Rover vs. Wag!

Rover vs. Wag!: Pros & Cons of Working for Each Service

If you love dogs and you’ve got experience dog walking or pet sitting, then working on Rover or Wag! as a side gig is a great way to make some extra cash. Though both apps are similar in the services they offer and how they operate, there are some nuances you’ll need to get to know before you choose which service is right for you.

Working for Rover

Founded in 2011, Rover has become one of the largest networks of quality pet sitters in the United States. The company currently operates in over 14,000 cities and has more than 200,000 vetted pet sitters working on the app.

Rover aims to provide the best in pet care and accepts less than 20% of applicants, all of which have to pass background or identity checks before they begin as a Rover sitter.

In addition to both scheduled and on demand dog walking services, Rover also offers dog boarding, pet sitting, doggy day care, drop-in visits, and house sitting services.

Pet owners use the site to search through dog sitter profiles to find the right sitter in their area. Each profile gives some information about who the sitter is and their dog sitting preferences as well as reviews from former clients.

Pros and Cons

There are a few benefits that Rover has over Wag! for sitters. For one, you have the ability to set your own rates. That means you have control over your income potential. Whether you want to set your rates lower than average to get an initial client base built up or set higher rates to maximize income, this is entirely under your control.

rover vs wag sitter


Another pro of working as a Rover sitter is that the platform is designed to promote repeat business. Instead of constantly searching for new clients, you can easily rebook with past clients with the click of the button. This makes it easy to build a sustainable side gig income source, as you can set up a regular walk schedule or make yourself available to clients who go out of town often.

One downside to Rover is that their on demand walking service is rather new. For this reason, you may find it difficult to get a high volume of on demand walks, which can really help boost your income when you don’t have as many scheduled walks, boarding, and sitting clients.

How to Get Started

To get started on Rover, you create a profile that helps showcase information about you that pet owners want to know. This profile includes details like your experience and background with animals as well as your preferences for dog sitting and walking. For instance, if you are open to caring for dogs of any size, but only want to board smaller dogs, you can make these preferences known in your profile.

You will also create your schedule and set your pay rates. If you can’t work on Tuesdays or only want to take dog boarding customers on the weekends, you can set these preferences on your calendar so that pet owners will know if you’re available. Once your profile is approved, you can start accepting requests from owners in the area. Payment is available for withdrawal to your PayPal account two days after you’ve completed the service.

Working for Wag!

Wag! co-founder, Joshua Viner, started the company because he wanted to make it easy and convenient for busy people like him to care for their pets while they are away. The app first started as an Uber for dog walking, through which pet owners could find nearby walkers and walkers could accept jobs when they wanted to. This on demand service made it easy for pet owners to not only schedule walks ahead of time but also find a walker at the last minute if necessary.

Today, the app offers additional services including dog sitting and dog boarding so that pet owners can make sure their pets are cared for when they’re away for longer periods of time.

Wag! services are available in many cities across the United States, allowing owners to search for the right sitter using their database. And like most side gig apps, it allows you to be your own boss and work as much or as little as you want, whenever your schedule allows.

Pros and Cons

One of the major pros of working with Wag! is that you are able to accept on demand dog walks. Though Rover has recently added their RoverGo service, which also provides on demand services, it’s relatively new and most pet owners are already familiar with Wag! as an on demand provider. This means that if you use Rover instead of Wag!, you will not have as many options to take on demand walks during flexible times.

Wag! dog walker


Another benefit is that Wag! provides owners with the option to add a tip right in the app, while Rover does not. Though customers can always tip you in cash, many owners are not present when you walk their dogs, so they will be much more inclined to tip you if the option is available conveniently within the app.

That being said, Wag! also has some major cons that might be a deal-breaker for prospective pet sitters and walkers. For one, Wag! sets your rates for you, so you have less control over your income potential. Wag! also takes a 40% commission rate (as opposed to Rover’s 20%), which means your monthly income will be lower for the same amount of work.

With Wag! it’s also harder to get repeat business. When owners use the on demand walking feature, they are not able to communicate with those who have walked their dogs before to see when they may be free. Though they have the option to send the walk request to walkers they have worked with before, there is no guarantee you would get the walk over another Wag! walker.

