Instacart Promo Code – Use an Instacart Coupon for Free Delivery

Instacart Promo Code – Using an Instacart Coupon


Have you ever wished you could skip a trip to the grocery store after an exhausting day at work? With Instacart, your dream is now a reality. The grocery delivery service provides a convenient alternative to in-person shopping trips. You can even skip the delivery fee ($35 minimum order) with our Instacart promo code.

To get started with free Instacart delivery, click the button below (no need to actually enter a code), or read on to learn more about Instacart and how to use it.



What Is Instacart?

Instacart is an on-demand grocery service. Customers order their products through the app, and then a personal shopper does the rest. After putting together the order, the Instacart shopper delivers the groceries directly to your door. Essentially, it’s the Caviar of the grocery delivery world.

Instacart is available in hundreds of locations across the country, including both large and small cities. Along with grocery stores, they also service pet supply stores. Some orders are available for delivery within one hour, but two-hour delivery is the standard.

How Does Instacart Work?

Requesting grocery delivery is simple with Instacart. You can shop through the Instacart app, available on Apple and Android devices, or on the website.

1. Create Your Account

First, create an account using your email, Facebook information, or Google account. You can browse shops without creating an account.

Instacart promo code - sign up screen

2. Choose a Store

The system will use your address to provide you with a list of stores available in your area. Select the store you want to access their products.

Instacart coupon - select store

3. Start Shopping

Browse the store’s offerings or use the search function to find specific items. When you find the right product, add it to your cart.

Instacart App - Food Emporium

4. Checkout

After completing your shopping list, review your cart. As long as everything looks good, tap “Checkout.”

Instacart Promo - Cart Checkout

5. Choose Delivery Option

Next, it’s time to select a delivery option.

Instacart App - Choose Delivery Time

Shoppers can select delivery times in one-hour windows on the same day or later in the week. It’s also important to note that one- and two-hour delivery options aren’t always available, especially during peak times and with large orders. During busier times, Instacart delivery charges will be higher.

After you’ve chosen your Instacart delivery time, simply click place order. Instacart is also compatible with Apple Pay.

6. Track Delivery

The Instacart app also allows you to track your order’s progress in real-time.

Since the total cost of your groceries depends on weighted items, similar to deli meat, the exact total is calculated at delivery. Instacart places a temporary authorization hold on your account for 10 to 15 percent higher than the estimated total at checkout. This process provides room for any weighted cost variations or last-minute changes. Once you receive your order, the final amount is charged to your account.

How to Use Our Instacart Promo Code For Free Delivery

To skip the delivery fee on your first order ($35 minimum order), simply click the button below and sign up for Instacart.



How To Get Additional Instacart Credits

As an Instacart customer, you can also refer up to 5 of your friends to Instacart. When you do, you’ll receive a $20 credit in your Instacart account, and your friend will receive $20 off their first order.

What Is Instacart Express?

Instacart Express is the grocery delivery company’s membership option. By joining, you gain unlimited access to multiple perks, including:

  • Free delivery on orders over $35
  • Unlimited deliveries
  • No Busy Pricing costs
  • Order from multiple stores without additional fees

The Instacart Express program costs $149 per year. You can also join on a per-month basis for $14.99. While delivery fees are waived, you will still pay service and alcohol fees.

Instacart Service and Delivery Costs

As with every delivery service, Instacart users pay a variety of service charges. These costs include base fees, delivery charges, and tipping. Here’s a breakdown:

Service Fee

In the past, Instacart has implemented various versions of their service fee policy. For a while, it was completely optional, and then it jumped up to a mandatory 10 percent charge. Now, the grocery delivery company has found a happy medium. The current Instacart service fee is 5 percent of the order subtotal with a $2 minimum. The only exception is New York City, which has a service fee of 7 percent.

Alcohol Fee

The base service fee doesn’t include alcohol. For those orders, there’s a percentage-based fee. The cost levels are broken up like this:

  • $0 to $35—$2 fee
  • Over $35 to $75—$4 fee
  • Over $75 to $110—$8 fee
  • $110+—$10 fee

Each category is determined by the total amount of alcohol products, not the total order cost. However, it is added to the delivery total on top of the service fee.

Delivery Fee

There’s also a base delivery fee for Instacart orders. The delivery company calculates this charge based on the order size and delivery time. On a budget? The Instacart app allows you to compare fees between different delivery windows at checkout. You can also bypass the delivery fee on your first order with our Instacart promo code.

Busy Pricing

During times of high demand, the company implements Busy Pricing. This system increases the delivery fee total but doesn’t affect the price of the products or the service fee. Busy Pricing is designed to spread out demand and prevent a backed up queue.


Customers aren’t required to tip their Instacart shopper, but it’s recommended. Instacart suggests a minimum 5 percent tip.  A $2 tip is pre-selected in the app at checkout. However, you can choose to accept that amount or adjust it to a customized number. The Instacart app allows you to change the tip amount for up to three days after your order is delivered.

What Sets Instacart Apart?

Instacart isn’t the only grocery delivery service on the market. To stand out from the crowd, the company offers a variety of unique perks.

Shopper Communication

The system makes it easy to communicate directly with your shopper. If you have special instructions for certain products, you can add them to each individual item in your cart. After the order is placed, customers can message their shopper with any important details.

Pickup Option

The service is designed around grocery delivery, but they also offer a pickup option. For this selection, your Instacart shopper still does all of the legwork. They put together your order in full at the store of your choosing. You simply have to stop by, grab your groceries, and go.

Special Deals

Instacart offers their customers exclusive deals. These savings are highlighted on select items during your online shopping experience. They also highlight limited-time deals at the top of the app or webpage.

Unfortunately, customers can’t apply in-store sales or their own coupons. However, the company does add various manufacturer coupons to their system. When you buy products that qualify, the app automatically applies the Instacart coupons.

Product Suggestions

To provide a more customized shopping experience, Instacart creates personalized suggestions. The app highlights your most frequently bought items so that you can click and go. They also offer suggestions based on your shopping habits.

Customer Service

One of Instacart’s biggest bragging points is their customer service. They offer around-the-clock phone support. For less time-sensitive issues, you can contact a community support member by email. There’s also the option of reporting an issue directly through the app.

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