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Maven Gig – Uber, Lyft, Postmates And Doordash Rental Cars

Maven gig is a car rental option for rideshare or delivery drivers. It make the most sense for those who are looking to decrease out of pocket maintenance and fuel costs.

If you’re a Lyft or Uber driver (or both), or you deliver goods for Instacart, Postmates, or Doordash, you’re probably concerned about the wear and tear on your vehicle.

After all, when you drive rideshare or delivery, you do need to replace things like brakes, tires, and oil, more often than if you were just using your car for personal use.

Thankfully, these days you have a few car rental options that let you continue to earn money through services like Uber or Doordash, but without having to worry about a check engine light coming on, or how much tread is left on the tires.

Previously, we’ve looked at rideshare rental options like and Lyft Express Drive, but today we’re looking at Maven Gig.

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What is Maven Gig?

Maven Gig lets you rent a car to use for all of your side gigs, whether it’s delivering for Postmates, driving Uber, or working for Handy. You get a vehicle that lets you earn money on your terms, with unlimited miles, maintenance and insurance included.

The service is offered by Maven, a subsidiary of General Motors. Some of you may remember the early Lyft and Uber competitor Sidecar. After Sidecar shut down in late 2015, GM hired some former Sidecar employees, and bought some of Sidecar’s assets, to form Maven.

Since then, Maven rideshare vehicles have covered over 250 million miles while delivering goods and people to the places they need to be.

“Maven remains committed to a mobility model that takes critical steps toward developing sustainable and livable cities, including launching peer-to-peer car sharing and deploying electric vehicles in high-mileage, shared-use applications.” – Alex Keros, Smart Cities Chief at GM Urban Mobility / Maven

In addition to Gig, Maven also offers two other car rental services.

  • Maven Car Sharing For Members – Offers hourly, daily, or monthly rental cars with gas and insurance, and dedicated Maven parking spots. (Sign up now to get 20% off your first rental.)
  • Maven Car Sharing For Owners – Lets vehicle owners rent out their cars. Owners get 60% of trip revenue and their vehicle is insured by Maven during the rental period



How does the Maven Gig program work?

Once you’ve signed up for Maven (see the sign up process further down this page), it’s actually pretty simple.

1. Select your vehicle.

Maven Gig - Select vehicle

2. Reserve it. (Currently, you can only reserve for the same day, or the next business day)

Maven Car Sharing - Reserve


3. At the time of your reservation, go to the pickup address, unlock the car using the Maven app, and drive away.  Be sure to upload your Maven vehicle and insurance information to Lyft, Uber, or whichever service you’ll be working for, before you pick up your vehicle. It often takes a few hours for gig economy services to approve a new vehicle.


How do I pay for Maven?

When you make your reservation, Maven will put a $250 authorization hold on your credit card. Within 24 hours of picking up your car, the exact reservation amount will be taken from those held funds.

If your reservation is less than $250, Maven will release the outstanding amount back to you. If it ends up being more than $250, you will see an additional charge for the remaining funds.

Maven bills weekly, so your billing date will be the day of the week you started your reservation. So, if you start your reservation on a Tuesday, you will be charged every week on Tuesday.

How Do I Link Maven to Lyft, Uber, Doordash etc…?

After you reserve your vehicle, Maven will provide you with a Certificate of Insurance with your name, and vehicle VIN details, so you can upload it to various ridesharing driver or delivery platforms.

Where do I find my Maven certificate of insurance?

Open your Maven App and click “More” in the bottom right corner. You’ll see the Certificate of Insurance link where you can view the COI.

How To Get Approved For Maven Gig?

The Maven sign up and application process is pretty simple. Download the Maven Car Sharing app from the App Store, Google Play, or from the Maven website, and follow these instructions.

