New Uber Eats Service Coming, Maven Pulling Out, Voom Insures Scooters

This Week in Mobility ― May 24, 2019

This week, an IT expert discovers code for a new Uber Eats service within the app, GM’s carshare service Maven is pulling out of several cities, and Voom now offers insurance for eScooter and mobility trip rentals.

IT Expert Discovers New Uber Eats Service

Reverse-engineering expert Jane Manchun Wong stumbled upon new code in the Uber app that suggests a new service is coming to Uber Eats.

Uber Eats Pass would charge customers $9.99 per month for unlimited food delivery. The service is similar to Postmates Unlimited and DoorDash DashPass. As Uber struggles to gain ground in the food delivery service space, this new service would provide a much-needed boost to the company, which has yet to figure out how to turn a profit.

TechCrunch suggested this new service lays the groundwork for a future “Uber Prime” service that combines ridesharing with food delivery. As competition continues to grow for Uber in both the rideshare and food delivery sectors, a hybrid service with a competitive monthly fee would be just the type of innovation it needs to remain ahead of the competition.

scUber Service to Donate Money to Great Barrier Reef Conservation

In other Uber news, the company is using a rideshare submarine service to raise money for conservation efforts from May 27 to June 18.

The service is called scUber and will provide Australian Uber customers with a guided tour of the Great Barrier Reef. Uber is partnering with Tourism and Events Queensland to provide customers with a one-of-a-kind tour and donate money to charities actively involved in conservation.

Uber states it will donate over $68,000 dollars to Citizens of the Great Barrier Reef. It’s unclear how much individual trips will cost and how many customers will be able to participate in the program.

As Uber struggles with protests from drivers and a much lower valuation than originally predicted, reputation-boosting programs like this one will likely become the norm. Stocks for Uber closed at $41.25 per share on May 22.

New Company Provides Mobility Insurance Services

As the mobility sector begins to grow, the number of accidents involving eScooters, ebikes and other alternative modes of transportation is also on the rise. Paris banned the use of eScooters on city sidewalks a couple of months ago and is threatening to ban the vehicles altogether.

The number of accident-related injuries is so bad the CDC is investigating the issue.

That’s where Voom comes in. To help combat the rising costs associated with eScooter injuries and property damage, Voom provides coverage for rider and third-party injuries, as well as property damage.

Coverage is available on a per-trip basis for any mobility trip, including eScooters, bikes, drones, small planes, and more.

The company launched on Wednesday and has scored $5 million in funding from Verizon Ventures, Arbor Ventures, F2 Capital, Kaedan Capital, and Plug and Play Ventures.

As many cities around the world tighten regulations on mobility rides, they may begin to require riders to carry these temporary insurance policies in the future.

Maven to Discontinue Service in Eight Cities

Only three years after its initial launch, GM’s car sharing service Maven has decided to pull out of eight cities.

It’s unclear which cities the service will stop operating in, but a Maven spokesperson stated that GM conducted a market-by-market analysis to make the decision.

Maven began in 2016 as a car-sharing service similar to Zipcar. Since then, it has expanded to allow GM owners to rent their cars to drivers similar to Turo or Getaround.

GM is confirming what many investors already believe: that there isn’t a way to make ridesharing profitable in the long-term worldwide. By focusing on the areas where business is best, perhaps GM can come up with a way to make ridesharing profitable for smaller markets in the future.

Maven Gig, a service that provides rentals to rideshare and on demand delivery drivers, will not be affected by these decisions.

NYC Lyft Customers Can Now Rent Bikes Through the Lyft App

After beta-testing bike rental on the Lyft app for 20 percent of its customers, Lyft now allows all customers to rent Citi Bikes through the Lyft app.

Lyft bought Motivate in July 2018, a bike sharing company that oversaw bike share programs for local governments, including Citi Bikes in New York City.

Citi Bikes is the largest bike share program in the United States, with over 12,000 bikes and 150,000 riders. Lyft has committed to invest $100 million in the service over the next five years to add 12 valet stations and bring the number of bikes available to 90,000.

