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Lyft To Begin Summer Gas Price Relief To Drivers

Lyft raising Fuel Rewards Discounts

The sharp rise in gas prices over the past couple of months has hit rideshare drivers hard. Gas is over 20% more expensive than this time last year. Even worse, prices are expected to rise further later this summer. Uber and Lyft drivers have even begun signing a petition asking the companies to help them pay for the rising gas prices.

Today, Lyft has responded to the problem by increasing Lyft drivers’ Shell fuel rewards to up to 50 cents per gallon. Currently, Lyft drivers who complete 10 or more rides per month achieve Silver status in Lyft’s Accelerate program. This gets them a discount of 5 cents per gallon at Shell stations.

Starting July 1,  Lyft is raising the discount amounts substantially, for Silver, Gold, and Platinum Accelerate drivers. Here are the new rates.

lyft shell fuel rewards rates


That’s a significant increase across the board. If you’re a part-time Lyft driver, your discount is doubled, which is pretty nice. But if you’re a gold or platinum Accelerate driver, that could mean a 10% – 25% discount on gas, depending on where you drive.

That’s going to be a significant help for many full time Lyft drivers. In some cases, the discount will knock out the increase in gas prices versus last year.

Lyft initiated this change based on discussions with the Lyft Driver Advisory Council. Lyft COO John McNeil noted, “The seasonal spike was the number one pain point shared with our Driver Advisory Council…and we’re addressing it.”

The Lyft Driver Advisory Council is made up of Lyft drivers from around the country. They act as a liason between Lyft and the driver community. This is definitely the most far reaching change to come out of the council.

Lyft driver advisory council

How To Get A Fuel Rewards Card?

If you’ve been driving with Lyft for a while, you probably already have a Fuel Rewards. If you do, keep using at as usual. You don’t have to get a new card or anything like that. Starting July 1, you should notice the higher discounts at the pump.

If you Drive With Lyft and don’t have a Fuel Rewards card, it’s pretty easy to get one. And it’s free! All you have to do is log in to your Lyft dashboard. Then, click on “Connected Services” as shown below, and create your Fuel Rewards account. If you already have a Fuel Rewards account, you can just log in from your Lyft dashboard and link it to your account.

lyft connected services shell fuel rewards

While you can only use your Fuel Rewards card at Shell gas stations, you can link it with a credit card to earn further gas discounts at Shell. For example, for every $50 you spend at participating restaurants, you can get an additional 15 cents per gallon discount. Fuel rewards also has partnerships with Choice Hotels (Comfort Inn, Econolodge), Budget, Priceline, Stop & Shop, and many others.

As it’s free and costs nothing to use, you really have nothing to lose by signing up for Fuel Rewards, and then connecting your Lyft account and a credit card.

How Will Uber Respond?

In the past, Lyft has at times been criticized for copying Uber. It seems the worm may have turned. Currently, the only way to get any kind of gas discount through Uber is to apply and be approved for the Uber Visa. Will Lyft’s move pressure Uber to implement some form of wide ranging gas relief for its drivers?

How Will Drivers Respond?

The number one complaint I hear from drivers this time of year is gas prices are too high. Lyft’s move should help, but will it get drivers out on the road more? What do you think of Lyft’s new increased fuel discounts? Let us know.