1. Select your driving country.

Maven Gig - Country Select

2. Click on “Drive to earn with ride sharing and delivery services”.

Maven Rideshare Rental

3. Select your Maven Rideshare market.

Maven Gig Los Angeles

4. Accept Maven’s terms and conditions.

Maven Terms

5. Enter your name, phone, address, and driver’s license information.

Maven Enter Address

6. Wait for approval. Maven says this can take up to two days, but generally it takes less than an hour.

Maven driver approval


How old do you need to be to rent from Maven?

To rent from Maven Gig, you must be 21 years or older. However, if you’re in NYC, you only need to be 19 years or older, but you will also need to have a valid TLC license.

Besides that, you’ll just need a Valid credit or debit card.

Maven Driver Requirements


How Much Are Maven Rentals?

Maven rideshare rentals rates start at $199 for compacts, sedans, and crossover suvs, and at $229 for the Chevy EV Bolt. However, certain markets may be slightly more expensive. You can select from a variety of GM vehicles including the Chevy Cruze and Colorado.

The Chevy Equinox, which qualifies for Lyft XL and Uber XL, is also available.

The minimum rental time is 6 days and the maximum time is 28 days (35 in California). Standard rental vehicle terms are for 28 or 35 days, but you can return the car after the first week without penalty.

If you are renting a Maven vehicle to drive rideshare or delivery, your full rental cost is a tax-deductible business expense.

What states and cities are Maven Gig rideshare rentals available in?

You can rent a Maven vehicle for gig work in:

  • Austin
  • Baltimore
  • Boston
  • Detroit
  • Los Angeles
  • Phoenix
  • San Diego
  • San Francisco
  • Washington, D.C.

How does Maven compare to services like HyreCar, Fair, and Lyft Express Drive?

Overall, the rental rates are comparable. Similar to renting with HyreCar and Fair, renting with Maven doesn’t lock you into driving for one particular service (on Lyft Express Drive, you can only Drive With Lyft).

However, with Maven you get access to GM’s OnStar network, and to the Chevy EV Bolt.

Driving with a Chevy Bolt on Maven also gives you access to the EVgo charging network for free vehicle charging. In 2018, Maven contracted with EVgo to build a dedicated network of fast charging stations exclusively for Maven Chevy Bolt drivers.

With this arrangement, not only do Chevy Bolt EV drivers on Maven not have to pay for gas, they don’t even have to pay for the electricity to charge the vehicle.

Click here to find your nearest EVgo charging location. Maven also has existing partnerships with Deliv, Grubhub, HopSkipJump, and Roadie.

What is Maven’s phone number?

Maven doesn’t force you to use email or a chat app. To reach Maven customer service, simply call 1-844-HIMAVEN (1-844-446-2836).

Is Maven a good rental option for Uber, Lyft or Postmates drivers?

It depends. If you’re a Lyft driver, but you only drive 10 to 15 hours a week, it probably doesn’t make sense to rent a car from Maven. On the other hand, if you drive 30 hours a week or more total (for Lyft, or for a bunch of services together), Maven is a great option.

So, if you drive full time for your side hustles and you’re in one of the cities where Maven is available, then it’s certainly an option you should consider strongly.

Maven’s Big Advantage Over Hyrecar, Fair, and Express Drive

While Maven’s rates are comparable to other rideshare rental services like Hyrecar or Fair, renting with Maven can give you access to an electric vehicle and free charging. This alone is worth picking Maven over some of the alternatives, as it amounts to free gas.

Another advantage of Maven versus Fair or Hyrecar is the keyless pickup. With Hyrecar, you’re picking up from an individual, which means setting a pickup time, and going to meet the person. If you rent from, you usually have to go to a dealer, speak to someone there, and then pick up your car.

With Maven, you show up, unlock the car with the Maven app, and hit the road.

So, if you’re already driving full time for Lyft, Doordash or a combination of services, a Maven rental could be a great option.

Don’t take our word for it, check out the Maven app, where you can browse available vehicles, reserve a tax-deductible rental, or even rent out your own vehicle when you’re not using it.

Click the button below to get started renting from Maven Gig today!