In addition to renting Citi Bikes in New York City, Lyft customers can also use the Lyft app to get bikes in Washington, DC; Santa Monica, CA; and Los Angeles.

With tougher regulations on scooter rides and the rise in scooter-related injuries, bikes may be poised for a comeback sooner than later.


Uber stock falls

Uber Stock Falls Since Last Week’s IPO, NLRD Rules Against Drivers, Paris Threatens Escooter Ban

This Week in Mobility ― May 17, 2019

This week, Uber stocks continue to fall, Paris threatens to ban escooter companies from operating on city streets, and Indian grocery startup Grofers scores a $200 million investment from Softbank Vision Fund.

Uber Stocks Fall Twice Since Last Week’s IPO

It’s no surprise that Uber stock has fallen 10.7% since going public last week. Rival company Lyft released a dismal earnings report last week, but Uber’s CEO Dara Khosrowshahi remains optimistic.

CNBC reported that Khosrowshahi sent a memo to employees encouraging them to look at the disappointing IPOs of Amazon and Facebook as a lesson in what to expect for the company’s future.

While pre-IPO valuations of the company were as high as $120 billion, their horrible stock performance in the past week has cut that estimate in half. Based on their current stock prices, Uber’s current valuation is hovering between $60-65 billion. However, the last couple of days have changed, as both Uber and Lyft are starting to see a slight increase in their trading prices.

Will Uber be able to gain ground and recover from their horrible IPO? It’s hard to tell. With tighter regulations and driver lawsuits, it may be quite a while before Uber sees any profit at all. As other rideshare companies look at Uber and Lyft as role models for the industry, it is becoming increasingly difficult to stay optimistic.

Lyft and Uber Drivers Lose Ground in Their Demands for Better Treatment

On May 14, the US National Labor Relations Board released a statement that rideshare drivers are independent contractors. Both Uber and Lyft drivers are currently suing the companies, stating that they should be classified under US labor law as employees and not independent contracts.

According to Bloomberg Intelligence Analyst Michael Schettenhelm, he believes the lawsuit is a lost cause for the drivers. “A lower court ruled for Uber, and we don’t expect the 3rd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals will reverse course,” he wrote.

Both Uber and Lyft stocks rose Wednesday and Thursday as a result of the decision since driver relations is a key area of concern for investors. While this may temporarily help stock prices for both companies, without a true path to profit, the increase is most likely a fluke and will not continue.

Paris Threatens to Ban Escooter Companies From Operating

In an attempt to control the explosion in incidents involving escooters, the city of Paris is threatening to ban all rentals unless companies agree to abide by a code of conduct.

The problem lies not with the companies themselves, but the riders. There are over 15,000 dockless scooters operating in Paris, and the number is poised to double very soon.

Riders are not following city rules regarding scooter use, often riding them on sidewalks instead of city streets. Because rentals can literally be left anywhere, when customers are done, they are leaving them in parking spaces, blocking sidewalks, and even throwing them in the river.

Legislation is in the works to impose stricter fines on riders that fail to follow the rules, but since a majority of riders are tourists, it’s hard to say how much control the government (or the scooter companies) have over the problem.

Waymo Picks Up 1,000th Customer in Self-Driving Taxi Service

It’s tough to be in the autonomous taxi business. Waymo’s self-driving taxi service reported picking up its 1,000th customer two weeks ago.

The Insurance Journal noted that this shows very slow growth for autonomous taxis, but we beg to differ. Yes, it took six months to deliver 1,000 people to and fro, but the service only operates in Phoenix, which is not as densely populated as other US cities.

Once Waymo works out the bugs in its service and starts operating in major markets like San Francisco and Washington, DC, the autonomous taxi sector will grow quickly.

It’s true there is no fully autonomous vehicle in production today, but with innovative companies like Tesla and others hard at work, we’re likely to see this change sooner than we think.

Indian Grocery Delivery Service Lands $200M Investment

On demand grocery delivery startup Grofers scored a $200 million investment round led by Softbank Vision Fund.

