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Uber Losses Narrow, Lyft Gets IPO Roadshow Ready, And Grab Takes Pets

This Week In The Gig Economy — Feb. 22, 2019

To make sure you’re up-to-date on the latest news, here’s what made headlines this week across the gig economy.

Uber Reports Fourth Quarter Losses, Files New York Lawsuit, and Expands Freight Team

Late last week, Uber released its 2018 fourth quarter financial report. The company announced an $865 million loss, which was significantly less than their actual $1.2 billion loss thanks to a federal tax benefit. In terms of pro forma, the amount translates to $768 million. While such a loss may sound concerning, it’s actually less than last year’s Q3 loss of $939 million. They also increased their gross bookings total by 11 percent.

Uber also filed a lawsuit against New York City. Back in August of last year, the city council enacted new restrictions designed to regulate the city’s ridesharing industry. One of the laws restricts the number of new drivers allowed on transportation sharing platforms, like Lyft and Uber. Uber is suing to reverse that particular regulation.

On another note, the rideshare company is looking to take Uber Freight global. After losing two of the program’s founders to Turvo earlier this month, the company has added two new team members to help expand its operations. Andrew Smith will step into the head of global sales role while Bar Ifrach is set to become the head of marketplace. Previously, Smith served as vice president of field and commercial sales at Box, and Ifrach was the director of data science at Airbnb.

3DEN Announces $2 Million Funding Round

Based out of New York, 3DEN hopes to bridge the gap between Airbnb and WeWork with short-term, on-demand urban space rentals. The startup has raised $2 million in its seed round to bring this concept to life. The funding round consisted of eight investors and was led by Graphene Ventures and b8ta.

Currently, the company is in the process of building its first location in New York City. While the development isn’t finished yet, the space includes meditation areas, private showers, communal sections, and sleeping pods. Upon completion, visitors can utilize the facilities for around $6 for every 30-minute session.

Lyft’s Throws Shade, Gets Ready For An IPO Roadshow, and Supports California EPA Lawsuit

While Uber’s loss report may unsteady their IPO standing, it didn’t prevent Lyft’s John Zimmer from throwing some shade. In an interview with CNN, the rideshare company’s co-founder claimed to be underwhelmed by Uber, even referring to the competitor as jerks.

“We’re in a time where it’s more interesting to hear about people that are maybe jerks, to say it mildly.”

While Zimmer may have no qualms speaking publicly about his dislike of the rival company, Uber’s not the only one that’s faced PR issues. Earlier this year, Lyft filed its own lawsuit against New York City to reverse a law requiring rideshare platforms to pay their drivers minimum wage. Regardless of their reasoning, their objection to increased wages caused some backlash both within and outside of the industry.

However, the company’s latest lawsuit news is having the opposite effect in many circles. Last Thursday, Lyft filed a federal appeals court brief supporting California’s lawsuit against the EPA. The federal agency decided last April to reverse previous fuel emission standards put in place for the auto industry. As of now, there isn’t a court date set for the proceedings.

While both Uber and Lyft are racing towards their IPO’s, Lyft seems to have the inside track. They’ve scheduled their IPO roadshow to begin the week of March 18, which means Lyft should be a public company by early April.

Thumbtack Announces Benefits Offering for Freelancers

A popular platform for on demand services, Thumbtack is breaking the gig economy mold by offering independent contractors benefits. The company is launching a pilot program with Alia that allows customers the option to pay money toward a contractor’s benefits, which includes life insurance, worker’s compensation coverage, and paid time off. Thumbtack will also add $25 to the fund for each individual that joins the program. However, only on-demand residential cleaners based in California and New York are currently invited.

The treatment of freelancers, especially in the on demand sectors, has been brought into question over the past year. From pay to operation costs, the gig economy’s fast rise has left little time for honest discussions and policy improvements pertaining to the welfare of contractors. Thumbtack’s move to offer a benefits program, even in a limited testing state, gives it a vast advantage over other companies in the industry.

StarOfService Reports Profits After Business Model Change

Serving essentially as Thumbtack’s European counterpart, StarOfService has announced it’s achieved a profitable January. The news comes after the on-demand company reorganized their business model. Instead of charging customers to list a job request, the cost is passed on the contractor once the client has reached out to them for service.