Lyft Car Rental: Lyft Express Drive, Maven, Or Hyrecar

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The advantages of driving for Lyft are hard to ignore, from the monetary benefits to the flexible schedule. This self-employment option works well for many, but also seems to exclude those without a vehicle. However, thanks to Lyft Express Drive, you can Drive With Lyft without owning, purchasing, or leasing a car. You can also get a Lyft car rental from companies like Maven and HyreCar.

Rental costs vary but usually range from $150 – $230 per week, depending on the vehicle and city. However, that cost includes insurance, taxes and fees. Also, you don’t have to worry about maintenance.

If you’re interested in driving for Lyft and you’d like to weigh what options you have for renting a car, here’s everything you need to know.

What Is Lyft Express Drive?

A simple and straightforward car rental service, Lyft Express Drive is the only car rental option that comes directly from Lyft itself, in partnership with Hertz, Avis, and Flexdrive. It’s currently available in about 30 cities.

But Lyft has just partnered with Avis to add thousands more cars to the Express Drive fleet, so expect the list of Express Drive cities to grow through the rest of 2018.

Lyft’s eventual goal is to have more than half their drivers using Express Drive. They even want to convince drivers who own a car to use Express Drive when driving for Lyft instead of their personal vehicle.

This program gives you access to a rental car that you can use to Drive With Lyft, and for personal use. You’ll simply fill out an application, then have access to a variety of rental options that you’ll be able to use for both Lyft and personal use. One stipulation is that you’ll need to complete at least 20 Lyft drives per week while renting the car; it cannot be used simply for personal drives.

Your car rental period is by week, so you’ll be subject to weekly billing periods that include your vehicle rental fee, the Lyft platform fee, and rental taxes. These charges will be taken out of your earnings for the week, meaning the money you make goes first toward covering the cost of maintaining the rental. These fees can vary depending on the type of car you’re renting, the rental car provider, and the city you’re located in.

Since the program does operate on a week to week basis, you’ll get the opportunity to decide whether driving for Lyft is something you want to continue to do. If your situation changes and you decide to stop driving for Lyft, you’ll be able to do so quickly and easily. The program is also ideal for those who Drive With Lyft and have a temporary problem with their vehicle, as it gives you a way to get back on the street while your car is in the shop. It is even a good option for those who need to rent a car and want to cut down or completely eliminate the cost of the rental by making money at the same time.

Advantages of Lyft Express Drive

The Lyft Express Drive program offers freedom from a long-term commitment and a flexible rental period, allowing you pick up and return the car whenever you want. Being a Lyft Express driver also boasts other benefits, including:

  • Unlimited miles: With this program, you’ll get unlimited miles for your Lyft drives as well as for personal use. As long as you complete your 20 Lyft drives a week, you can continue to drive your Lyft car rental wherever you need to go.
  • Insurance and maintenance: With insurance and maintenance fees included in the price of the rental, you can let go of any worries you have about coverage and routine maintenance.
  • Rental rewards: You’ll be eligible to receive a Rental Rewards bonus for completing enough rides and earning a 90 percent acceptance rating. This goes directly toward your rental price, reducing the cost of the car and increasing your profits at the end of each week.
  • Easy switching: While renting an Express car, you’ll also be able to use your own car if you have one. You can easily switch between cars, earning money by driving for Lyft with both vehicles.

Renting a vehicle from Express drive does require a refundable deposit, which varies by market.

How to Become a Lyft Express Driver

If you’re interested in making money while using a Lyft car rental, follow the steps below. If you’re not already a Lyft driver, you could also be eligible for a sign up bonus of up to $1000, or an earnings guarantee of $2500. Lyft Bonus amounts are determined by city.

Starting  Your Lyft Express Drive Application

Before becoming an Express Driver, you’ll need to satisfy the Lyft driver requirements. This includes passing a background check and driving record check. If you already Drive With Lyft, scroll down for current driver instructions.

