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Lyft and Hyrecar are teaming up on rideshare rentals

Great news, you can now get a car to Drive With Lyft through HyreCar. HyreCar is a peer to peer car sharing marketplace. A majority of the cars on the platform will come pre-certified for ridesharing thorugh Lyft.

Drive With Lyft with HyreCar

Hyre car will offer:

  • Peer-to-peer car rentals for Lyft
  • On-boarding through website and mobile app
  • Flexible renting options by day, week or month
  • Rentals available for drivers 21 years old and up

Driving with Lyft using HyreCar will let drivers who are thinking of buying or leasing a vehicle, experiment with a number of different options. If a driver is considering a Lyft Premier vehicle purchase, they can rent a qualifying vehicle from HyreCar to see how profitable it would be. If you’d like to receive a signup bonus for Lyft by using our code, check out our Lyft sign up bonus page for more information.


Download HyreCar, available for IOS and Android.

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