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How Does Ubereats Work?: An Ubereats Customer Sign Up Page And Guide


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UberEats operates in over 120 cities worldwide. It is one of the fastest growing companies in the billion-dollar-a-year food delivery industry.

How does UberEats work? This article serves as a guide for using the UberEats app and how the service works overall. It also contains an UberEats promo code that you can use to get up to $10 off your first orders. The Ubereats promo is usually limited to $5 off per order. To sign up for UberEats using our code (eats-i9tz1), simply click the button below to receive up to $10 off.


What Is UberEats?

UberEats is an app you can use to order food, pay for your order, and have Uber deliver your order to you. You can order using the same login name and password you created when you opened your regular Uber account. However, UberEats is a standalone app, which means it’s separate from the regular Uber app. To use UberEats, go to your Apple App Store or Google Play Store to download it.

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How Does UberEats Work?

You order food from restaurants listed in the app. Uber drivers pick up your order from the restaurant and deliver it straight to you. Most of the drivers deliver for UberEATS as well as Uber. They make deliveries as well as regular Uber passenger trips.

However, some drivers work for UberEats only. Often, they prefer delivery runs to passenger trips, or they drive older cars that didn’t qualify for UberX.

A note for Uber drivers: You can always choose to receive Ubereats delivery requests. You can do so in the Uber Driver App.

Is UberEats Available in My Area?

You can find UberEats in most major US cities as well as around the world. Some of the US cities include Atlanta, Baltimore, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Miami, Phoenix, Tampa Bay, and Washington, D.C., to name a few.

Visit Uber’s Cities webpage to see if your city offers the service. Keep in mind that UberEats is not available in all Uber markets yet.

How Much Does it Cost to Use UberEats?

You pay for your delivery orders through the UberEats app. UberEats charges a booking fee for picking up and delivering the order. The booking fee is a flat delivery fee. It usually runs about $4.99, though that varies from city to city.

The rest of your cost is for the food you ordered. Along with that comes taxes and the tip for the driver. Although tipping is optional, most drivers expect a tip for the work they did. After you receive your order, you can rate the UberEats driver, the restaurant, and even individual dishes. As with UberX, your delivery driver gets to rate you as well. A tip for the driver will help keep your UberEats customer rating high.

When Prices Are Different in the App Than in the Restaurant

How does UberEats work with restaurants on pricing? Sometimes, food prices show higher on the UberEATS app than they are at the selected restaurant. Uber doesn’t mark up food prices. Restaurants that participate in the UberEats program set the prices for their own dishes in the app.

What Can I Order and Not Order with UberEats?

UberEats is a food delivery service. They partner with restaurants that serve drinks, food, and desserts. Not every restaurant in your area has partnered with UberEats. So, don’t expect to see every restaurant in your city available for delivery inside UberEats. Uber is expanding all the time. More likely than not you will see more restaurants taking advantage of the UberEats partnering option.

What You Cannot Order using UberEats

As stated above, you can’t order from any restaurant that has not partnered with UberEats.

You also can’t use the service to order anything from grocery stores, convenience stores, or liquor stores. For that, you have to use an app like Instacart or Postmates.

How Do I Order Food on the UberEats App?

Ordering food for delivery with UberEats is simple. First, you set your delivery address. Next, find and choose a restaurant. Then, create your order. Any restaurant within the UberEats app is a partner with Uber.

Thus, a complete menu for that restaurant is available. Restaurants update the menus regularly within the app.


Create Your UberEats Order

1. Begin Your Order

To start a new order, set your delivery address. The area is at the top of your screen. To begin your order, set your delivery address at the top of the screen.

Scroll through restaurant recommendations to choose your restaurant. Or, you can search by name or type of cuisine.


2. Select Your Items

After you have selected a restaurant, the menu appears. Scroll through the menu to see items and their prices.


3. Add, Modify, or Delete Items

To add something to your cart, tap the item. The app will prompt you to select any required options like toppings, sauces, or other extras.

For quantity, the app defaults to 1. To change that, scroll to the bottom of the item’s page. You can change the quantity there.


4. Add Items to Your Cart

If you missed one or more of the required items, the app won’t let you add the item to the card. The “Add to Cart” button will be greyed out and deactivated.

Once you have made all the necessary selections, the button will turn green. You can then tap to add the item to your cart.


Managing Your Cart

When you are ready to see your order, tap “View Cart.” This takes you to the cart page. There, you can add notes or special instructions, such as requesting extra sauce or napkins.


To modify any item in your order, go to View Cart. Tap the item you wish to modify. Make your changes, then select “Update Cart.”

To delete an item, go to the checkout page. Swipe left. The delete button appears at that time.


Note: If you have any promo codes, enter them now.

When you are ready to submit your order, select “Place Order.” That sends your order to the restaurant. A tracking screen then appears on your app.

Tracking Your Order

Once you tap “Place Order,” the order tracking screen appears. You can see the status of your order. As your order progresses, you see different status messages.

uber eats promo code - tracking screen

They include: “Confirming order with restaurant,” “Preparing your order,” and “Food is on the way.”

From the Order Tracking page, you can do more than track your order. You can cancel your order or get help if you need it from customer service.

You can also leave the order tracking page and return to it later. Tap on the Orders icon at the bottom of your app screen. Next, tap the “Upcoming” tab at the top of your screen. There you will see the order in progress.

Canceling Your Order

If you need to cancel an order, go to the order tracking page. Select the “Cancel Order” button.

