Lyft Drive Phone Support

Lyft Adding 24 Hour Phone Support

Lyft Drive Phone Support

Up until now, drivers have only been able to get in contact with a person at Lyft in the even of an accident or safety incident. To do so, a driver could go to the Lyft Accident and Safety page and click the “Call Me” button. While Lyft has done a pretty good job answering many driver questions in their help center, sometimes a situation calls for help from a live person.

Now, Lyft is adding 24/7 phone support for drivers for all rides and issues. If a driver needs immediate assistance, they can tap the “Call Me” button in the help center contact form. Or, if a driver needs Lyft to call them back about a specific ride, follow these instructions.

1. Tap the ‘earnings tab’ and select the ride.

Lyft phone support

2. Tap ‘Get Help’ for quick FAQs. Often, many driver questions can be answered here.

Lyft Phone Number

3. If you can’t find the answer you’re looking for, tap ‘Call Me’ and a Lyft rep will call you back within two minutes

Lyft Call Me

This feature has just launched and may not be available everywhere yet.

Has this feature gone live in your Lyft market?

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