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Getaround Owner Guide – Listing Your Car And Uber Getaround

Getaround 101: How to List Your Car

Getaround is a peer-to-peer carshare service that’s changed the car rental industry. They recently received a $300 million investment from Softbank and are in the midst of a massive expansion.

Their recent collaboration with Uber has further boosted their appeal to drivers and vehicle owners alike. While the system may seem complicated from the outside, it’s fairly simple once it’s broken down. Take a closer look at Getaround and how it can benefit your wallet, below.

What Is Getaround

Getaround takes a modern spin on on-demand vehicle rentals. Instead of renting or leasing a car from a dealership, drivers rent from private owners. The peer-to-peer program is available in a growing number of cities, including:

  • San Francisco
  • Berkeley
  • Boston
  • Chicago
  • Los Angeles
  • Miami
  • Oakland
  • Philadelphia
  • Portland
  • Seattle
  • Washington, D.C.

The company accepts a variety of vehicle types. Their categories range from high-end luxury sedans and SUVs to basic trucks and vans.

Uber has also partnered with the service to create Uber Getaround. This option allows drivers to rent a vehicle for the purpose of rideshare. However, Uber Getaround is only currently available in the San Francisco Bay area.

How Getaround Works

Getaround is powered by a smartphone app. Owners can sign up to list their vehicle, and renters then select the one of their choosing. The car rentals are available for as little as one hour, but drivers can reserve a vehicle for much longer. Owners have the option to set various times and days their ride is available to rent. They also have the opportunity to accept or reject a rental request.

The carshare service stands out because it utilizes the Getaround Connect system. This technology allows drivers to unlock and operate a vehicle directly from their phone. It also ensures owners can track their car’s location at all times. There’s a one-time installation fee of $99 for the Connect operating system.

Getaround Owners – Costs, Commissions, And Rental Rates

Owners are required to pay $20 per month to utilize the listing service. However, the company provides a 30-day trial for free. Getaround also takes a 40 percent commission on all trips. The rest of the earnings are deposited into the owner’s account on a monthly basis. See more details on Getaround’s fees page.

Rental rates vary widely. Some cars are available for $35 per day, others are over $100. Most rentals tend to be in the $40 – $60 per day range.

Renting To Uber Drivers (only San Francisco)

Not all Getaround vehicles are available for the Uber partnership rentals. There’s a special section of the Getaround app that showcases Uber-approved vehicles only. As an owner, you choose whether you want your vehicle to be available for use as an Uber vehicle.

Advantages of Getaround

While Getaround is beneficial to Uber drivers, the system is full of advantages for vehicle owners. Here are a few elements that set this carshare service apart:

Getaround Insurance

Each vehicle listed on the site receives $1 million in protection through the company. Getaround insurance coverage provides full liability as well as collision and comprehensive coverage. It also offers protection for theft and uninsured motorists.

Drivers Screening

The service is also designed to protect owners from dangerous drivers. Every renter undergoes a background check. The process includes a driving history review through the DMV and identifies verification with more than 16 points of reference.

Getaround Predictive Pricing

In some markets, Getaround offers predictive pricing for car owners. This takes the guesswork out of setting the rental price for your car. Instead, Getaround automatically adjusts the rate using their pricing algorithm. The algorithm takes over 20 variables into account to find the best rental price for your vehicle.

Getaround predictive pricing


Driving Restrictions

Getaround limits the amount of miles drivers are allowed to put on a vehicle. The mileage is restricted to 20 per hour and 200 per day. If the renter goes over that amount, they pay per mile. This process helps combat the cost of wear and tear on the vehicle.

Carshare users are also required to return the vehicle with the same amount of fuel as they found it. For regular renters, the tank levels must be at least one-quarter full. Uber drivers, on the other hand, are required to fill the gas tank before parking it.

Customer Service

A top perk of Getaround is their customer service. The company offers around-the-clock support and roadside assistance. If an issue arises, renters and owners can call the Getaround phone number for immediate help – 1-866-438-2768. They also offer support through email at

Driving Credits

Vehicle owners are also rewarded with driving credits. Every month, a $50 Getaround promo code is applied to your account for rental purposes. Use your credits to rent a car while traveling or take a spin in a high-end ride for fun.

Getaround Vehicle Requirements

Before you can list your vehicle with Getaround, you need to make sure it meets the requirements. They include:

  • Age: 2006 model or newer
  • Mileage: 125,000 miles or less
  • Seating: Less than eight passenger occupancy

The company prefers if you own your vehicle, but they do accept leased models. However, many dealers include clauses in lease agreements banning rental services. Double check your contract to avoid any issues down the road.

How to List Your Vehicle On Getaround

Listing a vehicle on the Getaround platform is incredibly simple. Click the button below to get started listing your car on Getaround. Then, just follow the steps below.



1. Sign Up to List

First, you need to create an account. Enter basic personal information, like your name and phone number, followed by your car’s model year and mileage. Click “Start Listing’” to move forward. You’ll need a Facebook account to sign up for a Getaround account.

Getaround Listing Start

2. Create a Profile

Next, you’ll create a profile for your vehicle. This process includes uploading pictures and providing a description for potential renters. Your profile is what convinces drivers to choose your vehicle, so take your time with this step.

3. Set Location and Availability

You also need to set the home location for your vehicle, which is where renters will pick it up and drop it off. This spot can be a personal space, a street spot, or one of Getaround’s reserved areas. You also need to choose days and times that you want to make your vehicle available for Getaround renters.

4. Input Payment Details

The carshare company requires that all listers provide payment details for direct deposit. They utilize this information to send out monthly earnings.

5. Wait for Approval

The final step is waiting for approval. Once your list has been accepted, a Getaround Product Evangelist will reach out to explain the next steps. One of the first things you’ll do is set up a time for them to pick up your vehicle to install the Connect system.

How to Rent an Uber Getaround Vehicle (SF only)

New Uber Drivers

New San Francisco Uber drivers have the option to request a rental car during the Uber application process. When you hit the vehicle information page, click the “I need a car” button. Select Getaround, and the app will guide you through the rest of the sign-up steps.

Current Uber Drivers

Current San Francisco Uber drivers can sign up for Uber Getaround two ways—through the Getaround app or your Uber driver profile.

Getaround App

For the former, download the Getaround app and create your account. The carshare company requires a Facebook account to sign up.

After your account is approved, you’ll gain access to their fleet. However, not all rentals are available for Uber use. Find Uber Getaround vehicles by choosing “Drive With Uber” from the menu. This step will provide you with all Uber car rental options in your area.

Uber Getaround Rental Car Listing

Uber App

To sign up through Uber, open your driver profile n the app or online. Choose the “Vehicles” category from the options. From the rental partner selection, tap “Getaround,” and then select “Rent a Vehicle.”

Uber drivers are required to complete the same approval process as non-Uber drivers. However, you’ll receive a special code that makes the connects your Getaround data with your Uber account.

Turo vs. Getaround

There are many comparable points for vehicle owners. However, Getaround seems to come out on top for most categories. The company only takes a 40 percent commission. Turo automatically pulls out 65 percent of ride earnings for themselves. Not only is Turo’s commission higher, but their perks don’t quite match up to Getaround’s.

Plus, Getaround offers the convenience of the Connect system. Turo renters and vehicle owners have to meet up to exchange keys.

Sign Up With Getaround and Start Earning

Ready to earn some extra cash? Getaround is an excellent way to boost income as a vehicle owner. It’s also a valuable service for Uber drivers who don’t have a vehicle or their current model does not meet the requirements. If you’re ready to join the carshare service, click the button below to start listing your car and earning thousands.