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How to become a Lyft driver.

How to become a Lyft driver

Here are the basic steps, including driver and vehicle requirements, to become a Lyft driver. The approval process generally takes less than a week.  However, it can take up to a month.  Lyft offers a sign up bonus if you use a Lyft driver invite code. Visit our Lyft sign up bonus page for information on the types of bonuses Lyft is currently offering. If you would like to use our signup code, our Lyft referral code is ridesharecentral.

Driving for Lyft.

How to become a Lyft driver: How Lyft works

Riders request a ride through the Lyft app. The closest available driver gets the call. On each ride, Lyft takes a booking fee ($1-$2 generally) + 25% of the fare. Lyft offers cash bonuses if you complete a certain number of rides in a week. These bonuses can add $100 to $350 per week to your regular earnings. In some markets, if you complete a certain number of rides, Lyft refunds part or all of their commission instead of giving a cash bonus.

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How to become a Lyft driver: Differences between Uber and Lyft

In 2017, Uber finally added a tipping option. However, Lyft riders still seem to tip at a higher rate.

Overall, about two thirds of drivers prefer Lyft. In general, while not perfect, Lyft has a better reputation among drivers when it comes to resolving issues (fare disputes, cancellation fees, etc…).

However, most drivers also think the Uber driver app is superior. Also, although Lyft has had faster growth in 2017, Uber is still much busier than Lyft in certain markets. If your city has less than 1 million people, you may want to consider signing up for Uber first.

Lyft driver requirements (2017)

  1. You have to be 21 years old and have had a driver’s license for at least 1 year. (In some cities, your license may need to be from in-state.)
  2. You must be able to pass a criminal background check.
  3. You must have in state personal auto insurance (your must be listed as a driver on the policy) for the vehicle you will be using.  I highly recommend supplementing or replacing your personal insurance with rideshare insurance coverage. However, you don’t need rideshare insurance coverage to be approved for the Lyft platform.
  4. You must have a relatively clean driving record. (No DUI’s or reckless driving and very few moving violations over the last few years.)

Lyft vehicle requirements for (2017)

You do not need to own a vehicle to Drive With Lyft. However, if you do, these are the requirements.

  1. The vehicle must have a valid registration and a clean title. However, the vehicle does not have to be in your name.
  2. The vehicle must have four doors and a minimum of five seatbelts.
  3. The vehicle must be in good working order. Lyft requires vehicle inspections.
  4. The vehicle must be model year 2004 or newer. In some cities, the requirements are more strict. For Lyft Premiere, the requirements are also more strict, and vary by city.

The Lyft Application Process: Documentation

You’ll need to upload the following items during the application.

  1. Driver’s License
  2. Insurance Certificate
  3. Vehicle Registration

If you have those items handy, you can click the button below to start your application.

The Lyft and Uber Application Process: Background Check

Once you’ve filled out your application and uploaded your documents, Lyft will run a DMV and criminal background check. This is the part that takes a few days. While you’re waiting for your approval, we recommend taking the following steps.

  1. Consult our Before You Drive guide for expert tips and advice on driving profitably.
  2. Browse through our Essential Products for Drivers.
  3. Visit Rideshare Central’s Insurance Marketplace to explore your rideshare insurance options.
  4. If you’re looking for a vehicle, visit our Vehicle Financing page to find the best options for purchasing or renting a vehicle for rideshare driving.


The Lyft Application Process: Approval and Vehicle Inspection

After approval, you will need to pass a vehicle inspection to get on the road.  Lyft does the inspection during the mentor session. During a mentor session, an experienced Lyft driver inspects your vehicle, teaches you how to use the driver app, and gives you final approval to get on the road.

The Lyft Application Process: Activation

After you successfully complete your mentor session/vehicle inspection, you should be able to get on the road and start making money driving for Lyft.