Favor Delivery Application

Favor: Guide to Getting Started as a Runner for Favor

Do you love running errands? Are you looking for a way to make extra cash that’s fun and active? If so, Favor may be just the right side gig for you. When you become a Runner with Favor, you’re basically a personal assistant who makes deliveries to customers throughout the city. If you are friendly and outgoing with a love for helping people, then this might be the perfect opportunity to make some extra cash in your spare time.

What Is Favor?

As the name implies, Favor is a company that delivers anything that customers need in under an hour. Rather than describing their Runners as delivery drivers, they like to think of them as personal assistants. This app sets itself apart from other delivery apps because it doesn’t just limit its deliveries to food items. Favor Runners will deliver almost anything to customers, from restaurant orders and groceries to dry cleaning, clothing, and prescriptions.

As an Austin-based company that is part of the H-E-B family, Favor is focused on serving customers across Texas. The service is currently available in the Austin, Dallas/Ft. Worth, and Houston areas as well as other cities throughout the state. The company does plan to expand into other Texas cities in the future, but as of now will only be serving customers in the Lone Star state.

How Favor Works

Favor works in a similar way to other delivery apps. Customers use the app to browse popular restaurants and stores within their area. They can also use the search feature to order from any store within their delivery service zone. Then, the customer adds the items they would like from the menu, or types in specific items to create a custom order.

Once the customer has made their Favor order, it is then assigned to one of the company’s Runners for delivery. The Runner is more than just a delivery driver and instead serves as a personal assistant who the customer can contact throughout the delivery process. For instance, if the customer wants to know the status of their delivery or needs to make changes to their order, they can text or call their Runner to let them know.

With Favor, there is no need for cash transactions. Customers use the app to directly and securely pay for their items and delivery fees. All of the customer’s payment information is safely stored on the app so that they only need to enter it one time. Favor charges you the same price you would pay at the store plus a delivery and processing fee, which varies by city.

Customers can track the progress of their delivery using the app. The items that they ordered are delivered right to their door by their assigned Runner. Though the company promises deliveries in less than an hour, the typical delivery time is about 35 minutes. This will, of course, depend on a number of different factors such as traffic and long store lines. The Runner lets the customer know if they should expect delays.

How Much Can I Earn as a Favor Runner?

Favor Runners earn 100 percent of all tips given by customers as well as 35 percent of the delivery fee. Though you are able to log on the app and work when you are free, Runners who schedule themselves ahead of time can take advantage of hourly rate guarantees, which are between $9-10 per hour. According to Favor, most Runners make an average of $12-18 per hour, and they have the potential to make even more when working in busy areas during peak times.

Favor also offers incentives for referrals. Runners can make some extra cash when they refer their friends to be Runners. Favor will go over their referral bonuses as well as some extra tips and tricks for maximizing income as a Favor Runner during their in-person orientation session.


How to Get Started as a Runner for Favor

Getting started as a runner with Favor is easy. But first, you’ll need to meet these basic requirements:

•             Must be 18 years or older

•             Must have an iPhone or Android smartphone

•             Active U.S. driver’s license

•             Should have personal vehicle and insurance

•             Have a clean driving record

•             Have a bank account to process direct deposit payments


There are no vehicle requirements for Favor. Runners can deliver items with a car, truck, motorcycle, or even scooter. If you are delivering in the Downtown Austin area, you can deliver via bicycle. If you are applying as a bicycle Runner in Austin, you don’t need a driver’s license. However, you will still need an official ID, as Favor runs background checks on all of its Runners.

If you meet the requirements, you can fill out the application on the Favor site, and someone from the company will contact you within a few days. First, you will undergo a phone screening process to make sure you are a good fit for the job. If you pass this phone screening, you will then be sent an invitation email to join an in-person orientation before you begin taking on assignments and deliveries.

During this orientation, Favor will provide you with helpful tips and information to help you maximize earnings. They will also show you how to use the app as a Runner, provide you with the Runner Card that you will need to get started, and give you the opportunity to purchase optional Favor Runner Gear. Once you’ve completed the orientation and passed a background check, you can start taking orders and making money.

Start Making Money with Favor

If you enjoy running errands and want to make a little extra cash, then Favor may be the perfect side gig for you. Getting started is easy, and you’re able to set your own hours, allowing you to work as much or as little as you want. If you’re living in Texas near or in one of the service areas, you can get started with the application process today. Otherwise, you’ll have to wait until Favor comes to your city.