Even though the company reportedly processes over $70 million in transactions every month, it struggled to achieve profitable status in the past. Such a situation is common for startups, especially as they’re rapidly growing their services and expanding their market locations. Yet their ability to evolve into a profitable business this early on gives them a competitive edge in an incredibly fierce market.

Grab Goes Pet-Friendly

It’s official – the Singapore based rideshare and delivery services giant Grab was named one of the most innovative companies in the world. Grab was able to do so by broadening their horizons. Originally, the app offered delivery services, rideshare options, and travel booking options. Now, the company offers a variety of logistic services such as financial services, scooter rentals, and most recently – GrabPet.

This week Grab announced the newest pet-friendly transport service. While GrabPet is still in beta, this transportation option will solve the continued struggle of the urban pet parent, solidifying Grab as the ultimate user app in Singapore.

While Grab was beaten out by Chinese tech firm Meituan Dianping for the number one spot, Grab was ranked the second most innovative company. After expanding their services to better suit their users, Grab hit $1 billion dollars in revenue in 2018. Grab also managed to drive their chief competitor, Uber, out of the region in 2018.

As the company continues to expand its service lines and experiences, GrabPet only advances the companies position as the leading service option in Singapore.


Lyft default tipping in app

Lyft Drivers Suggest Default Tipping – Lyft Says Yes!

Letting riders set a default tip percentage has been on plenty of rideshare drivers wish lists. If you’re a Lyft driver, you can cross that item off the list. Today, Lyft announced they are adding a default tipping option to the Lyft rider app.

Not only that – but Lyft is also adding a few more tipping and ratings features, and have committed to rolling out a new app feature or driver suggested enhancement each month.

Lyft Default Tipping And In-Ride Tipping

Tipping has always been a core concept at Lyft. Lyft riders were able to tip drivers in the app years before Uber finally added the feature (in 2017!). Lyft also redesigned the rider app tip screen this past summer, resulting in a 20% increase in the amount earned from tips by Lyft drivers!

Now, riders will be able to set a default tip percentage for all future rides.


Lyft is also giving riders the ability to add a tip during the ride. More than half of Lyft riders open the app during a trip. When they do that in the future, they’ll be presented with an option to add a tip to the current ride.

These new tipping features will roll out to some riders in December, with a wider rollout through early 2019.

Lyft drivers have currently collected almost $1 billion in tips, and these moves are almost certain to increase the rate at which Lyft passengers tip.

Lyft Default 5 Star Ratings & Driver Ratings Protection

Besides the new tipping features, Lyft is making three key changes to the driver ratings system:

  • If a rider doesn’t rate a driver, the system will default to a 5 star rating.
  • Lyft will continuously remove a driver’s single lowest rating for every 100 rides they give.
  • Riders will be asked to qualify any ratings less than 5 stars and if the issue was outside the control of the driver, the rating will not be counted.

These are some great changes. Even great drivers will get a 1 or 2 star every now and then. This way, you get a mulligan once every 100 rides. Even better, if the issue that led to the low rating was something like traffic, or another passenger on a Lyft Line, the rating won’t count against the driver.

Lyft Driver Advisory Council Provided Key Input On These Changes

The genesis for some of these features came from Lyft’s Driver Advisory Council (DAC). Lyft created the group (comprised of Lyft drivers) in 2016, to better address driver concerns. The group also helped come up with Lyft’s gas price relief program this past summer.

DAC members, drawn from all over the country, offer advice on issues and policies that affect drivers, and also help test out new features. If you’re a Lyft driver and have an idea for a feature or some feedback, you can get in touch with your region’s DAC representative by clicking HERE.

Rajiv Bhatia, Lyft’s new Head of Driver Product, lauded the contributions of the group, noting that “Lyft’s Driver Advisory Council is completely unique for the industry, and it is one of our most effective ways of staying tuned into the driver community nationwide. The six new features that we are announcing today and those that we commit to delivering each month, are the result of feedback from drivers through channels like the DAC.”