How to Get Started

Getting started with Wag! is easy. Anyone who is at least 18-years-old, legally allowed to work in the U.S., and physically about to walk for at least 20 minutes can apply. First, you fill out an application with some basic details about yourself. On the application, you will be asked about your experience walking and watching dogs. You will also be asked to complete a quiz on dog care and safety. This helps Wag! determine whether or not you will be a good fit for the job.

After you’ve filled out the application and taken the quiz, you’ll be asked to complete a collar and harness test to show you understand the different types of dog collars and harnesses. You’ll also need to complete a situational assessment where you will prove you can handle different unpredictable situations involving dogs. These assessments help show Wag! that you have experience when it comes to handling dogs and you can be responsible and professional about caring for pets.

Why Not Try Both?

While there are pros and cons to working for each service, there’s also no stipulation that says you can’t work for both. Using both Wag! and Rover to find dog walking and pet sitting gigs allows you to open yourself up to new opportunities as most pet owners in your city will be using one app or the other. So if you’re serious about making some extra cash watching and walking dogs, then you may want to use both apps to maximize your opportunities.




Wag Report Card

How Does Wag! Work – Getting Started Guide

Wag! is a popular on demand dog walking app that pairs dog walkers with local pet owners who need care for their dogs.

Known to some as “the Uber of dog walking,” Wag! makes it quick and convenient for dog owners to find walkers when and where they need them. While Wag! provides similar services to competitors like Rover, it does have some distinct features and benefits for those who work as walkers on its app.

How Wag! Works

The Wag! app makes it easy for dog owners across the United States to get the pet care they need at any time of the day, while providing dog walkers with the opportunity to work a flexible schedule doing something they love. Below, we’ll discuss how the app works for both dog owners and dog walkers.

Wag! for Dog Owners

Using the Wag! app, dog owners can request a dog walker as soon as possible. The app then notifies the owner when the walker has confirmed their availability. Most walks are fulfilled within 30 minutes of the request.

Wag! offers three different types of walks – ASAP, one-time, and recurring. ASAP is for pet owners who need an on-demand walk as soon as possible. One-time is for pet owners that would like to request a walk in the future at a specific time. Recurring walks are for owners who want to set up a recurring schedule with a walker on a weekly basis.

When pet owners use Wag!, they receive a free lockbox so the owner can provide access to their house key for the walker when they are not home. The dog owner can leave instructions for the walker on the app on how to access the key. Owners can also leave notes or instructions for the walker about their dog’s needs and tendencies. The cost for walks is determined based on location and walk length, but in general, a 30-minute walk on Wag! costs pet owners $20.

During the dog walk, pet owners can follow along on the app with GPS tracking, receiving notifications when the dog goes to the bathroom.

When the walk is complete, the owner will then receive a report that includes a photo and the dog walker’s notes from the walk as well as confirmation that the home has been locked. The owner can then leave a tip for the walker as well as a review.


Though dog walking is the most popular service offered by Wag!, the company also provides dog sitting and dog boarding services. Dog owners use the app or the website to find a sitter in their neighborhood who is available during the dates over which they need care for their pet. The owner arranges a meet and greet so they can make sure it’s a good fit. If that goes well, the owner can then book a dog sitting or boarding service with the sitter. During their service visit, the pet sitter will provide daily photos and video updates for the owner.

Interested in Wag?

Be sure to check out the Wag! FAQ.


Wag! for Dog Walkers

Wag! allows dog walkers to make their own schedule, walking as little or as much as they’d like, making it a great side gig option for those who want to make a little cash in their spare time. The app offers a flat rate for walks, so walkers don’t have to negotiate pricing with dog owners. However, as an independent contractor, those working for Wag! will need to manage their own taxes each year.

Using the Wag! app, dog walkers can connect with pet owners in their area that need on-demand walks. On the Wag! walker app, dog walkers will be able to view all of the available walk requests in their local area. The request states what time the walk is requested, how long it is, how far away it is, and the type of dog. Walkers can then choose which walks they would like to take on with the option to serve one-time walks, recurring walks, or both.

