Uber Pro Rewards

Uber Pro Rewards Program: What You Need to Know

In an effort to improve driver relations and boost incentives, Uber is launching a new program aimed at recognizing their top quality drivers. The Uber Pro rewards program allows Uber drivers to unlock certain benefits like extra pay and free tuition based on their ratings and cancellation rates. This new program could be a gamechanger for those who want to maximize rewards as a rideshare driver.

What Is the Uber Pro Rewards Program?

Uber Pro is a new rewards program to help recognize the commitment and effort of outstanding drivers. This program is not just for full-time drivers. Uber wants to reward all drivers who emphasize quality customer service, from drivers that make a living on Uber to the part-time worker who drives as a side gig.

With this program, drivers earn points for every trip they complete. These points are measured over time, putting drivers into different tiers, each with different types of rewards. The faster drivers accumulate points, the faster they reach a higher program tier, allowing them to unlock more and better rewards over time.

How Do Uber Pro Rewards Work?

Uber Pro rewards use a point-based system. Drivers accumulate one point for each trip they complete and three points per ride when driving during designated three-point hours. Uber drivers have to keep their star rating at 4.85 and above and keep their cancellation rate at 4 percent or below to be eligible to earn rewards. The points and ratings are measured over a fixed three-month period which determines the driver’s tier level. The fixed three-month periods are:

  • November 1 – January 31.
  • February 1 – April 30.
  • May 1 – July 31.
  • August 1 – October 31.

The points you earn during the period determine your rewards for the next period. You cannot carry over points from previous periods. For example, if you reach Gold status by the end of April 30, you can then enjoy Gold tier rewards from May 1 – July 31. If you want to continue to enjoy these rewards in the next period, you’ll need to maintain a high star rating and low cancellation rate.

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Uber Pro Rewards Program Benefits

Depending on the tier level, Uber drivers are eligible for a variety of rewards, from money back at the gas station to 100 percent tuition coverage for you or a family member at Arizona State University online.

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Here are what each tier’s rewards look like in more detail:


Partner status is available to all Uber drivers. Rewards include:

  • 1.5 percent cash back on gas at all gas stations
  • 3 percent cash back on gas at Exxon and Mobil stations
  • Up to 25 percent off car maintenance through CarAdvise
  • The ability to earn extra by completing multiple consecutive trips during busy hours


Gold status is available to drivers with 300 to 600 points. Benefits include:

  • 3 percent cash back on gas at all stations
  • 4.5 percent cash back on gas at Exxon and Mobil stations
  • Up to 25 percent off car maintenance
  • Consecutive trips promotion
  • Riders will see Uber Pro status in the rider app
  • Eligibility for Quest promotions
  • Priority support and free 24/7 roadside assistance
Uber Pro Gold Rewards



Platinum status is available to drivers with 600 to 1,200 points. Benefits include:

  • Everything included in the Gold status
  • Earn up to 3 percent extra on time and distance rides
  • 4 percent cash back on gas at all stations
  • 5.5 percent cash back on gas at Exxon and Mobil stations
  • 100 percent tuition coverage through ASU Online
Uber pro rewards platinum



Diamond status is the top tier, available to drivers with 1,200 to 1,800 points. Rewards include:

  • Everything included in the Platinum status
  • Earn up to 6 percent extra on time and distance rides
  • 5 percent cash back on gas at all stations
  • 6.5 percent cash back on gas at Exxon and Mobil stations
  • Faster pickups at airports
  • Free dent repair
Uber Pro Rewards Diamond


How to Get Started with Uber Pro Rewards

Unfortunately, the Uber Pro Rewards Program isn’t rolling out across the nation just yet. Right now, Uber is testing the program. They’ve made it available for 100 percent of drivers in Seattle, Chicago, New Orleans, and Phoenix and 50 percent of drivers in Denver, New Jersey, Orlando, and Tampa.

Eligible drivers can find out more about the program and start tracking their goal progress under “Rewards” in the Uber Driver App. If rewards are not currently live in your city, don’t worry. Uber plans to make improvements to the reward program based on the beta testing and will roll out the program to even more locations in the coming months.