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Before You Start Driving

What should I do before I start driving for Lyft or Uber?

If you already own a vehicle, there are only three things you should do before you start driving for Lyft or Uber:

  1. Learn your way around your city.
  2. Get a few products that will come in handy on the road.
  3. Get Rideshare Insurance.

If you don’t currently have a car, be sure to check out our Vehicle Financing section.  There, you can learn about the different lease, rental and purchase options available to rideshare drivers.

Learning your way around your city.

The number one complaint of riders, by far, is drivers who don’t know their way around. So, before picking up your first passenger, become a bit familiar with your city. Check out your city on google maps. Take note of major highways and note the streets that seem wider than average. Those streets are likely the major roads in your city. If you can, hop in the car and drive around your city for a few hours, or even a whole day. Drive around the downtown area, head to the airports(s), the train station, and a few touristy destinations.

If you want to go further, determine what the address numbering system is for your city (google it) and learn it. That way, when someone is going to 600 North Main Street, you’ll know the general direction you’re going. Finally, if you haven’t already, you should take a short Lyft and Uber ride. That way, you’ll be familiar with what the rider experiences before you start doing pickups.
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Products every Uber and Lyft driver should have.

The must have list is short. You’re going to want a good phone holder, a roll of paper towels, clorox wipes, a couple of plastic bags, and if you plan on driving weekend nights, vomit bags. Now, you probably will not need the last four items. I’ve been a rideshare driver since 2014, and haven’t needed those items. But if you are ever in a situtation where you do need them, you don’t want to be without them.

The should, or could have, list is longer. It really comes down to personal choice. You may want to consider a usb hub, an android charger, an iphone charger, some armor all type wipes, all weather floor mats, a tire pressure gauge, and possibly, some waters. For a complete list of products you should consider browsing through our Essential Products For Drivers.

Every driver should consider purchasing rideshare insurance.

For more information on rideshare insurance, please visit our Rideshare Insurance Marketplace, where you can find information on the types of rideshare insurance offered in your state.

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