Uber Customer Support

Uber Customer Service – How Uber Riders Can Contact Uber

Both passengers and drivers alike want the simplest way to contact Uber support for assistance, but the task isn’t as straightforward as you’d imagine. The rideshare company has utilized a variety of techniques and contact platforms over the years, including direct email and click-to-chat, but only a few options remain. Continue reading to figure out which contact method matches your Uber customer service needs.

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Uber Customer Service for Riders

For Uber customers, there are three main ways to contact customer service:

  • Over the phone 
  • Online
  • Through the app

All of these options will help you connect with a passenger support member, but there are set protocols for the type and severity the of situation you’re dealing with. Take a closer look at each, below.

How to Reach Uber Customer Service By Phone

While the easiest way to reach Uber is through the app, sometimes that’s not possible.

Often, people need to contact Uber to retrieve a lost item. But what if that lost item is your phone. Then you have no way to access the app. In that case, first try using a friend’s phone to call the Uber support phone number.

Uber Rider Support Phone Number


However, you may not be able to get through on that line (it doesn’t always work). If that’s the case, simply follow the instructions below

How To Reach Your Uber Driver If You Left Your Phone In The Uber

If you left your phone in the Uber, visit the phone recovery page on the Uber site and follow these steps.

  1. Scroll down on the page and sign in to your Uber account.
  2. Then enter a friend’s phone number who is with you. Tap submit. You must be signed into your account.
  3. Uber will call the number you enter to connect you directly with your driver’s mobile number.

How to Reach Uber Customer Service Online

While the company tried out email and chat support, it has since eradicated these customer service options from its roster. The only time you’ll communicate by email with Uber support is after you submit an inquiry from their website.

To reach the customer service team, you need to visit Uber’s online help center. This section of their website allows you to access your account information as well as browse a variety of how-to articles to troubleshoot your issue. The best way to actually reach a person is to search for a guide that matches your specific problem. After you click on it, scroll down until you reach the contact form in the article. After they receive your inquiry, they’ll respond by email.

Passengers can also reach Uber customer service via Twitter and Facebook. The company has multiple Twitter handles, but for expert assistance, you should use @Uber_Support. This page is dedicated solely to helping customers with non-emergency issues, and it’s consistently active. On Facebook, you can send a message directly to them through messenger or by clicking “Send Message” on their profile.

Uber Customer Service Contact


On social media, you shouldn’t expect an individual response every time. For problems affecting multiple clients, like an outage, their customer service team will send out updates with general tweets or posts instead of addressing each person individually. If the situation isn’t widespread, then you may receive a reply or direct message detailing the next steps you need to take. This process can take around 24 to 48 hours.

How to Access Uber Customer Service Through the App

Reaching the customer service team through the Uber rider app is similar to the process on their website. You’ll need to choose the “Help” category from the main menu. Instead of browsing article categories, you can report an issue directly from the trip log. Here’s a walk through of how to use the app to contact an Uber support agent.

Uber Customer Support Walkthrough


How to Resolve the Most Common Uber Customer Issues

If your issue doesn’t fall into the emergency category, your best shot at receiving assistance is through their app or online help center. Fortunately, if your issue is a common one, it’s much easier to rectify it. The two most common problems passengers experience are lost items and charge inaccuracies. Here are the most efficient ways to fix both of these issues.

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Rectifying Overcharges or Requesting a Refund From Uber

Since you’re automatically charged after your ride is over, there’s no way for you to question a trip charge or usage fee before you pay. As a result, you need to contact the Uber support team to have the issue reviewed as soon as possible.

Uber customer support in app trip issue 1


To do this in the app, you need to open the “Help” tab from the main menu. From there, you’ll choose the most recent trip, which will bring up a button that reads, “Report an issue…”. Tapping it will reveal a list of potential issues including, “I had an issue with my fare”—click that option. The app will then request that you enter any details regarding why you think the charge is incorrect, and upon submission, it’s sent to an Uber customer service agent for review. A team member will then contact you via message through the app.

Uber customer support in app trip issue 2


You can also accomplish this task by using Uber’s online customer service center. First, you’ll need to log in. Next, choose the ‘Trip issues and refunds” tab at the top and select the ride from your trip history. To access the message feature, you need to choose one of the articles that pops up on the page that relates to your problem, i.e, something to do with “fares” or “receipts.” Once you click an article, you’ll then have the ability to send a message to the Uber customer service team. This contact option is typically associated with an email response from a representative.

Retrieving a Lost Item From an Uber Ride

Just as you can easily drop something in your own vehicle, you can lose it in an Uber. If the driver notices the left behind item before you, they will contact the customer service team through the driver app, who will in turn contact you. However, the busy schedule of many drivers means that you’ll probably notice you’ve lost something before they do.

To retrieve your belongings, you should contact the Uber support team in the same manner outlined above. Instead of choosing the fare option in the app, you’ll click “I lost an item.” The same verbiage is used on their website. After the team receives your message, they’ll contact the driver to arrange a meeting for you to retrieve the object.

Uber “Customer” Service for Drivers

Uber offers more direct support for their drivers. Not only can you access the partner-equivalent of the Uber customer service team through the app and online, but you also have the ability to speak with a human representative over the phone. Here’s a closer look at how drivers can reach Uber support.

How Uber Driver Can Reach Uber Support Directly By Phone

Unlike their customer service phone options, Uber drivers can reach assistance with a few taps inside of their app. To locate support, open your driver app and open up the “Account” section. Next, click on “Help” and you’ll see a phone icon in the upper righthand corner. Simply tap the icon and then click “Call Support” to be connected with an expert.

Direct Phone Number For Uber Driver Support

The direct dial number for Uber driver support is 1-800-593-7069.

For emergencies, utilize the same number as passengers: (800) 353-UBER.

Uber Driver App - Speak To An Agent


How to Reach Uber Support Online and Through the Driver App

As with passengers, you can also get help in the form of messages online and through the Uber app. On both platforms, you’ll need to jump through some hoops to obtain support access by navigating through your account options.

For the app, access the “Help” tab. From here, you’ll select the “Trips and Fare Review” option under where it says “Report an Issue.” Choose the trip on which the problem occurred and pick the problems from the menu provided. If you don’t find what you need, you should call the general support line directly.

The Best Way to Reach Uber Customer Service

Uber doesn’t make it quite as easy as traditional companies to reach their customer service team, but they do try to streamline the process by limiting the contact points. They also try to get ahead of the issue by providing numerous guides and how-tos on their website. For riders, the articles in their help section are the best place to start because they’re quicker than waiting for an answer. However, if you can’t find what you’re looking for, send in a service request as soon as possible.


rent bird scooters

Quickstart Guide To Bird Scooters: How To Rent And Charge

Your Thorough Guide to Bird Scooter Rentals

The bikeshare industry is evolving, and electric scooters are an obvious next step in that evolution. There are a few different scooter rental companies that have entered the market in recent months, and one of the most successful is Bird. The company offers opportunities for riders as well as individuals who want to boost their income. Take a closer look at the company, what they offer, and how you can be a part of it, below.

