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Postmates Promo Code

Postmates Promo Code: Get $100 In Postmates Free Delivery With A Postmates Coupon

The easiest way to get $100 in free Postmates delivery is to sign up using a Postmates Promo Code.

To take advantage of your Postmates promo code as a new user, download the Postmates app, sign up for the service, and enter your promo code before you complete your first purchase. You will need to enter your payment information for future deliveries, but Postmates won’t charge your credit card until you’ve used the full amount of your Postmates coupon.

You can sign up for Postmates with a promo code good for $100 in free delivery by clicking HERE, or the button below.


If you have already downloaded the Postmates app, follow the instructions below to apply the Postmates coupon code MUHL to your account.

How To Enter A Postmates Code in the Postmates App

1. Open the Postmates app, and click in the upper left hand corner of the app.

Postmates Promo Code Instructions - Home Screen

2. Click once more in the upper left hand corner to get to the settings screen.

Postmates Promo Code Instructions - Profile Screen

3. Once on the settings screen, click “Add Code”.

Postmates Promo Code Instructions - Add Postmates Code

4. Now, enter the Postmates code MUHL and click apply.

Enter Postmates Coupon Code

If you haven’t ordered from Postmates yet, you should now have a Postmates coupon good for $100 in free delivery credits.

Where Can I Order From Using The Postmates App?

You can use the Postmates delivery app to order from your favorite restaurant or store. There are literally thousands of restaurants and stores in the Postmates app.

So, whether you need an extra bottle of wine for your dinner party, or a meal for two delivered to your home, Postmates has your back.

Or, if you think you’ll need some aspirin after that dinner party, you can use the Postmates app to order from Walgreens, CVS, 7-Eleven, and many more.

The best thing about Postmates is the variety of restaurants you can order from.

For example, you can order from your favorite local fine dining establishment. But, you can also order something more casual from places like Sonic, Popeye’s, or McDonald’s. Just recently, Postmates even added the Lebron James backed pizza chain Blaze to the app.

Basically, if there is a place in your town that you want to get food from, you can probably order it through Postmates.

How Much Does Postmates Cost (service and delivery fees)?

Postmates charges a delivery fee and sometimes, a service fee. A Postmates Coupon can usually knock out the delivery fee, but not the service fee.

Postmates has in-network and out of network restaurants and stores. Here is the delivery pricing structure for both.

Postmates Pricing

  • In Network – The delivery fee is $3.99 with no service fees.
  • Out Of Network Merchants – The delivery fee is $5.99, with a variable service fee, capped at $20.
  • Postmates Unlimited Subscribers – No delivery fee from any merchant as long as the order basket is over $20. Service fees still apply to out of network merchants.

Postmates used to price out of network deliveries based on distance. That is no longer the case. The Postmates service fee is usually around 15 – 20% of the order total.

Each week, Postmates waives the delivery fee for certain Postmates partner restaurants.

Postmates Blitz (surge pricing)

Postmates wouldn’t be an on demand app without some form of surge pricing. When it gets really busy, Postmates implements Blitz pricing to encourage Postmates drivers to go online. During Postmates blitz times, delivery prices will be higher. Luckily, if you use a Postmates promo code when you sign up, you’ll have a Postmates Coupon applied that knocks out those delivery charges!

However, if you subscribe to Postmates Unlimited (see program information below), you will never pay any Postmates blitz charges (or delivery fees).

Tipping On Postmates

After your delivery person drops off your items, you can tip them right in the app. Postmates suggests tipping around 15% – 20% of the order total.

If you don’t want to tip in the app, that’s alright too. Postmates drivers are happy to take a cash tip. In fact, many drivers prefer cash tips.

In any case, you are definitely expected to tip when you use Postmates. Whether your delivery driver is part time or full time, they work hard to get your order to you quickly. Often, the delivery driver is able to pick up your order and deliver it to your place in about 30 minutes.

What Is Postmates Unlimited?

We mentioned above a service called Postmates Unlimited. This service is similar to Amazon Prime Now, but unfortunately, there is currently no original television programming available from your Postmates couriers.

Postmates Unlimited costs $9.99 month. For that, you get free delivery (without a Postmates code) from the more than 250,000 merchants in the Postmates app, as long as you order more than $20 worth of goods. This include places like Pink Dot, Apple, Chipotle, and Starbucks. Yes, if you wish, you can order a Caramel Macchiato to help get your day going.