Walkers should arrive at the owner’s home on time and prepared in comfortable clothes and walking shoes. Wag! recommends that walkers also bring poop bags just in case the owner has forgotten to provide them. Dog walkers can use different app features to provide the best possible walk experience for owners. This includes live pee and poop notifications as well as the option to include video and/or photos during the walk.

After the walk is complete, the walker will fill out a detailed report card with notes on how the walk went. Dog owners will have the option to tip the walker and leave a review after the walk is complete. Using these features to let the owner know how the walk went is important, especially because in most cases the owner may never meet the walker face-to-face. Dog walkers also have the option to contact owners through the app during the walk in case they have any questions.

Walkers are paid for their services through Payable, an online payment platform. This system is connected to the walker’s bank account through the Wag! walker app. Payments are automatically deposited into the bank account each week for completed walks.

How to Sign Up

Getting started as a walker with Wag! is simple. Wag! requires its walkers to be at least 18 years old, legally allowed to work in the United States, and physically able to walk for at least 20 minutes. Given the nature of the business, Wag! encourages those who have experience walking dogs, are dog owners themselves and are responsible, professional, and trustworthy to apply.

Application Process

Wag! developed its application process to ensure that those who become walkers are a good fit for the position. The application begins with an opportunity for the applicant to tell Wag! about their experience with dogs, including any former dog walking or pet sitting experience. Then, the applicant will be asked to take a quiz on dog care and safety.

Once you’ve taken the quiz and provided some background information on your experience, you’ll need to take a collar and harness test. This assessment tests applicants on their knowledge of different types of dog collars and harnesses that they may encounter in their Wag! walks as well as proper walking techniques. After this test is a situational assessment, which tests the applicant’s ability to handle varied and unpredictable situations involving dogs such as recognizing and dealing with aggression.

After you’ve completed the required assessments, you’ll fill in your information to complete a background check, which costs $25. Then, it’s time to set up your Wag! profile. You’ll want to upload a clear and professional photo and write a short bio. The bio should contain basic information about yourself that will help dog owners get to know you and see that you’re trustworthy.

Earning Potential

With Wag!, there is a set price for each walk, which means you don’t get to set your own rates. The owner is charged a bit more, and a percentage (about 40%) of the fee goes back to Wag!. Here is the breakdown of earnings that dog walkers get for each walk on Wag!:

  • $9 for a 20-minute walk
  • $12 for a 30-minute walk
  • $18 for a 60-minute walk

In addition to this flat rate, you also get to keep 100% of the tips that you earn. Your total earning potential will depend on how many walks you give each day and how much you earn in tips. Though there is no way for owners to request a specific walker, they can add you to their favorites list so that you will get a notification when their dog needs another walk. Building up repeat clients is a great way to maximize your earning potential.

Wag! also offers referral bonuses for walkers who refer new customers to the app. When you sign up for Wag!, you’ll be given a referral code. For each new customer that signs up to use Wag! with your referral code, you earn $25. The customer who uses your referral code will also get $20 toward their first walk.

Does walking dogs sound like the perfect side gig for you? Getting started with Wag! is easy and can be a great way to make some extra cash in your spare time.


Lime Rover Week In On Demand

Roving International, Lime Fires, Hyrecar Nabs Park – This Week In On Demand

This Week In On Demand – Nov. 2, 2018

It’s been another big week for the gig economy. From canine-themed acquisitions to rideshare subscription services, here’s what’s happening in on-demand industries this week.

Rover Acquires DogBuddy While Wag! Announces New Hires

The battle of the canines is in full swing. On Wednesday, Rover announced their purchase of DogBuddy, a U.K.-based dog-sitting service available in multiple markets throughout Europe.

It’s the first big purchase the dog-sitting company has made since their latest round of funding, which accumulated a $155 million investment total. The move also comes after Rover announced their expansion to the U.K. By purchasing DogBuddy, the company now has instant access to an already-successful European market.

While Rover expands its empire, their biggest competitor, Wag!, is expanding its team. The U.S.-based dog-walking company announced two new hires late last week.

Formally associated with Highfive, Twitter, and Yahoo!, Cilia Poon takes the role as chief financial officer. For general counsel, Wag! has brought in Craig Gatarz, who previously served as executive vice president at The Honest Company.

