Uber Customer Support

Uber Customer Service – How Uber Riders Can Contact Uber

Both passengers and drivers alike want the simplest way to contact Uber support for assistance, but the task isn’t as straightforward as you’d imagine. The rideshare company has utilized a variety of techniques and contact platforms over the years, including direct email and click-to-chat, but only a few options remain. Continue reading to figure out which contact method matches your Uber customer service needs.

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Uber Customer Service for Riders

For Uber customers, there are three main ways to contact customer service:

  • Over the phone 
  • Online
  • Through the app

All of these options will help you connect with a passenger support member, but there are set protocols for the type and severity the of situation you’re dealing with. Take a closer look at each, below.

How to Reach Uber Customer Service By Phone

While the easiest way to reach Uber is through the app, sometimes that’s not possible.

Often, people need to contact Uber to retrieve a lost item. But what if that lost item is your phone. Then you have no way to access the app. In that case, first try using a friend’s phone to call the Uber support phone number.

Uber Rider Support Phone Number


However, you may not be able to get through on that line (it doesn’t always work). If that’s the case, simply follow the instructions below

How To Reach Your Uber Driver If You Left Your Phone In The Uber

If you left your phone in the Uber, visit the phone recovery page on the Uber site and follow these steps.

  1. Scroll down on the page and sign in to your Uber account.
  2. Then enter a friend’s phone number who is with you. Tap submit. You must be signed into your account.
  3. Uber will call the number you enter to connect you directly with your driver’s mobile number.

How to Reach Uber Customer Service Online

While the company tried out email and chat support, it has since eradicated these customer service options from its roster. The only time you’ll communicate by email with Uber support is after you submit an inquiry from their website.

To reach the customer service team, you need to visit Uber’s online help center. This section of their website allows you to access your account information as well as browse a variety of how-to articles to troubleshoot your issue. The best way to actually reach a person is to search for a guide that matches your specific problem. After you click on it, scroll down until you reach the contact form in the article. After they receive your inquiry, they’ll respond by email.

Passengers can also reach Uber customer service via Twitter and Facebook. The company has multiple Twitter handles, but for expert assistance, you should use @Uber_Support. This page is dedicated solely to helping customers with non-emergency issues, and it’s consistently active. On Facebook, you can send a message directly to them through messenger or by clicking “Send Message” on their profile.

Uber Customer Service Contact


On social media, you shouldn’t expect an individual response every time. For problems affecting multiple clients, like an outage, their customer service team will send out updates with general tweets or posts instead of addressing each person individually. If the situation isn’t widespread, then you may receive a reply or direct message detailing the next steps you need to take. This process can take around 24 to 48 hours.

How to Access Uber Customer Service Through the App

Reaching the customer service team through the Uber rider app is similar to the process on their website. You’ll need to choose the “Help” category from the main menu. Instead of browsing article categories, you can report an issue directly from the trip log. Here’s a walk through of how to use the app to contact an Uber support agent.

Uber Customer Support Walkthrough


How to Resolve the Most Common Uber Customer Issues

If your issue doesn’t fall into the emergency category, your best shot at receiving assistance is through their app or online help center. Fortunately, if your issue is a common one, it’s much easier to rectify it. The two most common problems passengers experience are lost items and charge inaccuracies. Here are the most efficient ways to fix both of these issues.

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Rectifying Overcharges or Requesting a Refund From Uber

Since you’re automatically charged after your ride is over, there’s no way for you to question a trip charge or usage fee before you pay. As a result, you need to contact the Uber support team to have the issue reviewed as soon as possible.

Uber customer support in app trip issue 1


To do this in the app, you need to open the “Help” tab from the main menu. From there, you’ll choose the most recent trip, which will bring up a button that reads, “Report an issue…”. Tapping it will reveal a list of potential issues including, “I had an issue with my fare”—click that option. The app will then request that you enter any details regarding why you think the charge is incorrect, and upon submission, it’s sent to an Uber customer service agent for review. A team member will then contact you via message through the app.

Uber customer support in app trip issue 2


You can also accomplish this task by using Uber’s online customer service center. First, you’ll need to log in. Next, choose the ‘Trip issues and refunds” tab at the top and select the ride from your trip history. To access the message feature, you need to choose one of the articles that pops up on the page that relates to your problem, i.e, something to do with “fares” or “receipts.” Once you click an article, you’ll then have the ability to send a message to the Uber customer service team. This contact option is typically associated with an email response from a representative.

Retrieving a Lost Item From an Uber Ride

Just as you can easily drop something in your own vehicle, you can lose it in an Uber. If the driver notices the left behind item before you, they will contact the customer service team through the driver app, who will in turn contact you. However, the busy schedule of many drivers means that you’ll probably notice you’ve lost something before they do.

To retrieve your belongings, you should contact the Uber support team in the same manner outlined above. Instead of choosing the fare option in the app, you’ll click “I lost an item.” The same verbiage is used on their website. After the team receives your message, they’ll contact the driver to arrange a meeting for you to retrieve the object.

Uber “Customer” Service for Drivers

Uber offers more direct support for their drivers. Not only can you access the partner-equivalent of the Uber customer service team through the app and online, but you also have the ability to speak with a human representative over the phone. Here’s a closer look at how drivers can reach Uber support.

How Uber Driver Can Reach Uber Support Directly By Phone

Unlike their customer service phone options, Uber drivers can reach assistance with a few taps inside of their app. To locate support, open your driver app and open up the “Account” section. Next, click on “Help” and you’ll see a phone icon in the upper righthand corner. Simply tap the icon and then click “Call Support” to be connected with an expert.

Direct Phone Number For Uber Driver Support

The direct dial number for Uber driver support is 1-800-593-7069.

For emergencies, utilize the same number as passengers: (800) 353-UBER.

Uber Driver App - Speak To An Agent


How to Reach Uber Support Online and Through the Driver App

As with passengers, you can also get help in the form of messages online and through the Uber app. On both platforms, you’ll need to jump through some hoops to obtain support access by navigating through your account options.

For the app, access the “Help” tab. From here, you’ll select the “Trips and Fare Review” option under where it says “Report an Issue.” Choose the trip on which the problem occurred and pick the problems from the menu provided. If you don’t find what you need, you should call the general support line directly.

The Best Way to Reach Uber Customer Service

Uber doesn’t make it quite as easy as traditional companies to reach their customer service team, but they do try to streamline the process by limiting the contact points. They also try to get ahead of the issue by providing numerous guides and how-tos on their website. For riders, the articles in their help section are the best place to start because they’re quicker than waiting for an answer. However, if you can’t find what you’re looking for, send in a service request as soon as possible.