Lyft has been on a bit of a roll lately, announcing a major expansion of their Express Drive program, making key new hires, and prepping to go public. These further moves should only help stoke momentum as the company begins its IPO roadshow.


drive with Lyft

Drive With Lyft: How To Become A Lyft Driver – 2019 Requirements

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(Disclosure – We independently research our content to provide free advice for you. We may get compensation if you sign up with services, or purchase products through our affiliate links.)

Deciding to become a rideshare driver is only half of the battle. Next, you need to determine which company you want to drive for. One of the most popular brands is Lyft. As Uber’s top competitor, the company has expanded rapidly, adding millions of new riders.

Fortunately for you, this means they’re in constant need of drivers, which means it’s a great time to become a Lyft driver

Unless you’ve driven for other rideshare companies in the past, you’re probably wondering how to become a Lyft driver. While the Lyft application process is pretty straightforward, there are a few factors you need to consider before and after applying. If you’re ready to join Lyft, this guide will explain everything you need to know.

How to Know if Lyft Is the Right Match for You

Not everyone is cut out to be a Lyft driver. To ensure you don’t waste your time pursuing a career that you’ll end up hating, it’s important that you do your research. Before you take the next steps in the Lyft driver application process, take a closer look at what the job entails.

What Do Lyft Drivers Do?

Lyft drivers are the force behind the company’s rideshare services. As a driver, you’ll accept ride requests from Lyft passengers, pick them up, and then deliver them to their destination. For each journey, you’ll earn a specific rate.

Lyft Sign Up Bonus

Lyft is currently offering a $1000 earnings guarantee for new drivers nationwide. To sign up and get at least $1000 in guaranteed earnings in your first month, sign up using the button below.

Looking For The Best Rideshare Company To Sign Up With?

Sign up to drive with Lyft today and get a sign up bonus.

With Lyft, you can sign up to drive even if you don’t have a car!


How To Be A Lyft Driver

While there isn’t a set-in-stone test that you can take to determine if being a Lyft driver is right for you, there is a correlation between certain personality traits and success in the industry. The top drivers are equipped with these qualities:

  • Excellent Customer Service Skills: A commitment to the satisfaction of passengers is a vital trait for Lyft drivers. Ratings play a factor in your success with the company, and if you’re invested in giving your passengers a positive experience, you’re more likely to achieve consistent 5-star ratings.
  • Well-Organized: As a freelance worker, you’re responsible for paying your own income taxes and setting your wage goals. To ensure you’re setting yourself up for success, you need to keep track of your payouts as well as potential tax deductions, such as mileage and vehicle maintenance. For these tasks, you need to be incredibly organized and keep accurate records on a regular basis. To help in this area, many drivers download a mileage tracker.
  • Friendly Demeanor: Friendliness is another important quality of being a Lyft driver. Even when riders don’t want to have a conversation on their journey, a simple greeting at the beginning and the end of the ride will ensure they enjoy their time in your vehicle.
  • Comfort Behind the Wheel: You also need to be comfortable driving for hours on end. Full-time Lyft drivers are likely to spend eight to ten hours in the driver’s seat every day, while part-time drivers are likely to hit at least 10 hours a week. If you’re uncomfortable driving or can’t sit for long periods of time, then becoming a Lyft driver may not be the best choice for you.
  • Ability to Multitask: As a Lyft driver, you’ll also need to multitask. While you’re working, you’ll need to navigate to your destination based on the directions given in the app, carefully watch the road, and communicate with your rider all at once. Being able to accomplish all three tasks at the same time is an absolute necessity for rideshare drivers.
  • Self-Motivated: As an independent contractor, you also need to be self-motivated. Since you don’t have a boss or schedule to follow, you’re the only one responsible for your financial survival. This means that you should have the motivation to not only work hard, but push yourself to meet your goals.

While you don’t necessarily need to encompass all of these traits, they can be used as an identifier of your future success as a driver. If you possess these qualities, it increases the likelihood that you’ll not only enjoy your job, but that you’ll also be good at it.

Becoming A Lyft Driver: Earnings of Lyft Drivers

Lyft calculates each driver’s earnings using a three-part process. The pricing equation is composed of a base fare, a per-mile fee, and a per-minute earning. Each of these rates is location-specific, so what a Lyft driver earns in Seattle is vastly different than what one would earn in St. Louis or Los Angeles.

