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Wonolo – How to Become a Wonoloer

When you’re not getting enough hours at your current job, it can sometimes be challenging to find additional employment due to scheduling and time constraints.

That’s where Wonolo comes in. This employment platform helps individuals find immediate short-term employment opportunities in retail, warehouses, event staffing, and administration. Below, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about Wonolo and how to become a Wonoloer.

Wonolo: What Is It and Who Is It For?

Wonolo is a broad-based employment platform that can help you find work in your local area.

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The app has much in common with Shiftgig, Basically, the Wonolo app matches workers with employers who are looking for temporary workers such as warehouse operations staff, delivery drivers, merchandisers, event staff, administrative workers, and workers for other general labor positions.


From an employment perspective, Wonolo is great as it allows companies to fill positions during busy times of the year or when their year-round staff is unavailable due to emergency situations or planned leave. Wonolo enables companies to find qualified pre-screened staff members in a matter minutes, providing a stressless, flexible way to get help when and where they need it.

For individuals who want to find work, Wonolo makes it easy to pick up shifts that fit into their schedules. It can be a challenge for underemployed individuals to balance multiple part-time jobs to make a living.

With Wonolo, people can find immediate or same-day jobs, picking up shifts when they have time in their schedules.

Most jobs on the app are entry-level positions that don’t require years of experience, making it ideal for those who may not have the education or specific experience under their belt.

Born out of founders AJ Brustein and Yong Kim’s experience at Coca-Cola, Wonolo was founded in 2013 in San Francisco. In November 2018, the company secured a $32 million Series C funding round. Though there are competitors in this space that provide nationwide staffing solutions, such as TrueBlue, Wonolo prides itself on its on-demand platform and unique approach to staffing. Rather than just looking at who is qualified, it considers those with the best character traits and personalities, as most people can learn on the job.

How Did Wonolo Get That Name?

The company was named by shortening and combining the phrase “Work Now Locally” to get Wonolo.

How Wonolo Works

Once you are signed up to work on Wonolo, finding work is pretty simple. You will get daily postings of jobs available in your area. After reading the job descriptions carefully, you can then accept the jobs you are qualified for that fit into your schedule.

Make sure you are only accepting jobs that you can commit to with certainty, as you are penalized for withdrawing from a job, especially if it is less than 12 hours before its start time.

After you complete the job, you will mark it complete in the app. Your employer (known as the requestor) will then approve the job in the app and rate your performance at the end of your shift.

The better your rating and the more jobs you accept, the more likely you are to receive additional employment opportunties on Wonolo. In fact, the app encourages companies to work with “preferred Wonoloers” or those it has developed a relationship with over time.

In order to get paid, workers must input their direct deposit or debit card information in the Wonolo app. Once the job is complete and approved by the requestor, workers are typically paid within 3-5 business days. There are no fees to become a worker on Wonolo.

When working on Wonolo, it’s important to understand Wonolo’s Breach of Contract Policy.

As an independent contractor, you are held to certain standards when it comes to accepting and attending jobs. You agree to the policy before you are able to accept work in the platform, and not following the policy can result in restricted access to jobs and potentially removal from the platform entirely.

As a Wonoloer, you will get one breach point for the following activities:

  • Withdrawing from a job within 12 hours of the start time
  • Withdrawing from three jobs or a multi-day job within 30 days
  • Earning a 1-, 2-, or 3-star rating from an employer
  • Asking the requestor to cancel the job for you

Your first breach results in a 3-day limited view of jobs, and you’ll be removed from any existing jobs you’ve accepted. Your second breach results in a 7-day limited view of jobs and removal from existing jobs. Your third breach results in a restricted view of jobs and removal from all existing jobs.

Additionally, if you’re a no-show and don’t withdraw in the app, your account will be restricted and your accepted jobs will be removed.

If you want to be successful on Wonolo, you need to maintain high ratings. The best way to do this is arrive on time, do your best performing the task assigned, be respectful to the employer and your co-workers, and always have a professional attitude. Try not to accept any jobs that you can’t commit to, but if something does happen, you need to provide more than 12 hours’ notice when withdrawing from a job.

The company has also created a short video that gives some great tips for succeeding on the Wonolo platform.



How to Sign Up For Wonolo

Becoming a Wonoloer is easy. Here are the steps you’ll go through to sign up to work for Wonolo:

  • Download the Wonolo app.
  • Start the onboarding process, which begins by accepting the app’s terms of use and entering your contact information.
  • Take a short Wonolo quiz about how the platform works, which you can find the answers to in the Wonolo handbook.
  • After you complete the quiz, give your consent to a background check.
  • Review and agree to four disclosures – “A Summary of Your Rights Under the Fair Credit Reporting Act,” “Disclosure Regarding Background Investigation,” “Acknowledgment and Authorization for Background Check,” and “State Notice Addendum.”

There are no requirements to sign up and start accepting jobs, other than the fact that you will need to be able to pass a criminal background check, as Wonolo pre-screens all of its employees.

Wonolo also requires you to have a smartphone, as that’s how you find and accept jobs. You can also turn on notifications to ensure you are alerted to new jobs in your area.

Wanolo Earnings

Earnings will vary depending on the job, but most positions pay higher than minimum wage even though they do not require special training or education.


You also have the opportunity to earn bonuses by referring others. The current referral rates are $25 for referring a worker and $500 for a business referral. Workers can also earn a bonus when a company wants to hire a worker as an employee and the worker agrees to accept the position.

Does Wonolo sound like a great opportunity for you? Sign up today to get started earning at a variety of jobs!