Drive Uber on Sunday morning

Driver Pro Tip – Drive Uber or Lyft on Saturday and Sunday…mornings.

By: Dave

Probably the questioned I get asked most is, “When are the best times to drive?” Friday and Saturday nights are generally the most lucrative, but not everyone wants to deal with the drunks as the hour gets late. Morning (5am – 9-9:30am) and evening (4pm – 8pm) rush hours are also pretty good. However, another good time to drive is on weekend mornings through the brunch hour.

Generally, you want to start between 8am and 9am and drive until about 1pm – 2pm, or whenever the requests slow down. During these hours, the city is usually more lucrative than the suburbs. The two main reasons weekend mornings are a great time to drive Uber or Lyft are:

  1. A lot of full time drivers will pull the overnight shift. They start around 7pm on Friday and go until 4am or so. So, come 8am, there are fewer drivers on the road.
  2. Because there’s not much traffic, you can get more rides done faster, especially before noon.

Drive Lyft and Uber on Saturdays and Sundays, but in the mornings.

Drive Uber on Sunday morning

See, although there are fewer drivers on the road, a lot of riders need to go places on Saturday and Sunday mornings. Sure, many of your pickups are going to be rides of shame, but often, those are good long highway rides with little traffic. The other rides you’ll get are people going to church, and brunch. Now, you generally don’t make as much driving Saturday morning as you do if you drive Saturday 10pm – 2am. But you do pretty well, and it’s far more relaxing to drive Saturday morning vs. Saturday night.