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If you’re looking for food delivery from the best restaurants in town, Caviar is the app you’ve been waiting for.

Even better, you can now get a discount of up to $20 off by using a Caviar promo code, even if you’re an existing user.

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Caviar Promo Code For New And Existing Users – $20 Off $120

Currently, Caviar is offering a promo code for new and existing Caviar customers. Sign up using the button below and receive $20 off an order of $120.


What Is Caviar?

Caviar originated in New York City as a delivery service specializing in higher end restaurants from which delivery wasn’t usually available. They were acquired by mobile payments giant Square in 2014. Since then, they’ve partnered with over a thousand restaurants across the country to bring delivery to new heights.

Caviar delivery is available in the following major metro areas:

  • Boston – Hot Restaurants – Area Four and La Brasa
  • Chicago -Hot Restaurants – Bohemian House and Barrio Chicago
  • Dallas and Fort Worth – Hot Restaurants – Cane Rosso and Feed Company
  • Los Angeles  & Orange County – Hot Restaurants – Shake Shack and Dune Atwater
  • Knoxville, TN
  • New York City (Manhatten, Queens & Brooklyn) – Hot Restaurants – Prince Street Pizza, Circa Brewing, and Fat Radish
  • Northern Virginia, VA
  • Rockville, MD
  • Richmond, VA
  • San Diego – Hot Restaurants -BobShop and Funky Elephant
  • Sacramento – Hot Restaurants – Tower Cafe and The Red Rabbit Kitchen
  • San Francisco Bay Area (including the East Bay, Walnut Creek, Marin) – Hot Restaurants – Mandalay and Green Chile Kitchen
  • Seattle (including Seattle Eastside) – Hot Restaurants – Pokeworks and The Halal Guys
  • Philadelphia
  • Portland – Hot Restaurants – Pollo Bravo and Checkboard Pizza
  • Washington D.C. – Hot Restaurants – Farmbird and Bantam King
  • Woodbridge, VA

How Does Caviar Work?

1. You can explore the visual menus by the restaurant name, by cuisine type, or even by neighborhood. Check out restaurant ratings, too! Then, select a restaurant in the app.

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2. Then, you browse the menu to find something you like

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3. Add those dishes to your shopping cart.

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4. Then check out. Don’t forget to leave a tip for your Caviar courier.

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Similar to rideshare services like Lyft and Uber, Caviar uses GPS to find the delivery driver that’s closest to the restaurant around the time your food will be ready for pick up. The driver picks up your food from the restaurant, places it in a temperature controlled bag, and delivers it to your door.

If it’s your first time ordering, you’ll need to enter payment information. You can choose to save your payment information for future orders. Since Caviar is integrated with Square, online payment is secure. An order confirmation with an itemized receipt will let you know that the process of getting your food to you has begun.

Once your driver picks up the food, you can track your order stoplight by stoplight as it makes its way to you. Your delivery might be brought by bike, scooter or car.

Caviar also has exclusive partnerships with a number of restaurants. These restaurants will only fulfill deliver orders through Caviar.

Caviar Delivery Fees And Costs

For pickup orders, there are no order minimums or fees. For delivery orders, there are always a few $0 delivery restaurants being featured. Otherwise, delivery fees are different for each restaurant and order, depending on time and distance. However, delivery ranges are much less limited with Caviar. While a local restaurant might limit delivery hours or range, Caviar delivery operates with its own fleet of couriers. The cost is very reasonable when measured by the distance the courier is traveling.

A service fee of up 18 percent is applied to your subtotal for each Caviar delivery order. This fee is for customer support, logistics, and payment processing.

And of course, you should always tip your Caviar courier.

Caviar Food Delivery Brings Home A Better Dining Experience

Finding the best food in your city at your doorstep can be a lifesaver. The convenience of a meal from the best restaurants in the US, can’t be beaten.

Caviar food ordering is simple, direct and easy to use. The Caviar app is a free download. The interface uses clear visuals to highlight the food and a secure payment interface. Local couriers bring your food directly to your door.

Caviar food delivery fees are reasonable whether you want your food delivered or prepared for takeout and the company works with local independent couriers who choose their own hours and routes. It’s distinct from other services because of its exclusive partnerships with restaurants.

Their commitment to quality includes taking their own photos of the food for their visual menu. Additionally, each one of the foods and its packaging must be tested before being allowed on the app.

Try Caviar Today With Our Caviar Promo Codes And Get Up To $20 Off Your Order

We’ve tested all of the delivery services, and overall, Caviar is one of the best in terms of ease of use, and the quality of the food delivery.

If you’d like to see what we mean, you can try Caviar today with a Caviar promo code (and get up to $20 off) by clicking one of the buttons below.

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