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Eaze Promo Code And Eaze Wellness Promo Code – Marijuana And CBD (Cannabidiol)

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In today’s on-demand marketplace, you can get nearly anything delivered to your door – meals, groceries, household items, pet supplies, alcohol, and more.

But did you know that you can also get marijuana, CBD (Cannabidiol) and other cannabis products delivered to your home?

That’s right. California medical and recreational marijuana users can get the cannabis products they need delivered to their homes through legal and licensed local dispensaries by using Eaze. Eaze partners with local dispensaries and cannabis companies to provide a wide variety of quality cannabis products to local customers.

Eaze recently expanded its on demand cannabis delivery to Portland, Oregon.

Eaze also ships CBD products to 41 states and the District Of Columbia through Eaze Wellness.

Below, we’ll discuss what Eaze looks like from the customer side. From their menu of products to the delivery process, we’ll tell you what you need to know about ordering from Eaze.

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What Is Eaze and Eaze Wellness?

Founded in 2014, Eaze is a technology platform designed to support the legal cannabis industry in California. The site provides resources for verified consumers, licensed retailers, and licensed cannabis brands while offering a platform that allows them to connect with one another.

Eaze aims to help build a legal and sustainable cannabis industry by providing legal access to cannabis as well as safe and convenient on-demand delivery throughout California.

Since its initial launch, Eaze has become a voice for the cannabis industry, reaching more than 300,000 customers across 100 cities in California. Eaze has continued to grow as a business over time, raising a total of $51.5 million in funding over six rounds. The most recent round of funding occurred on September 14, 2017, with six investors raising $27 million.

The Eaze platform (Eaze and Eaze Wellness) makes the process of selling legal cannabis and CBD products easy and safe for all parties involved.

Customers use Eaze to place delivery orders and pay local retailers directly.

Retailers use the platform to connect with consumers and dispatch delivery drivers, and delivery drivers use the platform to pick up orders and deliver them to the right location.

Eaze also has a compliance team that works with local retailers and brands to ensure all products and transactions meet local and state regulations. This allows customers to enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing their transaction is legal and local.

How Does Eaze Work for Customers?

Utilizing the Eaze technology platform is simple for customers.

The site connects consumers with licensed, local dispensaries that offer a wide variety of tested cannabis products. Customers can log on and access a number of resources on cannabis as well as browse the menu and purchase cannabis products to be delivered.


How to Order and Receive Products from Eaze

Once a customer is verified as being at least 21 years of age, they can create an account with Eaze and begin to order directly from the site. The Eaze website separates products by type, and each product provides a detailed description that helps customers understand which products are right for them. Eaze also offers a number of resources for those who are new cannabis users to help them find the right products.


Once the consumer has made an order, they will pay the local retailer directly through the Eaze platform. Then, the retailer will dispatch one of their delivery drivers to complete the transaction by delivering the order directly to their home. The delivery driver will verify the customer’s age and identity upon delivery. If the consumer lives in an area that only allows medical marijuana sales, then they will also need to have a medical marijuana recommendation from a physician.

Eaze Delivery Zones

To be eligible for home delivery, customers need to reside in one of the on-demand delivery zones. Eaze provides delivery to the following areas of California:

  • Bay Area – San Francisco and the Peninsula
  • Bay Area – East Bay
  • Bay Area – South Bay
  • Los Angeles and Ventura Counties
  • Marin
  • Napa and Sonoma
  • Orange County
  • Sacramento
  • San Diego

Eaze has just recently partnered with the Oregon based Kaleafa dispensary to offer marijuana delivery to the people of Portland.

Though cannabis delivery is legal at a state level, there are some cities that have banned delivery, and Eaze is also prohibited from delivering in school zones and other restricted areas.

For a full list of the cities and delivery hours for each city, visit the delivery page and type in your address to see if delivery is available.

Types of Products You Can Order

Eaze offers a wide variety of cannabis products for home delivery to customers in California. As part of their Eaze Wellness offering, they also provide quality CBD products, which can be shipped nationwide.

Cannabis Products

On the main Eaze website, you can find a range of cannabis products available for home delivery, including:

  • Flower
  • All-In-One Disposable Vaporizers
  • Rechargeable Vaporizers and Cartridges
  • Dose Pens
  • Edibles
  • Drops, Tablets, and Capsules
  • Preroll Packs
  • Prerolls
  • Concentrates
  • Bath and Body Care Products
  • Other Accessories

All of the dispensaries and companies that Eaze sources products from are legal, licensed, and tested to ensure quality and satisfaction. Eaze curates their menu to provide the best available cannabis products and offers detailed product descriptions so that customers know what they can expect from these products.

Eaze Wellness CBD Products

Eaze also serves customers outside of California. This online shop provides a variety of cannabidiol (CBD) products to be shipped to 41 states. Shipping is not currently available in California, Idaho, Michigan, Nebraska, North Dakota, Ohio, Oregon, South Dakota, or Washington.


If you reside within an eligible state, you can order CBD products to be delivered to your door, including:

  • Vaporizers
  • Drops, Sprays, and Strips
  • Tablets and Capsules
  • Face, Skin, and Body Care Products
  • Pet Products
  • Bath Products
  • Intimacy Products
  • Concentrates and Wax

These products are legal to purchase and ship within the United States, as they are derived from hemp plants.

This means they contain less than .3% of psychoactive cannabinoid THC.

All of the brands Eaze sources CBD products from are legal, licensed, and thoroughly tested to ensure quality and satisfaction.

Taxes on Cannabis Products

Consumers will notice three different taxes on their Eaze order receipt – Excise Taxes, Local Cannabis Taxes, and Sales & Use Taxes. Only customers with state-issued MMID cards are exempt from paying Sales and Use Taxes. (However, they still need to pay Excise and Local Cannabis Taxes).

These taxes are used to pay for implementation and enforcement of new regulations on the use of medicinal and recreational marijuana in California. These taxes are also used to support a number of other benefits for state and local jurisdictions. Just some of these benefits include research funding for the cannabis market, research on the pharmacological impacts of cannabis, developing tests for impaired driving, and reinvestment in the community.

How to Get Started as an Eaze or Eaze Wellness Customer

Getting started with Eaze or Eaze Wellness as a customer is easy.

You can begin by using our referral link so you get a $20 discount on your first marijuana or CBD (cannabidiol) delivery.

You will then be asked to create an account by entering your email address, password, and delivery zip code. You’ll also be asked to read and agree to Eaze’s Terms of Service, Privacy Policy, and Shipping Terms.

After that, you’ll be prompted to enter your phone number. Eaze will send a verification link to your phone. Once you click on the link, you’ll be asked to take a photo of your ID with your camera. After you are verified as being at least 21 years of age, you will be able to order products from the site and arrange for delivery to your home.

Whether you are a medicinal marijuana user, take CBD for pain, or take part in cannabis products recreationally, you can now order legal, local products from licensed, local dispensaries using the Eaze technology platform.

Eaze also makes it easy for consumers to get convenient, on-demand delivery across California.

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