When there’s a high number of Lyft ride requests, the company activates a service known as “Prime Time.” During this period, drivers receive an increased rate for each ride they accept in the area. The system is designed so that the standard fare is multiplied by a particular percentage, which is determined by the level of rider demand. The current prime rate will be displayed on the app at the time of ride acceptance.

On top of Prime Time increases, Lyft offers a reward program for highly motivated drivers. The Power Driver Bonus sets weekly requirements, such as a minimum number of rides and a high acceptance rate, and each week that you meet the criteria, you get a bonus. The system usually has three or four tiers, so you can actually earn up to an additional $50 – $400 per week. Lyft Power Driver Bonus amounts and requirements differ from city to city.

Lyft Power Drive Bonus Chart

As a Lyft driver, every time you accept a ride request, there’s a chance that the passenger will cancel it. In this situation, you won’t completely lose the entire value of the potential fare. As long as it’s been at least two minutes since you accepted the trip, you’ll receive a cancellation fee.

Lyft drivers are paid on a weekly basis. The company applies payouts on Tuesday mornings. Depending on your bank provider, the money is deposited into your account instantly, within a few hours, or within a couple of days. With most banks, the money is in your account within 24 hours. Lyft also offers an instant pay option, Express Pay, which allows immediate access to your earnings.

Become A Lyft Driver: Lyft’s Driver Requirements

Having the desire to become a Lyft driver doesn’t ensure that you meet the company’s requirements. To qualify as a Lyft driver, you need to meet the following criteria:

  • Age: All Lyft drivers need to be at least 21 years old.
  • License: You also need to have had your driver’s license for at least a year before you apply to become a driver.
  • Good Driving History: You need a clean driving history. Your record can’t display any license suspensions within the last three years, and no serious drug- or alcohol-related charges within the last seven years. As far as speeding tickets, there need to be fewer than three violations on your record within the last three years.
  • Acceptable Criminal History: Lyft requires that drivers have a clean criminal history. This means that your background check needs to be free of all violent and sexual crimes.

Lyft also places restrictions on the vehicles that can be used for their rideshare services. These qualifications include:

  • Insurance: All vehicles must be fully insured to be approved, and you also need to be insured on the policy.
  • Registration: Your vehicle’s plates also need to be up-to-date.
  • Seating: Lyft’s minimum seating requirements are five (including the driver) and go up to eight available seats (seven passengers).
  • Doors: All vehicles need at least four doors to provide driver and passenger convenience.
  • Age: Unlike Uber, the age restrictions of Lyft-associated vehicles vary by location. During the application process, the system will automatically provide the eligibility requirements for your area.

Check out our page on Lyft vehicle requirements for more information and to see if your vehicle qualifies for Lyft XL (larger vehicles) or Lyft Lux (high end vehicles). If you don’t have a vehicle, you can still Drive With Lyft by renting a vehicle through Lyft Express Drive.

To pass Lyft’s application process, you need to meet the company’s minimum requirements as well as the rules set in place by your local municipality.

Lyft Driver Alternatives

The main alternative to Lyft is Uber. Fortunately, the Lyft vs. Uber battle is one that benefits drivers. Since drivers at both companies are independent contractors, they can technically drive for both services at the same time. This approach widens the available market in the area because you’ll have access to both Lyft and Uber riders. You could boost your earnings significantly with this approach.

If you don’t meet the Lyft requirements as a result of age or vehicle style, there are other alternatives. Uber’s eligibility criteria for rideshare drivers is similar, but it still makes sense to apply for that service if you don’t get accepted by Lyft

Also, delivery services, like Uber Eats, Doordash, and Postmates, have fewer driver and vehicle restrictions.

Become A Lyft Driver: Benefits

Choosing to join the Lyft fleet comes with multiple benefits. Some of the advantages of working with Lyft include:

Be Your Own Boss

The biggest appeal of rideshare companies, like Lyft, is that drivers operate as independent contractors. Being self-employed provides a significant amount of freedom regarding the schedule you work. As your own boss, you choose when and where you want to operate instead of relying on a manager to dictate your daily tasks.