Postmates Unlimited subscribers still must pay service fees for out of network merchants.

Even so, if you plan on ordering from Postmates more than twice a month, Postmates Unlimited basically pays for itself.

Postmates Promo Code Advice For Existing Users

Existing Postmates users have things a little more difficult when it comes to finding a working Postmates promo code. You may see offers for a Postmates coupon for existing customers, but be wary. Few of these are legitimate.

The most reliable way to get discounts as an existing Postmates user is encourage your friends and family to sign up. You will have a Postmates referral code you can give out to new users. When each person you refer starts using Postmates, you can get Postmates discounts and delivery credits.

How Does Postmates Work?

Like many app-based solutions, Postmates doesn’t see itself as limited by its immediate function. They’re not just trying to deliver goods to customer efficiently. They want to revolutionize the way goods travel around cities.

Postmates Coupon to order the wine

Forgot the wine? Just Postmates it.

To do this, the company deploys what it calls its Urban Logistics platform. Like more traditional logistics, this platform connects customers with local couriers. The difference here is that instead of a semi truck hauling dry ice, Postmates’ couriers are often hipsters on bikes drinking even more locally sourced cold brew than the Starbucks they might deliver.

The Postmates revolution extends to merchants as well. Business owners want to offer their goods to customers by casting as wide a net as possible, and Postmates facilitates that goal. This leads to less overstock on their shelves and more customers in the know about what they offer.

What Is Postmates And How Did It Start?

Postmates started operating in 2011. Since then, the company has spread throughout the United States to cities such as San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago, Nashville, and Boston. Currently, Postmates is available in over 200 cities, so this list barely scratches the surface.

Currently, Postmates couriers deliver over a million items to customers each month. The company offers customers the ability to choose the items they want to be delivered from a variety of stores. It’s not unlike Grubhub or ordering food for delivery directly from a restaurant.

One of the things that sets Postmates apart is the time savings it offers. Since everyday items and groceries are on the list of items available in most Postmates locations, ordering from the app offers users the ability to save all that pesky time waiting in lines.

So if a customer is looking for a Big Mac for fuel, a Starbucks nitro cold brew for a perk up after their meal (as horrible for the digestive system as that combination sounds), and a toothbrush and toothpaste to clean up after themselves, they can order all of those items from the Postmates app.

How Postmates Compares to Its Competitors

Let’s get into the specific benefits that Postmates offers in comparison to the other delivery services on the market. Surely, they can’t all be created equal.

Amazon Prime Now

First up, we’ve got the delivery service of one of the largest companies in the world. Obviously, Amazon Prime Now has quite a bit of muscle behind it. But does this behind-the-scenes support translate into a world-class service?

Items Offered: Everything. Amazon Prime Now offers customers the ability to purchase food from local restaurants. It also offers fresh groceries through its Amazon Fresh service. Produce and dry goods are both available in massive quantities. There is also a whole wing of goods other than food, including detergent, electronics, and office supplies.

Delivery Options: You can choose delivery in a one-hour window or delivery within a two-hour window.

Delivery Fees: Two-hour delivery is free. One-hour delivery costs an extra $7.99 per order.

Order Tracking: Amazon Prime Now offers real-time delivery tracking, from the shopping process when an order is placed all the way up to final delivery.

Areas Served: The service is currently available in the following cities: New York City, Miami, Baltimore, Dallas, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Austin, Chicago, and Indianapolis.

Tipping Policy: Tipping is not required, but all tips go directly to your courier for the order.

Minimum Order: Amazon requires a $15 minimum for delivery, whether you choose the two-hour or one-hour option.



DoorDash started in 2013, so it’s even newer to the on demand scene than Postmates. It sets itself apart with 24/7 customer support, but let’s see how it compares to the other services in our standard criteria.

Items Offered: Food and drink only.

Delivery Options: There is a single delivery option at DoorDash. Just like when you order a pizza, the company’s “Dashers” will do their best to get to you as quickly as they can.

Delivery Fees: Delivery fees usually range from $5 to $8 per order.

Order Tracking: DoorDash’s software is installed on Dashers’ phones. This allows customers to track the pickup of their food and get estimates on delivery time.

Areas Served: There are 600 markets in the United States and Canada in which DoorDash operates.

Tipping Policy: Tipping is not required through DoorDash but only in the sense that tipping is not necessarily required anywhere. It’s absolutely expected.