The five-year-old company delivers to 13 cities in Indian from over 5,000 stores. This is the largest funding round ever for grocery delivery in India, making Grofers a viable alternative to big box grocery delivery services from Amazon India and Walmart’s Flipkart service.

As grocery on demand services heat up in both the US and abroad, it will be interesting to see if the services will revolutionize the way the world shops. Based on the current landscape, it looks like this is definitely one of the most lucrative sectors.


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limebike dockless bikes

Quick Guide To Lime And Lime Scooters

LimeBike made waves with its launch in 2017 as one of the very first bikeshare ventures in the United States. Building on the model of rideshare companies like Uber and Lyft, they offer simpler and more affordable modes of in-city transportation. While their name seems to be everywhere (the company shortened it to Lime in 2018), not many people actually know the specifics of the company or the opportunities it offers. If you fall into this category, here’s everything you need to know about Lime and their services.

What Is Lime (And LimeBikes and Lime Scooters)?

LimeBikes are simply grab-and-go style bike rentals that you use for a small fee. With a dockless system, riders can locate available bikes in their area, unlock them for their journey, and then simply leave them at their destination. This process is convenient as well as affordable. However, Lime’s bikes are being phased out in favor of scooters, which have become far more popular.

For now, there are two styles of LimeBikes available: Smart Bikes and E-Assist.

Smart Bikes are traditional, pedal-powered bikes that are integrated into the company’s smart app system. Lime offers three variations of Smart Bikes: one-speed, three-speed (shown below), and eight-speed.

Limebike rental 3 speed


Electric Assist (or Lime-E) bikes, on the other hand, offer a boost of electric power. While you’ll still pedal, the battery increases your power and makes it easier to bike around the city. In fact, the Lime-E bikes can reach speeds of up to 14.8 mph.

If you want to try an actual Limebike, you should do it soon, as the company is phasing out bikes, in favor of scooters.

What Are Lime Scooters?

Known as the Lime-S (shown below), Lime Bike scooters are designed to make it even easier to get around a city with fast travel speeds and affordable costs. Riders can rent the scooters in the same manner as LimeBikes, but since they’re electric, there’s no manual labor involved.

Lime Bike Lime-S Scooter


Where Is Lime Available?

Lime is rapidly increasing their service areas. Currently, their main focus is on cities and college campuses. The states they’re operating in include:

  • Arizona
  • California
  • Colorado
  • Florida
  • Illinois
  • Indiana
  • Maryland
  • Massachusetts
  • Missouri
  • New York
  • Nevada
  • New Jersey
  • North Carolina
  • Ohio
  • Texas
  • Washington
  • Washington D.C.

Their biggest operating area is California, and some states only offer the service in one or two major cities. Also, Lime-S isn’t available in all of the cities that currently offer LimeBike. However, the company is working to expand their service area quickly.

How Much Do LimeBike Rentals Cost?

LimeBike rentals are incredibly affordable. There’s a standard rate for each bike and scooter rental, but exact costs for each electric model vary by city. Here’s a breakdown of their pricing model:

  • Smart Bikes: Manual LimeBikes cost $1 for every 30 minutes of use. If you’re a student, professor, or staff member of a college or university, you only have to pay 50 cents for each half hour. To qualify for this discount, you need to set up your Lime rider account with a valid .edu email address.
  • Electric Assist Bikes: Lime’s electric assist bikes charge a $1 base cost with an additional fee for each minute of usage. The per-minute charge varies by location, but on average, it ends up at around 15 cents.
  • Lime-S: For Lime’s electric scooters, you’ll experience a pricing formula similar to the electric LimeBikes. There’s an initial fee of $1 to unlock the scooter, and then you’ll be charged a location-specific rate for every minute of use.

The company offers a special pricing program for frequent riders. LimePrme is a monthly pay tier that allows you to pay $29.95 for around $100 of LimeBike credits. College and university faculty can purchase a LimePrime membership for $14.95. However, this service is only available for traditional, pedal LimeBikes and not their electric counterparts or scooters.