Virtually Unlimited Earning Potential

One of the top reasons people decide to become a part- or full-time rideshare driver is the potential earnings. While true success won’t happen overnight, a quality driver will quickly learn the ropes and determine the most efficient operating times in their area. As a result, you’re provided with an opportunity to make a significant amount of money every week.

Company Perks

As a Lyft partner, you’ll get many perks in the form of entertainment and lifestyle discounts. Most impressively, the company provides their drivers with access to a variety of educational resources, like financial aid services. You can also get reduced rates on financial services and professional tax guidance, and the Lyft Driver’s Reward Program aids drivers with fuel costs and vehicle maintenance.

How to Be a Lyft Driver

If Lyft still sounds like the rideshare company for you, it’s time to take on the Lyft driver application. You can start your application with a Lyft promo code worth up to $1000 by clicking HERE. Then follow the instructions below to complete your Lyft application and get on the road.

1. Create Your Account

To create an account, you’ll enter your phone number.

Lyft Application - Enter Phone Number

2. Enter Your Information And Lyft Driver Promo Code

Then, enter your name, email, driving city and your promo code. Ours is MOVER if you’d like to use it. In order to be eligible for a Lyft sign up bonus of up to $1000, you must enter a code when you start your application. Lyft does not allow you to add a promo code later.

Enter Lyft Driver Promo Code

3. Choose: Drive Your Car Or Rent A Vehicle

The next step is to choose whether you want to Drive With Lyft using your own car, or rent a vehicle through Lyft Express Drive.

Lyft Driver Promo Code - Your Vehicle Or Express Drive

4. Provide Vehicle Information

If you’re going to be driving your own car, the Lyft application will prompt you to provide your vehicle’s details. This step includes the year, make, model, the number of doors, color, and number ofseatbelts. As long as the information provided meets their requirements, you’ll move onto the next step in the Lyft driver application process.

Lyft Application - Add Vehicle

5. Enter Your Personal Information

Once the company knows you have a qualifying vehicle, they want to know more about you. For this step, you’ll need to provide all of your personal information, including your legal name, date of birth, driver’s license number, and social security number (so they can run a background check).

Lyft Application - Driver Info

6. Background Check

Next up, you’ll need to authorize a local and national background check. The company provides a full disclosure so that you’ll know exactly how they’re using the information. If you hit “Acknowledge,” they’ll use the information from the previous step to access your DMV records and perform a complete background check.

Lyft Application - Federal Background Check

7. Arrange a Vehicle Inspection

Unlike Uber, Lyft has you sign up for a vehicle inspection (if your market requires it) during the application process. This approach helps you save time because you can hit the road as soon as your application is approved. You are not required to go to to Lyft’s suggested inspection location. You can have your inspection performed by any licensed mechanic.

Lyft Application - Vehicle Inspection Location

8. Upload Your Documents

The final step is to upload some documents. Document requirements vary by location, but you’ll at least need a copy of your driver’s license and insurance. Most markets also require you to upload a valid registration. See our Lyft vehicle requirements page for the specific document requirements for your market. After uploading your documents, you just have to wait for approval. This can take anywhere from one day to a few weeks. Most drivers are approved in five to ten days.

Lyft Application - Upload Documents


9. Hit the Road

Once you receive your approval email from Lyft, you can officially hit the road and make some money. They’ll provide you with full details on how to accept your first ride as well as how to navigate the app successfully.

How to Be a Lyft Driver – Ace Your Application

Tackling the Lyft application won’t take you very long, but there are ways to ensure that you put your best face forward. Here are a few tips to ace your Lyft application:

Be Prepared

You’ll need to provide the company with your personal information as well as documentation, so organize all of your paperwork ahead of time. This will reduce the time needed to apply as well as ensure that you have everything you need.

Be Honest

The company verifies all of the information you provide with a background check and vehicle inspections, so don’t try to cheat the system. Doing so will definitely earn your Lyft application a denial, and it could also inhibit your ability to work with the company in the future.

Act Quickly

The sooner you schedule your vehicle inspection, the faster you’ll be approved. Lyft utilizes the inspection process to ensure that your vehicle meets all of their requirements, including insurance. As a result, be sure to take proof of licensing, insurance, and registration to your appointment.

