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Drive With Lyft in Gary Indiana.

Sign up to Drive With Lyft in Gary, Indiana

While Lyft has been around for some time, it has finally made it’s way to Gary. Yes it’s true. The birthplace of The Jackson 5 has joined the rideshare universe. Although this means you can summon a Lyft while in Gary, it also means something else. For the first time, you can now sign up to Drive With Lyft in Gary, Indiana. Residents have welcomed Lyft to the city as an affordable alternative to other modes of transportation. However, Lyft is still in need of more drivers in Gary.

Drive With Lyft in Gary, Indiana.

Drive With Lyft in Gary, get a sign up bonus.

Even better, Gary, Indiana is a newer market for Lyft. This means Lyft is currently offering some of the highest sign up bonuses in the country for new drivers in Gary. While you can earn up to $25 per hour driving for Lyft, most drivers average between $15 and $20 per hour. Click the “Join Lyft” button below to start your application and see your sign up bonus.



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