You can use our LimeBike promo code – R2WAI74 – to get $3 in ride credits when you sign up. Click the button below to download the Limebike app and get started with your free Limebike rides.

Join LimeBike


How to Rent a LimeBike

Limebike escooter rental start screen

Renting a LimeBike or Lime-S scooter is even easier than requesting an Uber or Lyft. You’ll need to first download the Lime app from the iTunes store or Google Play.  After you open the app, it’ll request that you sign up for the service, and then you’ll be able to enter your payment information.

Limebike Smart Bike Rental - Payment Entry

To rent a LimeBike or scooter, you’ll need to find a bike on the map. Your current position is designated with a little blue dot while rentals in the area are identifiable by the green Lime logo.

Limebike E-Assist Map

Choose a nearby option and walk to it. Once you’ve arrived, you will scan the QR code on the back of the LimeBike seat or on the scooter’s handlebar. This step unlocks the vehicle and you can begin your journey. Here’s a short video that shows how to rent a LimeBike scooter.

The app will track your time, distance, location, and cost in real-time, so you’ll always know what your total expense is. When you’ve reached your destination, you simply park the bike or scooter in a safe location. For bikes, you’ll move the lock lever on the back tire to reset it. For scooters, you’ll click “Lock” on the app screen. You’ll see your total charges and trip summary on the app’s screen, so be sure to double-check that the cost is correct.

Everything You Need to Know About LimeBike Juicers

After launching their electric scooter service, the company needed assistance with recharging their equipment for the next day. This has created a new type of LimeBike job position, known as a “juicer.” Learn more about this side hustle and how you can benefit from it, below.

What Is a LimeBike Juicer?

LimeBike juicers drive around their service area to collect scooters for charging. They then take the scooters home and charge them overnight for a fee. For this particular LimeBike job, you’ll operate as an independent contractor, which means you have more freedom than a conventional position.

How To Be A Limebike Juicer

How Much Do Lime Bike Juicers Make?

Lime pays their juicers for each scooter they charge. This fee varies by area, but you’ll know the total payment available when you click the scooter on your in-app map. On average, you can expect to earn around $5 per charge. Initially, the company will provide you with three chargers, but you can feasibly charge more than three machines per night. They only require the scooters to reach a 95 percent charge before considering the job completed.

The more well-charged machines will take one to two hours to charge, while those with less juice need around five to seven hours. If you pick up six Lime Bike scooters — three that are mostly charged and three with a nearly depleted charge, you could potentially earn $30 or more per night.

How to Become a LimeBike Juicer

To join the LimeBike juicer community, you simply need to sign up on their website. For this process, you’ll provide personal information, contact information, and your vehicle type. The company requires each juicer to have a vehicle available to them to transport the scooters, such as a car, SUV, truck, or minivan. After reviewing your application, a member of the Lime team will contact you over the phone or through email. This conversation provides all of the information you need to know about the charging process and what the company expects from you as a juicer.

Once approved, you’ll be able to turn on “Juicer” mode in your LimeBike app. After 8 p.m., you can begin collecting scooters in your area and start charging them. The app will provide you a general area to drop off each scooter in the morning. All Lime-S equipment must be charged and placed back into the community by 7 a.m. After you’ve dropped off the scooter, you’ll click “Served” on the app and instantly see how much you’ve made.

The Future of LimeBikes and Lime-S Electric Scooters

LimeBikes and scooters make in-city travel convenient and affordable, but they also offer a money-making opportunity for locals. As the company expands, they’ll need more and more LimeBike juicers to keep up with demand. If you’re looking for a quick way to complement your income, scooter rental services, like Lime and Bird, provide a fantastic opportunity to earn money with minimal effort. Have you used LimeBike or Lime-S yet? We want to know how it went!

If Limebike isn’t in your area yet, you can request it here.