Everything You Need to Know About Bird Scooter Rentals

Bird scooters have grown quickly in popularity, but electric scooter rentals are a very new service. As a result, most people don’t know much about Bird or how their rental services work. Here’s everything you need to know about becoming a Bird scooter rider:

What Are Bird Scooters?

Founded in 2017, Bird specializes in electronic scooter rentals only. Through Bird’s app, riders can locate available scooters in their area and rent them for easy traveling. The equipment is dockless, so you’re able to ride right up to where you’re going and leave the scooter at your destination, instead of finding a charger dock.

How Much Does It Cost to Rent a Bird Scooter?

Bird offers a very straightforward pricing arrangement. There’s an initial $1 fee for each electric scooter rental, and then you’ll pay 15 cents for every minute you use the scooter. Considering the speed and convenience of Bird’s scooter rentals, the combination of base fare and per minute fee results in a highly affordable mode of transportation for short trips.

What Are the Benefits of Bird Scooters?

Electric scooters are a fantastic way to get through your city. Choosing to travel by Bird electric scooter offers many benefits, including:

  • Convenience: The Bird scooter app makes it incredibly easy to find scooters near you, and the unlocking process is quick and painless.
  • Speed: Bird scooters are designed to reach speeds of up to 15 mph, which means you can get where you’re going quickly.
  • Affordability: Bird scooter rentals are also inexpensive. Considering their speed and availability, riders are able to reach the destinations quickly, which keeps their overall costs low.
  • Eco-Friendliness: The scooter rentals are also an eco-friendly transportation option. They run on electricity, which is associated with lower carbon emissions than gas or diesel. The equipment is also designed to operate efficiently, so no energy is wasted.

With so many benefits, foot transportation could become a thing of your past.

Where Are Bird Electric Scooters Available?

The electric scooter rental scene is fairly new, so it’s no surprise that Bird is only available in a few locations. However, the success of their current operation areas is leading the company to expand rapidly. As of today, Bird electric scooters are available in the following cities:

  • Scottsdale
  • Tempe
  • Austin
  • Dallas
  • San Antonio
  • Oakland
  • San Diego
  • San Jose
  • Los Angeles
  • Atlanta
  • Indianapolis
  • Baltimore
  • Charlotte
  • Memphis
  • Salt Lake City
  • Arlington
  • Washington D.C.
  • Milwaukee

As you can see, the majority of their operational centers are in large metropolitan areas. In the near future, you can expect to find Bird in major cities all over the country. Smaller cities and college towns are likely to be in the second round of expansions after Bird enters each state.

How to Rent a Bird Electric Scooter


Bird Scooters - Find a Bird Nearby


Renting a Bird scooter is fairly easy. First, you need to download the Bird app, which is available on the iTunes store and Google Play. After you open the app, it’ll prompt you to create an account. You’ll also need to enter your payment information before accessing the service. You’ll find this option at the top of the main menu. To get started with a free ride on Bird (up to $5), click the button below.

Join Bird


On the main page of the app, you’ll see a map that indicates your position in relation to nearby scooters, or “Birds,” as the company calls them. You’ll also be able to view the current battery level of each scooter before you choose one.


Bird Scooters - QR Code Unlock


After you’ve located a scooter nearby, you tap the symbol on the screen to choose it. Then you’ll focus your phone camera on the QR code, which is located on the handlebar, to verify the scooter, before hitting “Unlock.” The first time you utilize a Bird scooter rental, the app will also require you to take a picture of your driver’s license.

Once your scooter is rented, it’s time to ride. On the left side of the handlebar, you’ll see the brake handle, and on the right side, a throttle button. To start the system, you’ll use foot power. Three strong pushes will wake up the scooter, and then the rest of the power is provided by the throttle button. Be sure to only operate the scooter in bike lanes and not on sidewalks.

After completing your journey, tap the “Lock” button in the Bird app. You can park the scooter with the kickstand and leave it near the entrance of your destination. It’s best to avoid blocking walkways and sidewalks, so look for a safe location that’s easy to access for other riders.

Everything You Need to Know About Being a Bird Charger

Since Bird’s electric scooters are dockless, they need to be charged regularly. To aid in this effort, the company employs contractors known as “chargers.” Chargers operate as independent contractors and are responsible for Bird scooter charging on a daily basis.

What Bird Chargers Do

Bird chargers utilize the app to locate scooters in their area, and then they collect them for charging. There isn’t a central docking station, so each charger takes the machines home with them to charge overnight. The scooters require a special charger that connects to a standard outlet, but the company will provide these to you once you join their team.

The company sorts scooters throughout a city by creating a “nest,” which is a specific location with expected high demand. After the equipment is charged, the chargers “release” the Birds anywhere in their nest area.

How Much Do Bird Chargers Make?

Bird pays their chargers based on the number of scooters they charge. Each scooter is categorized as either green, yellow, or red, and their charging price varies by category and location. On average, you can expect to make around $5 per fully charged Bird scooter. Once you locate a machine on your app, it’ll tell you how much you’ll make for charging the scooter.

One of the top benefits of working for Bird is their same-day payouts. You’ll be paid the same day for all charged scooters that were freed back to their nest by 7 a.m. After 7 a.m., releases are paid the following business day. Such a quick turnaround only adds to the appeal of the company. Bird does limit each charger to 20 scooters per night.

Bird Charger Requirements

To become a Bird charger, the company requires you to apply. The process isn’t as complicated or thorough as rideshare or delivery companies, but you do need to meet some basic requirements. All Bird chargers must meet the following criteria:

  • Minimum age of 18 years old
  • You need to have a vehicle
  • Live in or near an operation center
  • Charge a minimum of three Birds at a time

Since the company pays out on a daily basis, they require that each charger tackle three machines at once. This choice reduces the company’s overall costs as banks charge them for each transaction.

How to Become a Bird Charger

To apply for this Bird scooter job, you need to visit their charger sign up page. You can also access it through their app through the main menu under “Become a Charger.” Next, you’ll enter your personal and tax information along with your direct deposit information.


Become A Bird Charger


After you’ve submitted your application, you’ll receive a call from the Bird team for a short interview. At this time, they’ll explain the process involved in more detail.

Upon approval, you’ll gain access to charger features in your Bird app. This step allows you to find and “capture” Birds in your area. Once you find them, you’ll scan the QR code in the same manner as you would rent them, and then you’ll load them into your vehicle and take them home for the night. The next morning, you’ll need to drop off the Bird scooters in their nest area (designated by the app) between 4 a.m. and 7 a.m.

Bird Scooters: The Future of Bikeshare

Bikeshare options ruled 2017, and scootershare is sure to take over 2018. At the front of the electric scooter rental pack is Bird, but it’s not the only player in the game. Have you used a scooter rental service yet? If so, which one?

Ubereats promo code

How Does Ubereats Work?: An Ubereats Customer Sign Up Page And Guide


(Disclosure – We independently research our content to provide free advice for you. We may get compensation if you sign up with services, or purchase products through our affiliate links.)

