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Uber Eats Driver Guide: Sign Up As An Uber Delivery Driver


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Uber is no longer just a rideshare service. In August 2014, the rideshare giant launched a food delivery service to compete with Postmates. It was first called Uber Fresh, and then quickly rebranded UberEats. I was an original Uber Eats driver for the pilot program.

At that time, customers were only offered pre-made meals that drivers would pick up at distribution points. Each day (at lunch and dinner time only) there would be a set menu from a few restaurants.

Since then, the company has shifted to a model where an UberEats driver picks up customers’ orders from restaurants (often those without a delivery service) and deliver them for a fee. They also made the name two words, Uber Eats instead of UberEats.

Expanding rapidly, Uber Eats (sometimes called Uber delivery) is now available in over 300 cities around the world. If you’re interested in earning extra cash by becoming an Uber Eats driver and you’d like to know how it works, here’s everything you need to know.

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Current Uber Drivers: How To Opt-In To Uber Eats

If you’re already a current driver for Uber, all you’ll need to do to start delivering is opt-in to Uber Eats. Simply go to your Uber Driver app and, in the home screen, scroll down to the message that reads “Get More Requests by Upgrading to Delivery.” Then, click on “Yes! I want to do delivery” and follow the subsequent prompts to add Uber Eats to your profile.

If you don’t see the message, or you run into problems activating your delivery account, contact Uber Support and ask for Uber Eats to be added to your profile. You can also opt in by going to partners.uber.com, clicking deliveries, and activating Uber Eats on your account.

How Does Uber Eats Work?

As a driver for Uber Eats, you will receive a request for a delivery much like you would for an Uber ride. The delivery job will pop up on your screen, and you tap the screen to accept the job.

drive for uber eats - ubereats driver 1

Then, you’ll see information about the pickup location and order. This will allow you to see the order’s contents along with the customer’s name and order number, which you will give to the restaurant employees.

You’ll click navigate for directions and drive to the restaurant to pick up the order.

drive for uber eats - ubereats driver pickup

Once you’ve picked up the food, you deliver it to the customer.

Uber delivery - uber eats driver delivery drop off

Payments are handled within the app, so you will not need to deal with any money. You are then paid for the delivery service.

Depending on the city you are in and the order you are delivering, you may need to get out of your car to complete the delivery. Check your app to see if you’re making a curbside delivery or a walk-in drop-off.

In a curbside delivery, the customer will get a text indicating that you’ve arrived, and you can also call them to be sure they know their food is there. Then, you’ll wait for them to come down so you can hand them their food through the window. A walk-in drop-off means you’ll need to meet them at their door with their food, calling them if you have any problem finding the address.

Uber has also put together a great Uber delivery driver guide and a list of great Uber Eats driver tips. These guides and the info on this page should come in handy as you get started.

Driving Uber Eats and UberX at the same time

Since Uber Eats’ parent organization is Uber, you’ll also have the opportunity to give rides for Uber at the same time you deliver food for Uber Eats (if you and your vehicle have been accepted by Uber).

Just go to the Uber Driver app, click the right corner, and tap on “Open to all trips.” From there, you can select if you want to accept ride or delivery requests, or both.

Uber delivery pay - trip preferences

You can uncheck either option whenever you want. Delivering for Uber Eats goes hand in hand with driving for Uber as lulls in rides tend to happen around mealtimes, when Uber Eats picks up.

Uber Eats Driver & Vehicle Requirements

While you have to be 21 to drive UberX, for Uber Eats, the requirements are much less stringent, making it ideal for those who are younger or less experienced than Uber’s stringent driving rules permit.

In most cities, you can deliver for Uber Eats in a car, or on a scooter or bicycle. In a few cities, you can even deliver on foot. The Uber Eats car requirements are also less restrictive than they are for UberX.

If you’re planning on driving for Uber Eats, these are the basic driver and vehicle requirements.

Uber Eats Car Requirements

  • Be at least 19 years old
  • Have a 2-door or 4-door car made after 1999
  • Have a valid driver’s license and vehicle insurance
  • Have at least one year of driving experience in the U.S.

