Essential Products for Lyft and Uber Drivers


Best Car Chargers for Uber and Lyft Drivers 2017

When selecting a USB car charger, make sure the charger provides is at least 2 amps. Many chargers on the market provide only 1 amp. This will only charge the phone slowly, or if the phone is running multiple apps, not at all. 2 amps is also enough to charge your tablet. Also, consider a charger with multiple inputs so your passengers can charge their phone if they want. Passengers love it when there are chargers available in the car.

The Maxboost 2 Smart Port Car Charger provides two outlets for charging. Each outlet charges at 2.4 amps, enough to charge the phone even under heavy use. The Aukey CC-S1 car dual charger also provides two outlets, charging at 2.4 amps. The main advantage with the Aukey is that, while most chargers stick out an inch or so from the cigarette light slot, the Aukey fits flush. It does not stick out at all. If two ports aren’t enough, consider the Crave CarHub 4 port charger. It has 3 2.4 amp quick charge ports and one combo 5v/9v/12v port.

If your car has two power outlets, consider buying two chargers, one for your devices, and one for your passenger’s devices. In my car, I have a two port charger up front for charging my devices. I also have a charger in the center compartment between the front seats. I plug two cords (one for Apple, one for Android) into the second charger, and place them in the seatback pocket for passengers to use.

To let passengers charge their devices, I recommend buying a six foot Amazon Basics Lighting to USB cable for Apple devices. For Android, try the six foot Anker PowerLine Micro USB cords. Six feet is the recommended length because those will reach to the backseat.

Best Floor Mats and Seat Protectors for Uber and Lyft Drivers 2017

Many years ago, when I first started rideshare driving, I did not have all weather floor mats. I came to regret this decision. It rains and snows quite a bit in Chicago and this creates a lot of sludge. To make a long story short, I wound up having to get my floors shampooed to get the sludge out of the floor of my car. After that, I bought all weather floor mats. Don’t make the same mistake I did. Get all weather floor mats before driving in inclement weather. WeatherTech is considered the best brand of all weather floor mats and we recommend them highly. Alternatively, most car manufacturers make all-weather versions of their floor mats. Protect your interior and buy some floormats.

Some drivers swear by seat protectors or covers. If your car is brand new, or you’re worried about spills, you may want to purchase seat covers. Most drivers don’t do this and the ones who do usually only purchase the back seats. Personally, I do not like how they look and don’t consider them necessary. However, if you want to keep your car in like new condition, seat protectors are a great investment. The Dickies Heavy Duty Rear Seat Protector is easy to install and costs about $20. Also, FH Group has a line of NeoBlend Leatherette covers that fit many front seats.

Cleaning Products for Uber and Lyft Drivers 2017

Riders like a clean looking car, so be sure to get some interior wipes from Armor All. Also, buy some Carebag vomit bags, just in case. These bags contain a gel that activates if someone gets sick in them. They also tie shut, so you won’t smell anything. They are positively one of the best creations in the history of humankind. You most likely won’t ever have to give one to a rider, but if the need arises, have some in your car.

Towel for Service Animals

Some people have service animals. You should keep a towel or blanket in your trunk, large enough for a service animal to lay on. A service animal may be used by a blind person, or a veteran with PTSD, or by people with a variety of ailments that require a service animal. If someone says they have a service animal, ask them if you can put a towel down on the seat, so the dog (it’s usually a dog) will be more comfortable (and not scratch your seats).

Legally, if someone says they have a service animal, you must allow the animal in the car. You are not allowed to ask what the service animal is for, because it’s none of your business. It is also illegal to refuse the rider because they have a service animal. If you do, Uber or Lyft will disconnect you. Even worse, the passenger can sue you, and they would likely win. Do not, under any circumstances, refuse a rider with a service animal. To do so is illegal and wrong, end of story.