UberEats operates in over 120 cities worldwide. It is one of the fastest growing companies in the billion-dollar-a-year food delivery industry.

How does UberEats work? This article serves as a guide for using the UberEats app and how the service works overall. It also contains an UberEats promo code that you can use to get up to $10 off your first orders. The Ubereats promo is usually limited to $5 off per order. To sign up for UberEats using our code (eats-i9tz1), simply click the button below to receive up to $10 off.

Join Uber Eats


What Is UberEats?

UberEats is an app you can use to order food, pay for your order, and have Uber deliver your order to you. You can order using the same login name and password you created when you opened your regular Uber account. However, UberEats is a standalone app, which means it’s separate from the regular Uber app. To use UberEats, go to your Apple App Store or Google Play Store to download it.

App Store Badge
Google Play Badge

How Does UberEats Work?

You order food from restaurants listed in the app. Uber drivers pick up your order from the restaurant and deliver it straight to you. Most of the drivers deliver for UberEATS as well as Uber. They make deliveries as well as regular Uber passenger trips.

However, some drivers work for UberEats only. Often, they prefer delivery runs to passenger trips, or they drive older cars that didn’t qualify for UberX.

A note for Uber drivers: You can always choose to receive Ubereats delivery requests. You can do so in the Uber Driver App.

Is UberEats Available in My Area?

You can find UberEats in most major US cities as well as around the world. Some of the US cities include Atlanta, Baltimore, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Miami, Phoenix, Tampa Bay, and Washington, D.C., to name a few.

Visit Uber’s Cities webpage to see if your city offers the service. Keep in mind that UberEats is not available in all Uber markets yet.

How Much Does it Cost to Use UberEats?

You pay for your delivery orders through the UberEats app. UberEats charges a booking fee for picking up and delivering the order. The booking fee is a flat delivery fee. It usually runs about $4.99, though that varies from city to city.

The rest of your cost is for the food you ordered. Along with that comes taxes and the tip for the driver. Although tipping is optional, most drivers expect a tip for the work they did. After you receive your order, you can rate the UberEats driver, the restaurant, and even individual dishes. As with UberX, your delivery driver gets to rate you as well. A tip for the driver will help keep your UberEats customer rating high.

When Prices Are Different in the App Than in the Restaurant

How does UberEats work with restaurants on pricing? Sometimes, food prices show higher on the UberEATS app than they are at the selected restaurant. Uber doesn’t mark up food prices. Restaurants that participate in the UberEats program set the prices for their own dishes in the app.

What Can I Order and Not Order with UberEats?

UberEats is a food delivery service. They partner with restaurants that serve drinks, food, and desserts. Not every restaurant in your area has partnered with UberEats. So, don’t expect to see every restaurant in your city available for delivery inside UberEats. Uber is expanding all the time. More likely than not you will see more restaurants taking advantage of the UberEats partnering option.

What You Cannot Order using UberEats

As stated above, you can’t order from any restaurant that has not partnered with UberEats.

You also can’t use the service to order anything from grocery stores, convenience stores, or liquor stores. For that, you have to use an app like Instacart or Postmates.

How Do I Order Food on the UberEats App?

Ordering food for delivery with UberEats is simple. First, you set your delivery address. Next, find and choose a restaurant. Then, create your order. Any restaurant within the UberEats app is a partner with Uber.

Thus, a complete menu for that restaurant is available. Restaurants update the menus regularly within the app.

Join Uber Eats


Create Your UberEats Order

1. Begin Your Order

To start a new order, set your delivery address. The area is at the top of your screen. To begin your order, set your delivery address at the top of the screen.

Scroll through restaurant recommendations to choose your restaurant. Or, you can search by name or type of cuisine.


2. Select Your Items

After you have selected a restaurant, the menu appears. Scroll through the menu to see items and their prices.


3. Add, Modify, or Delete Items

To add something to your cart, tap the item. The app will prompt you to select any required options like toppings, sauces, or other extras.

For quantity, the app defaults to 1. To change that, scroll to the bottom of the item’s page. You can change the quantity there.


4. Add Items to Your Cart

If you missed one or more of the required items, the app won’t let you add the item to the card. The “Add to Cart” button will be greyed out and deactivated.

Once you have made all the necessary selections, the button will turn green. You can then tap to add the item to your cart.


Managing Your Cart

When you are ready to see your order, tap “View Cart.” This takes you to the cart page. There, you can add notes or special instructions, such as requesting extra sauce or napkins.


To modify any item in your order, go to View Cart. Tap the item you wish to modify. Make your changes, then select “Update Cart.”

To delete an item, go to the checkout page. Swipe left. The delete button appears at that time.


Note: If you have any promo codes, enter them now.

When you are ready to submit your order, select “Place Order.” That sends your order to the restaurant. A tracking screen then appears on your app.

Tracking Your Order

Once you tap “Place Order,” the order tracking screen appears. You can see the status of your order. As your order progresses, you see different status messages.

uber eats promo code - tracking screen

They include: “Confirming order with restaurant,” “Preparing your order,” and “Food is on the way.”

From the Order Tracking page, you can do more than track your order. You can cancel your order or get help if you need it from customer service.

You can also leave the order tracking page and return to it later. Tap on the Orders icon at the bottom of your app screen. Next, tap the “Upcoming” tab at the top of your screen. There you will see the order in progress.

Canceling Your Order

If you need to cancel an order, go to the order tracking page. Select the “Cancel Order” button.

The Cancel Order button appears only during the “Confirming order with restaurant” status. If the restaurant has already confirmed your order, then they are already preparing it. If you need to cancel the order at this time, call UberEats customer service. You can’t contact the driver to cancel an order.

The UberEats cancellation policy does allow you to receive a full refund if you cancel before the restaurant prepares your order. If the restaurant has already completed your order, it is up to that restaurant to offer a refund.

UberEats doesn’t guarantee refunds in these instances.

Schedule Your UberEats Order In Advance

UberEats also lets you schedule an order in advance if you wish.

Uber eats scheduled delivery


Join Uber Eats


Contacting Your UberEats Driver

Once your order is in transit, the Order Tracking screen updates. It shows the driver’s vehicle make and model. It also includes the license plate number. There is a Contact button you can use to text or call your driver directly.

Remember: You cannot cancel your order by calling your driver. By then, your order is complete and on its way to you.

Do I Have to Wait Outside for My Delivery?

After the driver has picked up your order, the order tracking screen updates. You will receive instructions letting you know where to meet your driver.

The instructions appear at the top of the screen. They will instruct you to either meet your driver outside or wait for the driver to knock on your door.

How Do I Leave a Tip for My UberEats Driver?

You can rate your driver and leave your driver a tip once your order is complete.

Rating Your Order

To rate your order, go to the Order tab and select “Past Orders.” Find your order. Then select the “Rate Order” button. Follow the prompts to rate your driver and leave a tip.

Leaving a Tip

After your order is complete, you have the option of leaving a tip for your driver. You don’t have to tip, though it is a recommended courtesy provided you received good service.