Lyft Driver - Billion Riders

Lyft Hits 1 Billion Rides

Lyft Gives 1 Billionth Ride

As the summer draws to a close, Lyft just announced that it has given its 1 billionth ride. Rough back of the envelope calculations suggest they could top 500 million rides this year alone.

Lyft has been riding the wave recently, achieving 35% market share, while almost doubling its share of the business rideshare market. They’ve been able to achieve this while becoming the only carbon-free rideshare company.

Topping off the good news, Lyft’s most recent funding round valued the company at $15.1 billion, double its value from a year ago. They’re also closer to profitability than arch rival Uber.

To capitalize on this growth, Lyft recently announced infrastructure investments in new driver hubs, along with key new hires to oversee design and implementation.

The company also announced a new rental partnership with Avis that will make many of their 600,000 vehicles available through the Lyft Express Drive program. This marks a massive expansion of the program, currently available in about 30 cities.

Lyft Is Giving Out Free Gas To Celebrate

To celebrate, Lyft will give a little something back to 3500 drivers – a free tank of gas.


Every single day, millions of people connect in Lyft rides across the country helping to demonstrate that people from all backgrounds, neighborhoods, and walks of life can come together — even if just for a short trip. We are incredibly motivated knowing that each individual ride can make a difference in people’s lives, and appreciate the community of drivers and passengers who made this possible.

– John Zimmer, Co-founder and President

Along with the announcement came some pretty interesting factoids about those first billion rides.

  • Almost half (47%) of all Lyft rides are given in winter.
  • One Lyft driver has given over 31,000 rides.
  • One Lyft rider has taken over 9,000 rides.
  • 15% of all Lyft rides occur between 11PM and 2AM
  • One Lyft rider took 2500 rides…just during happy hour!

The announcement also confirmed that Lyft is going full throttle when it comes to Lyft bikes, Lyft scooters, and public transit integration. “Our new multi-modal products will ensure that bikes, scooters, and public transit play a large role in the future of transportation.

Lyft has already begun pilot programs integrating the Lyft rider app with public transportation systems in Santa Monica and Marin County, CA. The company also recently purchased Motivate, the largest bikeshare company in the United States.

Expect to see more Lyft partnerships with municipal transportation providers in 2019. And get ready for Lyft branded scooters and bikes, because they’re definitely on the way.

The Future Is Shared

Lyft also seems to be making progress in its quest to increase shared rides. Out of the first billion rides, over 233 million were shared rides. And in cities where shared rides are available, they now account for 30% of all rides.

Eventually, the company hopes that about half the rides it gives will be shared rides, which will further the company goals of reducing traffic congestion and pollution.



Jump Bikes App

Jump Bikes App – Guide To The Electric Bike Service

Jump Bikes: The Guide to the Electric Bike Share Service

A Brooklyn-based startup founded in 2010, Jump Bikes was the first dockless company to roll out e-bikes, offering advantages to cities and citizens alike. Uber bought Jump in 2018 for about $200 million as part of their dedication to greener initiatives. Besides being convenient and affordable for riders, this rideshare opportunity is more accessible and friendlier for cities. Although this bikeshare company has put a new spin on the idea of ridesharing, it is still relatively unknown, so here’s a comprehensive guide to the bike sharing program.

What Are Jump Bikes?

Jump Bikes is a bikeshare company that gives users an easy way to rent a bike for anything from tourism to commuting. Available on a grab-and-go basis, this bike rental program is completely dockless; simply locate a bike in your area, unlock it, and use it for a small fee. Afterward, leave the bike at the end of your journey for the next person who needs it.

The convenient process costs only $2 for 30 minutes, so renting the bike doesn’t mean taking a financial hit. Any time over the initial 30 minutes is charged at a prorated fee of 7 cents per minute. This superior rideshare option also helps you avoid the hassle and expense of bike ownership, including the price of purchasing the bike, maintenance fees, and the problem of storage.

After Uber purchased Jump Bikes, the company integrated Jump Bikes into its app with Uber Bike. This means you’re able to rent your Jump Bike directly through the Uber app. While it is not yet available for all riders, Uber plans to roll the functionality out to all its users over time, making the bike rental process smoother and easier than ever. You can still complete your bike rental directly in the Jump app if Uber Bike is not available in your area.

