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Lyft Application Guide: What You Need to Know

Lyft Application Guide: What You Need to Know

Want to become a Lyft driver? Then you’ll need to complete the Lyft application. While it’s a fairly quick and simple process, there are a variety of issues that can arise if you make a mistake or aren’t prepared to meet the company’s requirements. Fortunately, the key to completing the Lyft driver application successfully is knowing what to expect. From driver qualifications to the steps involved, here’s your complete step-by-step guide to the Lyft application.

What You Need to Know About the Lyft Application

Simply wanting to become a Lyft driver isn’t enough to make your dream a reality; you’ll also need to match their list of requirements. First, you’ll need to meet Lyft’s fleet standards. Then, you’ll also need to match any state or local municipality requirements. It’s important that you review these criteria ahead of time to make sure that you don’t end up wasting time on the hiring process if you don’t qualify. Before you dive into the Lyft driver application, take a closer look at the rideshare company’s driver and vehicle standards, below.

Lyft Driver Requirement

Determining your eligibility for the Lyft fleet begins with you. Here’s a quick breakdown of Lyft’s driver requirements:

  • Age: All Lyft drivers must be 21 years old or older at the time of their application. Younger drivers may want to consider other options, like Caviar or Doordash, that offer a lower age restriction.
  • License: During the Lyft driver application process, the company will use your driver’s license number to verify your driving record. To qualify for their fleet, your license needs to have stayed up-to-date and current over the last year. Any expirations or suspensions during this time period will prevent your application from being approved.
  • Driving History: An excellent driving record is another must-have to join the Lyft fleet. Any drug- or alcohol-related incidents within the last seven years automatically disqualifies applicants. You also can’t have more than three traffic tickets over the past three years.
  • Criminal Record: The rideshare company also runs a criminal background check on all potential drivers. The presence of violent crime will eliminate you from the Lyft application process.

Remember: There may be requirement fluctuations based on the location where you plan to drive. It’s best to check state- and city-specific regulations before you begin the Lyft application process.

Lyft Vehicle Requirements

In addition to qualifying as a driver, you’ll also need to meet Lyft’s vehicle requirements. Whether you plan to use your vehicle or the vehicle of a family member, it needs to meet these standards:

  • Insurance: All Lyft vehicles must have adequate insurance coverage. The specifics of the policy need to match your state’s minimum coverage requirements. However, some insurance providers won’t extend the vehicle’s policy protections when it’s also used for business. As a result, it’s recommended that drivers look into rideshare insurance to ensure they’re fully protected in the event of an accident.
  • Registration: Your vehicle’s registration also needs to be up-to-date. If it’s close to expiring, you may want to go ahead and renew the plates before you begin your Lyft application. This precautionary step will ensure you don’t run into any issues.
  • Age: Vehicle age is one of the biggest location-specific variables of this process. In most territories, cars and SUVs under 15 years old will qualify. However, Lyft allows their drivers to rent a vehicle through their Lyft Express Drive program. If you don’t have a vehicle or yours doesn’t meet the minimum requirements, you can sign up to rent one during the Lyft application process.
  • Seating & Doors: All Lyft vehicles must offer at least five seats with functioning seatbelts. More seat availability can qualify you for the higher-earning vehicle types, like Lyft XL, because you’ll fit more passengers. Your car or SUV also needs to offer four doors to ensure convenience and safety to riders.

Some cities also set their own requirements. For instance, the Lyft application for prospective drivers in Portland, OR, requires that vehicles be 10 years old or newer. The rest of Oregon, on the other hand, follows the standard 15-year rule with the exception of Medford, which accepts vehicles that are 16 years old or newer. You can find the specific criteria for your area directly on Lyft’s website.

Currently, Lyft offers five different ride types. Achieving the standard requirements will allow you to Drive With Lyft or Lyft XL, depending on your vehicle’s seating availability. However, some cars and SUVs may also qualify to drive for the rideshare company’s more elite programs, which offer higher earning potential. The various ride styles include:

  • Lyft
  • Lyft XL
  • Lyft Lux
  • Lyft Lux Black
  • Lyft Lux Black XL

The Lyft Lux options require higher standards to provide a more luxurious experience for riders. In fact, for all Lyft Lux vehicles, the age requirement is restricted to 2011 models and newer. During the Lyft application process, the company will determine which ride-type qualifications your circumstances match.

How to Complete the Lyft Driver Application

Once you’re sure Lyft is the right rideshare company for you, you’re ready to apply. You can complete the Lyft driver application with a few easy steps, which will take you around 20 to 30 minutes. Here’s a quick walkthrough so that you know what to expect:

1. Create Your Lyft Driver Account

The first step in the Lyft application process is creating your driver account. After accessing the application page, you’ll enter your phone number. The rideshare company uses this step to verify that you have a reliable smartphone.

Lyft Express Drive Application

Next, the system will prompt you to enter the rest of the information required to create your account, including name, email, and city. This is also the screen where you’ll input a promo code. To help you reach your earning goals, use our Lyft driver referral code—MOVER. When all the boxes are filled in, hit “Next.”

Lyft Express Drive Promo Code Entry

2. Choose Your Preferred Driving Option

After creating your account, you’ll need to make a vehicle selection. If you want to rent a vehicle, pick the “Rent With Express Drive” option. To drive your own, then simply click “Add Personal Vehicle.”

Lyft Driver Promo Code - Your Vehicle Or Express Drive

3. Provide Vehicle Information

Next, you’ll provide more information regarding your vehicle, including year, make, and model. The vetting process also requires that you select the number of doors and seatbelts available.

Lyft Application - Add Vehicle

4. Complete Personal Information

Following the vehicle information, the Lyft application requires that you enter more specific personal data. Here, you’ll enter your legal identifiers, like name, social security information, and date of birth. You’ll also be required to provide your driver’s license information.

[Image of background check consent]

5. Consent to a Background Check

Next, you’ll need to give consent for a background check. This process will use the information provided on the previous page to pull your driving and criminal records. After reading the disclosure, you’ll click “Authorize” if you agree.

Lyft Application - Federal Background Check

6. Schedule Your Vehicle Inspection

Most Lyft markets require a vehicle inspection to verify the driver’s eligibility. If it’s included in your location’s criteria, the Lyft application will allow you to select a day and time for your inspection appointment. Alternatively, you can use a mobile inspection company like Rideshare Mechanic. They perform the Lyft vehicle inspection over video chat, so you don’t even have to go anywhere.

Lyft Application - Vehicle Inspection Location

7. Provide Documentation

After setting up your auto inspection, the Lyft driver application will ask you to upload any required documents. You can expect the criteria to differ by location, but it typically involves a copy of your driver’s license, a photograph of your license plates, and proof of insurance. The system will tell you exactly what you need to upload before completing your application.

Lyft application guide - document upload

Ace Your Lyft Application and Earn More

Now that you know what to expect from the Lyft driver application, it’s time to ace your application and hit the road. While your long-term earning potential is virtually endless as a driver, you can boost your short-term income by using a Lyft driver promo code. If you enter a Lyft driver promo code when you start your application, you could be eligible for a sign up bonus of up to $1,000. Click the link in the box below to get more information about your Lyft sign up bonus, now available in all U.S. and Canadian markets.

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