicle: Only accepts insured and licensed four-door models, but no age restrictions.
  • Background Check: Must pass a criminal and DMV background check.

The company also restricts the number of drivers allowed in an area. As a result, you can’t apply unless there is an opening.

Deliv vs. Amazon: What Are Their Parent-Friendly Attributes?

Now that you know what each service is all about, it’s time figure out how they differ. See below for a breakdown of the pros and cons of each delivery service. The categories are based on the unique needs of single parents.


Both Deliv and Amazon Flex offer the flexibility to make your own schedule. The one advantage that Deliv offers is its three-hour blocks. While one hour may not seem like a big difference, it easily affects a single parent’s opportunity to make money. Three-hour sessions are much easier to fit into an already busy schedule than the four-hour variations that Amazon Flex requires.

Winner: Deliv—but just barely

Driver Requirements

For parents, one of the biggest perks of delivery driving is the non-restrictive requirements. Uber and Lyft’s strict vehicle requirements are a hurdle for many individuals. It’s especially challenging for most single parents who don’t want to eat into their budgets by buying a newer vehicle. Deliv and Amazon Flex’s decisions to allow older model cars, trucks, SUVs, and minivans ensure budget-minded drivers have an opportunity to earn extra cash.

While both options are driver-friendly, Deliv ends up with a slight lead in this category. This win is a result of their younger age criteria of 18 years old. Like Uber and Lyft, Amazon Flex only accepts drivers that are 21 years or older. However, they do get a point for only requiring one year of on-the-road experience.

Winner: Deliv

Earning Potential

Both delivery services advertise potential earning amounts for their drivers. While Deliv suggests drivers can earn up to $20 per hour, Amazon Flex claims their contractors can make $18 to $25 per hour. However, Deliv may be overshooting their estimate. According to Glassdoor, current and past Deliv drivers only make around $13 per hour on average. Amazon Flex drivers, on the other hand, have reported average earnings of $18.

Winner: Amazon Flex


Deliv drivers are able to request payouts once per week. However, the Deliv app is only designed to work with PayPal. This issue is likely to cause frustrations for some individuals. PayPal does offer instant transfers to debit card accounts, but the service costs an additional fee. The other option is to wait around 24 to 48 hours for the money to show up in your bank account.

Amazon Flex offers twice-weekly payouts directly to the driver’s bank account. Since parents are always facing unexpected expenses, like doctors visits and school activity fees, multiple payments throughout the week are ideal. Plus, you don’t have to wait for the additional transfer time from PayPal to your bank account. This arrangement gives Amazon Flex the upper hand.

Winner: Amazon Flex


Delivery drivers at both Amazon Flex and Deliv benefit from an around-the-clock support staff. Each platform offers its own in-app help center as well as email and phone support. For busy parents, the ability to call and speak with a real person instantly is the biggest advantage. As a result, both companies provide an equally excellent amount of driver support.

Winner: It’s a tie!

Driving Opportunity

Currently, both delivery services are limited by their small market size. Deliv has the fewest cities at 35, but they also don’t restrict the number of applicants they hire. As a result, parents don’t have to wait for an opening in their city. Amazon Flex, on the other hand, offers a wider service area, but there are only a limited number of positions at one time. The upside to this option is that drivers are likely to have more shift opportunities available.

Winner: It’s a tie!

Deliv vs. Amazon: Which Side Hustle Is Right for You?

The competition between Deliv and Amazon Flex is a tight one. Both options provide single parents the opportunity to earn extra cash.

Unlike rideshare and on-demand delivery services, like Lyft and Doordash, Amazon Flex and Deliv drivers are also guaranteed earnings for every shift they pick up. The biggest limiting factor for each is the small number of locations, but that’s sure to change as both businesses expand. Not sure if delivery is for you, consider signing up for Upwork or Rover instead.


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