The Cancel Order button appears only during the “Confirming order with restaurant” status. If the restaurant has already confirmed your order, then they are already preparing it. If you need to cancel the order at this time, call UberEats customer service. You can’t contact the driver to cancel an order.

The UberEats cancellation policy does allow you to receive a full refund if you cancel before the restaurant prepares your order. If the restaurant has already completed your order, it is up to that restaurant to offer a refund.

UberEats doesn’t guarantee refunds in these instances.

Schedule Your UberEats Order In Advance

UberEats also lets you schedule an order in advance if you wish.

Uber eats scheduled delivery



Contacting Your UberEats Driver

Once your order is in transit, the Order Tracking screen updates. It shows the driver’s vehicle make and model. It also includes the license plate number. There is a Contact button you can use to text or call your driver directly.

Remember: You cannot cancel your order by calling your driver. By then, your order is complete and on its way to you.

Do I Have to Wait Outside for My Delivery?

After the driver has picked up your order, the order tracking screen updates. You will receive instructions letting you know where to meet your driver.

The instructions appear at the top of the screen. They will instruct you to either meet your driver outside or wait for the driver to knock on your door.

How Do I Leave a Tip for My UberEats Driver?

You can rate your driver and leave your driver a tip once your order is complete.

Rating Your Order

To rate your order, go to the Order tab and select “Past Orders.” Find your order. Then select the “Rate Order” button. Follow the prompts to rate your driver and leave a tip.

Leaving a Tip

After your order is complete, you have the option of leaving a tip for your driver. You don’t have to tip, though it is a recommended courtesy provided you received good service.

UberEats drivers are independent contractors. They use their personal vehicles and cover all their expenses. Tips are a great help to delivery drivers.

If you choose not to leave a tip, tap “Done” without selecting a tip amount.

How Do I Contact UberEats Customer Service?

UberEats orders usually run smoothly. Once in a while, though, something goes wrong. In these cases, you will want to call UberEats customer service for help.

How and when you contact customer service depends on where your order is in the process.

If Your Driver Hasn’t Picked Up Your Order Yet

If your order is still at the restaurant, use the Help feature inside the app or call customer service.

You may need to make changes or add items to your order. Other times, there is a delay with your order. Rather than call the restaurant, call UberEATS customer service.

Only Uber customer service agents can change your order after you place it. For this reason, call customer service when you have an issue with the order itself and not the delivery process.

The EATS customer service phone number is 1-800-253-9377.

If Your Driver Has Your Order and Is En Route

If the driver already has your order, you can contact your driver directly using the Contact button on the Tracking screen. Remember, you cannot cancel an order that is with the driver.

You should contact your driver if you need to give additional details about delivery such as parking or gate access. You would also contact the driver if you need to change the delivery address.

Use the “Contact” button on the order tracking page to call or text your message to the driver.

Remember that your drive has no control over the order itself. If you are displeased with the food, or if the order isn’t correct when it arrives, contact UberEats customer service.

Once the driver delivers your order, UberEats customer service is your only option.

Other Ways to Contact UberEats Customer Service

Sometimes going through Uber’s help site is more effective than calling the customer service line.

When you have a complaint about an order, customer service will often direct you to the Help site to fill out a form. You could save some time by going online first and filling out the form. You can even upload photos if necessary.

After that, you can always call customer service if you have additional questions. When you do, they will already have the information that they need from the form.

Issues that you can resolve through help.uber.com are a damaged or incomplete order, food quality issues, and problems with coupons or credits. If you had an issue with your delivery driver, the website is the place to document that as well.

To find the help forms at help.uber.com, select “For Eaters.” You will see the “Help With an Order” option. Select the “More” button. A list of help articles appears.

From there you can find or search for your issue and follow the prompts. From there, Uber will communicate with your via email.


UberEats Promo Code

An UberEats promo code offers free UberEats credits and free deliveries to customers. There are a few different ways you can access and use an UberEats coupon.

An UberEats promo can be for new customers, though there are UberEats promo codes for existing users as well.

Applying Your Promo Code

If you have an UberEats promo code, you enter it under Account > Promotions area in the app. You can also enter the code at the time of checkout at the bottom of the order screen. Some people may have a different version of the app where you input the UberEats promo code under Payments.

Ubereats coupon

UberEats usually offers new users $5 off their first order. Sometimes the code is good for the first two orders.

Earning Free Credits for Future Orders

One of the best and easiest ways to earn UberEats credits is by sharing your own UberEats promo code. If someone signs up and uses your code for his or her first order, you receive UberEats credits.

You can apply credits to your next order. And, the person who used your code will earn $5 off their first order or two.

To find your promo code, go to the Accounts icon in the app. Select the “Free Food” section. The app will display more than one way to share your code.

You use UberEats credits like currency. Credits accumulate and can carry over to future orders. You can use your UberEats credits as your payment method on the Cart page.

Scroll to the set payment method and select “Change.” If you have credits, you will see them on this page.

Codes for Existing Users

UberEats often sends emails to customers that include promo codes and other promotions. If you haven’t opted in to receive those emails, you’ll want to update your account settings.

How Does UberEats Work? Find Out for Yourself

UberEats has been successful in just about every city in which it operates. Last year, UberEats even began delivering McDonald’s to customers.

If the service is available in your city, why not give it a try? If you are interested in driving for UberEats or have questions about using the service as a customer, please contact us.