What are Uber Consecutive Trip Boosts and Lyft Ride Streaks?

A few months ago, both Uber and Lyft began testing a new type of bonus during peak hours. The bonus rewards drivers for giving multiple rides in a row, without going offline, cancelling, or not accepting the ride. Uber calls theirs Consecutive Trip Boosts, while Lyft named theirs Ride Streaks. How Do Uber Consecutive Trip […]

Best Cell Phone Carriers For Lyft & Uber

Selecting A Cell Phone Carrier for Uber or Lyft driving A good cell phone plan is essential if you’re going to drive for Lyft, Uber, or another on-demand service. The three main factors to consider when selecting your cell phone carrier are price, network coverage, and the data plan. If you’re full-time, you’ll want a […]

The Best Cars For Uber And Lyft

How to get a car for Uber or Lyft Xchange, Uber’s popular rideshare leasing program, stopped leasing vehicles last month. Many drivers utilized Xchange because it was often the quickest way to get a vehicle for Uber. Drivers could also use the vehicle for Lyft, Amazon Flex, and other sharing services. Leasing through Xchange also […]