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Jump Bikes App – Guide To The Electric Bike Service

Jump Bikes: The Guide to the Electric Bike Share Service

A Brooklyn-based startup founded in 2010, Jump Bikes was the first dockless company to roll out e-bikes, offering advantages to cities and citizens alike. Uber bought Jump in 2018 for about $200 million as part of their dedication to greener initiatives. Besides being convenient and affordable for riders, this rideshare opportunity is more accessible and friendlier for cities. Although this bikeshare company has put a new spin on the idea of ridesharing, it is still relatively unknown, so here’s a comprehensive guide to the bike sharing program.

What Are Jump Bikes?

Jump Bikes is a bikeshare company that gives users an easy way to rent a bike for anything from tourism to commuting. Available on a grab-and-go basis, this bike rental program is completely dockless; simply locate a bike in your area, unlock it, and use it for a small fee. Afterward, leave the bike at the end of your journey for the next person who needs it.

The convenient process costs only $2 for 30 minutes, so renting the bike doesn’t mean taking a financial hit. Any time over the initial 30 minutes is charged at a prorated fee of 7 cents per minute. This superior rideshare option also helps you avoid the hassle and expense of bike ownership, including the price of purchasing the bike, maintenance fees, and the problem of storage.

After Uber purchased Jump Bikes, the company integrated Jump Bikes into its app with Uber Bike. This means you’re able to rent your Jump Bike directly through the Uber app. While it is not yet available for all riders, Uber plans to roll the functionality out to all its users over time, making the bike rental process smoother and easier than ever. You can still complete your bike rental directly in the Jump app if Uber Bike is not available in your area.

Meet the Bike

Jump Bike Side View

Jump Bikes features innovative bikes that sport an eye-catching style, optimal comfort, and a smooth ride. With perfected hardware and software, Jump bikes include:

  • An e-assist motor. The 250W motor adds power to your ride so you can tackle challenging terrain with ease. Boosting you up to 20 mph when you pedal, the electrified ride will easily get you where you need to go faster.
  • Powerful brakes. These brakes will keep your bike in check on treacherous hills.
  • A skirt guard. The back wheel of the bike is encased in a convenient skirt guard, which protects your clothes from getting caught in the wheel and minimizes the risk of dirtying your shoes and clothes.
  • Night lights. With a headlight and a tail light, this bike’s safety-first design means you won’t have to worry about riding at night.

Where Are Jump Bikes Available?

With an expanding base, Jump Bikes are available in cities across the country. Currently, you’ll be able to take advantage of Jump Bikes’ rideshare program in the following cities:

  • Austin, Texas
  • Chicago, Illinois
  • Washington, D.C.
  • Sacramento, California
  • Santa Cruz, California
  • San Francisco, California
  • Providence, Rhode Island
  • New York City, NY

How to Rent a Jump Bike

Now that you’ve seen exactly how convenient and affordable Jump Bikes can be, here’s how to rent a Jump Bike for your next adventure.

Download the app. Getting this app means you’ll have access to everything Jump Bike, including locations of bikes, payment options, and helpful GPS routes to get you where you need to go. Simply download the app on your phone and plug in your information.

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Find a bike. After installing the Jump Bike app, you’ll have access to a map that shows you exactly where bikes are in real time and gives you directions to the nearest available ones.

Jump Bikes - Find Bike

Reserve Your Bike. Tap a bike to select it. This will let you know the percentage charge of each bike. This way, you can choose one that won’t run out of charge in the middle of your ride. On a full charge, the bike will travel 30 to 40 miles. When ready, click reserve.

Jump Bikes App - Reserve Bike

Unlock your rental. Once you locate the bike and walk to it, the app will give you a four-digit pin that you can use on the electronic lock, releasing the bike. Then, you can begin your ride.

Pedal away. The e-assist motor feature of the Jump Bike gives you added power on your daily commute or sightseeing trip. If you want to stop for any reason along the way but don’t want to give up your rental, press HOLD and lock the bike to the nearest street sign or bike rack. When you return, enter the four-digit pin and get straight back to pedaling.

Lock up. Because Jump Bikes are completely dockless, you’ll be able to leave the bike at your destination. Just make sure you use the bike’s convenient lock to secure it within the system area at a hub or bike rack for the next person who comes along. You will be charged $25 for leaving the bike out of the system area.

Check your stats. The app also includes a user profile section that gives you access to trip statistics. These may include dollars saved, miles traveled, and calories burned along with the CO2 reduced thanks to your decision to bike. These statistics and your trip map can be shared with friends on the app as well as exported to other social media.

Rent Jump Bikes From The Uber App

To rent a Jump Bikes from within the Uber rider app, simply click the main menu button in the upper left hand corner of the app. Then, select “Bike” and follow the instructions to reserve a bike.

Jump Bikes Uber App Integration

Social Bicycles

Another option Jump Bikes offers is Social Bicycles, a service that features 15,000 non-electric bikes and is available in more than 40 markets. A popular choice, Social Bicycles boasts upward of 5 million trips taken.

With smart-bike technology, these bikes are dockless and feature integrated and enclosed components, similar to the construction of the electric jump bikes. The bikes also sport grip shifters with three different speeds as well as real-time GPS, communication, and geo-tag technologies, which allow you to easily locate the nearest bike when you need a ride. You can even place a reservation on a bike if you know you’ll need to catch a ride at a specific time.

The fees for Social Bicycles are reasonable and vary depending on where you live. You can either elect to pay as you go with a prorated pricing model that charges per hour plus an activation fee or subscribe to a monthly or yearly membership. With a membership, you’ll get a certain amount of time free every day (which is ideal for commuters). Unlike other programs that use escalating overage charges, any overage time is charged at a flat per-hour rate.

Make the Most of Jump Bikes

The next time you have to get across town but don’t want to pay an arm and a leg, take advantage of the convenient and affordable jump bikes in your city. Whether you’re a tourist exploring the area or a local commuter trying to avoid the traffic, Jump Bikes gives you the opportunity to forego car travel without subjecting yourself to any discomfort. Simply download the app today to experience this rideshare option.

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