UberEats drivers are independent contractors. They use their personal vehicles and cover all their expenses. Tips are a great help to delivery drivers.

If you choose not to leave a tip, tap “Done” without selecting a tip amount.

How Do I Contact UberEats Customer Service?

UberEats orders usually run smoothly. Once in a while, though, something goes wrong. In these cases, you will want to call UberEats customer service for help.

How and when you contact customer service depends on where your order is in the process.

If Your Driver Hasn’t Picked Up Your Order Yet

If your order is still at the restaurant, use the Help feature inside the app or call customer service.

You may need to make changes or add items to your order. Other times, there is a delay with your order. Rather than call the restaurant, call UberEATS customer service.

Only Uber customer service agents can change your order after you place it. For this reason, call customer service when you have an issue with the order itself and not the delivery process.

The EATS customer service phone number is 1-800-253-9377.

If Your Driver Has Your Order and Is En Route

If the driver already has your order, you can contact your driver directly using the Contact button on the Tracking screen. Remember, you cannot cancel an order that is with the driver.

You should contact your driver if you need to give additional details about delivery such as parking or gate access. You would also contact the driver if you need to change the delivery address.

Use the “Contact” button on the order tracking page to call or text your message to the driver.

Remember that your drive has no control over the order itself. If you are displeased with the food, or if the order isn’t correct when it arrives, contact UberEats customer service.

Once the driver delivers your order, UberEats customer service is your only option.

Other Ways to Contact UberEats Customer Service

Sometimes going through Uber’s help site is more effective than calling the customer service line.

When you have a complaint about an order, customer service will often direct you to the Help site to fill out a form. You could save some time by going online first and filling out the form. You can even upload photos if necessary.

After that, you can always call customer service if you have additional questions. When you do, they will already have the information that they need from the form.

Issues that you can resolve through help.uber.com are a damaged or incomplete order, food quality issues, and problems with coupons or credits. If you had an issue with your delivery driver, the website is the place to document that as well.

To find the help forms at help.uber.com, select “For Eaters.” You will see the “Help With an Order” option. Select the “More” button. A list of help articles appears.

From there you can find or search for your issue and follow the prompts. From there, Uber will communicate with your via email.


UberEats Promo Code

An UberEats promo code offers free UberEats credits and free deliveries to customers. There are a few different ways you can access and use an UberEats coupon.

An UberEats promo can be for new customers, though there are UberEats promo codes for existing users as well.

Applying Your Promo Code

If you have an UberEats promo code, you enter it under Account > Promotions area in the app. You can also enter the code at the time of checkout at the bottom of the order screen. Some people may have a different version of the app where you input the UberEats promo code under Payments.

Ubereats coupon

UberEats usually offers new users $5 off their first order. Sometimes the code is good for the first two orders.

Earning Free Credits for Future Orders

One of the best and easiest ways to earn UberEats credits is by sharing your own UberEats promo code. If someone signs up and uses your code for his or her first order, you receive UberEats credits.

You can apply credits to your next order. And, the person who used your code will earn $5 off their first order or two.

To find your promo code, go to the Accounts icon in the app. Select the “Free Food” section. The app will display more than one way to share your code.

You use UberEats credits like currency. Credits accumulate and can carry over to future orders. You can use your UberEats credits as your payment method on the Cart page.

Scroll to the set payment method and select “Change.” If you have credits, you will see them on this page.

Codes for Existing Users

UberEats often sends emails to customers that include promo codes and other promotions. If you haven’t opted in to receive those emails, you’ll want to update your account settings.

How Does UberEats Work? Find Out for Yourself

UberEats has been successful in just about every city in which it operates. Last year, UberEats even began delivering McDonald’s to customers.

If the service is available in your city, why not give it a try? If you are interested in driving for UberEats or have questions about using the service as a customer, please contact us.

Join Uber Eats


Five Star Uber Passengers

How To Be A Five-Star Uber Or Lyft Passenger

Uber and Lyft drivers spend a lot of their time worrying about their rating and its maintenance – for good reason! Too many bad ratings can lead either Uber or Lyft to deactivate a driver. While it depends on the market, if a driver has a rating of 4.6 or below, they’re usually at risk of deactivation. Moreover, since the rating is one of the first things a passenger sees, most Uber and Lyft drivers try to keep their rating as high as possible.

After all, a poor rating can seriously ding a driver’s overall rating. This is especially true if you’re a part-time driver. Even worse, it’s often difficult to raise a poor rating on Uber. They use an average of up to a driver’s last 500 rides to determine a rating. On Lyft, it’s a bit easier, since Lyft only averages the past 100 rides. In any case, both the Uber and Lyft rating systems leave drivers with a lot of concern about meeting their passenger’s expectations.

The good news is that drivers aren’t the only ones who have to maintain a rating through Uber and Lyft. Both rideshare companies have implemented a two-way rating system to help make sure that both drivers and riders are held accountable for misbehavior, such as being impolite, messy, or doing anything that might make the other person feel unsafe. At the end of each trip, drivers also get the opportunity to rate their rider. A bad rating for a rider comes with its own set of consequences, like not being able to find a driver who’s willing to accept your trip the next time you’re looking for a ride! Most Uber and Lyft drivers are loathe to accept a ride request from a passenger with a rating below 4.7.

If you’re not sure what your rating is as a rider, it’s pretty easy to find out. If you are an Uber user, simply open the app and swipe over to the menu. Beneath your name and portrait, you’ll see a number. That number is your current rating between one and five stars. (Keep in mind that you won’t actually receive a rating until after you’ve completed at least five trips!) If you are a Lyft user, getting your passenger rating is a bit more old school. You’ll have to send an e-mail to Lyft support and ask them what your rating is.

Uber passenger rating

The Helpful Passenger, Or How To Get A Five Star Uber Or Lyft Passenger Rating

If you’re unhappy with your passenger rating, don’t fret! There are plenty of easy ways to improve as a passenger, and a few key things that most drivers agree greatly influences how many stars they give to their riders.

Be Ready

There’s a lot that a rider can do on their end to ensure their initial pick-up goes over smoothly. For starters, never keep your driver waiting. It’s bad practice to leave a driver idling outside of your home or a business. Not only are you infringing upon time that your driver could be using to make money with more trips, but it’s very likely that you’re forcing them to interrupt traffic or block parking locations while they wait. I encountered a few riders who left me blocking driveways or idling in no standing zones, or bus stops, way longer than I was comfortable with, just because they hadn’t finished getting ready to leave.

Uber Driver Waiting For Passenger

Her passenger is probably not getting five stars.

It’s important to restate how important being ready is. More than anything, Uber and Lyft drivers hate to be kept waiting. The reason is simple. Uber and Lyft pay almost nothing for wait time. So, if a driver is idling, they’re not making money. Say a driver gives twenty rides in a day, and ten of those riders keep the driver waiting for five minutes. Those riders cost the driver almost an hour, or about twenty bucks. If you multiply that across a whole year, you’re talking about thousands of dollars in lost revenue for the driver. So, be ready to get in the car when the driver arrives.