In combination with their latest $300 million investment round, these leadership moves are likely a signal of upcoming changes, possibly a service expansion, acquisition, or an IPO target date announcement.

Lime Hires Chief Business Officer, Announces Election Day Initiative, and Pulls Fire-Hazard Scooters

Lime announced early this week that it’s bringing David Richter on board as the company’s first chief business officer. Previously, Richter spent time at Uber as the global head of business and corporate development.

This strategic move comes as the scooter company moves toward broadening their offerings with car-sharing and retail store locations. Along with building an impressive corporate team, Lime is on the hunt for investors to reach a $3 billion funding goal for their upcoming endeavors.

On Tuesday, the company reported they had pulled an undisclosed number of scooters off the streets because of a potential battery-related fire hazard. All of the models were linked to manufacturer Segway Ninebot and only affected three markets — Lake Tahoe, Los Angeles, and San Diego. This statement came just minutes before the scooter company announced their Election Day initiative. Joining rideshare companies Uber and Lyft, Lime is offering free e-scooter, bikes, and e-bike rides on November 6th.

While the news of battery issues are concerning, it’s not likely to cause substantial impact to the Lime brand. The company’s most recent round of funding totaled $335 million, was led by Google Ventures, and valued the company at $1.1 billion.

That’s somewhat smaller than their main competitor Bird, which is valued at $2 billion. However, Lime’s last funding round included an investment and partnership with Uber, which saw Uber branding added to Lime scooters. Uber customers will also be able to rent a Lime scooter from the Uber app, at some point.

Uber Launches Monthly Subscription Service

Tuesday also brought the news of Uber’s latest incarnation of Ride Pass. The monthly subscription service offers riders access to flat-rate rides throughout the service area. Ranging from $14.99 to $24.99 per month, Ride Pass is currently only available in Austin, Denver, Los Angeles, Miami, and Orlando. However, it’s likely to expand rapidly over the next year, as they’ve been testing the service in various other markets for some time.

Uber Ride Pass
While the company has offered multiple versions of Ride Pass in the past, this variation of Ride Pass is a direct response to Lyft’s All-Access Plan. These launches serve not only to boost customer satisfaction and grow loyalty, but they’re also a strategic play to increase their valuations ahead of their 2019 IPOs. Both companies are making new announcements on nearly a weekly basis. Expect to see more product offering announcements, and new app features, before each of their market debuts. Lyft is aiming for a Q1 IPO, while Uber is shooting for Q3.

HyreCar Announces Chief Operating Officer

Wag! isn’t the only company making leadership announcements this week. On Tuesday, HyreCar appointed Henry Park to the role of chief operating officer. Previously the head of marketing and chief operating officer at SearchForce, Park also worked at as an executive director of traffic acquisition.

HyreCar has had a tough year. The car-sharing company entered the public market in June, but it’s faced an uphill battle after a continuous drop in share prices. The move to bring Park onboard is one of a series of strategic moves to gain back the momentum lost in the last six months. The company also announced a partnership with Shift Technology last week. Such choices mean that HyreCar isn’t going down without a fight. In fact, we shouldn’t be surprised to witness more drastic evolutions and new partnership announcements over the coming months.

It’s been a whirlwind of a week in the on-demand sectors, but now you’re all caught up. Be sure to check back next week to catch the latest happenings affecting the gig economy.


Side Hustles Best Features

Look For These Features In Your Side Hustle Apps

The Best Side Hustle Apps Have These Features in Common

It’s no wonder that 4 in 10 Americans have a side gig. The average student loan payment each month is $351, then add to that rent, utilities, and having a morsel of a social life, and the month will likely run longer than the cash in your account. Whether you’re just looking to make some extra money or you’re exploring side gigs to find a new career direction, there are a number of reasons having a side hustle is a good thing.

In addition to providing you with some extra cash, side gigs also give you the opportunity to build new skills and gain experience in different industries. Starting career exploration with a part-time side hustle can be a great way to determine if the industry is really for you.

