Christy Dawn Poshmark

Sample Sale Brands with High Resell Value on Poshmark & eBay

So you’re thinking of starting an online boutique. Have you chosen your platform? Poshmark, eBay, or Depop? What about brands?

Would it surprise you to know that certain brands carry greater mark-up or resale value than others? While the heavyweights like Chanel, Valentino, Balenciaga, Gucci, Hermes, Celine, and Birkin are no-brainers in terms of resale value and vintage worth (1) — there are some newcomers on the fashion scene that sway heavy with the online crowd and we’re here for it.

Have you ever been to a Stone Cold Fox sample sale? Not only are the sample sales an event to behold, they’re also are an exercise in modern-day Spartanism of the fashion world. A general rule of thumb to follow when gauging how well your items will resell online is to see how savage the people at the sample sales are.

Local Brands That the Rest of the Country Wants

If you live in a metropolitan, fashion-forward city, you are already one step ahead. Having access to local brands that carry national recognition is a major plus. If you have the opportunity to hit up a sample sale grabbing designer goods for a fraction of the retail price, there are going to be shoppers who don’t have direct access to these brands in more remote parts of the country (or world) who will pay premium dollar for said items. These brands are not usually household names (unless you’re a fashion-buff) and fashion buffs are exactly who you are targeting with this one. Our top picks for this category are Christy Dawn and Doen.

Model Friends

Okay, so when models love a particular clothing line and appear to be friend-adjacent to the creators of the company (we’re looking at you Stone Cold Fox), the demand for the brand skyrockets. Stone Cold Fox clothes are made incredibly well, with gorgeous fabrics, silks, and lace. The online fashion community goes bananas for this brand. If a certain item sells out, online sellers have been known to hock items for double!


There have even been reports of online sellers listing sold out items that they haven’t even procured yet, and then frantically searching for the dress listed at a lower price from some unsuspecting newbie (don’t do this). Fist fights have broken out over these items at sample sales, so proceed with caution on this one.

Hot AF But Totally Uncomfortable Swimwear

We’re not sure if people are actually wearing the swimwear made by Beach Riot and Minimale Animale in public, or just in the privacy of their own homes, but we do know one thing — these brands can’t stay on the shelves long enough! Most of the suits from these lines are completely see-through, made with mesh, or go so far up your bum that it would literally be impossible to walk safely from your beach towel to the ocean. We’re thinking that the models hired to shoot the campaigns for these brands have super hot bodies, which would by why sales for these items stay in high demand at all times.

Tweenie Brands

Nobody said you had to resell brands you actually wanted to wear. Or maybe you’re a super precocious high-schooler looking to make some side bank. Either way, these two brands are hot like fire with the high school kids and young adult crowd. More often than not, they partner with Stone Cold Fox, Jen’s Pirate Booty, and Beach Riot for massive group sample sales. Our top picks in this category are Novella Royalle and Luv Aj.

Old School Giants

So back to what we said about the legends of fashion history. We’re going to call these brands THE LEGENDS. Let’s start with Legend #1. Chanel has always been a no-brainer in terms of reselling contemporary items, as well as pre-loved vintage items. Did you know media outlets said that a Chanel bag was a better (and safer) investment than buying a house!? (3,4) As if you needed any more convincing to run out and buy that Chanel you’ve wanted for the past 15 years.

Then there is the infamous Hermes Birkin bag that pretty much every celebrity has carried at one point or another. The price tag on this one is not small, but the Birkin alone is expected to double in value in the next 10 years. (5) As for the last Legend, you may not like it, but you’ve definitely seen it. It’s the somewhat gauche Louis Vuitton bag, which honestly seems like more of a status symbol than anything else.

So there it is. We’ve offered some brands that have been making waves recently, and some that have staying potential as industry classics. We’ve tried to offer a wide range of pricing as well. There aren’t many people who can afford to buy a Chanel just to make some dough over the next several years (but if you are able to do so, get. it. girl.). If you don’t see your favorite on here — don’t worry — the tastes of the fashion world shift all the time. Also, keep in mind that people all over the world are using Poshmark. Don’t hesitate to list your sexy Patagonia coat just because its summer. It’s freezing cold somewhere in the world! Thanks to technology, making that sale is just a button tap away.