Wait In A Location Where The Driver Can Get To You

Another important thing to keep in mind is how accessible you are. If you know there’s no open space for your driver to reach you curbside (such as in a congested city, or in front of a fire hydrant), make an effort to move to somewhere more reachable. Uber and Lyft drivers are specifically instructed to never let a passenger into their car unless it is at curbside and safe, so do your best to make that as easy as possible for your driver. In most cities, drivers are not allowed to wait at bus stops, so keep that in mind as well.

If you are in a confusing parking lot or apartment complex, absolutely make an effort to contact your driver by text or phone to let them know where they can find you. There’s a good reason why Uber and Lyft allow you to make contact with your driver personally, so take advantage of that to clear up anything that might be confusing or misleading about where you dropped your pin!

Be Courteous

This one should be a no-brainer! Always remember that even though it feels like a taxi cab, your Uber or Lyft driver is using their own personal vehicle to carry you from one place to the next. Be respectful of their space and do your best not to leave a mess on their carpets or seats. There are plenty of drivers who can share stories about passengers who have left trash, soda bottles, and food wrappers all over their car – and you can bet none of those passengers got a very high rating.

Don’t slam doors or damage the interior of the car, and you’re already on your way to five stars. Also, most drivers do not like when passengers eat in their car, especially if they don’t ask. If you’re starving, and just grabbed a wrap before you hopped in the car, ask if it’s okay to eat in the car. If the answer is no, respect that and wait until you’re out of the car.

In the same regard, if you feel yourself getting sick, tell your driver! It might be embarrassing, but a good driver should be more than understanding if you’re suffering a bout of motion sickness or if you’ve had a little too much to drink. They’ll be extremely grateful that you warned them and gave them time to pull over, or pull out a carebag (sickness bag), rather than getting sick all over the inside of their car.

Being polite is another key element of scoring five stars from your driver. You don’t have to go above and beyond with your conversation – it’s not a job interview, after all – but make an effort to be friendly and considerate. Avoid being rude, judgmental, or unnecessarily bossy with your driver, and they’ll give you an easy five stars.

Leave A Tip

If you want to all but guarantee your five stars, be friendly and tip your driver. It’s really that simple. Many drivers have actually adopted a system of giving low ratings to riders who don’t tip, so leave a buck, even on the short rides.

Be Safe

Above all else, never endanger yourself or your driver while riding in an Uber or Lyft car. Breaking the law by consuming any sort of illegal substance while in your driver’s car is a surefire way to get a one-star rating. It can also get you kicked out of the car on the spot! There is a zero-tolerance policy among drivers (and Uber and Lyft) for drinking in the vehicle. So, don’t force your driver into the uncomfortable position of having to reprimand you for something you shouldn’t be doing. If you’ve already been drinking, make an effort not to be especially rowdy or wild in any way that might distract your driver from paying attention to traffic. Also, never forget to buckle up!

Threatening, berating, or doing anything that might make your driver feel unsafe is another quick way to earn yourself a low rating. This also applies to ceaseless flirting or asking for personal information, which is greatly frowned upon by most drivers. Moreover, many drivers now have dash cams in their vehicles, so there’s a good chance your bad behavior will be caught on video. Because troublesome passengers have been an issue for a while, many drivers have taken to pulling over and calling the cops at the first sign of trouble. The bottom line is your driver is working, and they are not interested in being hit on by you. Don’t be this passenger.

Remember that your driver is just another person trying to do their job. Be respectful, polite, and thankful for the service they’re offering you. That should make it easy to keep up a five-star rider rating!

How To Use Uber Express Pool

Uber Pool: What Is Uber Express Pool, and How Well Does It Work?

As a company that’s constantly innovating and coming up with new ways to use their service, it’s no surprise that Uber has recently launched a new product known as Uber Express Pool. Uber has a carpool service currently, called Uber Pool. But Uber Express Pool is a new development in the rideshare carpooling world. It’s basically Uber Pool, but slightly more advanced.

So why has Uber added Uber Express Pool to the Uber Pool family? What is it expected to do? How will this affect riders and drivers alike? Read on for all the answers to your Uber Express Pool questions.

What is Uber Express Pool?

At its most basic, Uber Express pool is a carpooling service. Like carpooling to work with a coworker, the intent of Uber Express Pool is to get multiple people to a similar place using the same vehicle. The goal is to make the cost of the trip cheaper for everyone. It’s a way to reduce fares for riders, and also hopefully increase profits for Uber.

The crux of Uber Express Pool, and the thing that makes it the most different from Uber Pool, is their brand new back end, which calculates ride routes in a new way, making it more effective and less confusing for their system. With this technology, they hope to avoid a significant amount of the problems that Uber Pool has, namely extremely inefficient routes that are burdensome not only to drivers, but also to passengers, and Uber as a company.

Now, Uber hasn’t even rolled out Uber Pool to all of the cities they service yet, and it’s safe to say that they’ll want to test out Uber Express POOL in a very limited sense before extending it even just to the cities Uber Pool was servicing. It will also work better in high density urban areas, where many people have need for car rides to similar areas. This means it may never even make it to more suburban areas.

Uber Pool: How does Uber Express Pool work?

With Uber Express Pool, you place your pickup and dropoff spot,  just like any other Uber ride. Then, Uber matches you up with another person who’s interested in going to about the same area. You’re each given a place a short walk from you that’s more efficient for the route, and you then wait there for the ride. The Uber picks you up, and you get taken to a dropoff spot that may be a short walking distance from your destination.

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It’s a straightforward system — but then again, so was Uber Pool. The biggest issue that plagues Uber Pool is that the system can pick extra riders up at any point in time, which meas the route would have to be recalculated, potentially making travel and walk time much longer. Sometimes, it would become so mixed up that it would seem less efficient than just taking a normal Uber.

From the way it’s being advertised, Uber Express Pool has fixed some of those issues. Uber states that after you request the ride, you’ll wait “a few extra moments” so they can find other riders that can carpool with you. They then state, “After we map the best trip, we’ll show you where to meet your driver.” Though it’s not explicitly stated, this does seem to imply that, contrary to how Uber Pool worked, their system will map the drive before it even starts.

It’s also not completely clear what “a few extra moments” means. Depending on who you ask, that may mean one or two minutes, or it may mean six or seven minutes. For the heavily reduced fares, it’s not exactly wild to ask for a five to six minute wait time, but that time will depend on how many people there are nearby, and how many of those people are using Uber and interested in carpooling. Depending on time of day and area, wait time to find another rider could be under a minute or over ten minutes, and that unpredictability could turn off potential riders.

With all of these factors, it’s likely that Uber Express Pool will only be used in certain areas, and probably only at certain times as well. However, until Uber gives us those statistics directly, it’s hard to say for sure.

Uber Pool: What will Uber Express Pool change for riders?

With Uber Express Pool, it’s clear Uber is branching out and trying to entice people outside their usual clientele to use their services. This is for good reason, too — Uber is losing a lot of money, and if it doesn’t start making that money back, it’s going to have trouble attracting new capital. Of course, these losses don’t mean Uber is currently going under. Plenty of companies, including big names like Amazon and Twitter, started their now-profitable lives with extremely large profit losses. However, Uber has to turn things around, and fast.