A side hustle may be awesome, especially for college students, but they’re not all created equal. When you’re choosing your side gig, especially an app-based side gig, there are three qualities you should look for to ensure you’re creating the best-case scenario for your schedule and wallet. Below, we’ll explore which features the best side hustle apps have in common.

Broad Focus

If you’re going to spend your downtime working on your side gig, it should at least be something you want to do with the flexibility to match your specific needs. The best side hustle apps provide a wide range of services that allow you to broaden your horizons. These broad focus apps give you the opportunity to exercise different skills and try out different services to find out what you’re best at and enjoy the most.

With a broad range of opportunities, you’ll never get bored. If you want a variety of side gig options in one platform, check out these apps:

Whether your gift is SAT prep or dog walking, the app allows you to find a job that fits your skill set. Provide child care, adult and senior care, pet care, and home care to customers, or find tutoring, errands, and odd job opportunities.


With more than 116 different service categories, you’re sure to find a few gigs right for you on Fiverr. This app connects you to entrepreneurs and businesses in need of graphics and design, music and audio, writing, digital marketing, and more. If you’re a creative looking to build your portfolio, download this app today.


Skip the bidding-for-gigs process and get straight to work on Hubstaff. You’ll be connected with business owners searching for IT managers, coders, designers, marketing gurus, and content writers. Find consistent work in your particular niche, and don’t lower your rate just to grab a job.


Are you handy around the house? If you enjoy home improvement and are good at repairs, then TaskRabbit is a great app for making some extra cash in your spare time. Choose from a variety of household chores from putting together furniture, mounting a mirror, or helping someone move. The opportunities are endless!

TaskRabbit at a construction gig.



Tispr is a great app for creatives that are looking to pursue their passions and build or diversify their portfolio while making a little extra cash. After creating a profile on the app, you’ll have access to a wide variety of creative job opportunities with diverse companies that are looking for someone with your expertise.


Gigwalk matches side hustlers with businesses in their area that are looking for a little extra help. Whether you’re running an event or just running errands, you’ll have the opportunity to apply for a variety of side gigs right in your area that you’re qualified to help with.

Bonuses and Incentives

Don’t miss out on bonus checks or added incentives just because you’re working a side gig. While traditional work environments may not offer you the chance to take advantage of incentives, some of the best gig apps often offer bonuses or incentives for side hustlers who work hard and consistently deliver.

Bonuses and incentives are one of the best ways to maximize your extra cashflow. If extra “perks” of the job make a side hustle more enjoyable for you, spend your time on one of these apps:


When you join Lyft as a driver, you can enjoy a sign-on bonus when you meet certain trip requirements within the first 30 days. Lyft also offers a number of other bonuses and incentives like weekly ride challenges, power zones with an incentive for picking up riders in certain areas, and streak bonuses.


With Instacart, you get paid to deliver groceries to customers’ homes. This app offers incentives for you to earn even more on the app’s busiest days. You can also earn commissions based on your speed and accuracy, meaning the more you work and better you get, the more potential you have to earn more.


When you drive with Uber, you can take advantage of incentives like Boost, which multiplies your trip fares by a specified amount for all of the trips you complete within a hotspot during certain times. In addition, Quest incentives allow you to earn extra money for reaching certain trip goals in a specified time period. Uber usually has two quests per week, one for Monday through Thursday, and another one for the weekend. This gives Uber a slight advantage over Lyft when it comes to driving part-time.


When it comes to incentives that help increase your earnings, Postmates is one of the best delivery apps out there. They often include bonuses that allow you to earn an additional amount for each delivery accepted and completed within a certain timeframe as well as bonuses for completing a certain amount of deliveries in a specified timeframe.


If you’re passionate about animals and want to make some extra cash walking dogs, then Wag! is a great side hustle app as it provides some extra incentives for hard-working dog walkers. The app offers featured walks, some of which have bonuses attached to them, which allows you to earn additional funds on top of the initial walk pay out.

Flexible Scheduling

One of the biggest perks of a side hustle is that you’re able to make extra money during your free time. If you want the freedom to sign on for a few hours and make money on your schedule, then finding an app with scheduling flexibility is a top priority. Many jobs will allow you to work early morning, afternoon, or late at night, allowing you to pick the jobs that fit best within your schedule.

