Poshmark Image Tips

Poshmark Starter Tips: Image Quality Is Everything

Thinking of launching your next side hustle by selling clothes online? Then you’ve most likely heard of Poshmark, which has taken the ecommerce world by storm.

What Is Poshmark And How Do I Use It?

Poshmark is a digital marketplace where people can buy and sell new or used clothing, shoes and accessories online.

To sell on Poshmark, simply download their app, available for IOS (Apple) and Android, and sign up for an account.

Once you activate your account, you take a picture of an item, upload it to your Poshmark closet, and list it for sale.


While some use Poshmark as their entire means of income (dedicating 40+ hours per week), others have found the app good for a lucrative side hustle. The beauty of Poshmark is that users have total freedom to leverage its possibilities for as little or as much as they would like.

The application has 4 million daily sellers, and according to Manish Chandra, founder and CEO of Poshmark, is “the largest social commerce marketplace in the U.S. that continues to innovate in both resale and retail fashion markets.”

There are many tips and tricks to boost sales, but the most important thing about getting started is understanding the importance of presentation and image quality.

Poshmark Image Tips – A Lazy, Blurry Photo Could Cost You Everything

OK, that was hyperbole. But see that girl over there selling the same shoes as you? The one who took the time to take well-lit photos and curate a cute #ootd to go along with them? Yeah. She’s gonna get the sale.

Before you run out and purchase pricey photography equipment, know that your images don’t have to be professional quality, so there’s no need to spend a fortune.

However, do take some time to experiment with natural lighting, different backdrops, and various surface textures within your home.

Poshmark Image Backdrop Compare


A free element to utilize is natural sunlight (but filtered with gauze or sheer curtains) to showcase your items. This works especially well when you are modeling your clothing or shoes (more on self-modeling later).

If you have warm wood floors—even better! Your look will pop as the natural light creates a warm halo effect, softening your entire look. When shooting flat lays (more on this later as well), try placing on white marble counters or against interesting tile if available.

These may seem like trivial decisions, but we live in a world where aesthetics matter.

When binge shopping on Poshmark, you’re much more likely to click on images that are clearer, higher quality, clearly lit, and present the item for sale in a way that looks visually appealing. No one likes their time wasted with misleading images.

For instance, you may find a heavily discounted pair of Adidas Stan Smith Sneakers, and upon clicking through you don’t realize until the fifth image why they’re so cheap. The pictures were so dark and poorly lit you couldn’t see how stained and damaged they were at first.

(Side note: it’s 100% okay to sell soiled or damaged products as long as you state upfront their quality. Many have the resources to repair shoes or clothing so they actively look for damaged and therefore discounted products).

Using Stock Images From Online Retailers

This is totally fine and even recommended, but do expect to mix in photos of the actual product you own.

Poshmark - Amateur vs. Pro


Interested buyers will request these to ensure product quality. If you are selling designer items, they may also request serial numbers and even proof of receipt.

Don’t feel attacked if someone requests proof. This means you have serious buyers that want your product! There are many people hocking fake designer goods on Poshmark, and while the community is great about calling out scammer accounts, people just need reassurance.

If you do use stock images, the best practice is to place an image credit in the listing.

Poshmark Item Listing Pro Image


A Note on Designer Goods

Poshmark verifies all luxury items priced at $500 and above. Once purchased, the seller will ship the piece directly to Poshmark Headquarters for authentication.

Upon arrival, the Poshmark Luxury Team will check the item for proper logos, tags, materials used, hardware, quality, and serial numbers. Once all of this information is confirmed, the item will be shipped out to the buyer. If things don’t check out, the buyer’s money will be refunded immediately.

Poshmark has wonderful policies in place that protect each and every buyer, not just those buying luxury materials.

If you purchase an item under $500, it won’t be subject to the verification process—but you will still be protected under “Posh Protect,” which means if your item doesn’t match the listed description, you will also receive a full refund.

Poshmark Caveats With Designer Goods

If something seems too good to be true (for instance, Balenciaga sneakers that retail at $800 selling for $300) this should signal someone trying to find a loophole around the $500 authentication mark. On top of this, if they are selling the item in several sizes, many will assume the items are fake. This isn’t an across the board stereotype—just a word to the wise.

Styling and Branding

This may strike you as gratuitous, but take a moment to browse sellers on Poshmark (and even eBay) whose sales are in the hundreds and even thousands. These girls have a persona.

They have clientele that check their inventory on a daily basis, knowing they often have their favorite designer items—just discounted! Embrace your own personal taste when styling your photos while also keeping abreast of what’s currently relevant.

Try modeling your clothes on a professional dressmakers’ mannequin (which has an artisan, hip look) or photograph your dresses on a beautiful clothing rack with nice hangers (satin, suede etc.). This will always look better than using a cheap plastic hanger you found at the back of your closet.

For more basic items (simple tanks) try a flat lay.

This is when you lay an item against an appealing surface (read: not your unwashed bed sheets) and photograph them from directly above. Curate an entire suggested outfit next to the item laying flat.

Poshmark Lay Flat Outfit


Think a fun necklace, shoes, a cute jacket, or a cross body bag. The more you help the potential buyer contextualize how he or she can use your item, the more you increase the likelihood of a sale. You’ve essentially created a story for your shopper on how she or he could have fun wearing your piece.

Don’t Overlook Your Profile Image

People are naturally drawn to a fun, inspiring online presence. If your profile image speaks to that demographic, you’ll have a larger reach.

Call it superficial, call it a marketing ploy, but the truth is online shoppers are seeking out a lifestyle, and your first impression is your profile pic. It also helps them feel closer to you. After all, Poshmark is meant to be a social network where sellers often interact with commenters and likers.

There is also a feature called “Meet Your Posher.” This shows up as a listing on your Poshmark page and allows for up to eight images.

Poshmark - Meet The Posher


You can show images of yourself living your best life; you can list out your height, weight, and body type, which is helpful for buyers when you model clothes; and you can also make permanent deals or important sales details available to your buyers (bundle discounts, how often you post new products, if part of your sales go to a charity, and so on).

The more you share about yourself, the more people feel a connection with you and you can bridge that ever important buyer-seller trust.

If you take anything away from this article, the message is to spend a little extra time planning out what your brand is, curate each sale listing, put your best face forward, have fun, and photograph accordingly!