7 Things You Should Do If You’re In an Accident While Driving Uber Or Lyft

Being involved in an accident can happen to anyone at any time. It is important to remember to keep your composure throughout the incident. Here are the seven things that you should if you have an accident while driving Uber or Lyft. 1. Seek medical attention if there are injuries associated with the accident. Assess […]

Back Door Ubering – Why You Should Never Take A Cash Ride

If you’ve been driving Uber or Lyft for a few weeks, someone has probably asked you to take cash for a ride, instead of paying through the Lyft or Uber app. It may have been an acquaintance. “Hey, can you drive me to the airport tomorrow for $20 cash?” Or a rider may have requested […]

Why Uber And Lyft Drivers Need Rideshare Insurance

Uber, Lyft, and insurance companies divide a rideshare trip into three periods. If a rideshare driver has an accident while waiting for a ride request (period 1), they will often need to pay for the damages. This is because Uber and Lyft only provide coverage when the driver is on the way to pick up […]

Rideshare Insurance Guide For Uber & Lyft Drivers

The 2017 Rideshare Insurance Guide For Uber And Lyft Drivers At Rideshare Central, we get a lot of questions from drivers about rideshare insurance. “What is rideshare insurance?” is the most common question, followed closely by “Do I need rideshare insurance?” We know you probably have other questions on this topic. So we’ve put together […]

Does Geico offer gap insurance?

Does Geico offer gap insurance? No. Geico offers a hybrid policy. If your anticipated mileage is high, they will only sell you a commercial policy. Additionally, in some states, like North Carolina, they will only issue a commercial policy.