Whether you’re balancing a full-time job or just other side hustles, you’ll want to check out some of the apps that allow for flexible scheduling. If you want to set your own schedule each day, here are your best side gig app options:


With the Wonolo staffing platform, you can choose from a variety of jobs in your community. The app allows you to choose from immediate hourly, single, or multi-day jobs. With a single swipe, you can accept or deny the job based on how much (and if) you want to work for the day. You’re only committed to the jobs you choose, but if you need to back out of a gig, you need to let the employer know more than 12 hours out.

Amazon Flex

For side giggers 21 and older, Amazon Flex is a great way to set your own schedule on a daily basis or for the week ahead. You can choose to deliver Amazon packages each day from available blocks of time or set your schedule before the week starts if you prefer a regular routine.


Dolly lets you make money on your time without driving someone around or walking their dog. You simply move boxes, furniture, or anything else people need help transporting. Whether you want some weekend work or can bring in some cash in the evenings, the Dolly app shows you how much you’ll make before you accept the job and explains what you’ll be moving (so there are no surprises when you arrive on scene). This app is best for those who don’t mind a little sweat and can lift at least 75 pounds. If you have a truck, you can make even more working for Dolly.


With Shipt, you can earn up to $22/hour shopping for the app’s members. This side hustle app allows you to be your own boss and set your own hours. Whether you want to work full- or part-time or only have availability during certain days of the week or hours of the day, you make your own schedule with Shipt.

Shipt Shopper



If you love dogs and want to make some extra cash, Rover is a great app that allows for flexible scheduling. Whether you just want to work weekends or need specific days off during the week, you set your availability using a convenient calendar feature, allowing you to only get dog walking and petsitting requests on the days you are available.

Finding the right side gig app depends on your priorities. Whether you want to choose your daily schedule, benefit from bonuses and incentives, or find gigs tailored to your skill set, knowing which side hustle app to choose will offer the best fit for your needs.


Rover pet sitter sign up

Rover Dog Walker Sign Up Guide

Rover 101: How to Become a Dog Walker

Do you like spending time outdoors? Do you also love dogs? If so, you can finally make some easy cash while living your best life. From food delivery to rideshare, peer-to-peer businesses are popping up left and right. Now, we can add dog walking to the list thanks to Rover. If this scenario sounds like your ideal job, then keep reading to find out how to become a professional dog walker. If you’d like to try Rover out, click the button below to book a sitter on Rover.


Book A Sitter


What Is Rover?

Rover is a service that’s designed to bring pet owners together with dog service providers throughout the area. However, instead of a traditional pet hotel or veterinary office, the company utilizes independent contractors throughout the area. This arrangement ensures that owners and walkers have the opportunity to schedule services based on their unique schedules. As a result, it’s more convenient for all parties involved.

The company’s slogan is “We’re the Dog People,” which, in itself, emphasizes their desire to work with compassionate individuals. Along with dog walking, you can also sign up for boarding, house sitting, doggy daycare, and drop-in visits. While the services are focused on canines, sitters can tailor their profile to cats as well.

Dog walkers have been a staple in large cities, like New York, for decades. However, most cities and towns don’t have their own variation. As a result, Rover has opened up the market for dog lovers in several areas to earn some extra cash. Currently, the service is available in thousands of communities across the U.S. and Canada, including:

  • Atlanta
  • Austin
  • Boston
  • Cincinnati
  • Denver
  • Houston
  • Kansas City
  • Los Angeles
  • Milwaukee
  • New York City
  • Phoenix
  • Portland
  • Seattle
  • Washington, D.C.

Rover is incredibly popular in large cities, but it also filters into smaller neighborhoods. If you want to join their fleet of walkers, there’s a good chance that it’s available in your location.

How Rover Works

Rover is essentially the Uber or Lyft of the dog care industry. Owners and dog walkers are connected through the platform. However, there aren’t any minimum hour requirements or pre-set working schedules. As a result, walkers are able to set their own hours and choose which projects they want to take on. Take a closer look at how this unique platform works, below.

The Rover App

The Rover app is where all of the most important processes occur.