How Uber Pool Works

That’s likely why they’re trying to appeal to a new crowd. In the same way that Amazon has managed to maintain startlingly low prices on many products, Uber is trying to maintain a ride cost that is far below the previous standard for taxis. That means reaching out to people who take the bus, and carpool with their friends.

The main drawback to Uber Express Pool is that it will take more time, and it will require walking, rather than just being dropped off directly at your destination. Many people who just take normal Uber drives see this as a significant setback, and for much of that demographic, it is. However, it seems like Uber isn’t trying to use Express POOL to convert existing customers; rather, it appears as though they’re trying to lure in those who primarily use bus and subway systems to get where they need to go.

Uber Express Pool may allow people who would already take the bus to get where they need to go in a way that’s faster, more efficient, and much more affordable than taking an individual Uber. A twenty-minute car ride may take an hour and a half on the bus, and walking time will likely be around the same as with a bus system. While for existing customers, this may seem an unnecessary waste of time and money, it’s fair to say that this system will likely pull in a fairly significant number of new customers.

What will Uber Express Pool change for drivers?

Of course, an important part of the profit and loss structure for Uber right now is that drivers are criminally underpaid, but Uber still can’t maintain their business. While the prices are great for riders, it’s unavoidable that drivers aren’t making enough money to support themselves — in the quest for the lowest possible price, Uber has refused to acknowledge that multiple people need to make a profit in order for the business to be successful.

The thing is, as it stands now, the Uber Pool prices are simply too low. While they’re certainly enticing for people at the moment, Uber can’t sustain those prices in the long run, which means they have to increase the prices at some point if they want to stay in business. Rather than advertising based on price, they need to advertise in some other way, and add value to their business in a completely different fashion. It’s not impossible to make Uber rates lower than taxis while also making them high enough to pay drivers properly and still turn a profit.

It’s true that taxis were already in trouble before rideshare services came about, as it’s one of the things that drove the creation of these services. Many riders can’t pay the high rates of taxis, and some would be extremely happy to cut down on the cost of their rides even further, but they need to take into account the payment of the driver in this equation.

Will Uber drivers refuse Uber Express Pool rides like they have Uber Pool rides?

It’s no secret that many Uber drivers simply refuse to accept Uber Pool rides. Unlike Lyft, Uber pays drivers a lower rate for carpool rides. Since Uber cannot deactivate a driver for not accepting rides, a fair number of Uber drivers will simply turn down Express Pool rides, as they have Uber Pool rides.

The main issue with both Uber Pool and Uber Express Pool, is that Uber itself is refusing to let this strategy make drivers more money. On a carpool trip under Uber Pool’s rates, a full Uber Pool ride brought in approximately 20% more than one single trip. However, they didn’t pay the drivers anything extra. While it’s understandable that Uber wants to make more profit to offset their significant losses, they need to recognize that drivers will want to move away from the service if they don’t feel as though they’re making enough money to sustain themselves. Uber needs both drivers and riders, or their business simply will not function.

Uber needs to come to an understanding with their riders and drivers. Riders need to realize that drivers have to be paid enough to make a living, drivers must enter the industry understanding that the goal is to keep ride prices low, and Uber needs to accept both. Rather than cutting the Uber Express Pool prices so low, it would be much more effective for everyone to just cut them slightly. Perhaps then, Uber Express Pool could actually make Uber more money, make drivers more money, and cost riders less individually, which would make it a win all around.

What is Uber’s concept moving forward with Uber Express Pool?

Interestingly enough, the Uber Express Pool concept does seem to be some kind of first step to integrating Uber with city bus systems. In an interview with Recode in February, Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi outright stated that his ultimate goal was not to be seen as a car-for-hire company, but as a full transit system.

“I want to run the bus systems for a city,” he stated, describing his ambitious end goal for Uber. “I want you to be able to take an Uber and get into the subway — if the trains are running on time, you’ve got real-time data — get in the subway, get out and have an Uber waiting for you for right now. Or know that there’s a bike right there for you that gets you where you’re going in the fastest manner.”

Dara Khosrowshahi

In essence, what this means is that Uber is eventually trying to create a full network of transit that works as a one-stop-shop for your transportation needs. You take an Uber to the train station, take the train station across the city, and have an Uber already waiting to pick you up when you get there. It stands to reason that Uber Express POOL is a movement toward that vision.

However, bus systems have historically never been extremely profitable. While it’s an interesting concept, and fully integrating a city’s transit system with a privately-owned rideshare program may end up turning a larger profit, simply trying to replace buses that can hold fifty people with cars that can hold four isn’t exactly a sustainable model. And with all the issues already arising from underpaying drivers by undercharging riders, it’s unlikely that the integration Khosrowshahi has in mind will happen anytime soon — at least, not with this model.

So, what does Uber Express Pool mean for riders and drivers right now?

If you’re not already in a large, extremely urban city, this change likely won’t mean anything. In places that already have a lower demand for Uber & Lyft, the extra time needed to find two or more riders near each other who are interested in going to a similar place is too much to effectively pay off. You may, however, see some new changes if you do live in a highly urban area.

If the limited information we have on Uber Express Pool is correct, this change may not even take off for urban areas. It doesn’t seem as though it’s going to make Uber enough money to continue to be profitable. Unless they’re making money from an unseen part of this system, they may have to either raise prices or scrap the concept altogether.
At the end of the day, Uber, its riders, and its drivers don’t understand each other. As long as they’re constantly fighting, with riders trying to get the lowest price, drivers trying to make enough money, and Uber trying to convince them both to continue using the service so they can make money, the service is likely going to remain stagnant. Uber is losing billions of dollars, and, while investors are covering that because they see the rideshare service taking off in the future, they can’t keep losing money in that way.

Uber Express Pool, though an interesting idea, is not a long-term solution. If Uber wants to go anywhere, they need to look past Uber Pool and Uber Express Pool. Instead, they should start trying the things that could actually save their business.

Uber Vs. Lyft

Uber vs. Lyft – Which App Is Better?

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When the Uber app came out, it was a revelation that changed everything. All of a sudden, people could take a ride from one place to another, without paying the often prohibitively expensive price of a cab. If that wasn’t an amazing enough advancement in technology, we’ve moved even further, and you now have multiple choices when it comes to ridesharing.

The rideshare industry is now a two company battle – Uber vs. Lyft. That means there are plenty of people trying to decide which one is best. Which one is cheaper? Which has the shortest ride times? Which is easier to use? Here’s a quick guide to Uber vs. Lyft — the differences, the similarities, and the things that make each unique.

Uber vs. Lyft – How do the Uber and Lyft apps work?

Essentially, ridesharing with Lyft or Uber is just an extension of taxi services, but easier and cheaper. Though taxis have been very common for many years, they can be extremely expensive, and people don’t often have the money to take taxis to and from work every day. Ridesharing, however, is more of a connection between drivers and riders directly. Riders pay less as a whole, and Uber or Lyft take a cut of the fare, leaving the rest for the driver. Lyft generally takes less of the fare from the driver than Uber.