1. Enter your phone number on the first screen.

Lyft Express Drive Application

2. Enter your information and the promo code MOVER on the second screen.

Lyft Express Drive Promo Code Entry

3. Choose “Rent With Express Drive” on the vehicle preference screen.

Lyft Car Rental

Once you’re approved as a Lyft driver, you’ll be able to schedule a pickup date for your Lyft rental car. Approval can take anywhere from 1 day to a few weeks, but usually take 5 – 10 days.

To start your Lyft Express Drive application with our promo code, and recieve a Lyft sign up bonus, click the button below.

Drive With Lyft


Express Drive Rental For Current Lyft Drivers

If you already drive with Lyft, go to your driver dashboard and scroll down to “Express Drive” under the Vehicles section and hit “Rent With Express Drive.”

1. Choose the vehicle. You’ll then be able to choose the vehicle you would like to rent through either Hertz or Flexdrive (and soon Avis), using a Lyft-exclusive rate. To rent a vehicle through Hertz, you’ll need to be at least 25 years old. If you’re renting the vehicle through Flexdrive (only available in select markets), you need to be at least 21.

Lyft Express Drive - Schedule Your Rental

2. Put down a refundable deposit. Before beginning the Lyft Express Drive program, you’ll need to put down a deposit, with the amount depending on the city you are driving in. The deposit will be returned if you don’t pass the background or driving check, if you end the program before picking up the rental car, and if your account is in good standing after you return the rental car. Otherwise, the deposit will be used to cover outstanding payments and damages.

3. Pick up the car. Once you’ve completed all these steps, you’ll be able to schedule a vehicle pickup, after which you can get out on the streets and start earning money through Lyft.


Maven is GM’s rental car service that specializes in renting to those who want to earn money by driving for Lyft as well as other gigs, including food, package, and grocery delivery services. You’ll get to choose a car that fits your style and budget, with options ranging from the newer models of the Chevy Cruze and Malibu to the all-electric Bolt.

One advantage to Maven is that all of the insurance (besides the deductible), maintenance, and (best of all) roadside assistance is included in the weekly rates. The rental also offers unlimited mileage so that you can use it for professional and personal driving. Even better, if you choose the Chevy Bolt EV, you won’t have to pay for fuel; Maven is, for a limited time, offering free charging on all their Chevy Bolt rentals. The program also boasts no early return penalty, allowing you to return the car at any time after seven days.

The big advantage with Maven is that you are not limited to driving just for Lyft.

Rent From Maven



HyreCar gives you the opportunity to rent someone’s unused car for a fee. HyreCar also offers rental length flexibility with rental periods as short as two days. You must already be an approved Lyft or Uber driver to rent a car for rideshare driving through HyreCar. You will have to pass a separate background check through HyreCar. The background check cost is $29.95.

Similar to maven, you can also drive for other services with a HyreCar vehicle.

Rent From HyreCar


If You Already Have A Car, Make Money Renting It Out

If you already have a car, and are looking to rent it out you can do so on HyreCar, and through the companies below.


Getaround partners with Uber to offer rental vehicles through the Uber driver app. However, it’s become a popular place for drivers to rent out a personal vehicle they don’t use all the time.

List With Getaround



Turo is another option for renting out your personal vehicle.

List With Turo


Take Advantage of Lyft Car Rental Services

If you’re looking for a straightforward car rental service that will give you the opportunity to Drive With Lyft, Lyft Express Drive will provide you with a rental car along with an integrated system for easy payments, rewards, and information. You’ll have access to all of your driver data and car rental information in one simple application for optimal convenience.

Maven is a good backup option if Lyft Express Drive doesn’t have any available vehicles in your area.

HyreCar is a great choice if you’re looking for a short term rental for rideshare. It’s also helpful if you’re thinking of purchasing a car for driving Uber or Lyft, and want to test out a few different models.


Drive With Lyft


Rent From Maven


Rent From HyreCar