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Become a Sitter: UrbanSitter Sign Up Guide

If you’re looking for some extra cash to help make ends meet, UrbanSitter provides flexible babysitter and nanny jobs to meet your needs! Here are some tips on how to get started as a babysitter on Urbansitter.

Step 1: Sign Up

Signing up for UrbanSitter is as easy as 1-2-3! First, go to urbansitter.com and click “Become a Sitter,” or download the UrbanSitter app on your android or ios device.

Next, enter your date of birth (you must be at least 16 years old) and click to sign up with Facebook, Google, or enter your email in the box provided. Make sure you sign up with an email that you use frequently, as the site will send notes about upcoming jobs and reminders when you have a message from a family in your UrbanSitter inbox.

Urbansitter sign up screen

Create a password with at least eight characters and one number or symbol followed by your name and phone number. Find jobs near you by adding your street address and ZIP code. You may add your neighborhood if you choose. This allows for families to find you easily in their searches.

Step 2: Approval Checklist

After the initial sign up, you will find some featured jobs available to you. Below is the button “See All in the Job Board” that you may choose to check out now or later. Keep in mind that families are always looking for trustworthy sitters, and the more time you dedicate to your profile, the better chances you will have when booking your next gig!

Urbansitter babysitter dashboard

Above the featured families you will find the Approval Checklist of items to complete before moving forward. Some are required, like setting your rates. Others, like adding direct deposit, are strongly recommended.


Step 3: Personalize!

To jumpstart your UrbanSitter empire, click the “tell families more about you” tab on the Approval Checklist to add a professional photograph and what you’re looking for (i.e., “I’m looking for part-time work with a great family in my area!”). Photo Tip: Be sure to choose a photo from the waist up, preferably of you smiling!

Urbansitter photo tips

There is even a feature to add a short introductory video alongside your photograph with tips and examples of successful intro videos. Share a 30-second blurb about your experience with kids, or the kinds of activities you’d like to bring to the family.

You can add full details to your profile about the kind of work you are looking for on the site including if you are searching for occasional jobs, or if you’d like consistent hours each week.

You may also select part- or full-time jobs and include details in the comment box below about your current scheduling needs (e.g. “I am available weeknights except for Mondays, and I am open on Saturday and Sunday mornings”).

As you review your profile, be sure to spend extra time on items like “Babysitting Experience,” where you can tell families what age children you’ve worked with in the past and for how long.

It is OK if you don’t have experience with certain age groups, but be honest on any age groups you are not willing to work with, especially infants under 1-year-old. Under the “Special Experience” box, you may also check off any special medical conditions of children you’ve worked with before, like ADD, epilepsy, and food allergies.

Step 4: Set Your Rate

As you work down your profile, pay special attention to the rates section. There are options for sitting up to four children at once, so take into consideration how many children you are comfortable watching at the same time. Depending on the state where you live, standard rates may be higher or lower.


For example, a nanny in New York City, where the cost of living is higher, may expect a base pay of $15 or more for a single child, with increases of $2-4 per additional child. Check out The International Nanny Association for more information about setting the right rate for you.

Step 5: Add Specialties and Certifications

When it comes to childcare, families are often looking for multifaceted individuals who are open to a variety of work inside their home. In the “Willing to help with…” box, you will find items such as pet care, laundry, cooking, and caring for sick children.

Be honest with yourself and only select items you are willing to do. It is OK if you don’t feel comfortable doing some of these tasks; just be sure to be open about your position if the family asks.

If you have any certifications, like a teaching license, RN license, or CPR/First Aid training, you can add this to your profile to draw families in. Keep in mind that CPR certifications expire every couple of years. But don’t worry, the Red Cross offers courses and recertification online. Click here for more information.

This is also where you can add transportation preferences and if you are willing to drive a car for pick-ups or drop-offs. Having a car is not required, but be sure to mention if you have a valid driver’s license. In the “Special Availability” box you will find boxes to check off for special events like weddings, travel, and overnight jobs.

Step 6: Get 5-Star Reviews

You’ll also notice a “Reviews” tab in your profile. You can click here to find a link to send to friends, family, and past employers, so they can vouch for your professionalism and background in childcare.

Another tab to note is the “Friends” tab, where you can find any friends from your social media network who are registered on UrbanSitter. It’s not a bad idea to grab a coffee with these friends to get the scoop on their experience so far. Friends who nanny together stay together!

Step 7: Check Out the Job Board

When you’re ready, you can check out the Job Board to see families in your area who are hiring. Employers are listed according to the distance you submitted when you signed up with your address, but you can also adjust the filter at the top with the number of miles away from your current location. You can choose “Express Interest” or “Hide Job” once you view a job. In the job headline, most will tell you the desired start date and the time of day a nanny is needed.

Urbansitter Job Board


Step 8: Get Booked!

The beauty of UrbanSitter is that booking is done entirely through the app, with active updates and communication with families done directly on your profile. You can choose to reach out to families by expressing interest in their job posts or wait for them to discover you.

Whichever route you choose, be sure to respond to family messages in the app as soon as possible. Response time to job inquiries helps boost your profile and can help families who are searching for nannies for last minute needs. Once you complete a job, don’t be afraid to ask your family for a review as these will help you book more jobs.

Step 9: Stay Up to Date

As you move through your UrbanSitter experience, update your availability calendar to ensure families have the most up-to-date information on your work schedule. While you are picking up jobs, feel free to check out the “Success Guide” in the main toolbar or join the Facebook group to get insight from UrbanSitter nannies and babysitters just like you!

Step 10: Have Fun!

No matter where you end up at UrbanSitter, be sure to have fun! Childcare can be a very rewarding experience with its shares of struggles, but with a solid profile and professionalism, you will attract great employers who will not only think of you as a caregiver, but as part of the family.