Reaching Your Full Earning Potential As a Lyft Driver

While you can’t control the market and ride demand in your area, you can set yourself up for success. Taking the initiative and educating yourself on the industry will provide you with the upper hand. Here are a few tips for reaching your full potential as a Lyft driver:

Put in the Effort With Riders

Rideshare driving is a very customer-centric job, so you need to focus on making your customers happy. Along with general niceties, take an interest in their lives and also know when they’re not interested in carrying on a conversation. You can also consider offering refreshments, like water, to your riders. Simply making the effort will take you far in this industry.

Work to Achieve and Maintain a High Rating

You should also strive the earn and maintain the highest Lyft driver rating possible. Higher ratings make you eligible for the higher tiers within Lyft’s rideshare service offerings, which results in increased fares. Communicating with riders and practicing excellent customer service will help you achieve this goal.

Use Your Resources

There are so many resources available to Lyft drivers, from how-to guides to tips and tricks. At Rideshare Central, our ultimate goal is to help rideshare drivers achieve ultimate profitability. Here are a few helpful guides to support you along your journey:

By utilizing these and other resources, you can educate yourself on how to become the best entrepreneur, thus increasing your potential earnings. If you’re ready to get started with Lyft, click the button below.

Looking For The Best Rideshare Company To Sign Up With?

Sign up to drive with Lyft today and get a sign up bonus.

With Lyft, you can sign up to drive even if you don’t have a car!


Lyft Driver App Update 2018 - Ride Requests

Lyft Is Rolling Out An Updated Driver App This Summer – See It Here!

The New Lyft Driver App Will Streamline Pickups and Dropoffs

While most drivers prefer driving for Lyft, historically, Uber has had the upper hand when it comes to the driver app. Most drivers will tell you that the Uber driver app has been a bit more intuitive and easier to use. That may change with the new driver app that Lyft will be rolling out this summer. Lyft has been gathering driver feedback on the app for a while and made a number of changes last year. However, they’ve now completely revamped the driver app and will incorporate a number of features aimed at making the app easier to use. According to a Lyft spokesperson, “the entire experience had been updated for convenience and streamlined to reduce the number of screen ‘taps’ required by drivers to complete a ride.” Check out the following video to see what’s coming, and then keep reading for in depth screenshots and feature descriptions.

The Old Pick Up And Drop Off Experience

As you can see below, there are currently eight steps (eight screen taps) a driver must take to accept and complete a ride. This process has been the same for a few years now, and can seem a bit cumbersome. Also, at the end of the trip, you have to rate the rider immediately, a feature that has always been annoying.

Lyft Driver App - Pickup and Dropoff - Old

Pick Ups And Drop Offs In The Updated Lyft Driver App

The new Lyft driver app looks much cleaner, is easier to read, and reduces the number of steps need to accept and complete a ride to five instead of eight.

Lyft Driver App Update 2018

The first thing you may notice is that the pickup and drop off buttons are much better. The white lettering on a bold, rounded purple backround, is clearer than the flat rectangular buttons in the old app. Even better, Lyft has finally chosen to remove the second arrival confirmation screen. Instead of pressing “Tap To Arrive” and then pressing “Confirm Arrival” on a second screen, now drivers will just press “Tap To Arrive” and the rider will be notified. Lyft has also improved how a  driver contacts a rider. In the old app, you had to click away from the main screen to contact a passenger. In the new app, as soon as you accept a ride, a phone icon will appear on your screen. Simply tap the icon to contact your rider.

When dropping off, Lyft has also eliminated the second drop off confirmation screen. Another nice feature of the new Lyft driver app – rating your passenger is now optional!

You May Also Be Interested In:

New Lyft Driver App: Accepting A Ride

The big change on the the ride request screen is that you can now decline a ride by tapping the “x” in the upper left corner. Before, you had to wait for the ride acceptance timer to expire. Having the ability to decline the ride immediately is an important addition to the driver app and the Lyft platform in general. It’s better for the driver, because he or she can immediately decline and become available to accept another ride. Having a way to decline a ride immediately will also improve the experience on the rider side because it will decrease passenger wait time.