Meet the Bike

Jump Bike Side View

Jump Bikes features innovative bikes that sport an eye-catching style, optimal comfort, and a smooth ride. With perfected hardware and software, Jump bikes include:

  • An e-assist motor. The 250W motor adds power to your ride so you can tackle challenging terrain with ease. Boosting you up to 20 mph when you pedal, the electrified ride will easily get you where you need to go faster.
  • Powerful brakes. These brakes will keep your bike in check on treacherous hills.
  • A skirt guard. The back wheel of the bike is encased in a convenient skirt guard, which protects your clothes from getting caught in the wheel and minimizes the risk of dirtying your shoes and clothes.
  • Night lights. With a headlight and a tail light, this bike’s safety-first design means you won’t have to worry about riding at night.

Where Are Jump Bikes Available?

With an expanding base, Jump Bikes are available in cities across the country. Currently, you’ll be able to take advantage of Jump Bikes’ rideshare program in the following cities:

  • Austin, Texas
  • Chicago, Illinois
  • Washington, D.C.
  • Sacramento, California
  • Santa Cruz, California
  • San Francisco, California
  • Providence, Rhode Island
  • New York City, NY

How to Rent a Jump Bike

Now that you’ve seen exactly how convenient and affordable Jump Bikes can be, here’s how to rent a Jump Bike for your next adventure.

Download the app. Getting this app means you’ll have access to everything Jump Bike, including locations of bikes, payment options, and helpful GPS routes to get you where you need to go. Simply download the app on your phone and plug in your information.

Google Play Badge
App Store Badge

Find a bike. After installing the Jump Bike app, you’ll have access to a map that shows you exactly where bikes are in real time and gives you directions to the nearest available ones.

Jump Bikes - Find Bike

Reserve Your Bike. Tap a bike to select it. This will let you know the percentage charge of each bike. This way, you can choose one that won’t run out of charge in the middle of your ride. On a full charge, the bike will travel 30 to 40 miles. When ready, click reserve.

Jump Bikes App - Reserve Bike

Unlock your rental. Once you locate the bike and walk to it, the app will give you a four-digit pin that you can use on the electronic lock, releasing the bike. Then, you can begin your ride.

Pedal away. The e-assist motor feature of the Jump Bike gives you added power on your daily commute or sightseeing trip. If you want to stop for any reason along the way but don’t want to give up your rental, press HOLD and lock the bike to the nearest street sign or bike rack. When you return, enter the four-digit pin and get straight back to pedaling.

Lock up. Because Jump Bikes are completely dockless, you’ll be able to leave the bike at your destination. Just make sure you use the bike’s convenient lock to secure it within the system area at a hub or bike rack for the next person who comes along. You will be charged $25 for leaving the bike out of the system area.

Check your stats. The app also includes a user profile section that gives you access to trip statistics. These may include dollars saved, miles traveled, and calories burned along with the CO2 reduced thanks to your decision to bike. These statistics and your trip map can be shared with friends on the app as well as exported to other social media.

Rent Jump Bikes From The Uber App

To rent a Jump Bikes from within the Uber rider app, simply click the main menu button in the upper left hand corner of the app. Then, select “Bike” and follow the instructions to reserve a bike.

Jump Bikes Uber App Integration

Social Bicycles

Another option Jump Bikes offers is Social Bicycles, a service that features 15,000 non-electric bikes and is available in more than 40 markets. A popular choice, Social Bicycles boasts upward of 5 million trips taken.

With smart-bike technology, these bikes are dockless and feature integrated and enclosed components, similar to the construction of the electric jump bikes. The bikes also sport grip shifters with three different speeds as well as real-time GPS, communication, and geo-tag technologies, which allow you to easily locate the nearest bike when you need a ride. You can even place a reservation on a bike if you know you’ll need to catch a ride at a specific time.