Dog walkers and sitters create profiles that outline their services as well as highlight their availability in the built-in calendar. Owners, on the other hand, can browse these profiles to find the right match and leave reviews afterward. When they need a service, they simply submit a request to their chosen contractor, who can either accept or deny it. The Rover app also offers the ability to create repeat bookings for regular services with the same dog walker or sitter.

Even better, when you’re on a job, you can record feeding times, look up care info, or contact the owner, all from within the app.

Rover pet sitter tracking chat

At the end of a job, you can send the owner a note or report, so they know how their pet is doing.

Rover report card



Rover service providers take home 80% of each payment. The company charges a 20% commission as well as a 5% to 7% service fee. However, the latter charge is covered entirely by the client.

All payments are processed electronically. After a service is completed, the money is available within two days. Contractors can transfer the amount from their Rover app to their bank account any time after that period.

The Rover Guarantee

The company also offers a peace-of-mind program known as the Rover Guarantee. While it’s similar to an insurance policy, it’s more of a reimbursement program for dog care providers. It’s designed to help cover financial costs in the event of damage or injury.

Here’s a quick breakdown:

  • Covers up to $25,000 for vet care.
  • $1 million dollars in protection for property damage or third-party injuries.
  • Walkers and sitters only need to pay the $250 out-of-pocket deductible.

When qualifying issues occur, Rover contractors are able to contact the Trust and Safety Team to file a claim.

Rover pet sitter guarantee

Around-the-Clock Support

One of the top advantages of working with Rover is their around-the-clock support. The support staff is reachable by phone and email at any time of the day and night, and they also offer veterinarian assistance. While the 24-hour support is handy, the ability to speak with a veterinarian makes Rover stand out. This quality is sure to put both service providers and owners at ease.


RoverGO is Rover’s program for experienced sitters who have regular availability, and the ability to house sit, board dogs overnight, or both. RoverGo is primarily aimed at those who want to build a full fledged dog care business, with regular bookings.

How to Become a Rover Dog Walker

If you’d like to get paid to hang out with dogs of all ages and sizes, then Rover is probably a good match. However, they don’t hire just anyone. The company’s basic applicant requirements are as follows:

  • Age: Must be at least 18 years old.
  • Criminal History: Able to pass a background check.
  • Bank: All payments go through the Rover app, so every applicant needs a bank account.

Since you don’t technically need to transport the dogs, there aren’t any vehicle requirements. As such, dog walking is open to a much wider group than delivery and rideshare services.

The Rover Dog Walker Application

Joining the Rover team is a fairly simple process as long as you meet the requirements. To begin the application, visit their website or download the Rover app on your Apple or Android device. Once you create a rover account, follow these steps:

1. Open The Rover App

From the Rover Dashboard, click “more” in the lower right hand corner.

Rover App Dashboard

2. Start Your Rover Pet Sitter Application

On this screen, choose “Become a Sitter”, followed by “Get Started” on the next screen, to begin the Rover application.

Rover Become A Sitter
Rover Application - $1000 per month

3. Build Your Profile

Next, it’s time to create your profile. Enter your name, address, contact information, and social security number to set up your account. This step requires that you complete your public dog walker profile by adding information about yourself, including experience and images. Finally, all applicants must authorize the background check before their application is considered complete.

Rover pet sitter sign up - address

4. Wait for Acceptance

The internal Rover team reviews each dog walker’s profile to ensure everything is correct. If there are any questions, they’ll email you directly. The team also has to wait until the background check is complete. Typically, the entire process takes around three to five days, but can take a little longer.

Once approved, you’ll have instant access to your local Rover network. If you plan on also offering other services, like pet boarding, be sure to upload pictures of your home. This step makes potential clients more at ease. As a result, you’re likely to get more requests and boost your overall earning potential.

Hit the Pavement With Rover and Start Earning Today!

Rover is opening up opportunities for dog lovers and owners alike. Pet owners will appreciate that the company utilizes a background check system as well as highly personalized profiles. Plus, the ability to re-book with the same walker is an added perk, especially when you find a person that both you and your furry friend like. If you’re interested in becoming a pet sitter with Rover, click the button below to start your application.


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