Via, Lyft, and Uber driver tips.

How to Get More Tips on Uber, Lyft, Juno And Via

Whether you drive Juno, Lyft, Uber, Via, or another service, tips can really make or break you when it comes to maximizing your earnings.

Sometimes even the smallest gestures can make all the difference for your passengers, helping you earn more and higher tips on average. Below, we’ve put together a list of our top insider tips for earning more and better tips on Uber, Lyft or whichever rideshare services you’re driving for.

1. Listen to your passenger.

The first and most important way to earn higher tips on Uber and Lyft is to listen to your passenger. If they ask you to take a certain route or give you directions for where they’d like to be dropped off at their final location, listen to them and do your best to meet their demands. This shows the rider that you are willing to do what it takes to provide them with a pleasant rideshare experience.

When it comes to chatting, you should also listen more than you talk. Let the passenger set the pace for the conversation. While some riders like to make small talk on the way to their destination, others would rather sit quietly. By letting the passenger take the reins when it comes to conversation, you can make sure that they are comfortable for the entire ride.

2. Anticipate your passenger’s needs.

One way to earn higher tips is by anticipating and accommodating your passenger’s needs. Heading out to pick up riders from the bars and clubs at 2 a.m.? Having water bottles in your car is a great way to ensure that you can keep your passengers comfortable on their ride home.

Working on a particularly cold night? Make sure you have the heat on so it’s warm when they enter the car and always ask if the temperature is comfortable.

Another great way to go the extra mile in anticipating your rider’s needs is keeping different phone chargers in your car at all times. Many passengers will accept your offer for a quick phone charge during their ride. This is the kind of thoughtful touch that will encourage them to leave a tip when they arrive at their destination.

3. Double-check any strange navigational directions.

Technology makes our lives easier, but it sure isn’t perfect. If you notice any strange directions coming up on the navigation, be sure to double-check to make sure this is the quickest and safest route to the rider’s destination. Taking a moment to double-check directions can save you from taking an unsafe or longer route, which may result in no tip and even a lower rating. You can plan ahead for this by having multiple GPS applications loaded on your phone.


If there are multiple ways to get to the passenger’s destination, you may also want to ask them if they have any preference on the route you take. For example, if one route requires you to get on the highway, which may result in a longer trip, it can be worthwhile to ask the passenger if they’d rather have you take the back roads. If one route requires tolls, make sure you ask the rider about their preference given they are charged for these tolls.

4. Keep your car clean.

This tip may seem like a no-brainer, but it’s so important. All passengers will appreciate a clean car that smells nice. Not only does this make their trip more pleasant but it shows them that you take your job seriously. You don’t have to detail your car in between every passenger, but having a clean car that’s vacuumed and free of dirt and smudges helps you make a better impression and provide a positive ride experience.

When it comes to making sure your car is smelling great, avoid using products that contain strong perfumes as your rider may be sensitive or allergic. Instead, opt for non-offensive, fresh scents that are subtle but effective. Keeping some Febreze or another light air freshener on hand is a good idea in case you need to freshen up your vehicle in between rides.

You may also want to keep some light cleaning supplies in your trunk in case a passenger makes a mess during their ride. Having a small hand-held, battery-powered vacuum and some basic cleaning solutions like window cleaner and sanitizing wipes in your car at all times is always a good idea as it allows you to ensure that your vehicle is always clean and passenger-ready.

5. Play neutral music.

When it comes to creating an exceptional experience for your passenger, you want to make the environment in your vehicle as peaceful as possible. Rather than playing your favorite radio station or playlist, opt for neutral music. Find a station or playlist that plays songs that won’t be considered jarring or offensive no matter what the rider’s personal music tastes may be.

Additionally, you may want to ask your passenger what type of music they would like to listen to, especially if they have a longer ride ahead of them. This type of personal detail shows the rider that you care about their experience and are serious about providing exceptional customer service. These are the kinds of details they will remember when it comes time to leave a tip.

In the end, your tip potential comes down to one thing – providing exceptional customer service. If you want to earn more and higher tips, you need to go the extra mile to make sure that your passenger is happy and comfortable while they are in your vehicle. Do everything you can to create a positive ride experience, and your riders will show their gratitude by leaving you a tip.