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What are Uber Consecutive Trip Boosts and Lyft Ride Streaks?

A few months ago, both Uber and Lyft began testing a new type of bonus during peak hours. The bonus rewards drivers for giving multiple rides in a row, without going offline, cancelling, or not accepting the ride. Uber calls theirs Consecutive Trip Boosts, while Lyft named theirs Ride Streaks.

How Do Uber Consecutive Trip Boosts work?

Uber will send you an offer (usually by text or in the app) to complete 3 trips in a row between 7am and 9am. If you do, you’ll get an extra $9. The amounts and trips required will vary. The first pickup must occur in the designated boost area. However, if that first trip takes you out of the boost area, don’t worry. The second and third trips will count even if they’re not in the boost area, as long as they’re in a row.

Each UberPool pickup counts as one trip. So, if you’re going for 3 trips in a row, and you accept an UberPool that has 3 pickups, you’ve completed the boost. You’ll be able to see your progress towards your consecutive trip boost goal in the upper right hand of the driver app, when you’re not on a trip.

uber consecutive boost

Visit Uber’s consecutive trip boost page to learn more.

How Do Lyft Ride Streaks Work?

Lyft ride streaks are basically the same as Uber’s consecutive trip boosts. The only difference is Lyft does not allow you to use the destination filter when going for a streak. Uber does.

Lyft will send you a text or message in the app. It will look like this.

lyft streak bonus

Then all you do is pick up the first ride during the streak hour, stay online between rides, and accept each ride until you hit your bonus. As with Uber, each Lyft Line pickup counts as one ride. For more information on Lyft ride streaks, visit their ride streaks page.

The Best Strategy To Complete Streak Bonsuses?

Since you have to accept every ride to complete these bonuses, your strategy options are limited. However, there are some things you can do. Your objective is to do short rides quickly. So, your best bet is to position yourself in an area with a high population density. If there’s an area in your market that’s known for short rides, head there.

Additionally, you’ll want to stick to one platform during the streak time. If you’re going for an Uber consecutive trip boost, don’t go online with Lyft.

Consecutive Streaks To Double Your Bonus

The best thing about streak bonuses is that you can go for multiple streaks to earn even more. So, if you have two hours to complete 3 consecutive rides, and you complete 6 rides in that time, you’ll get twice the bonus!

Why Are Uber And Lyft Offering Streak Bonuses?

Uber and Lyft usually have a reason for the type of bonuses they offer. The streak bonuses have one main objective, which is to keep drivers on the same platform for as long as possible. If you’re aiming to complete a streak on Lyft, you’re unlikely to accept an Uber ride, and vice versa. Streak and consecutive ride bonuses also tend to cut down on passenger wait times during busy hours.

Both companies are also moving away from surge and prime time pricing. In it’s place, expect to see more flat rate bonuses. Uber is actually testing a new surge system that offers a flat rate bonus ($3-$9 usually) instead of a multiple (ex. 2.2) of the fare.

Have you received a streak bonus offer in your town yet? If so, let us know in the comments.