Uber Eats Scooter Requirements

  • Any make or model 2-wheel scooter
  • Motor must be 50cc or less with a maximum top speed of 30 mph

Uber Eats Bike Requirements

  • Be at least 18 years old
  • Have a government-issued ID

Other Uber Eats Driver Requirements

You must be able to lift at least 30 pounds.

Although food deliveries are rarely heavier than three or four pounds, you may get the odd large order that is very heavy, so you’ll need to have the ability to carry it to the customer. You may also need to walk up to the customer’s door (depending on the city), so be sure you’re ready to get a little exercise.

You must use an insulated delivery bag. Upon approval, Uber will mail you an insulated bag. Do not put hot and cold items in the same bag. You can also order your own from the wide variety of insulted bags available on Amazon.


How Much Does Uber Eats Pay?

Uber delivery pay varies from market to market. Overall, Uber Eats pays about 15 to 20% less than driving for UberX, but you don’t have to deal with any passengers. Nationally, Uber drivers make about $15.50 per hour. However, in larger markets, Uber drivers routinely make more.

If you’re delivering for Uber Eats, expect to make around $12-$13 per hour when you start out, depending on your market. With a few weeks experience, that number should go up.

Uber Eats pay can vary dramatically based on the city, time of day, traffic, and day of the week. Because this is a food delivery service, lunch and dinner rushes are the most lucrative times to deliver, so it is imperative to work at these times if you want to make the most money possible.

Many UberX drivers will take Uber Eats requests when there aren’t many ride requests coming in. Since drivers receive Uber ride requests and Uber Eats delivery requests through the same Uber driver app, it’s really easy to do both.

Uber Eats calculates payments independently of time, paying only per pickup, per mile driven between pickup and customer, and per drop off. Then, Uber takes a commission (often around 25%) out of that amount. So, the payment equation is: pickup + mileage + drop off – Uber’s cut = your profit.

Uber Eats also offers an in-app tipping feature that gives customers the chance to tip you after the order is delivered and after they rate you. However, the practice of tipping varies wildly from city to city.

Uber Eats Surge and Boost

Surge and boost opportunities are also available in Uber Eats, just as with Uber itself. The boost zones will show up in your Uber Driver app and represent an earnings multiplier for areas with high order demand and not enough drivers.

The multiplier is added to your profit after Uber’s cut is taken out and does not include any tips you make. Surge pricing, the other earnings multiplier you can take advantage of, is also due to high demand but is much less predictable than boost.

Uber Eats Driver Instant Pay

Uber Eats does offer an instant pay option. No need to wait until next week to get paid. You can cash out your earnings each day, or multiple times a day if you wish. Uber does charge a $0.50 convenience fee each time you use instant pay though.

Is It Worth It?

Because Uber Eats has fewer requirements than Uber, this service is ideal for those who would otherwise be excluded from driving for Uber, including those who are still too young to drive for Uber. The car requirements are much less strict as well and no vehicle inspection is required, so it is perfect for those who do not have access to an Uber-accepted vehicle.
Another big benefit is that you’ll be able to make your own schedule and don’t need to deal with a boss, or even passengers. You can decide to drive at any time you wish and have no obligation to continue driving for Uber Eats if you want to quit or take an unplanned vacation. There are no minimum hours and no schedule, so for those who need flexibility and who prefer to work for themselves, this is a good option. You also don’t have to interact with passengers like you would when driving for Uber, making this ideal for those who don’t want strangers in their cars.
However, there are a few drawbacks to driving for Uber Eats. One major issue is that there is no guaranteed minimum pay per hour, and if the area you’re working in isn’t busy, your pay can dip to extremely low levels.

Therefore, you have to be sure you’re working during prime hours, meaning you will have a schedule of sorts if you want to make the job worth your time. You will also have to deal with traffic, waiting in restaurants, and waiting for the customer. You may also have trouble finding where you need to go or locating parking.

In short, Uber Eats is a good option if you don’t meet Uber’s requirements, need a flexible work opportunity, and value not having to deal with a boss or passengers.

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Other Delivery Options

If you’re looking for a money-making delivery opportunity, Uber Eats is likely to be a good fit. However, there are other delivery services out there, including DoorDash, Caviar, and Postmates that also offer benefits similar to Uber Eats.

A great side hustle for those looking to drive for money, these delivery services will give you the chance to make extra cash for your savings, your trips, or your everyday expenses.