How To Use The Uber Driver App

Uber’s Phone Number: The Best Way to Contact Uber

Uber’s Phone Number: How Drivers Can Contact Uber

Tracking down Uber’s phone number has been a long-time struggle for drivers and riders alike. Fortunately, one of the rideshare company’s more recent updates has made contacting the support team much easier for drivers, as long as you know where to look. If you need to contact Uber by phone, here’s everything you need to know.

If you’re an Uber customer, see our page about contacting Uber Customer Service.

The Best Ways to Contact Uber As a Driver

As a driver, there are two main ways to contact Uber’s driver support team: by in-app message or phone call. Traditionally, the in-app messaging system was the only method to reach the service term unless it was an emergency. For riders, it is still the only option. Fortunately, drivers now can access support for a range of issues by phone.

There are two types of Uber phone numbers —one for emergencies and one for general support. In the event of an accident or another serious issue, you’ll contact the safety response line for assistance. However, this line is solely for emergency situations, so don’t view it as an alternative for general assistance.

Uber Emergency Phone Number


For common issues, you’ll need to call the driver support hotline. This method of assistance is fairly new for the company, but it’s already fully launched. One of the biggest perks of the driver hotline is that it’s available 24 hours day, so you don’t have to worry about only utilizing it during certain hours. You can also call this number through the Uber driver app using the instructions further down the page.

Uber Driver Support Phone Number


In some areas, drivers also have the option to get one-on-one assistance in person. At what are known as Greenlight Hubs, you can make an appointment and receive personalized help with any and all driver-related problems. Unfortunately, Greenlight locations are only available in certain cities. If the service isn’t yet an option in your area, you’re limited to the in-app methods.

Reasons to Contact Uber By Phone

There aren’t any restrictions as to what you can and cannot use Uber’s general phone support for. However, many simple problems are just as easily fixed using the messaging system, so you may want to weigh your options when choosing the most appropriate method.

Some of the issues where Uber’s phone number will come in handy include:

  • System malfunctions
  • Navigation problems
  • Inability to sign-in to your account
  • A missing direct deposit

These problems pose a more immediate need, which is why the hotline should be your first choice when seeking assistance.

Some issues that are better left for the in-app messaging system include:

  • Trip fare review
  • Updating vehicle information
  • Disputing a rating

Such issues are frustrating but don’t necessarily require an immediate fix. If you choose to file a complaint or request help through the app’s messaging portal, you can expect a reply within 24 hours, usually less.

Certain issues require more time to investigate or fix. In such instances, the support team will likely have to get back to you at a later date before the problem is resolved. As a result, it may be more efficient to simply create a ticket through the app instead of calling the hotline only to find out you’ll still have to wait

How to Access Uber’s Driver Support Phone Number

If your issue requires phone support, you’ll need to call the hotline through the driver app. Here are the steps you should take:

1. Open Your Uber Driver App

First, you need to open up your Uber driver app.

Uber Driver App - Home Screen With Feed

2. Open Up Your Account Setting

On the bottom right-hand side of the driver app, tap the “Account” button. This step will open up all of your account settings options, including payment information.

Uber Driver App - Account Tab

3. Click “Help”

Near the top of the account options, you’ll see a category labeled “Help.” Tap this option to open up the driver support menu. If you ever want to send a message request, this is the location you’ll need to access.

Uber Driver App - Help Screen

4. Call Driver Support

Under the “Help” tab, you’ll see a variety of options, including a spot to read your support messages and the ability to report an issue. To access phone support, tap the blue phone icon on the upper right-hand side of the screen. The system will then offer a prompt that allows you to speak with an agent or cancel your request. Tap “Call Support” to call the team instantly.

Uber Driver App - Speak To An Agent

Once you speak to the support team, they’ll either rectify the issue immediately or put in a request to have the issue resolved. If you have to wait for further information, you can access future support messages under the “Help” tab.

Uber Phone Number: Around-the-Clock Support for Drivers

Even though Uber’s phone number isn’t published outright, the in-app support accessibility function is incredibly helpful. The ability to call the support team directly through the app helps streamline the service process, especially compared to other rideshare driver options. Since the app automatically connects your driver profile to their screen, the associate instantly has access to your information. As a result, the support team can focus their attention on resolving the problem at hand quickly and conveniently instead of wasting time gathering basic driver information.

Have you used Uber’s driver support hotline? Let us know more about your experience in the comments.