Study Breakdown – Female Uber Drivers Get Paid Less Than Men

Women who drive for Uber are paid approximately 7% less per hour than men who drive for Uber. That’s according to a new study Uber conducted in collaboration with Stanford and The University of Chicago. Cody Cook, Rebecca Diamond, Jonathan Hall John A. List, and Paul Oyer It should be noted that the Uber gender […]

Uber Considering Driver Rating Changes – May Let Passengers Select Higher Rated Drivers

  How Will Uber Change The Driver Rating System? Currently, an Uber passenger has a handful of vehicle options to choose from in most markets.  A rider can take an UberX vehicle, or if they need more space, they can go for an UberXL.  If it’s a special night out, they can opt for UberSelect […]

Should I Drive For Uber Or Lyft?

If you’ve thought about taking up rideshare driving, you’ve probably asked yourself, should I sign up to drive for Uber or Lyft? The answer depends mostly on your market size, and whether you will be driving mostly in the suburbs, or in an urban center or downtown area. In smaller markets, or if you plan […]

8 Uber And Lyft Rideshare Predictions For 2018

Well, 2017 was a wild ride in the rideshare sector. Uber stumbled almost everywhere, while Lyft made significant gains. Here’s a few predictions for the rideshare sector in 2018. Criminal Charges Will Likely Be Filed Against A Current Or Former Uber Employee Uber is currently the subject of five separate criminal probes at the federal […]

2017 – The Rideshare Year In Review

Alright, here’s the major events from the rideshare sector in 2017. January Taxi drivers strike at NY airports in response to Trump’s Muslim ban. Uber refuses to support the strike or stop surge pricing. The #DeleteUber Movement begins in response. Uber settles a Federal Trade Commission lawsuit that charged that it misled drivers about pay. […]

The 3 Things Uber Needs To Do To Win In 2018

Anyway you slice it, Uber has had a disastrous 2017. However, Uber has made significant strides correcting course during the last few months of 2017. Firing Travis Kalanick was a great first step. The 180 days of change program was another (small) step in the right direction. Although the program did not fully regain drivers […]

The 9 Best Cities To Drive Uber And Lyft

Below are the top U.S. cities to drive for Uber and Lyft. Why are they the top cities? For one thing, most drivers with a few weeks of experience can usually make $20 per hour or more in all of them. And full-time drivers (45-50 hours) can make over $1,000 per week. If you drive […]

What are Uber Consecutive Trip Boosts and Lyft Ride Streaks?

A few months ago, both Uber and Lyft began testing a new type of bonus during peak hours. The bonus rewards drivers for giving multiple rides in a row, without going offline, cancelling, or not accepting the ride. Uber calls theirs Consecutive Trip Boosts, while Lyft named theirs Ride Streaks. How Do Uber Consecutive Trip […]