Lyft Driver App Update 2018 - Ride Requests

New Lyft Driver App: Arrivals And Drop Offs

As noted before, the new app only requires one tap to arrive. Even better, Lyft has switched from a flat two dimensional map in the old driver app to a quasi three dimensional map in the new app. They’ve also improved the fonts and made the screen clearer and easier to read.

Lyft Driver App Update 2018 - Arrival and Drop Off

New Lyft Driver App: Calling Passengers

Contacting passengers from the Lyft app has always been a bit of pain. For one thing, you had to leave the map screen to call a passenger. Even worse, after you clicked the arrow in the upper right, you still had to click, “Call Passenger”, and then confirm that you really wanted to call the passenger. That’s three steps a driver has to take to contact a passenger. When you’re on your way to a passenger and you’re in traffic, three clicks to make a call is cumbersome and unnecessary, not to mention, a  bit unsafe. In the new app, you tap the phone icon to call a passenger – much easier.

Lyft Driver App Update 2018 - Calling Passengers


This is the first major update to the Lyft driver app in quite some time. Overall, it looks like Lyft has made a number of good improvements. The interface is cleaner and easier to read. The new font and icons look more modern, and the removal of the secondary confirmation screens should make driving for Lyft a bit smoother.

What do you think of the new Lyft driver app? Are there any additional improvements you’d like to see? Let us know in the comments below.

lyft driver earnings screen

Lyft Updating Driver App To Show Net Earnings

This will be welcome news for all Lyft drivers.

Currently, if a driver clicks on the earnings tab in the main screen of the driver app, the driver sees total ride payments for that day or week, before Lyft takes it’s commission. Most drivers would prefer to see their net take home pay on that screen.

However, in order to see net pay in the driver app, the driver has to first click on their photo in the upper left hand corner, then click “Dashboard” and then click “Driving History” to see what their take home pay is. Quite the process.

Towards the end of this week (October 18th), this will be changing. Lyft will be releasing an update to the driver app which will show driver earnings under the earnings tab, instead of total ride payments.

This is a welcome change that Lyft drivers have been wanting for some time.

This screen will be changing to show net driver earnings!

lyft driver earnings screen


Join Lyft


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Lyft Drive Phone Support

Lyft Adding 24 Hour Phone Support

Lyft Drive Phone Support

Up until now, drivers have only been able to get in contact with a person at Lyft in the even of an accident or safety incident. To do so, a driver could go to the Lyft Accident and Safety page and click the “Call Me” button. While Lyft has done a pretty good job answering many driver questions in their help center, sometimes a situation calls for help from a live person.

Now, Lyft is adding 24/7 phone support for drivers for all rides and issues. If a driver needs immediate assistance, they can tap the “Call Me” button in the help center contact form. Or, if a driver needs Lyft to call them back about a specific ride, follow these instructions.

1. Tap the ‘earnings tab’ and select the ride.

Lyft phone support

2. Tap ‘Get Help’ for quick FAQs. Often, many driver questions can be answered here.

Lyft Phone Number

3. If you can’t find the answer you’re looking for, tap ‘Call Me’ and a Lyft rep will call you back within two minutes

Lyft Call Me

This feature has just launched and may not be available everywhere yet.

Has this feature gone live in your Lyft market?

Leave us a comment below and let us know!

Uber Sign Up Bonus Driver

Lyft adding scheduled pickups to the driver app.

Lyft is starting to roll out a new feature in its driver app, scheduled pickups up to seven days in advance. Here’s how it works.

Scheduled pickups lets you better your chances of claiming a ride in advance by adding those rides to a personalized list of pickups. You can see estimated fares when available and approximate pickup and drop off locations in advance.

You must sign in and accept your scheduled pickup at the designated time. We’ll send you a notification when it’s time to open the app, go online, and start heading to the rider’s pickup location.

Lyft is currently testing the feature so it’s not available to all drivers yet.

If you drive, have you used the scheduled pickup feature yet?

Source: Lyft

Lyft Sign Up Bonus

Lyft releases standalone driver app.

Lyft has released a standalone driver app. Before, they used one app for both riders and drivers.

You can download the new app now.