TaskRabbit at a construction gig.

How to Set Up the Best Rate for Yourself on TaskRabbit

Looking to snag some side hustle cash?

TaskRabbit is a great way to create your own schedule and fill it with jobs that you enjoy. Running errands, assembling furniture, and holiday decorating are just some of the many jobs available for you to explore.

As an independent contractor, make sure you understand the key a successful side biz: selecting the best rate to charge your clients for your services.

Let’s get to work!

Start with a Thorough Application

Depending on where you live, being a Tasker can be a little competitive. Big cities will have more people competing for the same work. For this reason, building a stellar application that lists as many skills as you can and gives specifics about your experience is very important.

Highlight any customer-service experience you have and take extra time to answer the questions provided. There is even a space to upload an introductory video. Use this short video to introduce yourself and why you’re excited to work with your new clients.

Does working around people energize you? Are you passionate about helping others? Be sure to smile!

Check Out the Suggested Rates

Below each task’s description, you can find a list of expectations. Once you click “I agree that I am able to fulfill these expectations,” your Tasker rate window will allow you to adjust your individual rates.

You will find a colorful bar with sample rates. TaskRabbit analyzes these rates based on market data, your experience, and a client’s willingness to pay you according to the market value of the service.

Tasker rate set


If you enter a rate higher than the ones suggested, it will inform you that the rate may be too high to get hired for the job. The range of rates available will automatically update with every new task you complete and when supply and demand ratios change in your area. For example, during the holidays, more people will be searching for last-minute holiday gift wrappers, so this can be beneficial for you.

Increase Your Rates Over Time

Although TaskRabbit makes sure you are working at least for your area’s minimum wage, the company also takes 30 percent of your earnings. If the suggested market rate is already lower than you’d like, think about the long-term game. Once you complete a task – say running errands for a family nearby – increase your rates after successfully completing that job. Test raising your rates by $1 after each job; you’ll be surprised how high you can go.

Know Your Worth

TaskRabbit can offer some seemingly basic jobs to Taskers, but don’t undersell yourself and what your time and energy are worth. Take into consideration how far you are commuting for this job, if you need to take public transportation, and if any of the tasks become inconvenient to complete. Keep raising your rates with each new task. You’re worth it!

Take Supplies Into Account

With some jobs, there are no tools required. But with many, like furniture assembly, cleaning, or moving, there are things you can bring to increase your chances of getting booked by clients.

A decent toolset can run upward of $50 or more. If you choose to invest in something like this for your Tasker side hustle, be sure to take that into account when setting your rates. Think about it like a long-term investment, something that will eventually pay for itself with all the jobs you book because you come prepared with your own supplies.

Don’t be afraid to set your rates higher over time for that industrial power tool; it will get you far with IKEA furniture assembly.

Consider Your Skillsets

There are many jobs to choose from on TaskRabbit, some more labor intensive than others. Tasks like heavy-lifting, moving, and carpentry have higher rates than other tasks, starting out at upwards of $25 – $27. While these numbers are tempting, take into consideration the effort these tasks will entail, such as lifting heavy boxes up and down stairs.

Other tasks, like waiting in line for concert tickets, will not require as much physical labor (although if you are not able to stand for long periods of time, think twice before signing yourself up for this one), and may be better options if you are not looking to exert manual labor on the job. If you have physical limitations like a bad knee or arthritis, try out jobs like organizational and shopping tasks.

Cleaning your home may not thrill you, but if you have great attention to detail, you may want to emphasize this experience on your profile.

Check-In With Local Taskers Near You!

If this is your first time applying with TaskRabbit, it’s not a bad idea to network with other Taskers in your area. Simply type “TaskRabbit” into Facebook or other social media platforms and filter by Groups. You should be able to find groups of several hundred other Taskers willing to help out if you have questions.

To get an insider’s scoop, introduce yourself in a post once you get accepted into the group by its admin. Be sure to read and follow rules set up by the page. Who knows, maybe you’ll find a great conversation thread about rate setting or how to deal with unruly clients.

Setting your rates, no matter your industry, can be a tough thing for freelancers and individual contractors. With TaskRabbit, you deserve to get the most from your tasks. Stick to your guns and stay tuned for more helpful tips!