Uber and Lyft both use an app to facilitate their services. On both apps, you put in your pickup address and destination address, and it calculates an approximate price; once you confirm that you’re willing to pay that price, it sends out a driver to pick you up and drop you off. Once you’re done with the ride, you can rate the driver on a scale from 1-5 stars, add a tip, and send the driver a comment if you appreciated something specific.

The apps also provide extra information about the ride and options for your trip. For example, the app calculates the ETA and stores the payment method, and allows you to choose from a range of ride types that include regular sedans, suvs, and luxury cars. They calculate extra costs, such as extra time that the driver waits for the rider, and surge costs. They also have 24/7 support, which allows you to contact them with any concerns (through the app only usually), from lost items to payment issues.

Early on, there were many differences between Uber and Lyft, especially when it came to pricing and certain app features. However, as both companies have grown, they’ve become essentially the same. While certain things like surge costs may vary between the apps at different times, they all have the same capabilities — things like being able to request a specific class of car, leave a tip, and see your ETA before booking the trip. This means that it mostly comes down to personal preference, or which app is cheaper when you need a ride.

Uber vs. Lyft – How do you use the Uber app?

Using Uber is a very straightforward process; the app is designed to work with the user, no matter what operating system they’re using. Upon opening the app, you’re given a field to enter in your destination, upon which it automatically calculates how long it should take for you to be picked up, as well as how expensive the trip will be. Once you confirm the trip, they send out the request to the driver, and you’re ready to go.

Uber vs. Lyft - Uber Passenger App

The Uber Rider App

Uber also provides extra features that can be helpful to some riders. Some of the most-used features include the ability to schedule some trips well in advance, the ability to create a record of business trips, and the ability to create a “family profile,” where you can manage and keep track of your entire family’s Uber usage. You can also choose to use a Spanish-speaking driver, a driver with a wheelchair-accessible car, or a driver that can provide additional assistance if necessary.

Payment is simple with Uber; they take credit or debit cards, PayPal, Uber gift cards, Apple Pay, and in some places, college campus cards. Like many other apps striving to gain a large user base, you can also get discounts when you refer people. Those who use your referral code get $5 off their first three rides, and you get $5 off your next ride as well. Between the simple setup, simple payment, and extra features, using Uber is an extremely user-friendly process, and that’s how they intend to keep it.

Ride With Uber


Uber vs. Lyft – How do you use the Lyft app?

For many people, when they think of rideshare services, they think of Uber. However, that has stopped being true across the board with the rise of other services, and one of the biggest ones is Lyft. Though their capabilities are mostly the same, they have a definite difference in terms of appearance; while Uber is all black and silver, giving off a very professional vibe, Lyft is bright colors like pink and purple, catering more toward the younger crew.

When you open up the Lyft app, you’ll be asked to confirm your pickup address first, then choose where you’d like to be dropped off. It will show you an estimated time for your drop-off, as well as about how long it should take to get a driver to your pickup location. You choose what saved payment method you’d like to use and confirm the ride, and the driver shows up at your door.

Taking A Ride Using The Lyft App

Uber vs. Lyft - Lyft Rider App 1
Uber vs. Lyft - Lyft Rider App 2
Uber vs. Lyft - Lyft rider app 3
Uber vs. Lyft - Lyft rider app 4
Uber vs. Lyft - Lyft rider app 5


Similarly to Uber, Lyft also has some extra services they offer to make rides more simple and useful. In keeping with the design, which is aimed toward a younger crowd, Lyft allows you to edit your public profile to add a little bit about you, as well as your hometown and favorite music. Though it doesn’t usually do much, you might end up with a driver who has your favorite artist playing when you get in the car!

Lyft takes multiple payment options, and also allows for PayPal, debit or credit cards, Apple pay, and gift cards. Promos work a little differently, too; depending on what city you’re in, the discounts you end up with could be more or less than another city. There are also different discounts that are applied when a driver refers someone. All in all, Lyft is looking to capitalize on the fact that Uber is a little bit more reserved and “high-class” by appealing to people’s sense of fun.

Ride With Lyft


Uber vs. Lyft – Which one should I be using?

When it comes to the all-important question of, “Which is better?” there’s unfortunately no clear-cut answer. Uber tends to have more options when it comes to car type, but Lyft may have a higher promo rate in your area. Lyft may be cheaper during surge times, while Uber may be cheaper at a base level. There’s really no way to say that one rideshare system is better — they both provide different things, and your personal interpretation of those things will make you gravitate toward one or the other.

As it stands now, it’s always a good idea to have both on standby. Just make sure you’re considerate to the other rideshare users in your area — “playing the system” by placing a request on both, then canceling the one that will take longer, is extremely rude, and does nothing but drive up the price. Both of these great rideshare apps give you a large amount of information before you ever request. Take advantage of that information and make your own choice every time.


woman informing lyft driver of location

Eight Things to Tell Your Lyft Driver in Advance

These days, ridesharing services like Lyft have become incredibly popular, but some people still don’t know how to interact with it. Here are some important tips for your ride.

For many people, ridesharing services are a gift from above. They’ve made traveling much more accessible, whether that’s going to work or heading out for a fun night with friends. They’re also an easy way for people to earn money, whether that’s just a little bit of extra cash on the weekends or a full-time job.

However, these services aren’t all fun and games. Plenty of common behaviors make drivers uncomfortable, and you might not even know you’re doing them! Number one on the list is trying to cram more people in one car than it can hold. Regular Lyft vehicles can hold up to four riders, the amount of available seatbelts. If it’s necessary to transport six people, just call for a Lyft Plus, or if it’s available in your area, a Lyft Lux SUV. Or, you can get one of your friends to order another Lyft. Not only is it usually illegal to let people ride without a seatbelt, but it’s extremely dangerous and against company policy. Don’t put your driver in that awkward situation.

While you shouldn’t feel the need to text or call your driver every time you request a Lyft,  there are some situations when you should give the driver a heads up. Usually a quick text, as opposed to a call, will suffice. Also, don’t always expect an instant response, or one at all. Remember, the driver is driving and may not be able to text back. Anyways, here are eight of the most important ones.

Have Any Animals

If you’re bringing a non service animal, whether it’s a dog or a hamster in a carrying cage, you should call your driver to make sure it’s alright with them. If the driver is fine having your pet in the car, they may carry a blanket or towel in the trunk to protect their seats. If you give them a heads up, they can put it down in the backseat before you even get there. Try not to bring an animal that’s not well-behaved if you don’t have a cage, and if you have a large cage, consider bumping up the size of the car you call. It’s not fun to try and cram a huge dog carrier into a compact car, so don’t attempt it. Shoot your driver a text – it’ll be easier on both of you to cancel the drive early, if that’s necessary.

