lyft driver earnings screen

Lyft Updating Driver App To Show Net Earnings

This will be welcome news for all Lyft drivers.

Currently, if a driver clicks on the earnings tab in the main screen of the driver app, the driver sees total ride payments for that day or week, before Lyft takes it’s commission. Most drivers would prefer to see their net take home pay on that screen.

However, in order to see net pay in the driver app, the driver has to first click on their photo in the upper left hand corner, then click “Dashboard” and then click “Driving History” to see what their take home pay is. Quite the process.

Towards the end of this week (October 18th), this will be changing. Lyft will be releasing an update to the driver app which will show driver earnings under the earnings tab, instead of total ride payments.

This is a welcome change that Lyft drivers have been wanting for some time.

This screen will be changing to show net driver earnings!

lyft driver earnings screen