Minimum Order: There is no minimum order requirement with DoorDash.



Our hunt for the perfect food delivery system continues. Grubhub is a big contender here. It’s a well-established company with name recognition.

Items Offered: Food, food, and more food! Grubhub is synonymous with delivery these days. Local restaurants see partnering with Grubhub as essential, and many customers think of ordering from Grubhub rather than ordering takeout directly through the restaurant.

Delivery Options: Similar to DoorDash, Grubhub does not offer multiple or expedited delivery options. You order what you order, and Grubhub’s drivers do their best to get it to you as quickly as is safe and possible.

Delivery Fees: Variable. Grubhub partners closely with local restaurants, and it conforms much more to their individual policies. Restaurants can set delivery fees with Grubhub or offer delivery for free.

Order Tracking: This is the area in which Grubhub is most deficient. The company does not offer a standardized tracking system. To find out the stage of delivery your order is in, you’ll need to call the restaurant you ordered from directly.

Areas Served: On the flip side, here is the big benefit of Grubhub. The company operates in more than 1,600 United States cities and also in London. All told, there are nearly 100,000 restaurants listed on Grubhub across the entire platform.

Tipping Policy: Just like DoorDash and most other food delivery services, tipping is expected through Grubhub. The company suggests a $5 or 20% tip on each order, whichever is greater. This is something all on demand companies should suggest to their customers.

Minimum Order: Once again, this is set by the restaurants themselves. Grubhub does not require a minimum order, but most restaurants do. It can vary widely from restaurant to restaurant.



Here is what you came for. There is a wide spectrum of ways in which these services differ. How does Postmates stack up?

Items Offered: Like Amazon Prime Now, Postmates takes a wide angle lens to its offerings. You can get standard food orders through Postmates. But, you can also order groceries, toiletries, and staplers, to name just a few things.

Delivery Options: Postmates does not offer multiple time windows for its deliveries. But since Postmates uses the algorithm in its logistics platform to pair customers with couriers, delivery times are minimized.

Delivery Fees: See Postmates fee structure above.

Order Tracking: Postmates offers customers a tracking screen that guides them through the process of the order being accepted, prepared, picked up, and out for delivery.

Areas Served: As previously mentioned, Postmates operates in hundreds of cities across the United States and Canada

Tipping Policy: Postmates operates under the standard “honor system” tipping policy. However, as with most on demand apps, tipping is expected.

Minimum Order: For customers who subscribe to Postmates Unlimited, the company’s subscription service that costs $9.99 and renews each month, orders over $20 come with free delivery. Postmates has been in the process of lowering this figure for a couple years now. Customers who do not belong to the Postmates Plus Unlimited program pay $3.99 for delivery on each order.


Uber Eats

It’s not just rides that Uber offers. The company also literally brings food to the table now. Here is the way that looks compared to the other delivery services.

Items Offered: It’s implied in the name. Uber Eats only offers food delivery. However, that is not limited to restaurants only. The service can also pick up and deliver from some grocery stores.

Delivery Options: It seems Amazon Prime Now is the only standout in this category. Uber Eats offers the standard promise of delivery as quickly as possible, but there is no expedited option.

Delivery Fees: The flat Uber Eats booking fee is usually around $4.99, but it can vary. One of the ways it varies is with the addition of fees for high-traffic areas. UberEats tends to surge more than the other delivery services.

Order Tracking: Customers can observe the progress of their food to them via Uber Eats the same way they can anticipate the approach of their ride through Uber.

Areas Served: Uber Eats is located in hundreds of cities not just in North America but also in South America and Europe.

Tipping Policy: Uber claims its tipping policy for Uber Eats is that “tips aren’t included and they aren’t expected or required.” But like the other services, it would be pretty poor form not to tip your Uber Eats driver.

Minimum Order: There is no minimum order with Uber Eats.


Sit Back, Order Using Your Postmates Promo Code, And Enjoy Your Goods

As you can see, Postmates compares pretty favorably to the other delivery apps. The company has high-tech logistics in place that assure customers of shorter delivery times. It’s a courier-friendly service, and its service area is large and growing quickly.

A Postmates promo code is a great way to get free delivery as a new user. But existing users shouldn’t fret. You can always get discounts by sending your Postmates code to new users.

In the meantime, join up with Postmates and use our Postmates Coupon (MUHL) to pay no delivery fees.