If You’re Under the Influence

If you’ve called an Uber or Lyft after a night on the town, good on you! It’s great that you haven’t decided to drive yourself home. However, you should still inform your driver that you’re drunk, and be on your best behavior. The same goes if you’re under the influence of any drugs; explain it to the driver, so they know what to expect. After all is set and done, use the app to give them a couple dollars as a tip.

If You Need Help Getting Into the Car

Many require assistance entering a vehicle, and that doesn’t just apply to elderly people. If you use a cane, have balance problems, or otherwise need assistance getting into the car, let your driver know before they pull up. Most of them will be okay with it – after all, you likely know the easiest way to navigate the problem – but it’s good form to prepare them for the delay and effort.

If You Need to Make Any Stops

Whether you’re picking up a friend or you want to get fast food, tell your driver before they arrive. Rideshare apps can be a little fussy about payment if you stop for something, and you need to be aware before you force the driver to idle at a Taco Bell. If you do want to pick up fast food, it’s courteous to ask your driver if they want anything – or at the very least, tip them on the app.

Where You’ll Be Waiting

Drivers aren’t psychic, and the app isn’t always perfect. If you’ll be waiting inside because of the weather, let them know where to pull up, so they’re not desperately searching for you. If the Lyft app shows you waiting across the street from where you are, explain this. If it’s a busy area with many people requesting Lyfts (like after a concert), look for a landmark that the driver will be able to see, and tell them you’re near it. Breeze past miscommunication, so you can both enjoy the ride.

If You Have A Lot Of Baggage

Do you have groceries? A huge bag of things you bought from the mall? Actual baggage from your train ride? If you’re carrying more than one or two small bags, give your driver a heads up before they arrive. As a general rule, if you’re pretty sure the trunk will be needed, shoot them a text to confirm the trunk is available, so there won’t be an awkward struggle to fit your items somewhere.

If You’re in a Hurry.

The key here? Be very polite. Telling them you’re in a hurry, then acting upset when they obey the traffic signals is bad form – and definitely annoying. It’s not the driver’s fault that YOU are late. If you’re courteous and patient when informing them that you need to reach your destination pronto, they’ll try to get you there as fast as possible – maybe even using shortcuts they know – without being stressed and annoyed.

Enter Exactly Where You’re Going In The Lyft App

It’s rude to full-on backseat drive, as most drivers use some kind of navigation system outside of the rideshare app. But before your Lyft driver pulls up, make sure you’ve entered your final destination in the app. It’s amazing how many people don’t think about this, and fail to enter a destination at all. Additionally, providing cross-streets isn’t as useful as you might think it is, and it has been known to seriously mess up the payment process on the app.

Final Takeaway

Even if you’re the nicest person on the planet, you don’t know everything, and you probably partake in some behaviors that are annoying. Don’t be afraid to text your rider ahead of time if there’s something that strikes you as outside the norm. It’s not annoying; drivers would definitely prefer the heads up, so they can provide you the best service – and save some headaches. The more information the driver has in advance, the smoother your rider is going to be.

uber passenger ratings

9 Things You Can Do To Raise Your Uber Or Lyft Passenger Rating

In the last few months, Uber and Lyft have made it easy for riders to know their passenger rating. While it’s currently easier to check your rating on Uber than Lyft, the situation is a vast improvement from a couple of years ago when getting your passenger rating on either platform usually required about three or four email exchanges.

How To Check Your Uber Or Lyft Passenger Rating in 2018.

For Uber, you just click on menu in the upper left hand corner inside the app, and your rating is displayed right below your name.

Uber passenger rating

While this is great for passengers, it sucks for drivers. Here’s why. If you’re a passenger who’s has a 4.85, and immediately after a ride, your rating drops to 4.83, you’ll know your driver didn’t rate you five stars, and you are less likely to rate them five stars. Since drivers usually have to rate passengers before they can accept another trip, this means the driver is at risk of receiving a bad rating in return. Uber could easily fix this by having the passenger rating update a week later (the time passengers have to rate drivers).

Lyft still doesn’t let you check your rating in the app, but you can contact them here or message @AskLyft on twitter. If you want to keep your rating private, be sure to direct message @AskLyft.

Ask Lyft

Many Passengers Are Astonished That Their Rating Is So Low

Now that passengers can find out their rating pretty easily, more riders are checking to see what their rating is. Unfortunately, there are many passengers who, for some reason, thought they were a 4.9, but are only a 4.5, or a 4.1, or worse. The gentleman in this article recently found out he was a 4.2. In order to boost his score, he resorted to, “making conversation, laughing at drivers’ jokes, giving a great tip.” He was able to raise his rating to a 4.4 – still not great, but an improvement.

I feel for the guy in the article. He seems like a perfectly nice fellow and he’ll probably never know why he received some bad ratings. In truth, there are many things that can get you on a driver’s bad side, and what pisses one driver off may be just fine with another. This is similar to the situation drivers have been dealing with for years. As drivers, we generally have no idea why a passenger leaves us a bad rating. So passengers, welcome to the club.

As for the rating of the guy in the article, I’ve picked up passengers with a 4.2 or 4.4 and the riders have usually been fine. However, if the passenger is under a 4, they’re always awful. I used to pick up pretty much everyone, but if you’re pulling a 3.7 or 3.5, you’re not getting a ride from me.

What passengers must understand is that when you take an Uber or a Lyft, you are getting in someone’s car. Sure, the driver is providing a service to you, but it’s their car. In most cases, they bought it and want to take care of it. So, if you don’t treat the driver, and their vehicle, with respect, you’re going to get a bad rating. Luckily, there are a few things you can try to boost your Uber or Lyft passenger rating.

How To Raise Your Uber Or Lyft Passenger Rating

First, watch this video so you have a better idea of the things that piss most drivers off.

Now that you’ve watched that, here’s a list of things you can do to raise your Uber or Lyft rating.

  1. Tip your driver. Less than half of Uber riders tip. If you tip, you’re far more likely to get a five star rating.
  2. Tip your driver. I put it twice because it’s probably more likely to help than anything else on the list.
  3. Don’t make the driver wait. If you drive Uber or Lyft, time is money, and drivers hate waiting.
  4. Don’t eat, smoke, or fuck in the car – The last two are definite no-no’s (no vaping either). If you just grabbed a sandwich and you’re absolutely starving, ask the driver nicely if you can eat in the car. Say please and grovel a little. “I haven’t eaten yet today”. Don’t just start stuffing your face. If you ask, the driver will most likely (but not always) say yes.
  5. Don’t hit on your driver. I understand the thirst is strong sometimes. However, your driver is working and probably isn’t interested. Even if they are, they’re working. Wait until you get home and avail yourself of the copious amounts of free pornography available in our great nation.
  6. Don’t leave trash in the car. Who does that? Believe it or not, lots of passengers. The trait seems particularly strong among the bro-douche crowd.
  7. When you get out, don’t slam the door.
  8. Don’t mess with the radio or air condition controls.
  9. If it’s 30 degrees out and the driver has the heat on, don’t open the damn window.

This is not a complete list, but there is a common theme running through the items on this list – respect. If you treat your driver with respect, like they’re a human being as opposed to your servant, you’re more likely to get a five star rating.