The fees for Social Bicycles are reasonable and vary depending on where you live. You can either elect to pay as you go with a prorated pricing model that charges per hour plus an activation fee or subscribe to a monthly or yearly membership. With a membership, you’ll get a certain amount of time free every day (which is ideal for commuters). Unlike other programs that use escalating overage charges, any overage time is charged at a flat per-hour rate.

Make the Most of Jump Bikes

The next time you have to get across town but don’t want to pay an arm and a leg, take advantage of the convenient and affordable jump bikes in your city. Whether you’re a tourist exploring the area or a local commuter trying to avoid the traffic, Jump Bikes gives you the opportunity to forego car travel without subjecting yourself to any discomfort. Simply download the app today to experience this rideshare option.

Google Play Badge
App Store Badge
rent bird scooters

Quickstart Guide To Bird Scooters: How To Rent And Charge

Your Thorough Guide to Bird Scooter Rentals

The bikeshare industry is evolving, and electric scooters are an obvious next step in that evolution. There are a few different scooter rental companies that have entered the market in recent months, and one of the most successful is Bird. The company offers opportunities for riders as well as individuals who want to boost their income. Take a closer look at the company, what they offer, and how you can be a part of it, below.

Everything You Need to Know About Bird Scooter Rentals

Bird scooters have grown quickly in popularity, but electric scooter rentals are a very new service. As a result, most people don’t know much about Bird or how their rental services work. Here’s everything you need to know about becoming a Bird scooter rider:

What Are Bird Scooters?

Founded in 2017, Bird specializes in electronic scooter rentals only. Through Bird’s app, riders can locate available scooters in their area and rent them for easy traveling. The equipment is dockless, so you’re able to ride right up to where you’re going and leave the scooter at your destination, instead of finding a charger dock.

How Much Does It Cost to Rent a Bird Scooter?

Bird offers a very straightforward pricing arrangement. There’s an initial $1 fee for each electric scooter rental, and then you’ll pay 15 cents for every minute you use the scooter. Considering the speed and convenience of Bird’s scooter rentals, the combination of base fare and per minute fee results in a highly affordable mode of transportation for short trips.

What Are the Benefits of Bird Scooters?

Electric scooters are a fantastic way to get through your city. Choosing to travel by Bird electric scooter offers many benefits, including:

  • Convenience: The Bird scooter app makes it incredibly easy to find scooters near you, and the unlocking process is quick and painless.
  • Speed: Bird scooters are designed to reach speeds of up to 15 mph, which means you can get where you’re going quickly.
  • Affordability: Bird scooter rentals are also inexpensive. Considering their speed and availability, riders are able to reach the destinations quickly, which keeps their overall costs low.
  • Eco-Friendliness: The scooter rentals are also an eco-friendly transportation option. They run on electricity, which is associated with lower carbon emissions than gas or diesel. The equipment is also designed to operate efficiently, so no energy is wasted.

With so many benefits, foot transportation could become a thing of your past.

Where Are Bird Electric Scooters Available?

The electric scooter rental scene is fairly new, so it’s no surprise that Bird is only available in a few locations. However, the success of their current operation areas is leading the company to expand rapidly. As of today, Bird electric scooters are available in the following cities:

  • Scottsdale
  • Tempe
  • Austin
  • Dallas
  • San Antonio
  • Oakland
  • San Diego
  • San Jose
  • Los Angeles
  • Atlanta
  • Indianapolis
  • Baltimore
  • Charlotte
  • Memphis
  • Salt Lake City
  • Arlington
  • Washington D.C.
  • Milwaukee

As you can see, the majority of their operational centers are in large metropolitan areas. In the near future, you can expect to find Bird in major cities all over the country. Smaller cities and college towns are likely to be in the second round of expansions after Bird enters each state.

How to Rent a Bird Electric Scooter


Bird Scooters - Find a Bird Nearby


Renting a Bird scooter is fairly easy. First, you need to download the Bird app, which is available on the iTunes store and Google Play. After you open the app, it’ll prompt you to create an account. You’ll also need to enter your payment information before accessing the service. You’ll find this option at the top of the main menu. To get started with a free ride on Bird (up to $5), click the button below.

