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Uber Select – Driver Guide To Uber’s Higher End Service

Uber Select: Your Complete Driver Guide

To accommodate a growing market, rideshare companies like Uber have expanded their offerings. Now, riders get to choose from a variety of categories, from basic to high-end. One of the ride tiers that benefits passengers and drivers alike is Uber Select. If you’re interested in becoming an Uber Select driver, find out what it takes in this guide.

What’s Uber Select?

Uber Select is the first tier of luxury ride options offered by the rideshare company. Rides in this category offer the middle ground between the affordability of UberX and the grandeur of Uber Black. Essentially, Select trips provide everyday opulence instead of special occasion ambiance. Trips in this category consist of one to four passengers, and the vehicle and driver standards are higher than UberX.

How Does Select Differs From Other Ride Styles

For drivers, Select differs from other styles in both earning potential and requirements.

Earning Potential

Riders have to pay more for luxury, and as result, Uber Select drivers make more per trip. The fares vary based on location, time of day, and market demand, but Select fares are often about twice as much as UberX fares. However, your overall earning potential depends largely on the local demographic. If you live in a working-class community, then the lower cost of Uber X will be in higher demand, resulting in less opportunity for Select requests. On the other hand, the middle or upper class demographic in larger cities is likely to favor higher-end rides.

Uber Select Driver Pay

In comparison to Uber Black, Select drivers make less per trip. The highest Select fares typically match up with the bottom base rate for Uber Black. But, since both options offer luxury, many riders are likely to choose the slightly lower fare of Select over Black.



Here’s the Uber Select rate card for Los Angeles.

Uber Select Driver Rate Card

Qualifying Criteria

Both Uber X and Select drivers have to meet the rideshare company’s basic requirements, including licensing and driving history. However, Uber is more restrictive than other companies as to who can drive for their higher end services. In fact, Select drivers need to achieve and maintain a high rating, and they must also utilize a luxury style of vehicle.

One of the biggest differences between Uber Black and Select drivers is that the former is a professional chauffeur. Not only do drivers in the top tiers have to have a commercial driver’s license, but they also need previous behind-the-wheel experience as a professional. Considering these additional requirements, it makes sense that Select drivers make slightly less than their Uber Black counterparts.

Uber Select Driver and Vehicle Requirements

To become an Uber Select driver, you need to meet all of the company’s criteria. Uber Select requirements are less stringent than Lyft Lux requirements. There are some crossover requirements between Select and other Uber ride levels, but here are the basics:

Uber Select Driver Requirements

Drivers need to offer these qualities:

  • Clean driving and criminal record
  • Top Uber rating
  • Over the age of 21
  • Valid driver’s license

Uber Select Vehicle Requirements

All Select vehicles must meet these criteria:

  • Model year 2009 or newer
  • Leather or vinyl interior with no tears
  • Seat at least 4 passengers in addition to the driver
  • Working windows and air conditioning
  • No full-sized vans or trucks
  • No taxi cabs, government cars, or other marked vehicles
  • No salvaged or rebuilt vehicles

Uber Select Eligible vehicle models

Below is the Select list for Chicago. Most cities have a similar list, but may vary slightly.

  • Acura – MDX, RDX, RL, RLX, TL, TLX
  • Alfa Romeo – Giulia, Stelvio
  • Audi – A3, A4, A5, A6, A7, A8, S3, S4, S6, S7, S8. Q3, Q5, Q7
  • Bentley – All
  • BMW – 3-series, 4-series, 5-series, 7-series, M5, X1, X3, X4, X5, X6
  • Buick – Enclave, LaCrosse, Regal
  • Cadillac – ATS, CTS, DTS, SRX, STS, XTS, XT5, Escalade, Escalade EXT
  • Chrysler – 300
  • Genesis – G80, G90
  • Hummer – H2, H3
  • Hyundai – Equus, Genesis
  • Infiniti – EX, FX, JX, G Sedan, M, Q40, Q45, Q50, Q50L, Q60, Q70, QX4, QX50, QX56, QX60, QX70, QX80
  • Jaguar – X-Type, XF, XJ, XJR
  • Kia – K900
  • Land Rover – Discovery, Range Rover, LR2, LR3, LR4
  • Lexus – ES, GS, GX, IS, LS, LX, NX, RX
  • Lincoln – Continental, MKC, MKS, MKT, MKX, MKZ, Town Car, Navigator
  • Maserati – Ghibli, Levante, Quattroporte
  • Maybach – All
  • Mercedes-Benz – C-Class, CLA-Class, CLS-Class, E-Class, G-Class, GL-Class, GLA-Class, GLK-Class, GLS-Class, M-Class, ML Class, R-Class, S-Class
  • Nissan – Armada
  • Porsche – Macan, Cayenne, Panamera
  • Rolls-Royce – All
  • Tesla – Model S, Model X
  • Volkswagen – CC, Touareg
  • Volvo – XC90

How to Become an Uber Select Driver

Even if you meet all of the driver and vehicle qualifications, you don’t automatically get to drive for Select. Instead, you need to first reach a few milestones on the lower tier. This process includes:

  • 50+ UberX Trips: This step ensures you’re comfortable on the road and with the basic system arrangement.
  • 4.7+ Rating: The high-end ambiance of Select rides requires that drivers offer top-quality service to their passengers.
  • 80% Ride Acceptance Rate: This factor doesn’t apply to every market, but it’s important to keep in mind in case it’s a requirement for your location.

Once you meet these additional vehicle and driver qualifications, Uber’s system will upgrade your driver status to include Select options. As a result, you’ll receive requests for all the rideshare tiers that fit your circumstances. If you feel like you’ve reached the additional criteria but haven’t been upgraded, contact the Uber customer support team for assistance.

If you are an Uber Select driver, you can choose to receive UberX and UberPool requests as well. Or, you can choose to only accept Select requests.

Start Driving Uber Select Today

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