Join Bird


On the main page of the app, you’ll see a map that indicates your position in relation to nearby scooters, or “Birds,” as the company calls them. You’ll also be able to view the current battery level of each scooter before you choose one.


Bird Scooters - QR Code Unlock


After you’ve located a scooter nearby, you tap the symbol on the screen to choose it. Then you’ll focus your phone camera on the QR code, which is located on the handlebar, to verify the scooter, before hitting “Unlock.” The first time you utilize a Bird scooter rental, the app will also require you to take a picture of your driver’s license.

Once your scooter is rented, it’s time to ride. On the left side of the handlebar, you’ll see the brake handle, and on the right side, a throttle button. To start the system, you’ll use foot power. Three strong pushes will wake up the scooter, and then the rest of the power is provided by the throttle button. Be sure to only operate the scooter in bike lanes and not on sidewalks.

After completing your journey, tap the “Lock” button in the Bird app. You can park the scooter with the kickstand and leave it near the entrance of your destination. It’s best to avoid blocking walkways and sidewalks, so look for a safe location that’s easy to access for other riders.

Everything You Need to Know About Being a Bird Charger

Since Bird’s electric scooters are dockless, they need to be charged regularly. To aid in this effort, the company employs contractors known as “chargers.” Chargers operate as independent contractors and are responsible for Bird scooter charging on a daily basis.

What Bird Chargers Do

Bird chargers utilize the app to locate scooters in their area, and then they collect them for charging. There isn’t a central docking station, so each charger takes the machines home with them to charge overnight. The scooters require a special charger that connects to a standard outlet, but the company will provide these to you once you join their team.

The company sorts scooters throughout a city by creating a “nest,” which is a specific location with expected high demand. After the equipment is charged, the chargers “release” the Birds anywhere in their nest area.

How Much Do Bird Chargers Make?

Bird pays their chargers based on the number of scooters they charge. Each scooter is categorized as either green, yellow, or red, and their charging price varies by category and location. On average, you can expect to make around $5 per fully charged Bird scooter. Once you locate a machine on your app, it’ll tell you how much you’ll make for charging the scooter.

One of the top benefits of working for Bird is their same-day payouts. You’ll be paid the same day for all charged scooters that were freed back to their nest by 7 a.m. After 7 a.m., releases are paid the following business day. Such a quick turnaround only adds to the appeal of the company. Bird does limit each charger to 20 scooters per night.

Bird Charger Requirements

To become a Bird charger, the company requires you to apply. The process isn’t as complicated or thorough as rideshare or delivery companies, but you do need to meet some basic requirements. All Bird chargers must meet the following criteria:

  • Minimum age of 18 years old
  • You need to have a vehicle
  • Live in or near an operation center
  • Charge a minimum of three Birds at a time

Since the company pays out on a daily basis, they require that each charger tackle three machines at once. This choice reduces the company’s overall costs as banks charge them for each transaction.

How to Become a Bird Charger

To apply for this Bird scooter job, you need to visit their charger sign up page. You can also access it through their app through the main menu under “Become a Charger.” Next, you’ll enter your personal and tax information along with your direct deposit information.


Become A Bird Charger


After you’ve submitted your application, you’ll receive a call from the Bird team for a short interview. At this time, they’ll explain the process involved in more detail.

Upon approval, you’ll gain access to charger features in your Bird app. This step allows you to find and “capture” Birds in your area. Once you find them, you’ll scan the QR code in the same manner as you would rent them, and then you’ll load them into your vehicle and take them home for the night. The next morning, you’ll need to drop off the Bird scooters in their nest area (designated by the app) between 4 a.m. and 7 a.m.

Bird Scooters: The Future of Bikeshare

Bikeshare options ruled 2017, and scootershare is sure to take over 2018. At the front of the electric scooter rental pack is Bird, but it’s not the only player in the game. Have you used a scooter rental service yet? If so, which one?